End of Week Wrap Up: Tamara Mellon

Hollywood scion and Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon — her father was Rock Hudson’s stunt double and she sold the fancy-pants shoe company in 2011 — put her super-luxe 7,140-square-foot duplex penthouse on Mahattan’s Upper East Side’s historic and grand Carhart Mansion on the market for $34 million. Miz Mellon, who currently owns and operates an eponymous luxury lifestyle brand, had her penthouse spread worked over by flamboyant decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard who, as it turns out, she’s currently in the process of suing. At any rate, listing photos suggest that much of Mister Bullard’s more effervescent decorative elements has been toned back in preparation for the sale.

While a bit too far north on East 95th Street to be fashionable for any number of Big Apple real estate snobs, the suburban macmansion-sized penthouse is still and none-the-less a jaw dropper with five bedrooms, four full and three half bathrooms, four fireplaces and four terraces that total almost 5,300 square feet. There’s a galley-sized foyer, a sky-lit staircase, a 41-foot living room plus a nearly 700-square-foot library/media room, and a spacious master suite that not surprisingly includes a walk-in closet/dressing room custom fitted with floor-to-ceiling shoe shelves. (Curbed)

Listing photos and floor plan: Corcoran

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  1. Emma says:

    One of the biggest phonies out there. It is clearly OBVIOUS she had nothing to do with building Jimmy Choo (solely done by her father) judging from her “so-called” namesake brand “Tamara Mellon Brand”; poorly constructed and absolutely trashy, not worth the absorbent prices she is charging. Quality is inferior and the clothing has the appeal of a “desperate 40 something in denial about her age”. Truly a disappointment from a “so-called” leader in the fashion industry.

  2. Desert Donna says:

    Bullard has NO taste. LGB Mamma said that his work was toned back for the sale. Pay attention to Mamma now! Square footage is great but I doubt this will ring in near the asking when all is (and if it is) said and done.

    • lil' gay boy says:

      Hunny, I would never say the man has taste, as such, but he is rather skilled at giving his clients what they want, which is all too telling. Nor would I ever endorse his brand of Victoriana — for me, it comes across as the hideous product of a diseased mind; but I recognize the toh-may-toe vs toh-mah-toe phenomenon.

      And I agree she’ll never get asking price for this.

  3. john t says:

    Momma I miss the old site so. You are still Momma but the site leaves a lot to be desired. I hope they are paying you well because they are not putting money into making this user friendly.

  4. Anyonymous says:


    1. When we click on the article, I think the “comments” should automatically come up too. Much easier. Why have readers “click” to access them??? I think having the “oldest” comments show first and then descend to the newest would be better. Also, they grayscale font color tone of the comments section is hard to read. Why not black print and maybe different font? This one is not working and the grayscale thing is washed out and hard to read.

    We have to help our momma get this thing going and “easy” to access etc.

    Momma’s black sheep in WeHo.

    • Chuck Raney says:

      The “Click to see comments” is a way for them to gather info, Article Viewers vs Comments Viewers.
      The issue at IT level is, no reason to RELOAD PAGE to see comments. Also When I DO see Comments, I should NOT have to re-click to see them all.
      Ditto for Photos. Show the damn Gallery on Article Page, just gather your clicks when we click to scroll pics. Do Not Reload Page Template. Ever.

      Freaking IT guys are in Jr. High or Something. They could throw up pics and comments in New Window (that is a technical term if any Variety Interns are reading) or throw Comments up in a New Tab. (not a diet drink).
      Interns call me, I would be glad to dissect it all for you. I just love telling people what to do.

  5. lil' gay boy says:

    Would not have guessed the decor was Bullard; much too restrained for him normally (although he does a 21st century Victorian clutter like no one else).

    Too far north for most, but it does have an incredible unobstructed view of the north end of the reservoir.

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