‘Captain America 3’ Takes Shape at Marvel (EXCLUSIVE)

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Anthony and Joe Russo returning to direct third installment

Marvel is still focusing on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” which arrives in April, but sources tell Variety that Anthony and Joe Russo will be back in the director’s chair for a third installment, even though the film hasn’t officially been greenlit.

Marvel and Russo’s reps had no comment.

Negotiations wouldn’t begin untill after “Winter Soldier” bows but sources say Marvel has been so impressed with the production of the film, as well as with strong results from recent test screenings, that the studio has moved fast to attach the brothers to the next installment.

Since many of the actors have options for a third installment, a threequel is likely in the cards as long as “Winter Soldier” performs well.

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A writer and release date are still pending for “Captain America 3” but sources say Marvel and the Russos are already putting together an outline of what the third film’s story arc would look like.

Kevin Feige will produce with Chris Evans returning in the title role.

Going back to “Iron Man,” when Feige announced the first phase of Marvel’s release plans, Feige and the studio have been reluctant to commit to directors for subsequent installments too early in the process.

The Russos, who previously directed over 30 episodes of NBC’s “Community,” stepped in to direct “Captain America: Winter Soldier” in 2012 after Joe Johnson helmed the first installment.

Marvel prefers to get these deals done early so that the director can help develop future sequels. But the studio can also move faster when necessary — when Kenneth Branagh passed on the “Thor” sequel, Marvel landed Alan Taylor.

The move is clearly a vote of confidence for the helmers of “Captain America: the Winter Soldier,” which bows on April 4.

Anthony and Joe Russo are repped by WME.

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  1. R.G. says:

    I think they came to soon with the winter solider story it’s not that good of a story line….there are far to many captain America stories that could have been made…ones that define him as captain America , this story line is all about not saving me bucky shit …I have read all of the golden age and sliver age captain America comics, the least of the good ones are the 70’s 80’s and 90 and 2000’s story lines, his side kick of the 70’s ….ho please that’s …..only the die hard fans will enjoy the falcon…it was not a good character…he fade out after the late 70’s boom of the black exploitation moment..I can see a weak film if they linger to long on this part of the story..the frist one was good enough ..and his second appearance was thown way with the jumping on the car and barking orders to cops…no time in the avengers film was taken to define his character….this will surely guarantee a loss in audience who would like to know what this fellow is all about… I don’t see a 3th film with this bland stuff…I might be wrong tho….R.G.

      • Actually, The Avengers solidifies him as the leader or commander. When Iron Man says Ok Cap , what’s the play, says it all. Even, the Hulk listens. There really wasn’t supposed to be any character development in the Avenger’s, that’s what the solo films are for.

        I have to give kudos to Marvel/Disney because, the sequels and in Iron Man’s case threequel have all bee as good if not better than the previous. Thor 2 was 5 times better than the first one.

    • ellid says:

      Uh, the Winter Soldier story arc won the Eisner, the comics equivalent of an Oscar. And the Falcon has been a steady presence in the Cap comics for decades. What utter nonsense!

      • Happenstance says:

        @Everton Carter: “Must people always go on about the next Marvel Studios film being the end and a certain disaster? It’s getting really old…”

        It’s part of being a shut-it nerdlinger to want to be “frist” to herald the downfall of something, so they have to constantly presage the failure of everything all the time.

        “It looks like the end of the venerable Itchy and Scratchy program. For years TV critics such as yours truly, Kent Brockman, have waited impatiently for cracks to appear in the show’s hilarious facade. Yesterday, our prays were finally answered when Poochie the Dog made his howlingly unfunny debut. Far be it from me to gloat at another’s downfall, but I have a feeling that no children are gonna be crying when this puppy is put to sleep.”

      • Nonsense indeed. Not to mention the guy has no idea what direction the MCU version of the Winer Soldier will take (Avengers@ Age of Ultron has pretty much nothing to do with the comic.

        Also Falcon is a popular character and ?Ultimate Falcon , which this is more heavily based upon, is pretty cool.

        Must people always go on about the next Marvel Studios film being the end and a certain disaster? It’s getting really old and after so much success can’t we just look forward to these films until that day when they have a miss; hopefully just one. If they an get just 1 “fail” every 9 or 10 films, then we’ll be doing very well indeed.

  2. Stan says:

    I like how their “sources” reveal something the day after X-Men does it’s big reveal. I mean let Captain America 2 come out before the sources talk about the directors returning in the next one. Marvel can’t handle Fox having their moment before they throw something out there. Shocked they should’ve released something about Avengers, i’m sure that would take away all the hype from X-Men :D

    • kw says:

      Yeah, man. Fox is doing everything right these days, and can almost hold a light to Marvel. Not.

      • Stan says:

        Hey I love what Marvel is doing. I aint complaining about that. But they just needed to release something small about a movie that hasn’t even been greenlit yet, just to prove they are still around. Don’t the internet forget that after the big reveal of X-Men day.

  3. Sam says:

    It has one of the worst release dates, it’s gonna lose screens in May and it’s target audience has prom, exams and graduation.

  4. Talisha Harrison says:

    Reblogged this on La Virino Kiu Skribas and commented:

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