Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Set to

Word on the real estate street via the fine folk at Forbes is that Neverland Ranch, the Los Olivos, Calif., mega-estate where Michael Jackson lived in (in)famous, child-like splendor will soon be put on the market for an unrevealed price.

The crazy talented but terrifically troubled Mister Jackson decamped from Neverland years before he died in 2009 but in its glory days, the 2,700-acre spread had a zoo with exotic animals and a full-blown amusement park where — true story, children — one of Your Mama’s cuzzins used to drive the train.

There were rumors the estate’s current owner, Colony Capital, considered subdividing and selling the property in order to recoup its investment as well as turning the property into tourism spot like Elvis’s Graceland in Memphis, Tenn. However, the not easily accessed, semi-remote location, not to mention the vehement local opposition nixed that notion before it really got off the ground.

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