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Until her death in 2004, author and activist Susan Sontag owned and occupied a penthouse atop one of the four red brick towers that anchor the corners of the titanic London Terrace in New York’s once gritty, now gallery-filled Chelsea nabe. The 2,700-square-foot penthouse was sold in 2006 for $3.95 million to renown decorator William Diamond, who gutted the place, ran in to some financial issues as a result of investments with Bernie Madoff, and sold the multi-terraced penthouse in 2009 for $4.4 million to a couple who completed the renovation and sold it in early 2013 for $9.65 million to writer-producer David Chase (“The Sopranos”).

At the same time he bought Sontag’s old penthouse, the seven-time Emmy-winner also picked up a two-bedroom apartment directly downstairs in an off-market deal for $2.2 million. Perhaps Mister Chase thought about or planned to create a duplex, but whatever plans he may have had have clearly changed. As we first heard from well-researched informant Polly Wannacracker, Chase recently sold the downstairs two bedroom in an off-market deal for $2.3 million to the scion of the family who converted the London Terrace Towers from lowbrow rentals to high-end cooperatives and — here’s the good part — simultaneously paid the same scion $4.4 million in another off market deal for the adjacent penthouse to the one he already owns. Ta-dah! Such are the sometimes wacky real estate ways of the rich and/or famous.

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