Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Buy Big Suburban Mansion

BUYERS:Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
LOCATION: Hidden Hills, CA
PRICE: (reportedly) $20,000,000
SIZE: 15,667 square feet, 8 bedrooms, 8 full and two half bathrooms.

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: We know we’re a bit behind the 8-ball on this but a complicated computer snafu tied our digital hands for the last nearly 24 hours. However, in the interest of keeping up the celebrity real estate Joneses and just in case any of the children somehow missed it, celebrity gossip juggernaut TMZ swears that reality television supernova Kim Kardashian has somehow convinced her high-minded rapper husband Kanye West to drop twenty million bucks on a freshly constructed mansion in the same family friendly, equestrian oriented and guard gated Hidden Hills community where her momager Kris Jenner already lives is a large but much smaller mansion.

Don’t none of ya’ll misunderstand Your Mama as Hidden Hills naysayer, ‘cause we’re not. Just because it’s not our particular cup of suburban real estate tea doesn’t mean it’s not a much touted, well-groomed and exceedingly affluent enclave long favored by the rich and/or famous. Should they choose, Mister and Missus Kardashian can invite neighbors who Jennifer Lopez, Drake, Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, Nicolette Sheridan, and Jessica Simpson to their housewarming party and it will no doubt be a fine place to bring up their directionally named baby.

The 3.01-acre spread, originally listed in April 2013 and last listed for $20,995,000, was previously owned by rock ‘n’ roll royal Lisa Marie Presley but her former mansion was torn down a few years ago to make way for a sprawling compound that includes a stone-faced manor house lovingly described in digital marketing materials as a “French Country masterpiece.”

The unquestionably stately abode has 8 bedrooms, 8 full and 2 half bathrooms including a house-sized master suite with private retreat, dual bathrooms, extensive closets and dressing areas, fitness room and a private terrace with spa. Three of the mansion’s eight fireplaces are in the formal living room, formal dining room and custom paneled library. Less formal family and entertainment spaces include a three island kitchen, family room, home theater with upholstered walls and a suede-walled game room with wet bar.

The fully landscaped estate has two swimming pools, two spas, two barbeque centers, two vineyards, three fountains, a sport court and rose garden, over an acre of lawn and a gated motor court bigger than a 7-11 parking lot. In addition to the main house there’s a 1,050-square-foot entertainment pavilion as well as a secluded pool house/guest house with fireplace and bathroom.

Kanye still owns a minimalist apartment in lower Manhattan and a contemporary art-filled abode in the Hollywood Hills he’s had on and off the market for years — it’s not currently listed on the open market — while Kimmy sold her Bev Hills bachelorette pad in February 2013 for $3.9 million. So the scuttlebutt goes, once the full-scale and no-doubt supremely price renovations are complete, K-K intend to flip the mock-Med manse in the Bel Air Crest community they bought in January 2013 for $9 million.

Listing photos: Sotheby’s International Realty

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  1. Leaveit says:

    I wonder what they will turn the Library into, you know since neither of them can read. A butt lifting, enlarging abode? A place to get reacquainted every few months with their child they never see? What would that room be called… a meet and re-greet room? The possibilities are endless with these two.

  2. John says:

    Where can I buy 3 acres in Hidden Hills for 3-4 million?! You are insane, 3 acres for sale on Ashley Ridge is $10 Million.

  3. John says:

    God, I didn’t know people on the Westside were so jealous and bitter of Hidden Hills, let alone the Valley, but clearly some are. Why bash Hidden hills, if the oh so great Westside is the best?!
    Haha. The Westside is purely overrated, I actually happen to live there most of my life, I’m 42 now, Also Hidden Hills is more affluent than nearly 99.9 percent of the Westsdie, so to say it’s less stellar than the “Westside” is laughable. Real Estate is 100% about Location, and that’s the only thing parts of the “Westside” has going. It’s a lot closer to job centers, that’s about it. Besides that, it’s traffic hell. There are some good parts like the Palisades and Brentwood, but once you get to Santa Monica, Venice, Etc. FORGET ABOUT IT!!

  4. James Christy says:

    You can buy 3 acres in Hidden Hills for $4.5-$5 Million and build what you like for another $3 million. They won’t pay full price. Hidden Hills and the Valley is an awful tasteless place to live for those who love to talk it up. It’s void of history, architecture, and sterile, perfect for certain people. First why do you live in California? The weather, well HH is 15-25 degrees warmer then the beaches, it’s unbearable for half the year. Next the wind from the desert, then you trap all the pollution from the basin. Worst part of HH it’s next to a freeway, yes more pollution, plus property prices will never have the demand or long term appreciation of the Westside which is amenity rich, near job and opportunity centers, and why people pay a premium to live. Quality life is very low in HH when you compute commute times, pollution, weather factors.

    • socalferret says:

      A couple things about Hidden Hills… The weather isn’t unbearable most of the year. It can be hot, very hot, (like today) What blesses Inland Ventura and Western Part of Los Angeles County it does cool off at night, and one just exercises, mountain bikes and exercises in the morning or in the evening. There is a wind from the desert, but there is also the ocean pressure from the Pacific, that cools down Hidden Hills, Agoura, Calabasas at times in the summer, like last week. Hidden Hills doesn’t trap pollution in the basin, it is hilly, but it isn’t the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains. The only parts of Hidden Hills near the Freeway are the houses near the Long Valley Entrance and on Winfield Rd. Most of the other houses are a couple miles from the Freeway. The House that is mentioned in this article is on the Ventura County Line… Ahmanson Ranch/Las Virgenes Open Spaces are next to Hidden Hills, and it is pretty easy to have much peace and quiet walking, running and mountain biking in there in the morning..

      Housing Prices in Hidden Hills have gone up considerably through the years. HH was started as a horse community with a perquisite that each lot should be around an acre or two, so a homeowner can build a ranch house and stables for horses. Those houses are becoming rare, as ranch houses are torn down for large starter castles with no stables..

      The main property value are the lots in Hidden Hills. Why the property values go up and much higher than in Calabasas is the gated community, for those who want privacy, lack of street lights, and those with children who want them to play in the streets or feel comfortable biking around..

      HH has its drawbacks, especially if a one is constantly going to the westside, as I did today, and stuck in traffic on the 101/405 this morning, but it is far from a hellhole. If one wants horses, privacy, it offers much. I do think having the Ahmanson Ranch at its doorstep has been a huge plus for living in HH, given one can be in there for hours…

      I don’t live that far away from this Faux French Chateau House, and I saw being built, but HH isn’t smoggy, it can be hot in the summer, but it is far from unbearable in the summer, and it can be relaxing. Much like Malibu may have some really expensive homes and the climate plus the beach, but it is isolated, one is driving much to the westside, and PCH most of the time is a nightmare as the 101/405.

  5. Johnny says:

    the Valley is a better place to live than crappy LA, that’s for sure. The house seems to be a good investment, it doesn’t take an appraiser to know a home is worth what someone is willing to pay for. Hidden Hills is getting an influx of foreign buyers, and with it being an equestrian community which lots foreigners love it’s becoming a haven for them.

  6. Petros says:

    An appraiser said over at Curbed: “Its a nice house and I’m an appraiser. No upside in Hidden Hills. This house is worth 15-20 m in 10 years.”

  7. PETER says:

    Don’t insult the Valley!

  8. hoebag says:

    Completely devoid of style, just like the new owners. I’m glad these two moved back to the Valley where they belong.

  9. rick says:

    They did well buying this estate, it’s a good investment and way better than that crap I’m Bel Air Crest. I love this home.

  10. Sandpiper says:

    (Hover over last sentence on the Sandpiper comment and click the manors link.)

  11. Sandpiper says:

    Thank you, Variety internet Gods, for fixing Mama’s slide shows to finally be a closed loop. It now navigate perfectly. Problem solved. Much appreciated.

    As for this obnoxious place and inhabitants, I’m with LGB and Jacques. Manor house? Seriously?

    Conversely, these linked examples are more accurately French country estates. Lovely, all.

  12. Desert Donna says:

    I guaranty the Bel Air Crest neighbors are on their knees doing 24hr prayer vigils and lighting candles that this bunch sells.

  13. lil' gay boy says:

    A surprising dearth of vulgarity — apart from the kitchen, which has more of a crematorium vibe; especially with the outsized range hood with the book-matched marble backsplash. One can almost picture them sliding apart to admit the coffin…


    • owen says:

      Testament that neither of these no-talent media mongers have a lick of taste. This place is a shrine to drywall.

    • socalferret says:

      I live in Hidden Hills, and I saw this house being built. It was built as a Spec House. It is a very nice plot of land. However the house was is hardly worth $20mil as the asking price. The House was built mainly of particle board with a brick outlay. Much of the trees planted were already sick, or not transplanted well, like the Sycamores in the front. There is another huge mansion being built down on Long Valley, near Paradise Road that is being built in the same parameters, a huge house, mainly of particle board, with a brick exterior..

      This house is hardly a “Crown Jewel”. The open vaulted ceilings, the box like way it was built, was more of a developer trying to get as much of his $6.9 million he paid for the lot. (Lisa Marie Presley bought two adjoining lots, one for her ex husband to visit)

      I heard the price dropped to $17mil, and it was still asking for way too much…

      • Rob says:

        Lucky guy, I used to live on Round Meadow, and you are a 100% right about this house and many other in the “hood”.
        Many pressboard houses, that screw up that area forever.
        RIP Hidden Hills !

      • Petros says:

        You are referring to 24115 Long Valley Road?

    • Petros says:

      I’d say it’s bland, but not vulgar. What do you find to be vulgar?

      • socalferret says:

        No, it looks like two adjacent lots bought, (Which I am surprise that the Homeowners Association and Architecture Committee approve of this) The Starter Castle is at the Corner of Paradise Road and Long Valley, just down the street from Penland. I wouldn’t be surprise it is the same property developer as the monstrosity “Crown Jewel” of Hidden Hills, (LOL)

      • Petros says:

        You didn’t get it. I wanted to know what that little of vulgarity was. ;)

      • Petra's says:

        Google “dearth”. ;)

  14. Jacques Strappe says:

    Quite possibly the two most useless people on the face of the earth.. Which loser will get the house during the inevitable divorce due to irreconcilable differences over which one is the least talented and biggest a hole

    • Christopher says:

      Kanye is arrogant, obnoxious, crazy, out of touch with reality, and just generally unpleasant. But I know music, and as much as I hate him I can’t call him untalented. Kim on the other hand is a different story, although being able to do so much with so little could be considered a talent in itself.

  15. Petra's says:

    Mama… I highly doubt that Kim “convinced Kanye to drop $20 million”.

    Kim is loaded on her own and I’ll bet she paid for this place herself, just like she did with the Bel Air place. I’ll also bet that they are keeping their finances separate – even if this marriage is the real deal and not just a publicity stunt.

  16. Faith says:

    Hidden Hills is a wonderful neighborhood, it’s quite lovely. One of the best Neighborhoods in the country, and it’s as celeb saturated as it get’s. This is a site about celebrities and real estate which Hidden Hills has plenty of, so please momma don’t throw shade Hidden Hills way, because trust me there’s plenty shade their.

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