Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch to Go on the Market

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Set to

Word on the real estate street via the fine folk at Forbes is that Neverland Ranch, the Los Olivos, Calif., mega-estate where Michael Jackson lived in (in)famous, child-like splendor will soon be put on the market for an unrevealed price.

The crazy talented but terrifically troubled Mister Jackson decamped from Neverland years before he died in 2009 but in its glory days, the 2,700-acre spread had a zoo with exotic animals and a full-blown amusement park where — true story, children — one of Your Mama’s cuzzins used to drive the train.

There were rumors the estate’s current owner, Colony Capital, considered subdividing and selling the property in order to recoup its investment as well as turning the property into tourism spot like Elvis’s Graceland in Memphis, Tenn. However, the not easily accessed, semi-remote location, not to mention the vehement local opposition nixed that notion before it really got off the ground.

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  1. Jamiekins says:

    Well this is going to be fun to see if they can sell this place at all. It’s not like one or two people have stepped forward but a few more than that. They can’t all be lying honestly.
    I would bet they aren’t even going to get a low bid much less a high one…. Who would want to live in this place ? Never mind it’s location there is so much dirt being slung right now about all these guys coming out of the wood work claiming abuse….
    I bet they can’t give this place away. I could understand maybe one or two money grubbers but 5 honestly people who would want to live in a place with a legacy like this ? Me thinks Michael had some real problems. Good luck, Why even the family would ever want to go there is beyond me. I’d rather live in a graveyard than this place.

  2. Chuck Raney says:

    Gracie, Baby Doll, Micheeal deserves al lthat dirt piled on him. He had issues in his life and I feel for him for those. But playing with little kids booty holes is not something I will turn my eye from.

    Some collateral shame goes onto his “handlers” for both Micheal’s death and the misfortunes of his overnight guests.

    The house is nice. But knowing its history, I would just raze it. Even the below mentioned Exorcism is not good enough.

    • Smooth. says:

      Do you realize that you have no proof of what you’re yapping about? Haters don’t care about proof, they just want to hate. Well yap all that you want, your life still won’t get any better. Karma will see to that.

      • Smooth. says:

        If that DA Sneddon couldn’t prove it, and he really wanted too, I’m sure you or no one else will and that includes these losers coming out trying to get money from the estate. This case is closed. Everything else is hateful nonsense from the jealous hearted, including the writer of this article.

      • Chuck Raney says:

        Do you follow celebrities at all? Most drug OD’s are administered by friends and handlers. It is an amazingly long list.
        As for the unfortunate allegations of multiple overnight male kids being abused, I only hope your right Smooth and I am wrong.

  3. grace says:

    Why couldnt you simply comment about the property, instead of using that excuse to say something mean about a dead person. No i am not a fan, but hiding behind that guise of commenting on something to defame a deadperson who cant talk back shows how really insignificant your review is. We are asking about the land. The low class shoddy comments and disrespect to and for anyone dead, proves your more inhuman than vutures who eat the dead. Whatever your trade or job, i feel sorry for the boss you work for. No productivity ever thrived from a negative cultured mind like yourself, a jealous wannabe showing its true colors!

    • Smooth. says:

      Grace, I’m with you. Where are the Variety writers that just report the story, instead of adding their hateful opinion? If you want to be a comedian go to the Comedy Store, and leave the writing to people who want to be Journalist. Just the facts please. The rest of these losers are just trying to make themselves feel good about being under achievers.

    • owen says:

      Here’s praying the marketing material includes exorcism as a major selling feature.

    • Jamiekins says:

      Grace did someone die and make you posting supervisor ? Your doing the same thing that you compaining about someone else doing. Why don’t you mind your own business make your comment about the property and move on. I don’t think that your qualified to be the moral leader of the site.

    • lil' gay boy says:

      Not sure if you’re referring to Mama or Me below, since neither “defames” the late Jackson (although Lord knows anyone could find a lot of raw material with which to do so).

      Neverland will most assuredly become nevermore; better to let Jackson’s undeniable talent stand as a monument to him than this questionable property.

      • Chuck Raney says:

        I am FOR CERTAIN Posting Supervisor, this is why I have an Avatar and no one else does on Variety.
        Or Is it because I am King of the Stalkers?
        I forget which.

        Smooth and Gracie, your points are valid as are our fears of the allegations valid. Micheal either DID or did not. The “proof” required for a Criminal Conviction is way different than in a Civil Trail.
        If you followed OJ’s trail of tears then you know what I mean. OJ certainly acted like a guilty man, ditto for Micheal.
        My opinion means nothing and is expressed for my own enjoyments, as are yours.
        Your believe in Micheal’s Innocence is based on? His album sales? His Dancing ability?
        Your own beliefs?
        Hummmm. None of which matters. He either Did or Did Not. Personally I hope Did Not. but I am from a little town in Texas where the 40 year in office Sheriff got sent to jail for running hookers, drugs and Alcohol. Somehow that makes me a Realist on people’s behaviors.

        I would not live in the Amnityville Horrors house, any of Elvis’ old houses, Marilyn’s old house.
        No one will ever want to live in MJs Fantasy Land. Personally, I would not even buy the burnt crisp land for 1 Dollar.

  4. Me says:

    Look here children–we got to help Momma out with these comments!

    We may even have to dig up “average joe” to say how real estate prices would never go up from 2008 lows. Is he bankrupt now? Still living in “his” mom’s, not our “momma’s” basement??

    Neverland is not an architecturally significant or good looking residence. Period. It looks like a gingerbread tudor something. Awful. No one with decent taste would buy this. Too big anyway. Dumb home, high price maintenance. For what. It’s a tear down. Land value only. Sorry. Lot’s of acres. But is it a “resort” type location for someone??? Ponds, lakes?? Or is it just a dried up piece of cracked, parched, dirt that a few cows can roam. That is the question that will never be answered by me–because I won’t be visiting any time soon.

    Land value only. Sorry. Truly rich want their own house, not that monstrosity of bad taste. Look at that gate. For real??! Ugly! MJ had bad taste in a lot of things….

    Momma’s black sheep in WeHo, still here!

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