Can ‘Unbroken’ Rebound From Golden Globes Snub?

Does Golden Globes Snub Hurt 'Unbroken's'

Many may assume the Dec. 10 announcement that Angelina Jolie’s WWII pic “Unbroken” had been shut out of the Golden Globes was the nail in the coffin for the film’s Oscar prospects. Actually, it might be a blessing in disguise.

Based on a bestseller, the film has an all-star pedigree with Jolie directing, a script by the Coen brothers, and cinematography by Roger Deakins. The true story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic athlete who survived 47 days at sea and more than two years in a Japanese prison camp, the picture was considered an awards frontrunner, sight unseen. When it was finally unveiled, reception was mixed. Critics were mostly admiring but lukewarm, with auds at screenings more embracing.

“Unbroken” was expected to do well with the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. because the org’s members are seen as being celebrity-centric. They still haven’t lived down 2010, when they nominated Jolie and Johnny Depp for the roundly panned “The Tourist” — in the comedy/musical category, no less. In fact, it might have been a rebound effect that caused “Unbroken” to be snubbed.

Going into Globe noms, the buzz was that “Unbroken” would get recognized, deserving or not. Now, people are talking about how a quality film has been left out.

Just last year, “Beasts of the Southern Wild” went on to score four Academy Award nominations, including one for best picture, after being completely shut out of the Globes. In 2011, “True Grit” scored a whopping 10 Oscar nominations after coming up empty with the HFPA. In 2012, a film with a mixed critical reaction still hit a chord with voters when “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” was also shut out of Globe nominations, yet went on to score Oscar noms not only for best picture but for supporting actor Max von Sydow.

In addition, “Unbroken” bounced back this week when it landed four Critics’ Choice Award noms from the Broadcast Film Critics Association, including ones for picture and director Jolie. The BFCA tends to have a great track record of predicting best picture nominees; in the last two years, they nominated eight out of the nine films that ended up landing best picture nods.

Opening wide Christmas Day, “Unbroken” is expected to do solid box office. But Jolie will now have to make a quick recovery from chicken pox if she’s going to get back in the campaign game in time.

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  1. Elisa Roja says:

    MY guess is the Oscars could only handle 1 really pro-American movie, and they chose the male director of the two (Sniper v Unbroken). Clearly, Unbroken was a massive impressive visual epic undertaking, and to snub not only Jolie but the lead actor, who seems amazing in a really demanding role – totally political, and sexist.

    • speakingbadger says:

      To be really fair about it, it is hard to compare Unbroken with American Sniper. Unbroken is an amazing movie… and Jolie does deserve a lot of credit for doing it, as I said in another comment, However, from an acting standpoint, Bradley Cooper was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING in American Sniper and THAT is also a wonderful story of a great man. Of course one is WWII, while the other is only a few years ago for the ending… and in the most recent wars. Chris Kyle was also an amazing man, that will go down in history for something very, very different than the man in Unbroken, who also has an amazing and inspirational story.

      Two very different movies, but both are deserving of awards for different things. I hope to see both of them get the credit and awards they both deserve.

  2. Ed Beverly says:

    What an immense and stirring presentation. It was real!! Angelina deserves an Oscar a bit larger than those given before. I am not a movie buff (1st film I’ve seen in maybe 10 or more years) but when something such as this film comes along, it becomes compelling (BTW I live in Torrance, so the hometown hero aspect drew me to see it.)
    Oscars also for Set, Special Effects, Costuming, and evoking emotion – I cried just a bit, more than just a few times.
    Also, the Golden Globes is just a comedy show, any way – isn’t it?

    • Anonymus says:

      I saw Unbroken on Dec. 26, and you are absolutely right, it is a tearjerker. Probably one of the best WWII true stories I have seen or heard of in a long time. Cool that you live in Torrance, too. I’m not sure about the Golden Globes, but i hope Unbroken wins an Oscar. Truly an inspirational film.

  3. Vicky Lipton says:

    My husband and I saw this movie yesterday, and I believe it to be one of the most moving movies we have ever seen and enjoyed. Angelina Jolie deserves every nomination that can be offered to such talent, and I appreciate her being so dedicated to bringing this wonderful movie to us. The man and the movie are both to be appreciated and respected. I hope the rest of Hollywood will recognize this movie as the wonderful production it truly is, and I hope they will award it and Angelina Jolie accordingly. Thank you for bringing this wonderful story to the big screen!

  4. guest says:

    unbroken and Angelina voight were not snubbed just not deserving of anything. as of today dec 22, it still stands 48 on Rotten Tomatoes that how bad this film is

    • Christie says:

      I agree with you Vicky, 110%, the movie was such an inspiration and told about the real American hero’s. I was so proud to finally see a movie with such inspiration and determination. Most movies today leave me sad and somewhat ashamed of our past. With this movie, I was proud and it made me see a lot of things I took for granted. Sometimes the truth gets lost or exaggerated or played to sensationalize a story. This movie, I felt, was not at all exaggerated and I really believed every bit of this movie to be accurate. Reading the book now. I think Jolie deserves credit just for the inspiration she gave to so many with a story ignored for so many years. Proud of her for making this movie, with such care and not because it was the popular thing to do. A movie showing Americans making us proud.

    • Angelina is going to go down in history as a number one talent. It will take more time. Lots of jelousey about this magnificent talent

  5. speakingbadger says:

    This movie is AWESOME! Critics are morons, their job is after all to find fault with movies, they are “CRITICS” after all, they are expected to be CRITICAL! If they are not, eventually they would get canned… they are expected to cause reactions.

    Anyway, the movie was done very well, and even Louie Zamperini, whom Angelina had a personal relationship with, and whom Angelina brought her laptop to his hospital bed this summer before he passed on at the ripe old age of 97, so he could watch it, actually LOVED it. He was very happy with how his story was retold and visually represented. She and the writers, did exactly what she wanted.

    Golden Globes always seem to snub movies that are about our veterans, and often pick crap movies, because of some group that loves something artsy about a movie or that it represents some off beat unrepresented group. They are not exactly known for picking movies that audiences like. Everyone that watched the screening I was at, thought the directing of this film was very, very well done.

    Regardless of what you think of her, this film and her direction deserve nods. As the director, one of her jobs is to help market a film, especially when she is also a producer. Plus, she is a famous, being a person that can not step out of her own house without the world watching and criticizing. She never even wanted to be an actress, it just sort of happened, her passion was always to be behind the camera, to do things like directing and producing movies. Look at where half of the money she and her husband earns goes… it goes to helping people all over the world with foundations they have created. How many of you that criticize everything based on what you read or watch in the media about her, can actually say you are changing as many lives as she is??

    Who cares what she or anyone else says or even mistakes she has made in her personal life, it is about she or anyone else does to back up what they say, it is about their works, the things they do, and the things she does that actually changes lives, screams very loudly.

  6. Alex Dupont says:

    Indeed, Marian Parker is right, she was simply not worthy, I mean Jolie and her films. Why such a big drama? Do you really see her as a great actress not to mention DIRECTOR? Come on, Jolie barely can act something like a naughty witch…She is simply a woman, looking good, but that’s all. A great actress I dare call Marion Cotillard, Emma Thompson, Rosamund Pike, Meryl Streep , just to mention a few. Jolie had only one shot: Girl interrupted, when she was 20 and she played herself somehow. After that she created a sort of image of “Angelina sexy weapon”, not even lethal, culminating with “Mrs. Smith marrying a shy, silent boyish Pitt”, who led a boring existence and was willing to escape. Evere since Jolie tried hard to paint an image of a saint, having a “mother Teresa complex”, willing perhaps to run for presidential in 2015. She became even DAME of the English Queen, and still one can take the DAME from the jeans and naked tattooed body but one cannot take the jeans and naked tattooed body from the DAME. So, the result: after getting nothing after so much publicity, she even got married for crying out loud, she decided to get chicken pox. Pity, anyone? Feeling pathetic? Lousy? I bet that Jolie is plotting something ugly, like a Cleopatra sexy, naked, tattooed, dark-haired, changing history? Well, might as well grow up and accept that all this act with adopting kids, charity work, Mother of the year, cutting breasts, ovaries, cannot help the thing that she’s got no talent!!!!Hence, no nominations! Keeping Pitt in a cage, “By the Sea”, alone on an island only the two of them, did not make any difference for Oscar: perhaps it did for Pitt and Jolie marriage. Amen!

    • British says:

      To Alex Dupont: I’ve seen you on other sites about this matter, and I wish you would stop getting upset about Jolie and her “bad directing” or anything else about Unbroken and its claims and criticism.
      A lot of us below you probably wish you would stop getting over your bloody head about this stuff.

  7. She was not snubbed. She was just not worthy of the awards.

  8. Mike says:

    The film has spent the past two weeks hovering around 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film is crap, even if it was directed by Jolie. I really wish the press would stop blowing sunshine up her a$$.

  9. PETER says:

    Often the critics are idiots and don’t know what they’re talking about. I saw THE IMITATION GAME last week and think it should not be nominated for anything. It’s overblown melodrama but supported by the gay community and gay movie industry. EXODUS was trashed, yet it is a very well done retelling of the Moses myth. Give UNBROKEN a chance, and Angelina has every right that any other director has, even if this were her first directorial job. And I hope that the leftist, liberals don’t come down on UNBROKEN, because it is pro our heroic, USA military.

  10. Inver says:

    This article is sickening.

  11. ted says:

    Horrible trailer.

  12. Jade says:

    So now you all want a mediocre movie that got bad reviews to be nominated for awards in favor of better, more deserving movies because it’s badly directed by Jolie?

  13. frank markus says:

    Angelina Jolie “Unbroken” is a masterpiece and brilliant movie. It will be nominated for best picture, best director, cinematography and possible best actor for Jack O’Connell. We can wait to see the Oscar Awards at Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Angelina deserve to be nominated.

  14. Asif says:

    Hopefully “Unbroken” WON’T rebound from the Golden Globes snub. I consider this a backlash against Ms. Jolie, who truly is a minimally talented, manipulating, conniving, spoiled brat, who has inserted herself into the film’s marketing as if she is more important than Mr. Zamperini, his story, and the acting. What other director hogs the spotlight like that? She hasn’t earned her stripes yet to be in the company of finer directors.

    • Asif you are so right This woman is on a ego trip and have not even got her feet wet as director. He said It best she has minimal talent with an ego of a maniac. I hope the academy awards can see what others can see and follow suit with the best nominees.

    • Bill Beliew says:

      And your opinion is of value why?

    • Ken says:

      Really? Minimally talented? I guess you haven’t watched (with any kind of critical unblemished eye) Ms. Jolie in GIA, GIRL INTERRUPTED, CHANGELING, or (especially) A MIGHTY HEART in which she might rightly be called brilliant. She was even the saving grace in this year’s MALEFICENT. Her public service record speaks for itself. She has put her late friend Louis Zamperini front and foremost in ALL of her p.r. work for UNBROKEN. The film is not only a career-expanding exercise for her…it is also a labour of love. Groups such as the HFPA are hardly arbiters of fine filmmaking (when have they ever been?). The public – her fans and non-fans alike – will ultimately decide if UNBROKEN is worth their while when it opens.

      • speakingbadger says:

        David, are you sure you even know what you are talking about??

        Angelina Jolie received 13 nominations for Best Actress and her acting in the Clint Eastwood movie Changeling, and won 3 of those awards. The film was also rated critically at almost an 8 out of 10 stars. It was actually well received among critics and more than made back double the budget. It was largely a successful movie.

        Unbroken is getting nominated for the direction in the film, the star of the movie is has already won two awards for his breakout performance in the film. The film has already won two awards for being in the top 10 best films of the year. None of the response to the film has been because of the book either. There has been talk of the book, since like all movies that have a book written about them, have that discussed when they come out. But this is also a story that is true, and making a movie adaptation of the story, that is not actually based directly on the book, is going to have comparisons made. Jolie had a very personal connection with Louis Zamperini and his family. The story is a very amazing story, which the son waited for 57 years to see it on the screen.

        Louis Zamperini waited his entire life, or from the time this all happened anyway, for this film to be made, dying this summer at 97 years old. There is a lot to be said about the story and the movie, and to have the man who the movie was about, say he loved the way the movie told his story, is perhaps the greatest compliment that Jolie will get for this film. But it is definitely one to be seen.

        Have you seen the movie yet?? Or are you just bantering based on your own personal biases??

        When the actors are not known in a film, the directors do in fact go around talking about the film, it is part of their job. It is their responsibility to do so. But in this case, she is more talking about the story, and giving accolades to the man whom she knew and respected. She is doing it to honor him as a veteran, the man, the person who overcame so much, stemming from what happens in this film. That is the way she is giving back to the man who loved the film she made. Louis Zamperini wanted this film made, he sold the rights to it 57 years ago, and he wanted it made because he hopes it will convey a message, about forgiveness and that it will change people. Something that a lot of people could stand to learn to do.

      • David says:

        If those are her finest works to date, I think the title of “mediocre” is fair. When Eastwood’s movie came out, it was regarded as his worst movie, largely due to Jolie’s performance. The woman only knows how to shriek and hit herself or hit the wall. She was arguably crazy during the shooting of girl interrupted. She checked into a mental facility around the same time, and displayed all sorts of bizarre behavior both on the red carpet and off. During the filming of Gia, a story of a bisexual woman on the path of self-destruction and hard drugs, Jolie happened to be battling heroin and exploring a lesbian fling with a co-star, as well as the other forms of crazy. So it’s really not a stretch to say she probably didn’t need to act much to accomplish the exact same storyline in that made for tv movie that she was in fact living in real life. Mighty Heart was somewhere in the middle. Not great, not the worst thing she’s ever done. And she wasn’t nominated for that either. Then, like magic, she hooks up with a bonafide celebrity and causes international scandal, and all the sudden she’s nominated for works like “The Tourist” (WTF) and lauded for her action films, which are drivel. Unbroken is not receiving the reviews that a critically acclaimed, award-winning film should be receiving. No one is mentioning the actor’s performances, no one is saying her direction was all that great. The good reviews have been modest, mostly focusing on the cinematography and Laura Hillenbrand’s book. Ouch. It’s not a snub. It’s just not that good, despite her busting her hump to make everyone believe otherwise. And for the record: all of the exceptional directors don’t go around fawning all over themselves in the awards race. They let the actors do that, and they let their work speak for them. She can’t do that because her work is mediocre, so she’s been shilling this. HARD.

    • Bob says:

      She’s part of the marketing because she has made a film and is selling it to the public. It’s the way the world works; authors marketing their own work. It doesn’t mean that she considers herself any more important than Mr. Zamperini and it doesn’t mean she is comparing herself to other ‘finer’ directors. I get it you don’t like her, but as they say in football, play the ball not the man. If you think the film is rubbish then that is a perfectly honest opinion, but criticising someone for promoting a piece of work they created is all kinds of petty nonsense.

      • speakingbadger says:

        David, it just goes to show you have no idea what you are really talking about… First off, have you seen the film?? Second, all of the films by the directors you mentioned had massive film budgets and depended heavily on ‘star power’, as in the Actors themselves did most of the interviews, and it was based on their popularity they already had… this film has no ‘star power’. Third it is not just actors that OFTEN do lots of interviews, for MANY films, especially when the actors are less known, it is the directors. Do some research and you will see that they are in fact involved. Then after a director has many films, they have directed which have done very well, or producers that have produced many top rated films, films rely just as heavily on their records.

        Jolie, both produced and directed this film, and yes, it was written by the Coen brothers, and it was also produced in part by some other up and coming and known producers, but Jolie does not have the directing and producing credits yet, and it lacks in actor star power. That leaves much of the marketing up to the director. Many films about veterans, do not do well at the Golden Globes, and movies that have an overriding theme that stems back towards Christians also do not do that well.

        On another note, getting snubbed by Golden Globes means very little, most of the films that are directed by those directors you mentioned David, were not nominated either. This film has already been nominated for 10 awards and also won 4 of them, including an AFI award and a Hollywood Film Award for the star of the movie. The star of the movie has been getting nods for his breakout performance in this film, two of the film awards already won were for his role, while the other two were for top ten films of the year. Jolie has received nods for Best Director, from the Critics Choice Movie Awards as well. 6 of the 10 awards, are from ‘critics’ groups as well.

        I am sure it is not done with nominations or actually winning of awards. It was a great movie, and yes, I have seen it. It has some rather glowing awards, but they are mixed… just as every other director, especially ones you mentioned, have also had. Not every movie is considered by everyone to be the best movie, not every movie receives awards that should, not every movie has the critics loving it, and many movies critics hate, the public loves and they do very, very well. Let’s wait until after Christmas to decide if the public likes it. Based on the budget, I bet they will end up doing at least half of it in the opening weekend and probably do 3 or 4 times as much, at least during the movie theater run.

      • David says:

        Well…it just shows that this movie isn’t as great as it’s cracked up to be. Because Fincher, Scorsese, etc. don’t come out for months at a time speaking to literally every publication and getting their photo taken for their movies. Their stuff is up to snuff, they know it, they let the work speak for itself. It picks up award buzz, and the buzz builds. They don’t have to do much. She has not let anyone STOP hearing about this film for months now. She’s been on the cover of every magazine. And the reviews aren’t glowing. It’s overkill.

      • Aime says:

        Well said,Bob…bravo to you

    • Yep says:

      I agree with Asif ^^^ in that she hasn’t earned her strips yet as a director to be with certain company. But this movie will rebound and get the sympathy because of her cyber/Sony connection

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