YouTube’s Michelle Phan Launches Music Label

Michelle Phan Music Label
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Michelle Phan, YouTube beauty maven and entrepreneur, now wants to get her manicured hands into the music biz as well.

Phan, whose beauty and makeup tips channel on YouTube has 7 million followers, is forming music label Shift Music Group in partnership with Cutting Edge Group (CEG), a music financing and services provider that specializes in music for films, TV shows and advertising.

Shift Music, according to Phan and CEG, will be geared toward using the power of social media to spread awareness for new and existing artists.

“I am passionate about finding undiscovered and talented artists,” Phan, 27, said in announcing the pact. “I want to help those artists get to the next level, and provide existing artists with a new way to reach fans. I wanted to partner with the Cutting Edge Group because they share my vision, and have a proven track record in innovation in the music business.”

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The digital star’s launch of the new music venture comes as she is engaged in a legal dispute over her use of songs from Ultra Records in her YouTube videos. Electronic-dance music company Ultra Records this summer sued Phan, alleging she used copyrighted music from several of its artists without permission. Last week, Phan filed a countersuit against Ultra claiming she had indeed received authorization from an Ultra manager to use the songs and that the label was seeking to use her YouTube fanbase to promote digital sales of the music.

CEG chief Philip Moross called Phan “the best example of today’s online entrepreneurship. Music and social media are a fantastic fit, and Shift Music Group is already in discussion with celebrities and social-media influencers to launch other imprint labels under the Shift Music Group umbrella.”

The deal was brokered by Phan’s attorney, Phil Daniels of L.A.-based law firm Ginsburg Daniels. “The combination of Michelle’s social-media influence and Cutting Edge’s experience in music placement and distribution is a powerful one, and will provide a significant opportunity for artists and their music,” Daniels said.

According to Daniels, there’s no set number of artists that Phan is hoping to sign in the first few months. “It’s whatever makes sense and fits her creative dial,” he said.

In May, Phan inked a development deal with Endemol Beyond USA, the digital arm of global TV production firm Endemol, which encompasses original content for both digital and broadcast. She also teamed up with L’Oreal for her own line of Em-Cosmetics makeup and has secured a book deal: In October, Random House will publish Phan’s “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success — Online and Off.”

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    1. Claudia B says:

      Let the haters drowning themselves in their self-made cocktail of hate, jealousy and resentment. Michelle is slowly expanding her empire. Think about the day you might have to apply for a job at one of her companies.

    2. Ugly Michelle says:

      While I do respect Michelle, I wish she would just stick to make-up videos. She is spreading herself TOO thin now. —– Totally agree. She has no talent except drawing on her face. People please just tell me a reason why a big luxury company helped her launch her brand and now she’s doing MUSIC? you’re spreading yourself thin… sigh.. people these days are money grabbers with NO TALENT! And the point is.. SHE’S NOT EVEN PRETTY!

    3. Also Phan says:

      Honestly speaking she does look different, a little bit more than the “mature” difference and the “losing the baby fat” difference. However, I don’t really care. I can’t deny the fact that she is beautiful (before and after the alleged suspicious activities), she is talented (how many people do you know that have that many business deals at 27?), very ambitious for sure. She definitely knows how to grab the opportunities. Why stop when you can do more? It’s not like she’s doing drugs or funding terrorist organizations or something. All the things she’s been doing is good, it just doesn’t stick to what she was originally known for. People change, simple as that. However, I have to say that she can’t really describe herself as “beauty bestie” anymore. I realize that both the haters and the lovers are just too attached to her. The haters don’t want her to do anything else and the lovers just, well… love whatever she does. I just like to be entertained. I watch all of the videos, I do get jealous whenever she shows off her boyfriend or her new book or her new business deals but at the same time I admire her for the courage and the business mindset that she has. In conclusion, whatever, do what you gotta do, I’m just sitting here wasting my time on random youtube videos. If she can’t show me how to do a smoky eye anymore, I’ll find someone else’s smoky eye.

    4. Someone II says:

      I used to like this girl before I found out her nasty IQQU lawsuit. She’s so fake on the whole “rock what mama gives you” and denied on her plastic surgeries. Her latest videos are dirt poor quality with NO creativity what-so-ever. Her Ipsy $10 makeup subscription is just terrible, trust me I’ve tried a few months and I’m getting the same garbage every mail. I wonder why I still keep throwing her money after all her lies.

      Just google IQQU lawsuit, Michelle Phan plastic surgeries, Michelle Phan lies, etc. You can spend years reading her beautiful stories of lies.

      • Claudia B says:

        Instead of researching the truth, you chose gossip. Shame on you!
        Here is the truth:
        “Michelle Phan’s lawyer eventually got involved and discovered that there was a girl creating multiple accounts on various review sites all with the goal of ruining Michelle and IQQU’s reputation. Michelle and her team were allegedly planning on suing the girl for defamation against her and the IQQU brand. After tracking the girl down they discovered she was underaged and decided not to pursue legal action. The girl apologized but the damage was done, to this day the bad reviews and lawsuit rumors are believed to be the main contributing factors to the failure of IQQU.”

      • someone with an opinion too says:

        Those rumors are no different than those tabloid magazine covers. It’s trash talk. Those gossip sites have no credibility. I don’t see them talking about Michelle whenever she does anything charity related like make a wish, love146 and other non profits. It’s always about digging into her personal life and being nit picky over the petty things. Your comments feel so emotional, as if you have something personal against her. Just saying.

    5. Someone with an opinion says:

      While I do respect Michelle, I wish she would just stick to make-up videos. She is spreading herself TOO thin now. Her jewelry line is abandoned, IQQU abandoned, EM store in NY? Abandoned. She barely makes make-up tutorials now and her videos and her so called “wisdom” is repetitive, to the point it sounds insencere and fake (especially when you combine this with the OBVIOUS plastic surgery she has undergone, women should be able to choose to do whatever they want to their faces, true. I just wish she was more honest with her subbies).
      Her subbies are nutorious for harassing people that don’t praise Michelle, putting my real name under this would make me therefore feel VERY uncomfortable.

      • someone with an opinion too says:

        Someone clearly has a very biased opinion on Michelle. You are judging her on rumors and hearsay. I see nothing more than a woman who will never let anything stop her from finding happiness (have you seen her draw my life?) I’ve been a quiet follower of Michelle since her blogging days, so I can give you my opinion on a few things you brought up. Michelle is a serial entrepreneur. She has launched several successful businesses (ipsy, em, fawn and now shift) let’s not forget she partnered with endemol to create a network to help other youtubers and talent. Now she wants to help musicians. That’s admirable. Instead of criticizing her, we should applaud her for her unrelenting drive to move forward paving the way. She’s a real inspiration to women and girls this generation. We should be rooting for each other instead of pulling each other down. I respect your opinion, but I see no good in bashing someone. If you have nothing nice to say, why bother adding more negativity? Should’t we be the sunshine in someone’s life? Perhaps Michelle named her label “Shift” because there needs to be a change.

        • Someone with an opinion. says:

          I have seen her Draw my Life and it didnt impress me. Especially the part where she goed in a cry-y voice “I rather not talk about this”. My eyes rolled so hard that they nearly fell out of my skull LOL. You respect my opinion but ask me at the same time to stop talking because I am adding to negativity. Bitch please. If you put yourself in the public eye expect to get critique. Idc about being someones ‘sunshine’.

        • Who's helping who? says:

          Humm…she’s helping musicians so she can get cheap music for her videos? She must be spending too much on her lawsuit. Very smart.

        • Someone says:

          Those are NOT rumors. She’s a LIAR. Period. I understand why you said, “Her subbies are notorious for harassing people that don’t praise Michelle, putting my real name under this would make me therefore feel VERY uncomfortable”. I feel you. Her “subbies” are coming, brace yourself.

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