Kevin Feige’s Super Upgrade in Pacific Palisades (EXCLUSIVE)

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is proper proof there’s a fine future for a lucky handful of comicbook geeks with a head for high-stakes moviemaking and money-minting cross-promotions. It’s no secret among property gossips that the powerful producer, whose action-packed superhero blockbusters have a worldwide box office of more than $8 billion, shelled out $3.175 million for a luxuriously appointed 4,000-square-foot house in a prime Pacific Palisades ’hood back in 2009. Alas, a tried-and-true meme of real estate is that professional success often comes with an uncontrollable urge for an upgrade in residential circumstances, and like many upwardly mobile showbiz execs before him — so swears real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketyyak on her pampered peekapoo — it was Mister Feige and his wife, Caitlin, who quietly coughed up $9.425 million to purchase a 9,000-plus-square-foot mansion in an even swankier nabe just a few miles away.

The newly built abode, described in listing details as Nantucket in style and set tightly on a one-third acre mid-block lot, has a total of seven bedrooms and eight full and two half bathrooms on three floors. Formal living and dining rooms — the former with a marble fireplace — have French doors that open to the front garden, while the kitchen, breakfast room and family room overlook the backyard. Along with at least one bedroom and bathroom, the fully finished basement is fitted and kitted with a walk-in wine room, a workout room, movie theater and a second family room with two built-in televisions and full bar. The backyard has a small swimming pool with inset spa, an outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, elevated sun deck and just enough lawn for a good-sized jungle gym.

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  1. Mark Dean says:

    Buying this kind of Nantucket style hedge fund house in LA is like choosing Olive Garden for dinner. WTF? bigfanboy, if I tell you my house cost millions and has been internationally published in design magazines will you feel better?

    • bigfanboy says:

      Well let’s see it then. As for this article, I see nothing wrong with this house. Granted, it’s not that flashy, but it looks like an expensive piece of property, especially being located in LA. My point is everyone seems to be overly critical when it comes to this sort of thing. Maybe for what Kevin Feige wants in a home this is just right, who knows.

      • lil' gay boy says:

        You kind of make the argument for me; of course there will be a premium on the location — but at a price well north of $9M, either the house should be spectacular or the lot overly generous.

        We’re 0 for 2 on this one.

      • Chuck Raney says:

        I am sure it has some fine points, almost every house does. Same thing for a woman. Every woman has her moments when she looks GREAT.
        I don’t see anything GREAT about this home. It does appear to be livable.

        BFB, I think your spot on with for Kevin it’s a good home. A plain, brown wrapper home in which every room is the same. Over and Over again.
        Like a Batman Comic Book Plot. After all, how long DOES it take to tell the story of the Joker for the 50th time?
        TV is better in Color. Comic Books are better in color. A home ought to have some flair or point of interest. Usually the family room/great room will do it.
        This place might as well be Batman’s Cave.

        As for cost, yea, everything in those LA hills is expensive.

  2. bigfanboy says:

    I’m curious how many millions the houses of the detractors here cost. I’m guessing a fraction of one. I think people are forgetting the neighborhood this is in too. It may not be the flashiest-looking piece of property, but it does have a lot going on for it, and it’s in a very upscale area. Typical internet folks I guess, just looking for an excuse to tear something down.

  3. Chuck Raney says:

    It is kinda Bland isn’t ? At least they got teh checklist right. Movie Room. Perogula over Backyard Grille. white Kitchen.
    It needs some Red somewhere. He should get a 55 Masaur Birdcage and park it in the living room. That would make me happy.
    Most interesting thing in any of these pics is That the house next door is getting new roofing. I think the Standard Red Tile.

  4. lil' gay boy says:

    Nothing really disappoints here, but neither does it excite — but it is somewhat better than the beached whale that preceded it on this lot, albeit with a much less impressive front yard.

    Architecturally, I’d say it is the equivalent of that old left-handed compliment, “…a handsome woman“.

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