Is Justin Bieber Considering a Move to L.A.’s Century City?

When not gallivanting around the globe annoying other famous people Justin Bieber is “at home” in a rented condo in Beverly Hills annoying his not famous but fed up neighbors. It looks like it’s probably only a matter of time before he’s run out of the building and nobody — and this property gossip means no person who cares about the peace and quiet of their home — wants the tatted-up 20 year old party boy to live in their ‘hood.

So the scuttlebutt goes that Your Mama first read on Curbed (via TMZ) the Lambo-driving youngster is considering a move to “The Century,” the same sexed up yet staid and super-swank, elliptically-shaped and LEED-certifed tower in Century City where Ms. Candy Spelling occupies two highly customized floors that include extensive terraces and a swimming pool. Imagine those two on sweating their toxins out and giving each other side eye in the building’s fitness room.

Your Mama can’t say because we don’t know whether The Beebs would prefer to rent or buy at “The Century” — or even if he really wants to move there — but if the ego-driven superstar is cocked and ready to make a bird-flipping real estate statement there are two, 9,300+ square foot full-floor penthouses available. The 40th floor is perfect for his private lair and priced at $25 million while the floor below is listed for an undisclosed amount and makes a convenient crash pad for his clamorous posse.

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  1. Jamiekins says:

    To quote Ms. Bette Davis, “CUT PRINT IT !, WHAT’S IN THE NEXT REAL ! “…
    Is there anyway we can save ourselves from the demon Biebs? Can’t some nice attorney just do a quick pro bono and just send him back to Canada? Do our minds have to be soiled by this jerk every day?
    I know people who wouldn’t let him live in their dog house. There is no way the Century would let him move in there with his reputation.

    Do you think if they did he would go upstairs and play in Candy’s gift wrapping room with her? Me thinks not. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would appreciate a glue gun much. I, on the other hand would love to wrap presents with Candy…. but alas I can’t afford the
    Century…dang ! It’s always something :-(

    He should marry Lindsay Lohan, we could all celebrate and send them off to Tennessee to live in a nice double wide, happily ever after :)
    IF he could find a trailer park that would take him.
    c’est la vie.

  2. richard says:

    Well, nobody in their sane mind would want to have this moronic has-been as a neighbor. There’s not an ounce of anything positive about this loser, besides his only talent: getting the crap beat out of him by actual celebs. He may be a problem for a while, but whatever money he’s still has, it won’t run forever. The kid is so over and washed up that soon he’s speeding for one big pathetic end. It would be sad if he actually were a decent, nice person, but unfortunately he’s proved to be nothing more than a talentless, finished and laughable dunce. He should move into a house far away from any intelligent life and get his parasitic “friends” party down to the ground whatever is left of his money. By then, not even TMZ will have touch him with a ten-foot pole.

  3. Jamiekins says:

    Well you just know the people in the Century have to be excited the prospect of have
    the Bieb’s as a neighbor. I know that’s what I would want if I paid 25 million for an apartment.
    I think he may still be in trouble for that chain saw joke, I’m not sure his new hip hop friends will have much appreciation for that. I’m sure it will all surface sooner or later. It’s fun to add a little excitment to your downward spiral :-)

  4. Mama’s tone is comeback !!!

  5. Ja says:

    I don’t see a problem with him living here. In fact, since the unit is delivered raw then he could have it entirely soundproofed. Problem solved. It actually makes a lot more sense to live here than a house that he has to (or his staff) maintain. It’s not like he even lives in LA, or anywhere for that matter, permanately.

  6. Dolores says:

    He would be an unwanted person and he attracts the wrong people with him. His antics are those of a high school brat. He does know how to act around people and lacks manners as well as respect for people. He needs to be out somewhere without his bodyguards, so he can get a good smack down. Maybe Chris Brown could do the job.

  7. M. F. Sibley says:

    If the other residents at “The Century” have even one iota of a say-so as to who can or can’t move into the building, I don’t give the Beaver, er Bieber a bat’s chance in hell of moving into this building. I don’t care how much money he’s got. He’s definitely an undesirable and brings too much baggage with him, and I don’t mean the kind you carry clothes in. He’s trouble with a capital “T”. Biebs, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

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