Tom Cruise Selling Telluride Home for $59 Million

SELLER: Tom Cruise
LOCATION: Telluride, CO
PRICE: $59,000,000
SIZE: (approx.) 10,000 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: As was first revealed by the beaver busy celebrity property gossips at The Wall Street Journal, Tom Cruise put his painfully picturesque 298-acre ranch estate just outside Telluride, CO, up for sale in a flurry of publicity with a sky-high asking price of $59,000,000.

As best as we can surmise from our thoroughly unscientific research, the handsome and suave but cryptic and sometimes strange behaving former seminary student turned movie star and super Scientologist has owned the scenic spread since sometime in the early 1990s when he picked it up for an unknown amount. According to the WSJ article, the approximately 10,000 square foot main house was custom designed and built over a several years by Mister Cruise and completed “around 1994.”

The rustic-luxe interiors, per digital marketing materials, feature “white bleached cedar timbers, dove-tail joinery and native stone.” There are four bedrooms and six bathrooms in the main house plus large entertainment spaces, a library, recreation room and a gym where, when in residence, the fifty-something year keeps his body in leading man shape. An approximately 1,600 square foot guesthouse has another three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Besides the knee bucking views of the rugged and unspoiled surrounding mountains, the largely wooded and gated estate, which has a snaking driveway that Your Mama guesstimates is more than a mile long, has a private hiking and riding trail system as well as a sport court that can be used for basketball, tennis and ice hockey.

As was noted by the kids at Curbed, Oprah Winfrey interviewed Mister Cruise at this house in Telluride in 2011 — viewable on You Tube — during which La Oprah was presented with a customized pair of house slippers and announced she was “off of cupcakes this week.” It’s really such a treat to see these two together; For Your Mama, it’s like watching unicorns dance. Anyways…

Mister Cruise, still one of the highest paid actors on the planet with three Oscar nominations, maintains a small but impressive property portfolio. Last year he sold a 2,189-square-foot combination apartment at The American Felt Building on East 13th Street in New York City for $3,000,000 and he continues to own the 10,000-square-foot-plus manse in Beverly Hills he and third ex-wife Katie Holmes bought in 2007, during happier wedded days,from real estate power broker Kurt Rappaport for $30.5 million. He’s also widely believed by property gossips like Your Mama to be the owner of a gated and heavily fortified multi-residence compound on a private ridgeline peninsula in the Hollywood Hills that last traded in June 2005 for $9.85 million.

For years there have been rampant rumors he owns a townhouse in lower Manhattan — he does not, at least as far as this property gossip knows — and in 2012, in the aftermath of his surprise split from Miz Holmes, he was widely reported to be in the market for a private country estate outside New York City, possibly, so the scuttlebutt went, in or around Greenwich, Connecticut, Westchester County, NY, or maybe even in sleepily swank Sneden’s Landing, NY.

Listing photos: Sotheby’s International Realty

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  1. AG says:

    It is grand and gorgeous and unique. It is something TC should keep.

    • tiana says:

      I agree with you 100% and he should never let this go!!! Should have put it in a family trust for his family for generations to come.

  2. mike says:

    I have never understood why there are more bathrooms than bedrooms in these multi-million dollar houses and mansions.

  3. Jone Davis says:

    Actually This is very nice house.It has enough area for human life.So I like view estates llc

  4. lil' gay boy says:

    Beautiful property; the house? Not so much; I suspect the cost of thetan removal would be prohibitive…


  5. Lori Glier says:

    Tom Should come invest in property here in Saskatchewan it’s the land of the
    Iiving skies!

  6. Jamiekins says:

    Who goes to Telluride besides Oprah, Ralph Lauren, & Tom Cruise ? Most party people go to Aspen, which, by the way has been owned by Hollywood for decades, or maybe vail but never
    Telluride, unless you want to hide… but hey. What do I know?
    Mama where do you get these photos of Celebs ? This almost looks like a Tom Cruise imperonaltor. Having lived in Denver once I can tell you that Telluride is much less traveled path.

    • Chuck Raney says:

      One reason is Telluride is on the back side of the slope, you have to come IN one a tricky road. It is worth it, I think. Don’t turn off the Interstate without a full tank of gas. Or you will be deer-hiking, the deer don’t even flinch when you blast by 2 feet away.
      the road is a long way around even for a guy like me that loves to drive.

      They have a nice film festival that I missed by one week this year ! I scored a Staff Hat anyway. Also Scored a 50’s London Fog Beige Jacket that everyone will be jealous of. Both at a thrift shop.
      If you head South out of Telluride at the traffic circle it’s great camping. And by that I mean it’s great camping until you realize the motel there is vacant and will let you have a warm room for 35 bucks. hahaha. He let me just shower for $5, I gave him 20 cause it was really nice. Bar has 100 different beers.
      If anyone is brave enough do the MonkeyButt 500, it is based out of Telluride also.

      Telluride is less traveled. Out of the way, one Road in. At the end of a dead end road. I liked it. Reese was there the week after I was !! I guess she missed the travel itinerary I sent her.

      • tiana says:

        Dear Mr Randy,Thank you for all of your informative commentary.Am seriously considering buying this property.But knew very little about the region and area.Would suit my peaceful lifestyle and I like the sounds of hiking trails etc.Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  7. Mjkbk says:

    My family first visited Telluride in the early 60s, when it was a sleepy, historic mining town with nary a ski run, nor even a HINT of the coming hippie/jet-set presence.

    But the setting, the surrounding region–magnificent. Thankgawd that part doesn’t change.

    It’s too bad few but the well-heeled can really afford the place anymore.

  8. futurebuffalo says:

    Who wouldn’t jump for a mile long driveway?

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