Ellen’s Oscar Selfie Breaks Twitter Record

It was a selfie for the ages.

Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres herded Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Angelina Jolie and others into the most legendary selfie to ever hit the Internet. The sheer number of A-listers packed into the shot apparently caused the social media platform to crash, leaving thousands of Twitter users locked out.

So far DeGeneres’s selfie has been retweeted more than 1 million times, breaking the previous record set by Barack Obama after his re-election. DeGeneres announced during the show that she had received an email from Twitter that confirmed her selfie caused the outage.

Once the overload subsided, The Academy took credit for the technical glitch.

Here is the clip of DeGeneres gathering the group.

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  1. big daddy D says:

    Kevin Spacey-the photobomb master! Loved it!

  2. not all a-listers says:

    who is the black guy in that snap?

  3. big daddy D says:

    Well, I beg to differ from you on your viewpoint. To each their own.

  4. david t. krall says:

    from:: david t. krall
    email: truthatlargeathotmail.com.

    I’d leave a (another) comment…but I’m in the middle of real important/formal social
    event and engagement, and I’m playing with my cell-phone…I decided to start a new web-site called “Tweets for Twits”…a stupid and unfunny dispaly of an attempt at current social, yet SO WRONG behavior!!!!

  5. JD says:

    So the Academy took credit for causing the crash of twitter. Wouldn’t that be vandalism or a hack attack if they brought the entire website down?

  6. Linda REmaly says:

    I Thought was great, but why not ELlen is always great. GOd for you ELen. IWould watch you day and night, al day long.

  7. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall
    email: truthatlarge@hotmail.com

    I’m referring to social behavior not product placement. if that’s the obvious and recognizbale
    case…then let’s not enable her need to display a teen-age fad.in “trying to be so human”
    .hamming it up??? What venue or event could be seen or percieved more to ham it up than to be a high visible actor at the biggest awards’ show on the planet, among your peers with millions watching on TV???… the selfie was real cool, yea, sure .. more like a cheap gimmick infront of about 500 other people in the audience…I understnd she was trying to be funny and cleaver…but not like an obsessive-cell-phone manic teen-ager…No one ever assumed anyone is a robot…It jusr wasn’t the place for a cellphone, it just cheapened the atmosphere… if someone tried that in the audience during the show, would that have not
    been considered rude or just “hamming it up”????? It was a really poor substitute for her wit and her usual comedic flair, and just “reinforced” rude behavoir as an acceptable fad….
    A desperate ploy to mask her running out of jokes…I’m done for now…

  8. Betty Gorman Frey says:

    Love the group selfie. Think I’ll put it on my Xmas card this year. “Merry Christmas from our house to your house. P.S. C’mon over, the gangs all here”

  9. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall
    email: truthatlarge@hotmail.com

    I just don’t get this obsession with cell-phones, let alone on an awards’ show…selfies???…
    taking pictures with actors??? THEY’RE PICTURES,,,called films or movies!!! Could you really see anybody with any real class ( Whoopie Goldberg, Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin) acting so lame like that… It didn’t require much comedic talent to resort to the much (!) use of a cell phone as some cheap, rude prop…Obviously she was running out of jokes and ideas and needed to take out her “blankie” or “rattle” and share it with others…sorry but I had to add this…

    • Smooth says:

      Your jealousy is pathetic. Change your attitude and your obviously miserable life should improve. If it doesn’t at least keep it to yourself. Just sayin’

    • cxg says:

      Uptight and bitter much? The whole selfie thing was planned. With a staff of writers at her disposal, she did not ‘run out of jokes.’ Like it or not, the younger generation eats this. ‘cheap’ stuff up.

  10. Robert Schall says:

    It is no coincidence that Samsung was a sponser of the Oscars and Ellen was flaunting the Galaxy S4 around. Pure genius.

  11. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall
    email: truthatlarge@#hotmail.com

    Come on !!! enough!!! Why is it now so acceptable to pull out a phone or some type
    of communication device in front of an audience, let alone flaunting it…Ellen lost me
    when she did that…that’s just a cheap, gimmicky ploy when running out of jokes
    or something creative…think about it…like some rude unaware fad-driven teen-ager
    demostrating the now obsessive need to take out her blankie, oh I mean her cell phone…
    She had me ’til then…then she showed her dumb side…what to appeal to a equally dumb

    • big daddy D says:

      Well..for one..there’s product placement…she gets paid for that. 2..she’s human and enjoying the moment. 3. That group selfie was cool. Watching these actors ham it up..acting like regular people made it that more real for me. Would you rather they be emotionless robots?

  12. AlwaysRIGHT says:

    If only there were a filter for talent/worthiness, it would have blocked the pic entirely! hahaha Seriously, Hollywood “celebrities” are nothing more than the popular kids in high school. They have some talent and personality but they really aren’t worthy of praise, recognition, and certainly not worthy of the millions they are paid. C’mon, what’s-her-name got $50 million or more to portray an astronaut, while actual astronauts earn a sliver of that. Same goes for military movies. It’s all a joke and I don’t have much respect for any of them. They speak lines that are provided to them by writers – big deal.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      Your name is “Always RIGHT,” but you certainly don’t have Bullocks salary correct. In addition, she makes films that do really well. You pay someone what they are worth. If you made your company $700m dollars, what do you think is a reasonable salary then? In order to be “Right” you need to have a basic understanding of something.

      • Mark Jones says:

        Well said! Who are these trolls with mega-envy and holier than thou criticism of a super piece of showmanship and product placement? Winners all round! But someone’s a loser round this site. Why read it if you cannot appreciate it?

    • big daddy D says:

      You’re referring to Sandra Bullock…who isn’t even in the pic. Her salary is due to her agent..not her. He/she signed her contract. Credit the actors for their work/performance…and stop hating!

  13. coodles Ellen!!…you are a hoot <3 :)

  14. Lois Rochetti says:

    Whats wrong with the academy, Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t belong as a host. Wasn’t as bad last year, but what a bummer this year.

    • h8isoverr8ed says:

      She does’t belong as a host? What the “f” is wrong with you? What happened in your lifetime that caused you to have such a god complex to decide who gets to do what in this world? You do not belong on the internet Lois. How do you like them apples?

  15. karin says:

    somebody needs to fix the sound…can’t hear Bette Midler sing…maybe it’s the mike…I don’t know but somebody fix it please….thank you.

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