SELLER: Kate Bosworth
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $2,375,000
SIZE: 2,890 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: As we first heard from a nice gal at Redfin and then read on Trulia Luxe Living, after just two months on the market with a $2.499 million price tag, actress and celebrity spokesmodel Kate Bosworth sold her modest and architecturally insignificant if hardly inexpensive three bedroom and 2.5 bathroom house in Los Angeles for $2,375,000. Miz Bosworth purchased the gated and private hillside property high up in the Runyon Canon-adjacent Nichols Canyon area of the Hollywood Hill in late 2005 for $2.1 million.

Famously photogenic and genuinely stylish Miz Bosworth — currently dipping her toe in to tech entrepreneurship with a shopping app — and her fairly new husband, oft mustachioed indie filmmaker Michael Polish, were spotted house hunting last year in L.A.’s Los Feliz but later revealed the newlyweds decamped L.A. for a lake front house in Montana, presumably the one Mister Polish picked up in the early days of 2009 for $555,625 that’s kind of near Big Fork. If they haven’t already down so on the down low it seems only a matter of time before they pick up a pied-a-terre in Tinseltown.

Listing photos: John Aaroe Group

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