Sheryl Crow Buys Some Land Near Nashville

BUYER: Sheryl Crow
LOCATION: Nashville, Tenn.
PRICE: $650,000
SIZE: 15.84 acres

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: Though she can’t seem to sell a couple of the many luxury properties in her personal real estate portfolio — more on that in a minute — nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow has nonetheless quietly snatched up, as we first heard word from The Bizzy Boys at Celebrity Address Aerial, three contiguous river front lots near Nashville, Tenn. for a total of $650,000.

The three parcels all back up to the snaking Cumberland River and together span 15.84 largely undeveloped acres. Aerial images show at least one farm building of unknown size and utility and a short, L-shaped boat dock.

Your Mama really has no idea why Miz Crow, a single momma to one child, would buy these three parcels. Maybe she wants someplace to park her tour bus and/or drop a kayak in the river? Whatever the case our rudimentary calculations show the all but undeveloped lots are about 13.5 miles from the 49-acre country estate in Nashville’s leafy, semi-rural southern suburbs that Miz Crowe acquired in 2001 for $3.6 million.

Like Los Angeles, the greater Nashville area is a bee hive of rich and/or famous folk and, indeed, the 37.92-acre property immediately to the south of Miz Crow’s newly acquired riverside land was previously owned by country music mandarin Alan Jackson who sold it in 2008 to Kenny Chesney for $5.3 million. The property was ravaged by floods in May 2010 and property records show the muscle-bound country star sold the spread at a punishing loss in September 2010 for exactly $1,000,000.

In addition to a gulf-front home in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla, that she picked up in early 2003 for exactly a million clams and is not for currently for sale Miz Crow owns two expansive, high-maintenance properties that she can’t seem to sell for all the price cuts in the world. In the late 1990s Miz Crow paid $5.3 million for a gated, 10.28-acre multi-residence compound that abuts the base of the Runyon Canyon hiking area in the foothills above Hollywood. She’s had the property on and off the market since October 2012 when it was listed for $15.95 million; It’s currently priced at $11,950,000.

She also still owns Cross Creek Farm, a 146-acre working farm about miles south of Nashville in College Grove (Tenn.) that she bought in 2007. The pastoral spread includes a nearly 11,000 square foot mansion, extensive equestrian facilities a salt-water swimming pool and a recording studio. Miz Crow, bless her real estate heart, has had Cross Creek Farm on and off the market for about four years at a wide variety of decreasing asking prices. First listed at $7.5 million it was later up for grabs at $5.8 million and it came up for sale again in late 2013  for $3.85 million. (The current asking price includes the big ol’ main house and 51+ acres while a three-bedroom guesthouse on 96 adjacent acres is being sold separately.)

Aerial photo: Bing
Listing photos (Los Angeles): Dream Home Photos for Nourmand & Associates
Listing photos (Nashville): Equitable Land and Farm

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  1. SurfinUSA says:

    Gotta echo a lot of comments here. Had a long face after the switch over mainly because the stories read like real estate listings in the local newspaper. The charm of the RealeStalker is not only the glimpse into the “homes” of the ritzy-ritz, but Yo Mamma’s witty purple prose and her balmy cast of characters that tattle the latest and sling the dirt of the glitterati.

    The gin laced dialogue and ramblings of a potted aficionado dulls the sharp edges of constant hard ball business to allow a retreat to a much tackier and harmless world. Thanks for bringing back my daily mental vacation.

  2. Clay says:

    Huge fan. Really miss the old site.

  3. Ken says:

    Sorry, Mama. Gotta go. Realestalker was my number one go-to site. This is soooo dull. Even LA Times Hot Properties is more interesting. Guess I’ll read Curbed until something better comes along. Is Moby still blogging about architecture?

  4. Santa Barbara Sam says:

    Totally agree with the others. This Variety site BLOWS. Figure out how to put pictures and text on the same page and allow the back button to actually return you to the main page without 400 clicks to backtrack through all the pictures.

  5. Clarity says:

    Mama…I love your work but will have to forego reading your stuff as this website is a hot mess and difficult to navigate. Surely Variety with all their dough can manage a decent, easy to read website.

  6. Sandpiper says:

    I confuse easily. That said, I see not less than 5 structures in this photo gallery, plus the empty lots on topic. Clueless as to what I’m viewing.

    I’m one of Mama’s giddier cheerleaders (with seven years clocked), but for now I’m on a bit of a hiatus til the Variety IT gurus figure out how to un-f’up this site.

  7. Jamiekins says:

    I have noticed that Ms.Crow has bought several properties that she obviously liked, but sometimes when people buy properties that THEY like doesn’t necessarily mean that other people would like them when it’s time to sell. Which is why they sometimes have trouble unloading them.
    Such as the property she owns in Los Angeles. As per your link…
    It’s a huge property with 3 homes, and 10 acres. Who wants 3 houses on ten acres? Maybe if your Mother lived with you but other than that I can’t imagine wanting this group of homes.
    That to me is a little odd. Maybe a small guest or servants home but 3 houses. None of the homes are spectacular two are the same size 4 bedrooms 3 baths. I just know if I had 11 million dollars to spend on a home I would want a spectacular home not 2 average homes and a cottage. That does seem odd to me, maybe it’s just me. Looks more like a mini resort than a home. I’m not sure if she knows how to buy properties to flip. If I were her I would plan on a huge price cut for this property.
    Ellen and Portia have a much better idea of how to buy and sell properties.
    Maybe they should have an LGBT enchanted luncheon and talk to the girl…. but maybe not. The flood property is an entirely different tale eeekkk !

  8. lil' gay boy says:

    Dirt about, well, dirt?

    Oh, dear me…

  9. Robert says:

    I hate the new Real Estalker site, I loved the original and went to it every day. Now it’s to hard to find anything and it is way to hard to get to the pictures. I guess I will find another site that is easier to use.

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