Rebel Wilson Nabs Chandelier-Filled House in Hollywood Hills

BUYER: Rebel Wilson
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $2,200,000
SIZE: 2,500 square feet, 3-4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: Ever since she deftly ran away with her scenes as Kristen Wiig’s magnificently kooky and kind of creepy roommate Brynn in the hilarious and highly successful “Bridesmaids” movie, 28-year old Australian actress Rebel Wilson has been professionally on fire. The sitcom she created and starred in — the clownish but only just barely droll “Super Fun Night” — might have been canceled after just one dismal season but Miss Wilson none-the-less has at least five leading roles in big silver screen projects already in the hopper.

Second sitcom season or not, what does a young, famously buxom and freshly hot in Hollywood actress need? That’s right, children, a multi-million dollar house set down a private lane in a secluded and celeb-saturated cranny of the Hollywood Hills.

Miss Wilson was spotted on a house hunt several month ago and this week we heard from good ol’ Yolanda Yakketyyak and the always eerily clued-in Lucy Spillerguts that Miss Wilson splashed out $2.2 million on a recently redone and privately situated two-story house on more than a third of an acre with 3-4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in about 2,500 square feet.

The gated and modestly sized if pricy and glitzily decorated dwelling — listing details curiously describe it as a “Cape Cod” while Your Mama would probably peg it as a split-level ranch — has a small entrance hall and a long, combination living/dining room with glossy dark brown wood floors, TV-surmounted fireplace, four sets of French doors with backyard access, and three petite crystal (or possibly glass) chandeliers.

Contrary to Your Mama’s personal decorative proclivities, the kitchen was given an glammy make-over with white, marble-topped lower cabinets and glass-fronted uppers, high-grade stainless steel appliances and two more (melodramatic) chandeliers: a drippy, contemporary affair over the center work island and a drum-enclosed crystal (or maybe glass) extravaganza over the mirror-topped six-seat breakfast table.

A few steps down from the main floor, a compact den — a potential fourth bedroom — has walls papered in a peachy-toned brocade, a light champagne-colored sectional sofa, at least one mirrored side table and a double wide tufted ottoman. There’s also a built-in cabinet (topped in listing photos by another TV) plus direct garage access and more French doors that open to the backyard.

There are two proper guest/family bedrooms, one of which appears to this property gossip to have been done up by the seller as a grayish-lavender colored (second) den — with yet another TV — and the other as a bubblegum pink bedroom lit, of course, by a crystal (or maybe glass) chandelier. The bedrooms share a hall bathroom that was all did up and done over in an intensely graphic if utterly vexing and downright dizzying manner with black and white brocade pattern wall covering, a second black and white brocade pattern used for upholstery and window coverings, and black and white checkerboard tiles on the floor, counter top and even part of the wall. It’s really enough to make Your Mama need a damn nerve pill. That bathroom, quite simply and crudely, does not look to Your Mama like a very relaxing space to groom and/or do one’s dirty business but anyways…

The mostly blush- and champagne-hued second floor master suite has neutral-toned wall-to-wall carpeting, lots of tufted furnishing plus a mirrored four-poster bed, vaulted ceilings, and another fireplace over-mounted by a yet another television. The aggressively girlish-glam master bathroom is slathered floor and walls in a monochromatically striated blush toned marble (or maybe onyx) and even more pink and platinum brocade wallpaper. (It shouldn’t surprise the children there’s a small chandelier hanging over the extra-long looking soaking tub.)

French doors along the rear of the residence open to red brick terraces and a flat lawn that surrounds a boomerang-shaped swimming pool with slightly raised and inset spa. Trees and a clipped, shin-height hedge frame long views over the surrounding canyons and mountains towards the distant but festive, multi-colored lights of the Universal CityWalk.

No word on whether Matt Lucas, Miss Wilson’s English and openly gay real life roommate and on-screen brother and roommate in “Bridesmaids,” will make the move from West Hollywood to the Hollywood Hills with her.

Listing photos: Rodeo Realty

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  1. Just_n says:

    I feel like this is the house Lisa Vanderpump would live in if she were poor.

  2. Chuck Raney says:

    I can’t find contact info to send a tip. anyone know if it is still the old one ?

  3. Sk79 says:

    This was the biggest piece of garbage column I’ve ever wasted my time reading. Mark David this has to be a hobby for you. Nobody would be stupid enough to pay for the garbage you write. We get it you can’t decipher from crystal and glass tough to base an article around uncertainty and make it witty. This has reached 79 people it’s not even an average Facebook post which would get more foot foot traffic.? I guess I set my standards too high for a guy with yo mama in his twitter handle. Id love to see bathroom pics of the studio bathroom you probably share in west hollywood. But you tried I pray the parents didn’t waste money on a journalism degree.

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems like a lot of people who read Variety are thinking this is actually some informative “news” type of subsection of Variety. For real? Let me break it down for you: “Mama” is the interweb alter ego/persona of a regular person, who has a little twist in her britches, and likes to write about the homes of famous people. It is just a personal blog that people found. The humor and sassiness IS funny to many who share the same interest. Plus————“Mama” is very talented with her pen. Very unique and witty. An outsider to Hollywood. But, Hollywood came calling. Variety wanted some “Variety” and wants to create more traffic and probably pimp our mama to sell some ads and get some real estate tie ins. Critics: This is tongue and cheek opinionated news. For people who aren’t full of themselves and like to laugh. If your not the “target” audience, just move on.

      Also, many “journalist majors” are not making money in their field or working with Variety. “Mama” is and is fine. This started as a blog. I would say this is upward mobility. And, IT IS A HOBBY FOR MARK DAVID. You are uninformed Sk79.

      Mama: It’s like you moved the medical marijuana shop to Beverly Hills and we have a few that aren’t fans. They want “hard hitting” entertainment news. Mad Magazine of Real Estate Analysis is now in The Wall Street Journal. What is going on here???

      Oh well, keep doing your thing. Just get a bigger nerve pill. Oh, Lord, you probably need more gins and tonics these days………………….

      Mama’s Black Sheep in WeHo,

      Still here–but damn it’s a tough crowd!

    • Chuck Raney says:

      Sorry, I can’t resist this one on a rant. About not getting a journalism degree no less.

      (edit) But you tried (insert comma) I pray the parents didn’t waste money on a journalism degree.

  4. Chuck Raney says:

    You did not like it? I do. It’s a great Celeb beginner home. Except that one bath. So much Black and white in different patterns I couldn’t tell the zebra from the mules.

  5. lil' gay boy says:

    The private corner lot on a cul-de-sac makes this the perfect teardown…


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