Petra Ecclestone Pocket Lists The Manor

Petra Ecclestone Lists LA Mansion

SELLER: Petra Ecclestone (and James Blunt)
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: In excess of $102,000,000
SIZE: 56,500 square feet

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: Buckle your real estate safety belts, butter beans, because it’s about to get nine kinds of crazy up in here. Three years go British Formula One Racing heiress Petra Ecclestone packed her designer bags and made her way from London to Los Angeles where she famously paid a bone-chilling and – for then — record busting $85 million in cash for “The Manor,” Hollywood widow Candy Spelling’s 56,500-square-foot pile in L.A.’s hoity-toity Holmby Hills ‘hood.

The ludicrously pampered Miss Ecclestone — then just in her early 20s and now in her mid-20s, married and making babies with some guy named James Stunt — went on to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million on a renovations, alterations and upgrades that took place over a nine week period and utilized, so the stories go, upward of 500 workers. Such are, children, the wacky and wildly profligate ways of the world’s most financially privileged.

According to “W” magazine (March, 2012), the ridiculously large and liberally bedazzled residence — It’s well over 20 times the size of an average American home — now includes a hotel lobby-sized foyer with double staircase and black and white striped marble floor, a white-on-white formal living room and a huge fish tank in Mister Stunt’s study for puffer fish and other such swimming rarities. Miz Spelling much booed and ballyhooed gift wrapping room was converted to an office for Miz Ecclestone’s assistant and the behemoth basement level was did up and done over like a nightclub with a movie theater, lounge, bar and a two-lane bowling alley. There are at least half a dozen guest bedrooms plus a 7,000-square-foot master suite with dual bathrooms and a two-story boutique-style dressing room and, in the space that once housed Miz Spelling’s extensive (and kinda creepy) doll collection, a full spa facility with massage area, three hair and make-up stations and two mani-pedi chairs.

Anyhoodles, poodles, this weekend rumors began to circulate that Miz Ecclestone (and Mister Stunt) engaged the services of new fewer than five of L.A.’s top real estate agents to shop the pompously proportioned 27-bathroom mega-manse as a pocket listing. So the scuttlebutt goes the status conscious global jet setter brazenly slapped a $150 million asking price on the 4.7-acre estate and will not take a penny less than $102 million. That’s certainly a sky-high but hardly random figure as that’s the record-breaking amount couture-clad socialite Suzanne Saperstein (allegedly) sold “Fleur de Lys,” her not quite as large but equally if not even more palatial château in the Holmby Hills in March,* and, apparently, Miz Ecclestone will not be out done Miz Saperstein.

Could you die?

Natch, as soon as we heard word on the sitch from celebrity gossip juggernaut TMZ (via the kids at Curbed) Your Mama ki-kied with several big league players we know in the Platinum Triangle real estate game. Our Fairy Godmother in Bel Air quickly sent word that, “Everyone is showing the property,” and Will Sellyerhouse confirmed that “Yes. We can show it.” We contacted one of the high-powered agents who Your Mama was told is authorized to show The Manor but, not surprisingly, we’ve yet to receive a response.

Stay tuned…

*For the record, the Los Angeles Tax Man shows the sale price of Miz Saperstein’s “Fleur de Lys” at $88.3 and not $102 million. The higher number, if accurate, would likely represent the total paid for the property and any additional items such as furnishings and/or artworks. The buyer of “Fleur de Lys” remains a bit of a mystery but — and even though his spokespeople have denied it — Yolanda Yakketyyak swears it’s financier Michael Milken.

Aerial image: Google

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  1. Chuck Raney says:

    Sam, your pool pictures are really nice.

  2. Chuck Raney says:

    I am easily impressed by large homes. I am not that picky. Just a few things to drool over and I am sold.

    I am completely not impressed by anything to do with the Advertising Agency that is Formula One Racing. The management has always believed their own press. We all know how that goes.

    Somehow I thought that Pet-rah and her sister would be more interesting. More like The Gabor sisters with great sexy accents and style. Instead they are Paris Hilton and Kim K wanna-Bs, not even good enough to be called Knock-Offs. (Paris in case you read this, I still would go out with you, just saying)

    This translates into her house. It is decorated strip club style. AND I know purely because I have been in every strip club in Texas. Korteny Kardashian has the same floor in her house as Pet-rah’s Foyer/Lobby. (I think)

    Nothing wrong with SIZE in a house. Size by itself is boring and lonely. That is why God invented Art. Of Which she has none.
    Another poster is asking for details into WHY it is so beat up. So here is my list in no particular order.

    I understand That area is size limited but the home is only on 4.7? acres? So that leaves no room to move around. Spelling should have bought the 2 properties behind and razed them also for a proper yard.
    This “house” from the air resembles a Klingon Bird of Prey staring down the Enterprise.

    The entrance drive, nicely shrouded in trees, is only 25 feet wide, max. That is enough to get your lawn mower past your truck on the curves in case you were wondering.

    At least they make use of multilevel with a garden above the garage and the terrace top tennis court.

    The whole focus of the home is the backyard, a whole 2 tennis courts wide.
    The pool is minimized over as an after thought in a wooded corner with no afternoon sun and no view.

    The nice valet circle in front will hold exactly 3 cars each slice, leaving the entrance open and the driveway open it holds 18 tightly packed cars.

    Some of the interior I like well enough, as I said, I am not so picky inside. If the pot rack fits over the sink, I say hang it. hahahah Sorry LGB.

    I give 2 thumbs up on the 2 lane bowling alley IF it is a retro unit.

    • Sam says:

      I definitely agree that the Spellings should have bought the two properties to the right of their home and razed them. Then they could have adjusted the position of the house and had a huge backyard, a longer driveway, and a pool away from the house with a proper pool house.

      However, I don’t see what’s wrong with the pool area as it is now. It might look small from the aerial views when compared to the entire house, but when you look at just the pool area from the ground, it’s actually really nice. Here:

      I also remember Candy saying that the driveway was specifically designed to be wide enough for one car to go one way and another car to pass it going the other way at the same time. But she also said that the motor court had “parking for 100 cars” and I don’t see how that could be possible.

      • Petros says:

        I think the house is positioned the way it is so as to have sunlight in the morining in the backyard-facing part and in the second half of the day to have it on the motorcourt-facing side.

    • Petros says:

      Thank you, Raney! That was an enjoyable read, with some interesting observations thrown in.

      I’m intrigued by two things: first, which properties do you think the Spellings should have bought? People say Candy is stingy, and that she should never throw money at any such purchase. Second, why do you think the focus is on the backyard? My view is quite opposite: I don’t even see it, it is so boring.

      I loved it that you noticed the shady ‘ditch’ the pool was thrown in.

      • Chuck Raney says:

        Petros my friend. There is no front yard. IMO narrow as it is, the front is merely an entrance. Modest one too. a drive and motor court only.
        It has nice covered parking under the terrace top gardens and that wing there but personally I think it should have parking also under the Tennis Court.
        I looked at the home on several map systems, one plainly shows the 3 cars per pizza slice parking with 2 cars tightly packed on one slice like Pepperonies. In contrast, Selena’s new house will hold cars only around the crust.
        The wings extend into the backyard, framing it. Is how I see it.
        The home is nice looking, I think we all get caught up in nit picking details on something we will never own. But then, that is part of the POINT? yes? Some of the fun for me is finding things I would like to use in my own home. If I EVER get around to it. In this house, the “Valet Rotunda” is well sized even though I am picking on it for being too small for the home. is actually very very large for a normal Mansion.

        The 2 properties are behind and South of the home. Be a nice corner then. Self contained. No Neighbors.
        Hef, if you read this, I will buy this from Pet-rah and we can swing a deal for me to house excess Bunnies here. Seeing as how you sold the Bunny Barn across the road.

  3. Jamiekins says:

    Well that is sad since she took what I thought was at least a simple neutral interior and turned it into something between a bowling alley and a disco… If I had the money I would have Candy come back and restore it back to what it was…. clearly she needs less money and more taste… Many people on here don’t like interiors with a lot of beige or cream colors but I thought Candy had it decorated beautifully. I like nice warm interiors that you can be comfortable in not some W hotel looking lobby or in this case
    a shocking Department store look….eeeekkkk ! Money does not always compute to taste. When you see that huge black line of tile, in the entrance I would expect someone to come on speaker system and say follow the black line to our blue light special sheesh !

    • lil' gay boy says:

      Let’s face it; it isn’t just the magnitude of its banality, but the sheer vulgarity of its size; the Salt Lake City Boys Choir could be housed here & still be lonely . . . its size serves no familial need, no artistic or architectural program, no civic requirements. It is too big simply because Spelling could afford it to be so big — no architectural G-spots here, whatever the decor. There are certainly larger homes in the world & the best of them either serve some better purpose or have some redeeming architectural value.

      Not to mention that Spelling demolished three mansions, including Bing Crosby’s, for this.

      God knows from the dirty laundry subsequently aired that the point of this place was certainly NOT to be the hub of an extended family. As a size queen I can tell you there is indeed such a thing as too big, when one can do nothing with what is at hand, so to speak, but become frustrated.


      This is not to pass judgement on how anyone can or should spend their money — just a caveat that when one does so without even a nod to taste or artistic impulse then one should not be surprised when they come under critical fire. Like David Siegler, builder of the woefully mis-monikered American Versailles, when a wildly wealthy person builds in such a manner “because I can“, they leave themselves open to ridicule. And the resale buyer is just picking up sloppy seconds.

      • Petros says:

        I just wish people were explicit about it. Why do you hate it? That’s all I’m asking.

        Instead, there are all these approximate, inexact, imprecise, broad, questionable comments that have no meaning.

        Lil’ and Desert Donna need to call us back.

      • samwessley says:

        Oops meant to put my comment below there but whatever.

      • samwessley says:

        I never understood why people hate this house either. Yes, it’s huge, and no it doesn’t strictly follow traditional French architecture, but it’s 2014, not every house has to be an exact authentic copy of homes from hundreds of years ago.

        I think people need to appreciate this house for what it is instead of complaining about what it’s not.

      • Petros says:

        I meant thing such as the shape of the house, the windows, the portico, the choice of materials. Not the philosophy of the house, but all the construction elements and details that make this building.

        Why is it ugly in shape?

        What do you hate about its look?

      • lil' gay boy says:

        That’s all you gleaned?
        Hunny, there are no “architectural” details

      • Petros says:

        So it is the purpose, not the architectural details of the exterior?

  4. Desert Donna says:

    Why does he (LGB) hate it so much Petros? I have driven by Hampton Inns with more architectural interest than this place. And please do not get me started on the inside.. She probably just wanted to get hunky Mauricio from The Agency into her lair.

  5. Sandpiper says:

    Excuse me?
    Making an offer here just took on a whole nuther dimension. It’s public that she won’t budge below $102 — but wants $150. Huh? Oh well. Business-minded she’s not.

  6. lil' gay boy says:

    The pricing leads me to believe that this is not a serious listing, but rather the result of a fit of pique when Miss Petra discovered that a whole week had gone by without her name in the papers.


    The real estate world will rejoice the day this unsightly pile is torn or burned down.

    Preferably both.

    • samwessley says:

      I don’t see why anyone would call this house unsightly. Is it just because of its size?

    • Petros says:

      Why do you hate it so much, lil’?

      What is architecturally wrong with, in its exterior and interiors?

      Why is this house just a bad piece of architecture?

      I always wanted to know what did the initial project look like, when it was called L’Oiseau (‘the bird’) and had another wing. The maquette Candy showed in her HGTV show made the house look a lot more Colonial than Châteauesque.

  7. Cal Culver says:

    I hear Ellen and Portia may be needing a new place to hang their hats.

  8. Sandpiper says:

    Happy birthday Mama!!

    It’s been 8 crazy years — summer of ’06 — since you conjured up a gin-clear vision for a sassy Mama and her blog, Real Estalker!

    Wishing you many, more happy years (for us). Seriously, thank’s for the laughter!


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