Roman Polanski Evades Arrest in Poland as U.S. Renews Chase

Roman Polanski Risks Arrest
Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

LONDON — Roman Polanski has evaded a fresh bid by U.S. authorities to have him arrested with a view to extraditing him.

U.S. officials requested that the Polish government seize the director as he visited Poland to attend the opening of a Jewish museum in Warsaw. Polanski was questioned by prosecutors in Krakow today.

“Roman Polanski said he would comply with all requests made by prosecutors in this case and provided his address,” Poland’s justice ministry spokesman Mateusz Martyniuk told AFP.

“Prosecutors therefore decided not to arrest him in connection with a possible U.S. extradition request.”

Martyniuk said Polanski’s extradition to the U.S. was still possible, but as the U.S. had yet to make an extradition request Polanski “is a free citizen and is free to travel.”

Polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with 13-year-old Samantha Geimer in the U.S. in 1977, but left the country in 1978 before sentencing.

Polanski holds dual French and Polish citizenship, so under the terms of the extradition treaty between Poland and the U.S. the Polish government is not obliged to extradite him, but has the power to do so if it wishes.

In 2010, Poland’s prosecutor general ruled that Polanski could not be extradited as too much time had passed since the offences, but Martyniuk said Thursday that extradition was possible because “the statute of limitations does not apply to U.S. requests.”

Polanski has made frequent visits to Poland in recent years, and earlier this year said that he would shoot a film about the Dreyfus Affair in the country, if he received assurances from the Polish government that he would be safe from extradition to the U.S.

In 2009, Polanski was taken into police custody in Switzerland after the U.S. submitted an arrest warrant, but an attempt by the U.S. to have him extradited later failed.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Roman Polanski; Drugs and rapes a child, then flees the country to escape further punishment. Continues to work in the film industry quite successfully.

    Jimmy Saville (TV presenter); Sexually assaults dozens, if not hundreds, of young women.
    Politicians, the police and his employers cover the whole thing up, until he dies. Then the scandal of this kind of behaviour being covered up for quite a few more famous people happens.

    Andy Gray (Sky Sports pundit/caster, former professional football player); Asks a female co-worker to tuck in his shirt, as a bit of pre-show ‘banter’ (at leas that’s it seemed to me in the video I saw, the woman in question wasn’t even bothered by it), and is accidentally caught on microphone privately discussing the female linesmen in the game of men’s football (soccer).
    He gets sacked from a job that he had for nearly two decades, then struggles to find work in the casting field again (he has done one or two games over three years after being sacked).

    Tim Hunt (Nobel Prize winning scientist); Says that there should be gender segregated labs, while at a women in science conference in Seoul, as he jokingly said ‘you fall in love with them [women], they fall in love with you, and they cry when you criticise them’.
    Is immediately (literally on the flight home to the UK) told he must resign or be sacked from his position at the University College London, which leads to him being forced to resign from the European Research Council.

    Apparently, being a rapist isn’t a career killing move, when you’re famous. However, say something that may hurt someones feelings, you’ll have a twitter mob after you with their metaphorical torches and pitchforks demanding your sexist head roll (or immediate dismissal and endless grovelling).

  2. Marty says:

    This man is the 8 stages of Genocide, the way that he commits crimes, and plays the victim, blaming the victim, the report from the Dr of his mental state of being after he raped a 14 year old girl, but first he had to drug her, the power and control issues of this man. He is severely mentally ill man, and interpol should intervene and bring him to America to Justice, because justice and judgement are long over due.

  3. Allen says:

    How out of touch can Hollywood be regqrding this matter? The fact remains that this man drugged and had sex with a 13 year old girl! Nothing more to say. He fled as a result of an incompedant DA’s office. When we start asking ourselves “whats the point after all these years? “, why limit it to just the sexual molestation of a child? How about we forget and forgive Nazi sympathist and ex members of the SS which we are still lookijg to prosecute 70 years later? Well, because its the right thing to do. Mr.Polanski’s army of lime light artist and self proclaimed “deep thinkers” sicken me still to this day. Sure. Lets celebrate a man who has commited one of the most hanous crimes that can be had because, hes a talented director, producer and whatever other smoke youd like to bloe up hiss ass. The man did something horribly wromg and has never paid for it. He robbed a child of her innocence and took advantage of the trust a mother wrongfully placed i him. Meanwhile, he continues to enjoy a lavish life of oppulence with his crew of Hollywood pompous pricks. I commend those artist who have continued to hold a hard stance against Mr.Polanski’s actions even if it was 35 years ago and pitty the spinless cast of others who are simply out of touch and just out of their minds.

  4. Reblogged this on Stanley Panama and commented:
    The hypocrisy of the regime and the so-called Polish intellectuals.

    • EV docmaker says:

      You are WRONG ! He did pay for it. He served his time. The Judge tried to enact an illegal sentence.
      He was free when he left the USA.

  5. He should have surrendered at the time of the crime. He had already served his sentence and all this would be over.

    • J.E. Vizzusi says:

      The whole point of himself taking flight which is a additional Federal Charge is that a corrupt LA Judge decided not to accept a plea deal which would have got him some prison time and much probation. The charges carried a max of 30 years if Trial would had happened and a possible Conviction. He would of been Hollywood blacklisted and Inmates convicted of Sex Crimes against Children are often abused and murdered in Prison. Your view is shared by many but its hard to say if he would of made it through a conviction. Understanding the Victim as well, very difficult for her even more so!

  6. peter says:

    Catch this guy already, he is not Jason Bourne!

  7. Jerry d says:

    Going way back and I really don’t know but he plead guilty, as part of a deal then the judge changed the deal.

    Could the have state proved its case in court?

    Or and this is what I think, the da and judge feared he would play up the sympathy of the jury, by claiming things like he didn’t know her age, and he was battling mightily from the effects of having his pregnant wife murdered.
    He is ashamed and remorseful, blah blah blah

    If the da and judge were so sure of the soundness of the case, why was the deal offered, and if the state pulls out, he should have been allowed to pull out of the deal add well..

  8. lazypadawan says:

    Suspended sentence for the rape, since the victim is now unlikely to cooperate, and one year for every year this POS rapist spent living on the run.

  9. Daniel says:

    There is a balance. He´ll have his day.

  10. Anti-pedophile says:

    I wonder how many people that are saying “Just let it go” would want to do the same if their 13 year old child had been drugged up and raped by a pedophile who then fled to another country? Hope that none of you have children that believe so, what type people are you?

  11. David Marques says:

    Since this occurred over 20 years ago they should drop it.

  12. LOL says:

    This a mad situation. In England, there has been national meltdown because many cohorts of its British Pakistani community has been systematically grooming underage girls for sex (like thousands of cases). It’s huge news and the country is both ashamed and angry.

    Yet for some reason we’re meant to forgive Polanski for similar deeds. Jesus, wept.

  13. cadavra says:

    Forget Ebola. Forget ISIS. Forget Benghazi. Apparently our government is now re-directing its efforts to fight the greatest threat yet: an 80-year-old moviemaker.

  14. ninvoid99 says:

    Oh for fuck’s sake. Leave him alone! He admitted he fucked up and he did everything the U.S. authorities asked him to do but all because of some fame-whore judge, everything went to shit and that’s why Polanski fled. It’s been nearly 35 years, get over it! Don’t even think about comparing Polanski to that sicko Stephen Collins. Collins was a real pervert since he was molesting a bunch of kids and Polanski only did one. Fuck all of you hypocrites!

    • Allen says:

      Your a sad sad individual indeed…the only hypocrites here are self proclaimed intellectual wannabes whos smug elitism should be held accountable at the box office. Holywood has been producing shit for years yet we’re still in aw of it and care what its oppinions are as if one gift two fucks. The guy was a scum bag who screwed a drugged up child but, lets forget all that nonsense and celebrate his body of work, shall we? I know you dont have a daughter.

    • Brendan says:

      When you get raped and your rapist escapes justice… I’m sure that you will feel he should be left alone once enough time has passed.
      That his victim (a child at the time) forgives him doesn’t make it okay… that is just her way of coping and moving on.
      It’s pathetic that you think of raping a child as a game of tag where you win if you don’t get caught before time runs out.

    • M. F. Sibley says:

      Ninvoid, Polanski’s children have nothing to do with the crime he committed. I don’t remember reading one article about his children being humiliated, screamed at or belitttled because of the crime their father perpetrated. I hardly think they’ve been living a life on the run. Polanski has managed to put out 13 films, winning the Oscar for The Pianist, amongst other awards and nominations in the intervening years since his conviction, so I hardly think he’s been living with his family in a cave.

      You seem to have no sympathy for child victims of sexual abuse, especially when it happens between a child and a celebrity. Or perhaps it’s because you have some sense of devotion to Polanski?? You seem to hate anyone or anything that might upset the apple cart and bring the man to justice

      By the way, your use of the “F” word is incredibly juvenile and its usage not only by you is like listening to a two year old who has heard her first “bad” word and can’t stop. You know cuss words, big deal. Learn how to debate without them and play in the adult world without throwing a tantrum. It’s unbecoming.

    • Brendan says:

      Since your defense of Polanski is that he only raped one child, I have to ask…
      What is the number of child rapes that you think are acceptable before you feel it should be taken seriously?

      • ninvoid99 says:

        Are you aware that this is something that happened a long time ago? The man has 2 children of his own. He’s apologized numerous of times for what happened as the victim herself has forgiven him. As far as I’m concerned… the U.S. government and its justice system can go fuck itself.

    • J.E. Vizzusi says:

      re Polanski only did one.. One is enough to get you 30 years in LA County! And Sex Crime cases have first priority with no statute of limitations in California.

    • M. F. Sibley says:

      Ninvoid, first, I am no hypocrite, and I don’t appreciate being called one or your use of terminology suggesting I or anyone else f*** off. A pervert is someone who molests children whether, as you say, they “do one” as Polanski did, or more as Stephen Collins admitted do in the now revealed tape. The outcome is the same – a child or children are molested and abused. I don’t care if it happened 35 minutes ago, 35 weeks ago, 35 months ago or 35 years ago. Sentence was passed and Polanski did NOT serve his his. He flew the coop. How nice of him, though, to admit, as you say, to admit he “f***** up”; as though that makes it all better.

      I hope you don’t have children, or if you ever do, you never, ever have to go through anything like this. Better yet, use your argument to parents; look them in the face and tell them that they’re just f****** hyprocrites when they’re upset because the person who molested their child gets a slap on the wrist because they “only did one”. I dare you. They’ll eat you alive.

      You’ve obviously never dealt with the repercussions of the aftermath of a sexually molested child and what they and their parents go through. It’s not a walk in the park or having celebrities friends coming to your aid protesting that it all took place “35 years ago” and that people should “get over it”.

  15. joe says:

    I find it amusing the same ppl vilifying
    Stephen Collins are championing Polanski. Both are scum who deserve to be in prison

    • M. F. Sibley says:

      I agree Joe. People seem to think because Polanski is an “ar-teeste” that he should be given a free pass, irregardless of the fact that the person in question was an underaged 13 year old girl. Perhaps they feel that the bohemian lifestyle of those in the entertainment field somehow gives them free license to do things that the rest of the general population steers clear of. Sorry, but the law is the law and as such, he was found guilty and accordingly, he should serve time, scum that he is.

  16. Shari says:

    At a certain point, ya gotta wonder, how much $$ is this costing us to continue the pursuit. Look, what he did was abominable and I am aghast that the judge ever indicated he would not actual serve any jail time. But if the US really wanted to punish him, they had the option (and probably still do) to have the French authorities prosecute him once he fled to France. But alas that would not help politicians and others who are looking for camera time or names in papers.

  17. Adam says:

    I find it both amusing and troubling that some people think Polanski should get off scott-free for his crime because of his celebrity status.

  18. J.E. Vizzusi says:

    If you go back to the case and that day. After the exterior photo shoot audition, it was party time. Most of what happened was influenced by alcohol and probably some weed. The victim and witnesses are cool with what happened except for LA PD. The Judge that changed his mind on the sentence was politically motivated and in reality Roman since he took flight has given the world some of the greatest Films of all time. This I believe is enough restitution. Let this completely ridiculous witch hunt end now! JV

    • Brendan says:

      The victim was a child.
      The victim, in later years, forgave him… as many rape victims do in order to heal.
      And the victim was not okay with it when it was happening and even asked him to stop.

    • THEPUPPETMAN says:

      One more thing… What if it was YOUR daughter. How about YOUR grand daughter. How about it was your daughter in a wheelchair? See. It’s now a different matter but it’s still the same. He should do his time.
      Forget the fact that he’s a talented film maker. That’s completely unrelated to the facts.

    • Casey says:

      “what happened was influenced by alcohol and probably some weed”.

      That doesn’t justify it. Roman Polanski is a delinquent, and he knows it. No matter how many movies he’s made, he should pay for his crime, but well, I guess I should embrace the fact that rich people not suffering legal consequences is the way of the world. *sigh*

      • J.E. Vizzusi says:

        If you can find the book “Roman by Polanski”.. he explains in exact detail what happened. Its not this horrible molestation that most think. It was a audtion for TESS and he shot some outdoor stills of the girl with her Mom’s consent whom was present. He was staying at Jack N. house whom was away and they all were partying. Others were present as well. We will never know what happened when the alleged rape took place but I feel because the Victim does not want to persue or prosecute, then it probaby did not happen like the LA cops say it did.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      The victim only became “cool” with it, after s period of time and when she was an adult. Tell the rest of us, should adults be free to have sexual relations with a 13 year old? Should adults be free to give 13 year olds drugs and alcohol? If you answer no, then he should be jailed.

      And finally, if u manage to evade arrest, should you get a “get out if jail free” card, if several years go by? Given your statement, its doubtful you care. I hope you don’t have children.

    • Contessa46 says:

      Yes, but the problem with all that makes no difference in that he had sexual relations with a 13 yr old girl- a junior high schooler! It’s against the law and we are supposed to be a law abiding nation. If he was anyone but a movie star or politician he’d have been behind bars a long time ago.

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