Twitch Shuts Down Live-Streaming Video Site

Twitch to live stream game content

Twitch, the videogame-streaming service that Google is in the process of acquiring for $1 billion, has pulled the plug on, a website designed for users to “lifecast” themselves with online video, was launched in 2007. After videogamers began using to broadcast their gameplay, the company launched the dedicated service in mid-2011, and officially renamed itself Twitch Interactive in February 2014.

“Twitch is now the focus of the company’s resources. Unfortunately that means we need to shut down,” the company said in a notice posted on its website. “We thank all of our broadcasters and viewers for 7 years of live video memories.”

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The move comes as Google is said to have clinched the deal to buy Twitch, which would be coupled with YouTube to augment the Internet giant’s video offerings. Variety first reported that Google had reached a preliminary pact to acquire Twitch.

“We are immensely proud of’s legacy. Not only is it the birthplace of Twitch, but it was the pioneer of live video on the Internet,” Twitch COO Kevin Lin said in a statement. “It holds a special place in our hearts, as well as a special place in the history of the Internet, and will be missed.”

A Twitch rep said there are no layoffs associated with the closure of, adding that “our recruiting plans for Twitch are aggressive with plenty of job openings.” had previously discontinued access to users’ downloadable video archives on June 15. According to the notice posted on its website, users who have used their account to log in to Twitch must request to transfer their accounts by Sept. 5.

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  1. steve says:

    Go to veetle tv same thing as justin.

  2. Jtv! says:

    Twitch sucks, I hope it fails because all they stream is games and sooner or later people are going to get tired of watching the same old game being played for over 10 years. Jtv had it all, games movies shows… Wtf does twitch have? Games and more games? Average user for twitch has to be of the age of 7-18. If your over 18 and still uses twitch then your forever a virgin and lives on your parents living room couch. Losers…

  3. Adam Simms says:

    I was bannd from twitch tv just for chating but i dont know for how long twitch wont say

    • frankie342 says:

      an hypothetical question did you in anyway direct any kind
      of malicious attacks against some body when doing live streaming
      broadcast if not I didn’t see why twitch will ban anyone from talking
      unless it currently involves language of obscene nature but most bans
      take up to 12 months or longer it depends on the nature of offence
      contact me directly via twitter then we can talk more in depth .



  4. Da_baron '08-'12, Viciousanimalthing '12-'14, Methyl_anthranilate '14-out says:

    Good riddance. I’d been on JTV since 2008, and the days of greatness were over long ago. JTV was poorly maintained and constantly broken the last 2-3 years. Corporate greed (DMCA) killed it off. As soon as I heard about the buyout, I knew JTV was a goner, and as I say good riddance. I’ll miss a few of the people but for the most part most casters were just attention *seekers* (replace with common slang phrasing). I won’t miss it. I just hope someone figures out most of the casters on Twitch are casting illegally and Justin et al get screwed on the buy out deal. Worst wishes.

    • Jtv! says:

      Jtv was still good, even it was “poorly” maintained. I didn’t see them making much money. Ads only pays for so much when you have to pay a team of people. What can you say when it was basically a free service, when the only thing you had to buy was the App for the iOS if you wanted to (I did).

  5. Pete Mendoza says:

    Reblogged this on Business IT Consultants and commented:
    A sad sad day…

  6. Eyeway says:

    I think I will need counseling, I am very depressed over this news. I made some good friends on a number of Justin channels and now they are all gone and out of my life without so much as a prior heads up. Its like informing your girlfriend you are breaking up via a text message, disgraceful and cowardly.

    • Jtv! says:

      I feel it, it’s hard to sleep without jtv. I play it every night and just set a timer on my ipad and fall asleep. Now I gotta watch commercials on cable tv… Fml

  7. dr3yec says:

    twitch is garbage wont even bother with it.

  8. Twitch says:

    Live cam users and watchers can not broadcast using Twitch, and when you try to you get caught in an endless loop of going back to Now live cams such as bird nesting boxes, creative live cams will have to find another source. Shame on you Justin, and BTW, your goodby video on your home page who gives a rats ass how it all started? IT’S OVER. We wanted a service and now you didn’t have the balls to send out an email thanking your users. Hit refresh and BAM, it’s gone. We have a loyal following and we are scrambling to bring our cams back to our viewers.

  9. michael says:

    Ive been a gamer all my life but justing was more than games it was a place to relax and enjoy a live broadcast, tv show or movie. Dealing with gaming jerks all the time and now they take away something special so we can see them play games wtf?

  10. Steve says:

    Typical, a company sells itself and then shuts down a part that is valued by thousands as a way to escape and have fun. But leaves the part that they think they can make money off of, alive and well. Not all of us want to watch people play games…plus a lot of people spent a lot of money on setting up systems to cast, as well as spent money on the mobile apps, etc. I have no interest in Twitch, why would I want to watch a bunch of people cussing at each other and running around shooting? I can do that myself and have a LOT more fun than just watching someone else do it.

  11. gSte says:

    Screw the creator for selling out to the of the biggest money grabbing corporation in the world.

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