Why Ellen Was the Best Oscars Host Since Billy Crystal

Ellen Degeneres OScars
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Inside the Dolby Theatre, everybody loved DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres will go down in history as the first Oscars host to Tweet a group selfie on the job, but she was also acted like she was among friends inside the Dolby Theatre on Sunday night. After last year’s disastrous emceeing from Seth MacFarlane (who outraged viewers and Academy members with a song about boobs), DeGeneres followed the Billy Crystal — and before that, Johnny Carson — template of staging wholesome hijinks at Hollywood’s annual celebration of movies.

More relaxed than when she hosted the Oscars seven years ago, DeGeneres was a natural at not only delivering zingers, but also keeping the audience awake throughout the lengthy telecast. A lot of her best material dealt directly with the in-house audience. Her decision to feed the actors with a surprise pizza delivery wasn’t just a slapstick gag, although the hit worked on that level. It was also a useful bribe to get the crowd on her side.

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Unlike the Golden Globes, the Oscars have a strict no-food policy, even if most of the guests are starving after a long afternoon of limousine rides and red carpet interviews. Brad Pitt, who grabbed one of the first slices, ate it quickly, and it was easier to appreciate all the speeches that followed with the aroma of melted cheese in the air.

Later, DeGeneres took a collection to pay the pizza guy, asking for donations from the likes of Martin Scorsese and Harvey Weinstein. Best supporting actress winner Lupita Nyong’o dug into her purse looking for change and instead tossed her lipgloss into the collections pot. A few minutes later, during the commercial, DeGeneres dutifully ran it back over to her, like any attentive house party host would.

DeGeneres did a lot of casual roaming at the breaks, which gave the evening the same easy-going vibe of her hit daytime talk show. (Her only truly nasty barb of the night came at Liza Minnelli’s expense.) Before the best actor category, Matthew McConaughey, who mingled near the stage at every commercial, gave DeGeneres a quick peck on the cheek. Either it was a good luck kiss for him, or he was already congratulating the true winner of the evening.

The success or failure of the Oscars usually lie on the host’s shoulders, but DeGeneres got some help from the orchestra. Traditionally, the musical numbers are always a hit-or-miss proposition, and this year they all came together as show stoppers. Pharrell Williams started the evening off right with his anthem to “Despicable Me 2,” which had the crowd on its feet. It almost didn’t matter that he sounded like he was crooning to a pre-recorded track.

Oscars: The Biggest Snubs and Surprises of the Night

Bono and U2 rocked the house with the song for “Mandela,”which was definitely performed live. Bette Midler, who sang “Wind Beneath My Wings” at the end of the In Memoriam montage, delivered one of her best televised vocals in a long time. (The producers asked the audience not to clap during the montage, yet many couldn’t help themselves when it came to the universally beloved James Gandolfini, Roger Ebert, Harold Ramis or Philip Seymour Hoffman.) The “Wizard of Oz” tribute from Pink was great, to the surprise of almost everybody. And Idina Menzel belted her rendition of “Frozen’s” Oscar-winning “Let It Go” on a stage lit by diamonds and ice backdrops.

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The rest of the set constructions were equally impressive to those of us in the audience. Early in the telecast, a tapestry of roses was unveiled, which seemed random until the “Oz” number, where it became clear it was an homage to the 1939 classic. The best screenplay categories were announced to a stage decorated by typewriters. The rest of the backdrops involved either Oscars or spotlights, two popular Hollywood tropes.

DeGeneres seemed to capture the same magic that Crystal brought during his hosting heyday. She wasn’t just funny and lovable, she looked like she was grateful to be there. The Academy should definitely invite her back.

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  1. Bernadette Miller says:

    Ellen did not rock the Oscars! Unless you consider bad manners and cheap-shot insults to be in
    good form. She insulted Liza Minnelli by calling her “sir,” and implied that June Squibb–who looked beautiful in an emerald-green dress–did not know where she was, presumably because June is older. Rude, mean, ageist. And not at all funny!

  2. Mort Persky says:

    As I and others saw it, Ellen was dead the second she uttered her no-joke joke that left a dagger in Liza Minnelli’s heart. But her “hurters” didn’t end there, it’s just that other victims decided not to weep until they got home, so TV could only see them grinning. And what about Meryl Streep’s spouse, Don Gummer, who had the effrontery to sit next to his wife? Ellen pretended he was a moon-dweller undeserving of his Oscar seat (Meryl, why’d you go along with it?) Such go-to-hell manners are usually banned outside of Rickles-Land. Next year, the Academy should rule them out in advance. Or why not just pick Seth MacFarlane, who was too good in 2013 for last year’s dolts to figure out?

  3. david t. krall says:

    Whoa !!! and I thought I (!) was tough on that needy, socially-dysfunctional, obsessive/compulsive phone- manic odd-ball….Has anybody noticed her talk “schitk”, aka communication skills on other venues? is that real, as in a dunce, or a comedic “schitk”, or does she have some real issues that need to be addressed??? a comedian “acting” like a talk show host or a talk show host trying to be a comedian??? I even noticed an internet video where she is back-stage with several actors and lo and behold..like some obsessive driven cell-phone addict…there she is, brandishing her cell-phone camera!

  4. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall
    email: truthatlarge@hotmail.com

    Tnose of us who “get it” in regards to Ellen’s discourteous, needy, self-absorbed, and
    “socially-faddish” (cell phone obssesive/compulsive) behavior see it for what it was:
    .an obvious dlsplay of how mega- telecommunications company literally “hijacked” the Academy Awards’ Show…sold and “bought” Ellen ( I now call her “SELLEN” or “SAMSUNGELLEN”), literally used the Oscars show to market and sell its’ product line
    of not-so smart phones..I guess if it pertained to an auto company, & she would have driven
    out on stage in a sleek car. Would that have been anymore acceptable?????
    The Oscar statue and what it means to all those present in that pavillion and those who
    love films and movies was marginalized and minimized by a cell-phone and its “socially”
    needy use. No matter how cool & trendy something may appear, you have to break it down
    to it most simple traits and use. “SELFIES CHOICE” starirng a needy, phone-manic
    talk show host who gets a job hosting a formal top-shelf awards show, who compulsively
    uses and hawks/”pushes” a cell-phone-camera during that show…no class…

  5. Perry says:

    I have watched many an Oscar telecast and this last show was BORING! Ellen was lame and self-indulgent. How is a selfie with her past and future guests entertaining? Or ordering pizza…..what a
    waste of my and everyone else’s time. Ellen can be funny but wasn’t……there was no wit on display.
    And why be mean to Liza Minnelli? Let’s bring back James Franco if we want boring. Or maybe a
    real comedian (you used to be, Ellen) if we want wit.

  6. sumguy says:

    Unbelievable! People love Ellen so much that they can’t be honest w/ themselves. I love Ellen too, but….. She stunk on ice! Clearly she”winged” most of her bits. But to Ellens defense, she’s one of the few performers who could host a show w/out a script. Show was poorly produced. She was mean to Liza, and only Liza… Hum?

  7. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall
    email: truthatlage@hotmail.com

    I hope someone actually makes a movie or doc. out of this Academy Awards Show…
    SYNOPSIS: Similar to “THE FLY” or “Alien”…a mild-mannered (so we thought !) and
    (appearing to be!) an unassuming daytime talkshow host get’s the gig of a lifetime (for the
    2nd time !) and while in front of millions on TV and roughly a 1000 people in front of her in the audience slowly and with calculated “spontanaitity” morphs and transforms into
    a super-hawking monster, a mega marketing agent and ultra sales-person with all the mild-manners of a needy, obssesive and compulsive cell-phone addict…she utimately turns into a true marketing beast during the show, and unlike past monsters SHE ACTUIALLY
    all while hosting a black-tie formal affair…This creature was known as a human named Ellen.. Now IT is know as SAMSUNGELLEN…KingKong, Gorgo, Godzilla, now SAMSUNGELLEN…Film studios in The USA and Japan are in a major biddng war to acquire the film rights for the screen play…casting TBD…

  8. Donna Reed says:

    It sucked!!!! She was mean to Liza Minnelli, completely self-absorbed, poorly paced and pathetic.

    On a night that was great in respect to the winners…. she was the loser.

  9. Jim Ponsoldt says:

    i agree with your positive review of the oscars and of ellen. it helped that the actual “winners” all deserved to win (as, of course, did many of the “non-winners”), but ellen was the biggest winner: she reminded everyone, even the tv audience, not to take oneself too seriously.

    • sumguy says:

      The “Heroes” segment was weak. Throughout the history of film, there are hundreds more heroes they could have shown. Both men, women, and yes, animals. The Oscars is losing its classines. 46 yrs old, been watching for years. No, not because of Seth, he crushed Ellen. Even danced. Let’s be honest guys. I still love me some Ellen, but her performance was weak.

  10. Stephanie Stephan says:

    Thank you Terry!! I felt strongly about this :).

  11. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall
    email: truthatlarge@hotmail.com

    Thank you Terry, Stephanie, Laura, Marc !!! I thought I was the only one who sensed
    a “weirdness” about show this year…see my prior comments….I thought I was alone.
    Both in theaters this Spring!!! if you can’t wait, watch for endless, inevitable and continuious clips and trailers, as well as many self (or selfie) congrats on “ELLEN” or should we call it ” “SELLEN’ ” — and I’m not interested in a not so-smart dumb phone being shoved down my throat, and I’ll bet the overwhealming majority of people sitting in that pavillion
    weren’t too happy and quietly felt and feel the same!!!!

  12. Terry Newell says:

    Ellen simply did her daytime schtik in prime time. C’mon! Wacky photos, scaring celebs and buying pizza for the audience all reeked of daytime talk hi-jinks. She should host the Emmy Awards, NOT the Academy Awards! I’d rather see a little high brow humor from the host than the cliche’d predictability of hers. I swear, Carrot Top could have done just as well!! Furthermore, her one liners fell flat and her off the cuff banter with celebs felt forced and uncomfortable. It’s a once a year, glamorous night, honoring achievement in the arts…..raise the bar!! Just watch, Jimmy Fallon will host next year and get actors to play zany games…won’t that be clever!? Please……

  13. Stephanie Stephan says:

    Are you kidding me? Ellen’s hosting of the oscars was without doubt the most atrocious display of bad taste one could ever be so unfortunate to witness at one of the industry’s most significant and seminal events of the season. From her stumbling over names, to painful practical jokes like ordering pizza and taking selfies, her horrific jokes fell flat, making fun of minorities, old people and the dignity of celebrity icons. The worst had to be making jokes at the expense of aids victims. Commenting on the Dallas Buyer’s Club, her lines went something like this: “Well what we learned from Dallas Buyer’s Club was…don’t have sex in a rodeo”. Just gross. Again, are u kidding me? Unprofessional, untalented, painful and pathetic. She shouldn’t have been paid,
    Nonmember comment from stephanie, Mar 3, 2014

    • Terry Newell says:

      Asolutely right, Stephanie! Seems she simply did her daytime schtik in prime time. C’mon! Wacky photos, scaring people and buying pizza for the audience?! She should host the Emmy Awards, NOT the Academy awards!! I’d rather see a little high brow humor from the host than the cliche’d predictability of hers. I swear, Carrot Top could have done just as well! Furthermore, her one liners fell flat and her off the cuff banter with celebs felt forced and uncomfortable. It’s a once a year, glamorous night, honoring achievment in the arts….raise the bar!! Just watch, Jimmy Fallon will host next year and get the actors to play a zany game…won’t that be clever!? Please…..

      • Bernadette Miller says:

        Agree. Mean and uncharitable. Liza has more talent in her little finger than Ellen has in her entire body. And June Squibb is still a working actress at 80-plus. Despite her success, Ellen must be very insecure to attack these women the way she did.

  14. Jacques Strappe says:

    I thought Ellen was masterful but I am an Ellen fan. This was seemingly unscripted, free-form, totally relaxed Ellen although I suspect more of what happened might have followed some script. She did seem like an attentive party host, making sure her guests were acknowledged and taken care of. It felt a bit like eavesdropping on someone’s party attended by really pretty people. I loved this year’s Oscars and I had not seen one single nominated movie. Bring Ellen back next year. Ban MacFarlane for life (even though he vowed to never do it again)

  15. Laura in LaLa Land says:

    I was embarrassed for the Academy. The entire world looks to this event as the epitome of movie glamour and the best we can offer up is a bland daytime tv host? Gushing about twitter, selfies, pizza- it was all quite depressing. I was better dressed than her and I was in my living room.

    When she wasn’t being obsessing over social media she was being boring. Please ask someone with charm and wit like Steve Carrell or Kevin Spacey. The article appears to overlook Hugh Jackman who was best in recent memory in my book. I understand he’s not interested in returning unfortunately.

  16. marc emerson says:

    Did Samsung and Papa Johns pay for Variety’s glowing review of Ellen hosting the Oscars. The pizza bit was blatantly contrived. Four pizza boxes for a crowd of 1000? Has Ellen become Christ doing the loaves and fishes? It was set up including the pizza boy. The selfie bit was an embarrassment to the dignity of the actors who again were all aware of the moment including Samsung. It was definitely acting for Ellen but no award for the job. The folksy humility made me cringe.

  17. Savvy in Hollywood says:

    I agree Janet Gari….Hugh Jackman was the best!

  18. Janet Gari says:

    I thought Ellen’s hosting was just fine, because I usually don’t care who hosts. All I want to know is what happened to Hugh Jackman, who was really outstanding and was advertised as this year’s host.

  19. Bill says:

    Seriously, you could hear the collective groan from the viewing audience when Ellen first mentioned the pizza thing, which you knew would payoff about a half hour later. It just seemed like so much filler when they did things like cut about a minute out of Frozen’s “Let it Go.”

    • sumguy says:

      Let’s talk about sharing. Remember your teacher saying “if you didn’t bring enough for the class, don’t bring any at all”. I watched an Andy Kaufman special once. He told the audience they would get milk and cookies after the show. He even bussed them to the cookies if memory serves. The whole audience. Ellen could have afforded pizza for everyone, cast and crew included. She makes Oprah $ doesn’t she. Heck, some pizza chain would have gladly delivered the pies after the show…for free! Ellen was in an advertising mood anyway. I think people are killing the messenger a little too. The whole show blew, not just Ellen.

  20. mk says:

    she was awful. the show was awful…the winners were great, except for terminally self-centered MM

  21. Jimmy Wang says:

    If Seth MacFarlene did the same stuff last night he still would’ve been blasted. For some reason, everyone loves the little boy that hosted last night and he can do no wrong.

  22. borg says:

    Out of touch, much? This was the least funny Oscars hosting I’ve ever seen (and that includes Hathaway/Franco one). Felt like she asked her niece for joke ideas 3 minutes before the show started.

  23. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall
    email: truthyatlargeathotmail.com

    Toby, you are so right-on!!! She started out vey strong, BUT (!) went down hill, in a bad way
    very quickly and way too soon into the show…she really “lost me” with that whole dumb,
    stupid cell-phone exhibition, which I realized was very cheap, trick, ploy and gimmick with Samsung…. put the cell phone away!!! control that “social-obsession and needy compulsion…and “keep running” with wit, charm and cleaver humor…It wasn’t feeding time in the school yard at the Samsung Award’s Show, was it????

  24. Toby says:

    Sorry, auto correct should have read ” no more enamored of them” not “ransom read”

  25. The Kingslayer says:

    I enjoyed Seth MacFarlane and John Stewart’s Oscars more.

  26. Toby says:

    I’m sorry, but I respectfully disagree. The audience banter was awful. I also find her disingenuous. Do you really believe she was grateful to be there? Don’t you know acting when you see it? She’s no more ransom red of them than any other host. She considers herself their peer. Her pizza gag was awful and lasted way too long. Her gimmicks were like bad puns. She is no Johnny Carson, not even a Billy Crystal.

  27. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall
    email: truthatlarge@hotmail.com

    sorry for the “typo’s”..also I meant to refer to Rick”, “Occultology” and “Stephan Klose” &
    others who I agree with… Ellen showed a “cheap” side “hawking”, using and being used by Samsung…totally weak and lame…It’s wasn’t the Samsung Awards starring Ellen
    was it??? Just wanted to make sure…

  28. Katz says:

    I think Ellen IS the best Oscars host since Billy Crystal–but she wasn’t last night. She did a lot of good things to get the local audience on her side (other than Liza), but it didn’t translate to good television. She was also a victim of poor production and poor decisions about the show content (Another tribute segment? Really?), and she couldn’t overcome the bad feelings those built up in the TV audience.

  29. Stephanie_sMinorityRetort says:

    Best since Billy Crystal? Not to sound ageist, but how old are you? It seems Billy Crystal is the gold standard for an older generation. I like Ellen, but her bits added little more than time to an already painfully long FOUR hour telecast. While she was likeable and put the stars at ease, she didn’t seem concerned with moving the show along, which may be why she puttered out in the last half of the show.
    For me, Hugh Jackman’s 2009 hosting stint was the best. Funny, engaging and entertaining – the consummate host.

  30. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall
    email: truthatlage@hotmail.com

    I totally agree with commnets below from “Rick”, Occultology” and “Rick Klose”…what’s with the cheap amd totally lame use of the cell-phone? Socially Trendy? Ehwwww !!! that’s
    so cool…I don’ t think so!!!! HOW ABOUT JUST DUMB, and enabling a wide-spread form of
    ignorant behavior. I’ve seen enough of that ignorant behavior in many bars and restaurants. Oh My God..I just caught an early part of todays Ellen Show…She’s actually “hawking”, pushing and “selling” Samsung’s “smart phone, THAT IS SO LAME !!!
    IT’S THE SAME ONE THAT SHE TOOK OUT AND USED LAST NIGHT!!! AMAZING AND REALLY CHEAP…..It’s a good thing she didn’t have a flute, become the pied-piper and lead up those lemmings (who I truly thought had more class than that !) to and off the roof or in the middle of Hollywood Blvd..I’m sure they would have followed her…well we do know that the other, what 492 (?) people in the audience had more class than the host and those who “followed” her lead…. Just as with a driver’s licence and purchasing a car, The NOT-SO smart phones should come with a social-use instruction manual for how, when, and where to use and not use in the appropriate circumstances…All time biggest tweet?
    WHO CARES??? It’s about the OSCARS, FILM & MOVIES AND THE ACADEMY!!! NOT ELLEN, “DUMB-PHONES”, SAMSUMG and “SELFIES” at a black-tie affair..let’s rename Ellens’ show, ‘TWEETS FOR TWITS”…she totally cheapened herself or should we say

  31. Savvy in Hollywood says:

    Who paid this reviewer? That show dragged on and on. The selfie and pizza bit were boring and self-indulgent, and many of us took bathroom and kitchen breaks at those times. Do we care if it was “the first time”….so was last year’s “boob song”. And to take up a collection to pay for the pizza?? Really? Couldn’t Ellen or the producers have sprung for that?…you say it like it was a “good” thing.
    I normally love Ellen, and her opening monologue was solid (except for poor-taste Liza joke) but it quickly unraveled. She seemed to stumble on her words almost as much as Sidney Poitier, and the producers cut her off with loud music at many throws to commercial.
    We all LOVED Seth MacFarlane last year, and we are a “mature” crowd….with the exception of his boob song and the ending nastiness to the losers…..he was talented, funny and kept us alert for what might come next.
    The musical numbers this year were pretty good and thank goodness they lacked the burlesque factor. Pharrell had us all up and dancing (7th inning stretch early in the broadcast).
    Also, if you want an honest assessment of this years movies/actors/directors read the predictions by “anonymous” in last week’s Hollywood Reporter. FINALLY, someone tells the truth (but had to ditch their name for fear of retribution).

  32. Michael Anthony says:

    It’s as if you had been asleep since 1984 and just woke up again. Left wing, and hold on to yourself, even some right wingers don’t have the issues you have. You a certainly a relic from days gone by. Days no one misses. Bye bye!

  33. Marcy Bruch says:

    If you ask me, Ellen killed it last night by just being her authentic self. I say we crown her the new official Oscar host queen and let her reign for the next few years. She found a formula that works–engaging movie stars with selfies and pizza!

    • sumguy says:

      I won’t ask you then. Neither will a ton of people. Bring enough for everyone,AFTER the show(pizza). I’m all for giving her another chance….in like 5 yrs. or so. It will give her time to rehearse THIS time. Ouch. Still love Ellen, but this is the Oscars, not the video music awards. Bring your “A” game people. Not your “C” game.

  34. Mark Isenberg says:

    It is curious how many folks who like Ellen’s tv program are supporting her performance at the Oscars while so many others who do not watch weekdays are not that satisfied. I was stumped how she could not fully explain the Liza M. joke which was not funny and then later try to close the broadcast early before the Best Picture award. In some respects,being in the audience was cute but it also seemed like pandering later and we all remember how poorly David Letterman did with that when he hosted. I hope Robin Williams or even Bette Midler will consider hosting again before Ellen is considered. We know she is nicer than most but this was the Academy Awards and not just another syndicated chat show with the stars and a singer.

    • mikek135 says:

      Yeah, kind of leaning this way. I fell asleep. The American film industry’s big night and she’s gushing like a 15-year old, “We just crashed Twitter”.

  35. DAW says:

    Congrats to Ellen awesome job, I think of her as the Betty White of this generation, one can’t but love her.
    Also shout out to Liza for being such a sport.
    Favorite bit, Ellen in a dress of course. After show, went on-line to watch opening monologue again, a deft performance, well done!

    • sumguy says:

      Please let me know what show you we’re watching. I had no clue she was on 2 channels at the same time. One that was awesome, and one that blew.

  36. occultology says:

    This “reviewer” is joking, right? Aside from Ellen DeGeneres’ “Liza/Man in Drag” joke (which was hilarious) her opening monologue was utterly flat and laughter-free. Then she couldn’t form two sentences back to back without her mouth tripping over her own tongue (rehearse much, Ellen?). The pizza routine was stale after about 30 seconds (next time order one for everyone, you can afford it) and the group “selfie” revealed that her Id is seriously out of control. But if one thinks that lame jokes, late stage entrances, inarticulateness, and extreme self-absorption are “entertainment”, then Ellen DeGeneres is the man for the job. Next time, dear Academy, please pick a random hobo off the streets to Host your Academy Awards Gala, as they would be a much better M.C.

  37. kathy says:

    Omg I love ellen and her antics during the oscars! Even my bf who doesnt usually enjoy watching thise awards shows couldn’t help but chuckle over what ellen did. AWESOME JOB ELLEN! Im so proud of u! Wish ur show was on 7 days a week tho..m

  38. mchasewalker says:

    Love Seth Macfarlane, and the blame for last years fiasco falls more to Meron and Zadan for not steering his prodigious talent to more positive AA standards. However their correction this year set the right tone and humanizing touch to the evening. Fortunately, they had the chutzpah and good taste to do away with annoying musical cutoffs and let the artists, so honored, to speak their peace. I loved the simple elegance of letting the singers sing without too many burlesque Busby Berkley numbers. Many of the stars seemed to welcome the chance to relax, eat pizza, do selfies and just be “real” in an otherwise tired formula of formality. It wasn’t perfect, but Ellen’s opening edgy, ribald and bold stand-up was priceless.

  39. David says:

    I’m more of a Seth MacFarlane fan in general but I have to admit, Ellen nailed it. I was expecting her to be so nice as to be boring but she started off with some zingers and got my attention then held it throughout the show. And the pizza part (getting Harvey to pay up) was hilarious. She has a natural, unforced sense of “we’re all friends here” just like many of the classic Oscars shows. Bravo.

  40. your kidding right? says:

    She was the worse!!!! Boring like watching drying paint- and please total trailer park humor- JUST AWFUL- she has NEVER had a funny bit of her own. Awful!!!!!

  41. sr says:

    Idina Menzel was horrid. She sang through her nose. Frankly, she was too old to be singing that song. She also sounded like minnie mouse the minute she opened her mouth. I was extremely disappointed and had to change the channel during her rendition.

    • sumguy says:

      Agree totally. She’s going to have voice problems later. Needs to song from her diaphragm. Also thought U2’s song was better. Jus sayin.

  42. CB says:

    She sucked. Selfies suck. Oscars suck.

  43. MinhTu says:

    I love this year Oscars show and I love Ellen as a host!!! She kept me entertained throughout the show and she kept it modern and down-to-earth.

  44. lostjack says:

    Every year everyone complains about the show and they swear that it was “the worst ever”. Give it up people. It’s the Oscars. It’s three hours long. There’s going to be some people you’ve heard of and others you haven’t. There’s going to be jokes that work and some that don’t. There will be musical performances, montages, tributes, etc. Go back and watch a previous show. They’re basically all the same. So quit your complaining already.

    • sumguy says:

      How many Oscars have you really watched. Be honest. Get over it people, Ellen is an awesome person who happened to have a bad night. She needs honest feedback so this doesn’t happen to her again. If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail. My thing is I feel people like her so much, that they refuse to admit the obvious. Poor host, poorly produced….. Poor audience?

    • Jeff says:

      Could not agree more. The complaints are infinitely more boring than the telecast.

  45. Travis Starr says:

    Really? The best host since Billy Crystal. She was good, but all she did was a series of refined knock knock jokes. Seth MacFarlane was one of the best hosts! Last year’s show is still being talk about. He sang, and dance, and did comedy sketches. He was daring, risky, and hilarious! Ellen did not even dance!
    Also, this year’s in memoriam, for as many people who have died, I did not feel they paid tribute to some of them like they should’ve. Back in 1999’s Oscars, Whoopi Goldberg paid special tribute to Gene Siskel of Siskel & Ebert. I thought for sure Roger Ebert who continued reviewing movies up until his death would’ve gotten a little more tribute.
    Then add in some bizarre hero montages, and a very predictable award show, and you have a mildly entertaining Oscar show.

  46. Chris R. says:

    I thought it was one of the worst hosting jobs I’ve seen. The pizza bit was just overworked.

  47. Rick says:

    Really? I thought she was the worst host I can remember in a long time and I love Ellen lol. It was the most boring show I’ve seen in 20 years of watching. Really, worst, most boring award show I’ve ever watched and that’s saying a lot. I love the Oscars and Ellen, but this was just bad. The group selfie was the only salvaging part, which is a pretty sad thing to say.

    • Stephan Klose says:

      There seems to be a consensus amung us normal people that she simply isn’t up to this task. She even retold some updated jokes from last time. (which is the writers fault not hers). But if it makes you uncomfortable to listen to her jokes and sometimes even watch execute something really embarassing there is something wrong. I like her and her Show too normally. They should consider that 1 billion people are watching (and judging) this, who might now stay up all night next year. (Or more simply don’t stay up late and watch something other than ABC)

  48. Stephan Klose says:

    Your headline literally means: Best Oscar presentator since last years!.. Think about it. Also there are a lot of people who don’t appreciate Ellens ebarassing humor. Just saying. Wasn’t worth to stay up till 6am.

  49. this article could not be further from the truth. it almost feels like the producers begged variety to post a positive write-up of ellen as host. she was mediocre. the show was mediocre. that is exactly how this years oscars will be remembered. mediocre.

    • Rick says:

      I’m glad you said this because it honestly feels like a paid review, no one can honestly think this was a good show. This had to be one of, if not the worst/most boring shows in decades. Which is crazy because Ellen is so likeable and I love the Oscars. It was a terrible show, whoever wrote her jokes should be put out to pasture.

    • Stephan Klose says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Ellens humor is good for her show and her fanbase but not for the billion people that are watching this.

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