Philip Seymour Hoffman Autopsy Results: Massive Overdose

Philip Seymour Hoffman Trending Down

Philip Seymour Hoffman died of acute mixed drug intoxication, including heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepines and amphetamine, the New York City chief medical examiner’s office has determined.

The death was ruled an accident.

Police had been investigating his death as a suspected drug overdose.

Law enforcement officials have said Hoffman was found Feb. 2 with a needle in his arm, and tests found heroin in samples from at least 50 packets in his Manhattan apartment.

The 46-year-old star of “Capote” and “The Master” said in interviews last year that he had sought treatment for a heroin problem after 23 years of sobriety.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  1. JEM says:

    This is just so sad…….

  2. His list of controversial characters ran a mile long. He was Lester Bangs, Truman Capote, L. Ron Hubbard… if he didn’t do himself in then haters were def. sending bad vibes of ill will onto him. An honest man in Hollywood is the biggest dog in the yard. Hoffman was king of the mountain. Theres no mistaking that. Phil would make the craft services guy laugh if he had a good joke to tell. So that was intimidating. Personally, I would never leave my drink alone someplace. Ever! All it’d take is someone sticking their finger in and I’m already calling over the waitress for a refill. Its happened before. The why is simple: they want power and are far too lazy to earn it. So they take it. Thats what works for them. In theory everyone else is collateral damage. Someone Hoffman had the emotional content AND the flair for academia. He’d point out the phonies in real life same as his characters onscreen did. Even if sometimes the character he played WAS the phony. Its like he’s over here chewing on bittersweet irony and someone else comes to bum some sanctimony off him like its a cigarette. All he’s gotta do is show them he doesn’t smoke and suddenly its like he’s the kid at the party who doesn’t want to get wasted. He’s the real life Chris O’Donnell character in Scent of a Woman. The loose thread that could ruin others’ reputation. I mean maybe its just me but thats epic timing now the church of Scientology now doing the same commercials on TV for their faith as LDS church did back when AOL reigned supreme. Like movie Bulworth talking about obscenity perhaps on the nose *shoots first* equals itchy trigger finger. ;)

  3. Randy Jenson says:

    Its not a accident when you go to rehab and your wife and best friends tell you that you will die if you continue to do drug’s. I know. I went thru this with my wife who died from a overdose of oxycontin..
    we need to wake up !!!

  4. bradinca says:

    I’m glad you all knew Philip Seymour Hoffman SO well that you know what he was thinking and what his intent was. That’s an amazing power you have. Oh – c’mon, admit it, you’re just speculating. You know nothing about this man’s life except what someone else has written about him.

  5. Zzz says:

    Sounds like he did this on purpose a recipe for death. It must be tough to have millions in the bank and big time movie awards and still hate life. These Hollywood types are very good at memorizing lines or playing roles, but when it comes to handling real life they crash and burn.

  6. Jack Timmons says:

    Not an accident. He knew what he was doing. And now, three little children are going to grow up without a father. Shame on him!

  7. cougarblogger says:

    He died because he was brainwashed into believing he is ‘powerless’ over drugs. Poor guy spent most of his life in a cult religion commonly known as the 12 steps. Stay away. Stay far away.

    • Susan Jones says:

      Cougar, for someone that is an addictions counselor, you don’t seem to recognize that a person with over 50 bags of heroin in his apartment, purchased just a short while before, who died with a needle in his arm… WAS powerless over the drugs. For over 20 years, he participated in a program where he succeeded in staying sober. After a wrap party, he had one drink and then shortly started using a drug he had some curiosity over… Whatever power he had, he gave up.

      It is very sad that this happened to him, sad that it happens to anyone…but the record is the step program kept him sober and alive for a long time.

      • Susan Jones says:

        MY extreme example, Cougar? I am very much alive. Phillip Hoffman isn’t. What was working for him kept him alive, too. Who cares if it is a daily reprieve? I don’t need more than that. What kind of thinking do you think he had when he bought all of that heroin, described as somewhere between 50-75 bags? On other blogs, you say that people just need a special counselor to teach them how to drink normally. In fact, despite your sweep, much of what you had posted exists in the posts of others. Do you really think that your theory would have worked with Phillip? ” Come over to my house and I will counsel you in my living room as to how to do this without harm to yourself….” I am of the opinion that this man wouldn’t have been interested if what you could have taught him. I honestly believe he had gotten to the point where he just wanted to die.

      • cougarblogger says:

        Susan, for someone who has been brainwashed into the 12 step indoctrination … To give all credit for choosing to stop a harmful behavior … To the cult commonly known as the 12 steps, you only further prove the truth. The truth is that Mr. Hoffman remained drug free IN SPITE of the ‘powerless’ dangerous dogma of your cult religion.
        NO, NO, NO. The step program gave him nothing other than a daily reprieve with the threat of death while convincing him to embrace the lie that he could not trust his own thinking.
        Your contradictions in just this small statement are a gift. Thank you for your extreme demonstration of EXACTLY my point.

  8. carla says:

    This is very unfortunate that you feel this way. As a recovering addict, with many friends in the same situation, I very much disagree with you. To be honest, I’m very glad you have this opinion, because you truly do not know what it is like to be sick with addiction. These people are just that, they are sick. They make the choice to use the drink or drug, but for those with a mental defect of substance abuse, the choice is no longer there. Sometimes people need serious help, some do not get the help they need. Some junkies are just terrified of the extreme physical sickness that comes with quitting. Some people just don’t know any other way of life. Some have been sexually abused, emotionally abused, and some have genetics against them as well. There is such a thing as addiction, and I have seen people break free of it, and I have also seen people succumb to the disease. These people can be beautiful. Artistic, intelligent, truly wonders of the world. Some carry such pain that they cannot live with everyday. While I do not agree with what you say, I am gad you’ve never had the soul shattering experience of watching someone who truly has lost the power of choice.

    • Susan Jones says:

      I don’t have to have believed in the disease model for the program of AA to work for me. All I really needed to know was that alcohol and I didn’t mix and whatwas I going to try? And it seems that Phillip Hoffman has the same success for many, many years. His experience with AA reached back farther than the fairly recent drug use that took him away.

      • cougarblogger says:

        If Mr. Hoffman truly had success he would not have been dependent on your 12 step cult religion and would have actually been ‘happy, joyous and free’ by either choosing abstinence or moderation. Stop throwing others (what you believe is irrelevant) power under the bus. You may be powerless but no one else is. Also, your beloved cult religion can at BEST claim 5% success. Therefore, your cult religion is merely taking credit for spontaneous remission. Stop defending a dangerous cult religion. Just stop it.

  9. Bonnie Fralick says:

    So sad that many of our great actors get caught up in drug addictions. This stuff is scary,please don’t even try it

  10. Donna Jacobs says:

    It’s really sad. I hate it for his family. Addictions are so tough. RIP

  11. Billy Fu says:

    another smack head who cant handle his gear gives the world a break. good work. fcuk u light weight cnut

  12. kidd says:

    who care,s…another rich boy bites it…he knew he would die…he didn’t care…why should we

  13. For Furthur conversation–
    Michael Jackson
    Amy Winehouse
    Whitney Houston
    Elvis Presley
    Kurt Cobain- Its Like I got soooooo Much MONEY–I think I will kill MY self!

    • deantreadway10 says:

      Who in the hell would wanne be any of those people. I value my privacy. These people had none, and some of them never expected to be where they eventually found themselves. Your comment reeks of a misplaced envy.

    • the big mouth says:

      It isn’t about their cash. Fame: you gain the world but lose your soul.

  14. Heidi Zehnder says:

    Get off your pontificating high horses, people. The man is dead. Rest in PEACE, Phil. So sad the darkness eclipsed your great, great talent. I, for one, will miss you and the penetrating brilliance you brought to every performance. ” Starry, Starry Night”. God bless your family, man.

  15. S. says:

    How the hell is that an ‘accident’?!? He OVERDOSED. A consequence of what he chose to do. I have zero sympathy.

  16. Raif Nation says:

    this is why you never slam up black alone. meth yeah, no prob. black? no way. do too much and no one to revive you, you’ll end up in a body bag.

  17. deantreadway10 says:

    A sickening comment. By design.

  18. Cindy bolejack says:

    An accident? I don’t think so.

  19. Caroline says:

    Big mouth. Narrow mind. I feel sorry for you and hope you never have to live through the hell of loving someone with this tragic ILLNESS, which is precisely what it is. Or maybe it would be a good thing if you did. Maybe it would humble you a bit.

  20. Lily says:

    You clearly have never had a loved one who has struggled with addiction. I won’t argue that it’s a self-inflicted problem and only the addict can stop themselves, but addiction is a physical disease. It’s not as easy as making a simple choice. Ask any doctor or therapist. I have more sympathy for someone who has cancer, but addiction is still a disease and should be treated as such.

  21. Carol Lee says:

    You don’t know what you are talking about.

    • the big mouth says:

      Hi Carol Lee

      I sure do know what I’m talking about and I also know that you don’t like the harsh truth and reality of it.

  22. Ben says:

    You don’t say.

  23. J says:

    Apparently you.

    • coralin says:

      so much negative about his death and yet so much compassion for him. it sounds to me he lost his soul to drugs its evil and will take aperson down . i myself will say thay it sounds like the 12steps worked for 23 years of his life. may he be with God in heaven . many blessings to your world of addictions.

  24. Here we are again. Just as in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, War is dragging on in Asia and the United States is once again losing our best and brightest to drugs that could have very easily originated in the Asian country we are defending. Both Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix died in 1970 of drug overdose, now we have Hoffman and, earlier this year, Cory Monteith. Both on heroin. Where, indeed, have all the flowers gone?

  25. Pamela says:

    So basically suicide..

  26. Ladams says:

    And pot is the LEAST of our society’s problem, Tony Snyder. I think for the most part that something can be agreed upon.

  27. Ladams says:

    Millions of people use drugs and MOST of them dont overdose. Yes, we know that drugs CAN kill you, but one cannot say that another will die FOR SURE or that its even a matter of time before a person died from an OD. There are 20+ year drug addicts, how many times have these people taken drugs without ODing? Im not saying that they ARENT deadly, by all means they are. But no, one cannot say that its playing Russian Roulette because with roulette, will KNOW a bullet will be fired eventually but with drugs its hit or miss. And addicts know that, but they are in some much pain, they dont care about the risk. The argument that all drug users are criminals is ridiculous. There is a reason there are substance abuse disorders in the DSM-IV(manual of psych disorders) Thats why are prisons are sooooo freakin full, because our society treats them as criminals when they should be treated as patients. Prisons just makes people’s mental health worse and most drug users are non-violent. Some drugs are automatic felonies, no matter the amount, so it makes it almost impossible for someone with a felony to make a positive change in their life for the better, such as getting a job. To the people who say drug addicts are criminals, keep up the awesome mindset!!! Its gotten us very very far in our society. Weve treated them as criminals and yet the problem is getting worse. Maybe we could start treating them differently and see what happens. Dont know til we try. :-)

    • Phil says:

      You do know that lots of people OD without dying, right? If you get to the point where you OD, eventually you will die from the drug of choice. I’ve seen it happen to many people that were friends

  28. What an overwhelming sadness, this actor had a serious drug habit and I am sorry he carried such a secret without seeking help. One thin is for sure, he may have been in pain but his death was very peaceful, he probably just passed out and went just a little to high.

  29. Debbie S. says:

    Hard to be an accident when you mix a “speedball” combo of drugs for a mighty high, it was an overdose, sadly from someone that knew the difference. A drug is a drug, is a drug, and you end up in jail, institutions or DEAD from them. Sad, sad, sad

  30. Ladams says:

    It is accident, as even if you know its deadly and dangerous. The majority of times he used didnt result in death, so we know his intention was to get high, not to kill himself. People know that speeding can kill you if it results in an accident, but most times that people speed, it doesnt result in that. It IS an accident as long as the intention was not to die.

  31. Dee Jamacek says:

    Why do some of these celebs waste their lives away with drug or alcohol abuse? I don’t get it.

  32. nakotko says:

    For sure it is not a suicide but this overdose was due to the fact that he was less tolerant to the drugs than before his cure. Very sad ending for this genius.

  33. is it an “accident” if you know the consequences of doing something harmful and deadly? Drug overdoses should be regarded as a deadly action. it is a form of suicide. Saying it was an accident minimizes the severity and dangers of drug use. it is what it is… DEADLY!

    • Rian says:

      Would you consider driving a car as doing something potentially harmful or deadly? More people die as a result of getting behind the wheel each year than overdosing on drugs. Are some of those deaths not accidents? Just because his death could have been prevented by him avoiding doing something doesn’t make it a form of suicide in and of itself. Maybe he purposefully took excessive amounts of each substance in order to overdose, maybe he simply didn’t have the same tolerance as he once did and as a result he OD’d. Calling it an accident doesn’t minimize the severity or dangers of drug use at all, just the opposite in fact. The dose is what makes the poison; normally benign substances like water can be fatal if ingested in excess

  34. Kathleen Lane says:

    If one politician’s mind is changed to the need for a more compassionate drug policy then perhaps the death of this wonderful man and artist was not completely in vain. He had so much to live for that it is impossible to comprehend that he took these drugs for any other reason than to alleviate a pain which must have been unendurable. This death and so many others like it are calls for help. I pray that we as a nation can find it in our hearts to answer these calls with compassion.

  35. evelyn says:

    He had to know that all that junk in his system would kill him. And the coroner ruled it an “accident”? I don’t buy it!

    • Michael Anthony says:

      Another person who doesn’t understand addiction.

      • I don’t think this person doesn’t understand addiction. young kids are sensitive to how adults discuss and perceive drug use. it is a deadly proposition and it should be discussed no less than this way. there is no “accident” in Russian roulette, is there? Same thing with using drugs.

  36. Helise says:

    How does the NYC police know whether it was a drug deal gone wrong. Maybe he owed them money and made it look like an accident.

  37. HawkTime says:

    That is quite some cocktail.

  38. Tom Snyder says:

    “Why Do You Think They Call It Dope, Dope?” – Help stop Hollywood from promoting marijuana and other mind-altering drugs. Your mind and body is supposed to be a Temple for God.

  39. Dick Delson says:

    He had all the talent in the world, but his head must have been up his butt.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      Another person who doesn’t understand what addiction is.

      • NM says:

        I agree with Michael. I pray that none of the closed minded people commenting on here ever have a life tragedy that causes them to turn to alcohol or drugs. Then we’ll see what they have to say about the “criminally” addicted. No one wants to become an addict. We live in a society where most people drink alcohol. Who can say which drink is going to be the one that alters the body’s chemistry and causes addiction?

      • Cheryl Rector says:

        I totally agree, Michael!!! I am a drug and alcohol intern/counselor and I see and hear it everyday. Sad but a treatable disease.

      • Kelsie says:

        Drugs are illegal partaking in them makes you a criminal, also taking drugs is a choice. With any choice you suffer the consequences. It’s playing a game of whether or not you die or kill someone when you’re out of mind.

      • bret says:

        amen. It’s a powerful horrible thing, that actually changes the pathways in the brain. The only crime is treating the sufferers like criminals.

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