Sony Hack: ‘The Interview’ Facebook, Twitter Accounts Are Deleted

The Interview Seth Rogen James Franco

The Facebook and Twitter pages for Sony Pictures Entertainment’s “The Interview” — the satirical film at the center of North Korea’s alleged cyber-attack on the studio — were not accessible as of Saturday morning.

Via email, a Sony rep said that after the studio concluded it was not moving forward with the Christmas Day release date for the movie, “It was also then decided to work towards taking down respective promos and materials promoting the movie and the date in theaters.”

At last count, “The Interview” on Facebook had more than 366,000 followers, while the film’s Twitter account (@TheInterview) had 35,000 followers. The Twitter page for the Sony picture as of 9 a.m. Pacific time Saturday said “@TheInterview hasn’t tweeted yet,” indicating the account is inactive.

The developments come after a debilitating — and exhausting — four-week period for Sony Pictures. North Korea is responsible for the attack on the studio, the FBI announced Friday.

Sony Pictures this week said it was forced to pull “The Interview” from its scheduled Dec. 25 theatrical release, after chains canceled plans to release it in light of 9/11-style violence threatened by hackers. President Obama said during a Friday press conference that Sony Pictures made a “mistake” in dropping plans to release the movie, but also said the U.S. government would “respond proportionately… in a place and at a time of our choosing.”

On Saturday, the bizarre communist regime again claimed it wasn’t behind the attack. An unidentified North Korean spokesman said it wanted to work with the U.S. to investigate the incident while at the same time threatening “serious consequences” if the Americans did not comply.

“The Interview,” directed by Seth Rogen, stars Rogen and James Franco as inept journalists conscripted by the U.S. government to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

The attack on Sony Pictures has resulted in numerous leaks of internal documents and emails, along with at least five of the studio’s movies, and disabled SPE’s computers for at least a week.

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  1. Gudrun says:

    Personnalise ta table et ta queue de billard !

  2. Did this Movie actually use the Leaders name? If they did then that was just Dumb They should not have named North Korea either they should have made up a country like East Korea. At least then everyone could easily see it was only a comedy parity like SNL.

  3. Jww says:

    If another country made a movie about assassinating the American president, Americans would be pissed and would probably declare war on that other country. The makers of this movie probably should have used a fictional character rather than a real person. What did they expect. Although I don’t agree with listening to the demands of hackers hiding behind a computer, I think we need to chill out and realize that this movie made someone feel like their life was being threatened.

    • John Andrew Prime says:

      I don’t know… The 2006 mockumentary “Death of a President” envisioned the death of a national leader in power here at the time and suffered only mild rebukes. I think a buffoon like Kim Young ‘Un is fair game. He hangs around with the likes of Dennis Rodman for gosh sakes. If he wants to be treated like a world leader he should put on a pair of long pants and act like a leader. Not a petulent spoiled brat.

  4. Tommie Magee says:

    Regardless of who is at fault I would have the CIA cause a thermonuclear ‘accident’ in North Korea to teach the world there are some things that are dangerous to play with. I would do it simply for payback over the USS Pueblo. It would send a clear message to China, the folks actually behind this hack. 100 terabytes of storage in all of North Korea. Sure thing. I do not know how any American president could let them keep their little prize after all these years. Well I can understand the girly man President Hussein Obama ignoring it, but none of the others. Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves.

  5. Jimmy Jim Jamison says:

    Back in 2006 the U.K. backed a movie where G.W.Bush was assassinated by a sniper….but that was OK…but this is different how?

  6. Dead people have facebook and twitter accounts, why not a mortally wounded movie? It could be central points to show support for the studio, the actors and the concept of free speech.The movie WILL be released. This isn’t going to wind up like Orson Welles’ cut of ‘Touch Of Evil’.

  7. Good. Looked like a stupid movie with 2 overpaid no talent actors.

  8. SethRoganisnotfunny says:

    Sony can’t back track now, they would lose their official cover story from the Feds. This was surely an inside job or at least had some type of inside support. The original demands from GOP was for money and had nothing to do with theInterview. There is almost zero proof NK or any other nation state was involved, with most if not all independent security researchers disagreeing with the FBI assessment.

    I’m guessing the emails that were leaked are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of embarrassing studio exec and Hollywood talent. It’s also exposed a high level of collusion amongst the MPAA member studios and state AGs. As well as exposing some very questionable account practices amongst the studios while they cry poor and ask for additional tax payer funded incentives.

    The real free speech battle is NOT about a shitty Seth Rogan movie, but the MPAA and Studios desire to censor the wider internet and limit individual freedoms to support their failed business model. Hopefully the Google lawsuit against Hood will further relieve just dirty the MPAA / Studios and their government supporters are.

  9. Raearls says:

    Thanks you changed my life!

  10. radiomankcj says:

    ON DRUDGE… Korea denies…and dares the FBI to investigate their INOCENSE anong with Koreas’s apparent. guilt. WOW. This is high entitairment!

  11. 09gfijbf73465gf8 says:

    man they must have some hardcore info from those hacks…

  12. allah_speaking says:

    You would figure our illustrious NSA would have chimed in by now. Or are they to busy spying on us?
    What strikes me as truly humorous is the sole fiber-optic line that carries internet traffic into North Korea runs through China. And yet the FBI cyber-sleuths still make the claim this originated in North Korea. Have you noticed how all the other news (namely any story dealing with the bumbling of this administration) has once again been kicked off the front page? Next up we will hear North Korea has trained great white sharks to go after Obama while he vacations in Hawaii…

  13. NGB says:

    The F*****g world is a shit bowl!!! We R fallin apart … How GD pathetic!!!!

  14. Susan Wareing says:

    If you show the movie your fortunes will be made. North America in its’ entirety will make certina they see it.

  15. Hollywierd being hacked and twitter accounts deleted? That’s a bad thing?

  16. Robin McNaughton says:

    Too many people in America have forgotten who we are. We have freedom of speech!! Why should this country back down..we then let the hackers win. Somewhere along the way this country lost its way. Too many people forgot America at one time would not back down to any threats!!!

  17. guest says:

    Who in their right mind would ever ‘follow’ a twitter or facebook account for this sh!tty movie that Sony won’t release bc they KNEW it wasn’t worth fighting for? You have to know that 99% of those ‘followers’ were computer generated.

    • guest says:

      …and the other 1% are Sony employees who are forced to open facebook and twitter accounts so they can have some real followers in the mix.

  18. iambicpentamaster says:

    So, who’s more impotent?

    Obama or Sony?

  19. ssmindtree says:

    I can actually remember a time when American officials — by this point in time — would be doing TV interviews about clean-up operations in the Korean DMZ, and whether to demand reparation payments from NK.

    But those days seem to be gone.

    AIDS, in its horrifying way, is the poetic signature of our time. And America has certainly contracted a form of cultural AIDS.

    I’m glad you asked. :-) … That is when something we find hard to isolate and identify is destroying those parts of our culture by which our culture defends itself. Our cultural/societal immune system, as it were.

    Our national pride, our defiance, our willingness to judge, our willingness to assert our values — our willingness to defy and even punish threats.

    We have become nice. Nice and soft and inviting. And easily digestible.

    Not something I can remember having aspired to.

  20. p866 says:

    its hard to get out mind mg you

  21. Jon says:

    F*** you Sony

    • Steve Latham says:

      Show the damn film.This is so stupid.Screw the hacker’s.Our government should l support Sony all the way,instead of lip service.Yes it could be dangerous but then again it may be a bluff.One thing we do know when it is shown Sony and the theater’s will gross a fortune just due to the publisty.What is dangerous is having hack’s like Al Sharpten chime in on it.And let’s not forget the ratting’s the new’s group’s are generating.

  22. LST says:

    I’ll say just one thing, if any of you chicken s–ts committing against the US don,t like us and pretend to like us then I propose that you get your chicken shit asses out of this country. I’ll fight you and anyone to my last breath to defend , and means YOU low life that are cutting us down!!!

  23. william penn says:

    Kim should demand the movie industry erect a victory monument to him in place of the “Hollywood” sign. Also, that Obama apologize to him, at the United Nations, ON HIS KNEES! Do it, Kim! You OWN these schmucks!

  24. Randy says:

    You are ALL SCREWY! What a dumb bunch of comments. Not one ball between any of you.

  25. radiomankc says:

    We AMERICANS so resent it when people dare to FIGHT BACK when we decide to humiliate people of lesser influence. Obviously Sony Pictures mis-understood UN’s ability to get even with Sony’s picking on the North Korean nutcase’s ability. Chinese related people are VERY COMPUTER LITERATE and they nailed Sony…by turning the tables. Humiliating SONY PICTURES” Movie Stars just as they arrogantly tried to humiliate HIM.

    We Americans just HATE IT when people standUP to us. Like Mideasterners striking the WTC after what we’ve been doing to them for years in the mideast. And Putin. Yes, this is EXACTLY how wars start!

    Sadly, we have no appetite for humble pie. We’re used to our 1st amendment. We really dont’ care if the rest of the world laughes that little UN nails us…. the Brits, French, arabs, Chinese, Indians, Blacks, Russians, and even miscreant humiliated US politicians and celebs…victimized by US MEDIA. I bet all of them are smiling that powerful media finally got nailed for its abusiveness.

    Americans have been putting people in STOCKS to be humiliated since the early colonial days in BOSTON. It’s very OLD TESTAMENT! Jewish. Do the crime, do the time. Very UNCHRISTIAN, which even US christians reject. Forgiveness as Jesus taught, JUST AINT IN US!

    We should all take notice that when we point our finger at someone ELSE, three fingers point back at US. Ponder on that before you REPLY!

  26. justbecause says:

    The number of diverse, decentralized systems public-facing and private – email, HR, finance, project planning and public communications – having been compromised for the trove of data released suggest cooperation from somebody on the inside, perhaps an employee or contractor with significant knowledge of its networks, systems affected and their internal role.

    The change in demands after the initial release of proprietary Sony data suggest a transfer in authority over the data, or the lack of seriousness of the demands in the first place. Presumably, there is additional sensitive data being withheld and further blackmail is possible. The questions of how this occurred technically or why terrorists would back down – rather than be emboldened – remain satisfactorily unanswered.

    Geopolitically, the government of Japan sees better impact with regard to its talks with North Korea (for the release of Japanese citizens abducted by Pyongyang decades ago) through the cancellation of this film and another film about North Korea than without, and may even be grateful to Sony. Japan has not been silent on the issue.

    Sony Pictures’ public concession the film is not in their belief adequately “marketable” after it was entirely financed, completed, approved for release, and thereafter dropped from release by American movie theaters is puzzling. The primary victims of such a statement are those who devoted their career and reputation to its release and are least likely to have been involved in a cyberattack against Sony Pictures. Blaming a criminal act opens the possibility for Sony Pictures (and Sony) to take tens or hundreds of millions in income tax write-offs it would not have been able to claim otherwise.

    The consequences of this hack offer numerous benefits to affected parties that far outweigh the benefits to North Korea from a successful cancellation of an unflattering, mid-budget satirical film about its already isolated leader that was not expected to be a huge commercial success by anybody in the first place and would never have been shown in North Korea anyway. It’s a great example of making lemonade from lemons.

    When so many targeted victims stand to benefit financially and politically, it is unlikely we will ever know the truth about who was behind the crime at all.

  27. higgins1991 says:

    “We’re not caving…we just chose to not show the movie, take down all social media related to the movie, and refuse to talk about the movie or hire those actors again. But we’re not caving!”

  28. Keith Diggs says:

    I would like to thank the HACKERS of North Korea for revealing liberals for the brave, courageous, freedom fighters that they are! Oh, WAIT…….

  29. AZ Federalist says:

    Abject surrender

  30. I think everybody is missing the bigger picture. The Internet has turn into a piece of junk. All that’s going on anymore is spying and hacking.

    • Keith Diggs says:

      Yes. Your perception of the INTERNET is the “real story”. Ignore all that buffoonery over FREEDOM OF SPEECH and LIBERAL FOKTARD COWARDICE, the “REAL STORY” is how some MORON on line “feels” about his internet experience. Bill O’Reilly is that you?

  31. People will end up seeing this film, there are advance copies out there, someone will upload it, and that will be that.

  32. Who thought picking on North Korea would end well for SONY? We all know North Korean leadership is nuts. Time for some firings.

  33. kaitaraCan says:

    So, Sony is full of sh^t when it says it isn’t backing down and is not being intimidated, and had every intention on releasing the film for Christmas. Sony blames the theater owners for the decision of not showing the movie. But there were many that spoke out and said that if it were to be released, they would show it. So let those theaters show it, just like any other movie with a limited release.

  34. Jersey Dave says:

    They are taking a page from Putin’s book. Smack someone in the face, then deny that they did it. They will, like Putin, keep doing it until they get a good stiff one back.

    So we should screen the movie at the White House, put it on PBS so the population can watch it free, beam it by satellite and internet all over the world, and if we find out that the Chinese helped the North Koreans with the hack job, suspend Most Favored Trade status for six months and tell China any more funny business with our businesses and arts will result in ten percent tariff on all Chinese goods.

    American Artistic Freedom is the bedrock of our nation. We should back it as such and tell these little dictator-kissing censor pigs where to go.

    • Cut off China Completely if they are involved and cut off our internet from other nations completely. These two things should have been done long ago. If people have a need to connect to a foreign nation via the internet then they need to pay for a VPN keeping all of the other nations connections away from ours.Make stiff fines and or jail time for violators just to help keep the spies out a little bit. The next step is to create computer systems and OS’s that will only work on our network and do not allow transfers or sales to other countries any other countries

    • Ron Langevin says:

      Dave, this tariff should have been applied 10 years ago and we would still have had manufacturing and other good jobs.

    • Sonny says:

      We should break downs the walls between us for 60 years like Cuba, and have a joint investigation, they may have information on a large US entity that may be involved

  35. Nigel Tufnel says:

    And once again, leftists are shown for the gutless, jellies they are. Hollywood bows to the hackers as they bow to the DNC and Obama. What little people populate this industry.

  36. biff says:

    They should get a network to broadcast the film. Forget about trying to make a profit with it at this point.

  37. Leo says:

    Release the film cowards

  38. Chris Kitze says:

    What clowns. Now they’ve caved again, there will be no end to the ransom demands on anything they want to do in the future. They should have called Reed Hasting and Jeff Bezos and sold the films directly on Netflix and Amazon for $20 a pop starting last night (12/19/14). It might even be a lot more profitable than a theatrical release.

  39. Walt Peterson says:

    Why would SONY do that, if they intend to release the film in some form?

    • Steve says:

      occult, in the article you link to Obama says. “Obama says ““I wish they’d spoken to me first [before canceling the release of the film],”
      You mean to tell me no one from the Gov was in touch with Sony advising them?
      Bull . It might have helped had obama said “Release it. We’ve got your back”

      • Yikes says:

        Right. Obama and all government is evil and oppressive but Obama and the government should have gotten directly involved. Obama agrees with you and you’re furious he doesn’t agree with you strongly enough. You people, especially you motard Drudge readers, can’t help yourselves can you?

        You all have Obama Tourette’s. A private company gets hacked and caves to the hackers demands despite the government saying the physical threat is unsubstantiated. But you idiots just kinda spasm. ARGLEBARGLEOBAMAHITLERBENGHAZIBARGLE!!!

      • guest says:

        Spoken like a true idiot. Congrats!

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