Sony’s New Movies Leak Online Following Hack Attack

Brad Pitt Fury Movie Review

Brad Pitt's 'Fury,' 'Annie' among titles being downloaded

At least five new movies from Sony Pictures are being devoured on copyright-infringing file-sharing hubs online in the wake of the hack attack that hobbled the studio earlier in the week.

Copies of DVD screeners of four unreleased Sony movies including the upcoming “Annie” are getting some unwelcome early exposure, but nothing compared with the frenzy enveloping “Fury,” the war pic still in theaters that bowed last month.

“Fury” has been downloaded by over 888,000 unique IP addresses since showing up on peer-to-peer networks on Nov. 27, according to piracy-tracking firm Excipio. That’s high enough to be the second most-downloaded movie currently being pirated, and it’s not out of movie theaters yet.

Another big Sony movie, “Annie,” is also being pirated, this one three weeks ahead of its own wide release. Other Sony movies being downloaded include “Mr. Turner,” “Still Alice” and “To Write Love on Her Arms.”

“The theft of Sony Pictures Entertainment content is a criminal matter, and we are working closely with law enforcement to address it,” a Sony spokeswoman said in a statement to Variety.

A source with knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the hacking earlier this week divulged that the multi-title leak is likely related to the hacking. Many of the leaked copies are watermarked.

In the attack on the studio’s corporate systems Nov. 24, an image of a skeleton appeared on company computers with a message that said, “Hacked by #GOP,” with the group behind it calling itself “Guardians of Peace.” The message threatened to release “secrets and top secrets” of the company. Currently being investigated is a connection between upcoming Sony movie “The Interview,” and North Korea.

Sony’s outbreak marks the biggest piracy incident since July, when Lionsgate saw “Expendables 3” pop up online three weeks before its theatrical release. Police arrested two men in London earlier this week in connection with the stolen file.

While “Fury” has emerged as a hot ticket in file-sharing circles, the other Sony titles aren’t seeing as much sampling. “Annie” has been downloaded by over 184,000 unique IP addresses. Studio is hopeful “Annie” won’t be pirated as much because family films aren’t subject to as much illegal downloading as titles that skew more toward young males.

“Still Alice,” “Mr. Turner” and “To Write Love on Her Arms” are seeing only modest piracy activity, all below 100,000 unique IP addresses since Nov. 27.

[UPDATE, Nov. 30, 11 a.m. Pacific: “Fury” now has been downloaded via piracy sites more than 1.2 million times, while “Annie” has topped 206,000 downloads by unique IP addresses, according to Excipio. Downloads of “Still Alice” stood at 103,832, followed by “Mr. Turner” at 63,379 and “To Write Love on Her Arms” at 19,946.]

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  1. viooz says:

    And this week’s choice of bootlegged films consists of tasks from
    the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Sylvester Stallone, and other movie trade notables.

  2. sunwukong says:

    The key question is did the hackers get a digital copy of “The Interview”. If they did and it surfaces then things could go south if the North Interprets this as a bad thing.

  3. Janoy says:

    Don’t be silly this article is only creating opinion and it is not based on facts when it says that these films are openly shared on the Internet, that is simply not true, unless they are talking about a crappy screener or other kind of files that most of the time are fakes.
    They might have stolen a copy of the films, ok, but unless you can prove it, these films cannot be downloaded on the Internet.

    • Kali says:

      These films are openly shared and digital screener copies are 480p-720p, which is not crappy by a long shot. I watched Fury on thanksgiving by using a site that hosts movies and it was an HD screener. I used my HDMI cable to connect my PC to my big screen TV and the quality was excellent on a 60 inch TV(so I’d guess 540p-720p easy). Furthermore, on the website I used, nearly a half million people had viewed Fury before myself. Between movie hosting sites and torrents, people ARE openly sharing movies. You are absolutely misinformed or uninformed if you think otherwise. Screeners that are released to critics for awards consideration are leaked CONSTANTLY, and the quality is never less than 480p, which is regular DVD quality. Hell, most movies get leaked while they are still in theaters, or earlier and ALL movies now a day get leaked long before their blu-ray/DVD release dates. You simply just have to know where to find them. Don’t t take my word for it though. This is the copy of Fury that got leaked. It’s a typical screener, and FAR from crappy. Unless, you are the worst kind of Blu-Ray/HD snob you will agree. There is nothing wrong with 540p-720p.

  4. Nestor Philips says:

    Damage done is done, Films like Fury and Gone Girl are films that should be seen on big screens, I have come across its leaked prints – Man, you have to see it on Big Screens. So, I don’t think these leaks will affect the (quality=trendy)films generally.(And come on, In this age, Nobody is interested in downloading, if it isn’t of HD Ready or Full HD quality, some might to skip through the scenes) The one with a similar character would be of speculated release of Chappie, All other seems like films for art, soapy family entertainers and some really dull ones for advertisement. What SONY should is to film some more gags as a Special, and release it least for VOD and through Blu-rays. Or if they can afford leak it as a Silent Anti-terrorist stand. But to make it even minimally profitable go for VOD.

  5. John says:

    The Wyo Theatre in Laramie, Wyoming will show THE INTERVIEW. Everybody in Laramie owns a gun :-)

  6. Vanwa says:

    Serves racist Amy supporting Sony right. She should be fired after seeing how ignorant she really is.

  7. Brian hughes says:

    Sony’s movies suck so they should be thankful that someone even took the time to pirate them!

  8. Maka says:

    This explains why a group had Annie for the family movie night.

  9. lametta says:

    North Koreans are huge film fans, too!

    But they prefer former leader Kim Jong-il ‘s movies:

    Sony Pictures could apologize to the North Korean people

    by remaking one of their classics: “Pulgasari” (1985),

    a socialist version of “Godzilla”.

    VERY cool movie, I was told, but you can’t buy it here…

    Hacking is evil, no question, but think about this:

    How would Americans react, when North Koreans

    would start to produce feature films about killing the US president ?

    Sure, it’s funny to us, but maybe not to them ?

  10. Sophie says:

    If this is in response to the video on the north Korea leader then serves them right, its not acceptable and I find it shocking how they would allow for this.

    • Bry says:

      Sophie, it is a perfectly acceptable example of free speech.

      Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two-hundred or so years, in the liberal democracy known as the United States, this is a universal human right protected under law by the first amendment.

      It’s unclear in your comment who “they” are when you state you find it “shocking how they would allow for this”. You might be referring to the U.N., the U.S. government, the MPAA, NSA, CIA or even the pope.

      Regardless, none of these organizations has the authority to censor motion pictures to the extent that would apparently be palatable to you. It seems that you hold the opinion that the entire film industry ought to go back to the days of the Hays Code and submit to censorship driven by organizations like the National Legion of Decency.

      Such an initiative would instantly kill off the last remaining vestiges of creativity in Hollywood and send us into a cinematic dark age. People who hold the beliefs that you are espousing, either out of ignorance or spite, are far more dangerous to this grand, artistic enterprise than any pirate (state-supported or not) ever was.

      Threats to the freedom of speech are even more repulsive than the worst instances, for example Apple’s abuses of its iPod platform in the past decade, of monopolistic corporate greed.

      But rest assured, your rights to express idiotic views like the one in your post are also protected by the very thing you find so disdainful.

  11. Sytten DeMai says:

    DIE Hollywood DIE

  12. Real Mercier says:

    I hate that things like this are happening. I have a huge movie collection. Almost two thousand titles. Bought and paid for. Theft is theft. The people downloading and sharing movies should be charged. It’s a criminal act and they should be held accountable.

    • Katy says:

      So we should be held accountable because you chose to spend your money irrationally by buying over two thousand titles? That was your choice.

    • Brian hughes says:

      That’s impressive. How old are you, 144?

    • TheSteelGeneral says:

      Gimme a FAT effing break here. Just about every blockbuster makes 100 million to 800 million dollars in pure profits even while being “pirated”. Don’t feel sorry for the studios, their earnings are NOT going down one bit.
      The smaller films might never been seen by so many people, although downloads don’t guarantee views. Everybody has mountains of films and TV shows they “have to get through” yet. Just like all the stacks of books on the night stand …
      100 000 downloads for some indie film??? Never have so much people seen such a film.

      • Troy says:

        Justs what I was thinking. Theft of intellectual property is not the same as theft of tangible property. Copyright laws are to ensure that profit can be made and the piracy of this type is a niche phenomena with limited impact to the bottom line. They actually will come out ahead, lots of free publicity for the Interview

    • Josh Jenkins says:

      You’re right that these people should be held accountable, just as much as the hackers. Theft IS theft. But it also says a lot that nearly 900,000 individuals have downloaded one of the films already – accounting for probably more than a million views. There are always going to be people that abuse the system as it stands, but figures like that only get so high because of the extortionate costs of seeing movies these days – here in London you can be expecting to pay anywhere between £8 and £15 for a typical adult showing, often now without a choice of seat either, and the ridiculous notion of having to ‘sneak in’ snacks from elsewhere because those available in-branch cost nearly as much as the tickets. That’s not to say these costs justify piracy from anyone, but like with music piracy, someone seriously needs to look at these figures, realise things are wrong, and try to find ways to make content either more accessible or affordable.

      • yeoldfaithfulChris C. says:

        And the answer is… Netflix!

        We haven’t been enticed to be herded into a smelly, stuffy and overpriced movie theater nor have I seen the need to go through the hassle of being exposed by malware and never ending popups, surveys and other aggravations since we’ve been on Netflix. For half the price of a single movie ticket, we have access to as many movies and tv series we want. Our daily entertainment costs us less than what it costs us to brew a cup of coffee and 6 times less than what we used to pay for our TV subscription.

        Now THAT is legal AND reasonable.

        As for that man who claims to own more than 2000 titles… That’s his business. Don’t come crying on other people’s shoulders because you bought into that racket.

        As for Sony: what goes around comes around. Remember the Sony Rootkit? It serves you right.

  13. Team USA says:

    Why the enraged consternation? The “pirate” action is merely a redistribution of entertainment for the good of the masses. Ain’t that the obama spirit, Hollywood? Spread the art! Onward, Guardians!

  14. sabretruthtiger says:

    Either it’s an advertising strategy by Sony (unlikely as leaking the entire movie doesn’t help them) or someone has been paid by the authorities to leak it as an excuse to pass more totalitarian anti-copyright laws.

  15. I feel bad for companies when this stuff happens. People haven’t even had a chance to pay for said movies in theaters. Side note, I didn’t know the “To Write Love on Her Arms” movement got a movie. I’ll have to add it to my collection when it hits DVD. I don’t download domestic movies, personally (only stuff that will never reach the states), and what I do download I at least try to supposed the official release by getting merchandise. Also GDubeau has a really good point. These are people who would have done it regardless. Might as well get some publicity out of it.

  16. GDubeau says:

    Okay, so Sony is using this as an advertising strategy for these movies. If this affected Sony in any way, then they would not have allowed the names of these leaked movies to go public as well as even public knowledge these movies have been leaked. All this is it to get the movies hyped up for their release. I mean honestly, a pirate is a pirate. Whether these “unique IP addresses” downloaded the movies ahead of their release dates or after they have been released, they would have downloaded them anyways. So really, all Sony is doing is taking this opportunity to advertise their movies even further.

  17. Kyle says:

    So, you advertise that these files are out and ready to be downloaded? Good one!

  18. voidhelix says:

    Side-note: if they made a hybrid of those two movies ( Fury & Annie), in which a red-headed girl sung show tunes while blowing up Nazi`s in a death machine, I would watch the SH*T out of it.

    Let`s go, Tarantino.

  19. If the losses are too great, maybe Sony can sell the Spiderman rights back to Marvel/Disney to make up the loss and then we can get decent Spiderman movies. I call that a win-win.

  20. Iain Scott says:

    Couldn’t they have leaked some better movies? Besides Fury, all those movies sound like passes to me.

  21. Anonymous says:

    So when sales for Fury increase, can they “blame” piracy? This has been proven more than once in the past. Piracy /= lost sales.

  22. bill says:

    Cool, so 5 movies nobody cared about to begin with? No big loss.

  23. No tears for sony losing money releasing american heroism propaganda garbage like Fury.

  24. when my entire cd and movie collection was stolen the cops said good luck getting them back. i dont think ive spent more than 50 bucks on dvds since then. piracy ever since then…10 years a pirate

  25. Gordon Yeti says:

    Copying is not theft. Stealing a thing leaves one less left….

  26. Josie says:

    I’ll tell you why these movies are being pirated,because they all suck HAHAHA!!Just from their trailers they are going to be point blank terrible!!

    • Fury was an excellent film. I don’t know about the others but it is a sure fire winner for Oscar nomination

      • Master Sgt says:

        band of brothers will always be the best story told because at least you see the different countries fighting together, fury was entertaining but was focused on the U.S.A. the power house. I only heard the mention of the Canadians once and dont recall hearing about the British

      • orukal says:

        I found it an enteratining film, but by far an excellent film. To me, at least. A lot of emotion, yes, and I like that. But that battle with the tiger and the final battle rather left me shaking my head.

  27. oliver says:

    These post (like the Annie remake) are retarded…… what does Obama, North Korea, Liberals have to do with “pirated movies”? You people are numbskulls….. and need a visit to church

  28. Bradley Anderson says:

    Also, why the hell do some of you idiots insist on turning very conversation into something political, racial, and now rape. NONE of these things has the slightest bearing on this story, nitwits. >.<

  29. Bradley says:

    ‘Fury’ was online to stream and download within 3 days of being released in theaters. Apparently, these guys aren’t very hip to how these pirated movie sites work.

  30. ermmm fury and mr. turner were already released in most countries before they leaked online so please fact check

  31. patrick says:

    I watched Fury already, and didn’t think anything about “piracy”, but just watched “Annie” and was ready to call the Motion Picture Association of Amerian (MPAA-800-363-9166) But apparently everyone knows about this already.

  32. R.Withers says:

    Anyone remember the Sony Rootkit incident when they hacked into our personal computers when we bought their CDs? what goes around comes around

  33. Grapost says:

    There aren’t any movies worth stealing anymore. Most are just recycled crap with the same themes, plots and storylines from previous decades. The older you get the more movies and TV all seem the same. It’s only new to the young people who haven’t seen it all before.

  34. Will Setag says:

    Remember when movies were on a reel. Now they are on a computer. Did you ever hear of pirating movies when they were on a film reel? NO!
    If your going to put all your money and information on a computer on the internet what do you expect will happen.
    Besides 90% of all movies now are computer generated and not even real special effects like the old days.
    Stop whining about this if you don’t want to be hacked then stop putting your junk no one watches anyways anymore on the internet.\
    Stop asking the government and people to protect you from your own stupidity.

    • Mike says:

      You’re dumb if you actually believe a word you just said.

      Sony has poor security, see PS3 security breach. People don’t understand that, if done right, computer security is way more secure than physical objects. But people don’t bother with proper security, or they re-use passwords which break the system.

      Practical effects are still very widely used, maybe even more so then CGI. But those darn computers right?

      I hardly think 1.2 million downloads on a single movie is “junk no one watches”. I hope in the future the government and people will at least protect us from your stupidity.

      • kp says:

        @John Doe. I think Mike was focusing more on the stupid assertion that locking a film reel in a room was more secure than having it on a computer.

        You might want to understand the comments you reply to before shaking your self-righteousness-boner all over it.

      • John Doe says:

        If you believe even half of what YOU said, your have no idea what your talking about.

        Computer security will never replace physical security or be any better then it. If a computer is attached to a network, that is in turn connected to the internet, then it is at risk…period. The only way to make sure that information is not hackable is to save it on a computer that isn’t connected to anything. However you seem to not understand this.

        As for the special effects thing, CGI is more prevalent then Practical effects…you should actually do a bit of research before you open your mouth or type.

        The only thing you got correct was that Sony’s security does suck.

  35. Why is any of this information on computer networks connected to the internet?

  36. aichtuttle says:

    Ah! ‘Fury’!

    Yet another ‘bold’ Hollywood movie that takes a ‘brave’ stance against Nazis.
    How daring!

    Meanwhile they suppress every charge of underage sex abuse at the hands of their power brokers.
    Gutless cowards!

  37. Hillbilly says:

    Who Cares !!!!

  38. aichtuttle says:

    Every movie release should come with an FBI warning that RAPE IS A CRIME..

  39. aichtuttle says:

    Downloading videos from the net doesn’t even come CLOSE to covering for a culture of RAPE.

    This years Oscars should be renamed the 87th Annual One Thousand Rapists Spectacular!

  40. Mike Flores says:

    North Korea has evolved under its new leader, in far darker and even more effective ways. The recent hacking of Sony Pictures shut down the companies computers (and they are still down days later) and films found on the computers have been released for downloading.
    Gone is rhetoric that states North Korea is a “Marxist- Leninist – Stalinist” state. Today it follows under its new leader, Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. Kim Jong- un attended colleges in France and Switzerland in secret and studied Chomsky there and became obsessed with American basketball. Chomsky has swept colleges, the entertainment field, and even governments of the West. It is a war on entertainment, fashion and artistic aesthetics. All are seen as controlling devices by the capitalist state. All are dismissed by Kim Jong un and the North Korean state, but they are also dismissed by Chomsky followers from bands like U2 (who since discovering Chomsky have lost contact with their fans) to world leaders.
    The West created the new North Korea.
    This changing of rhetoric and tactics represents a new dangerous period with North Korea. As you know I believe Iran was behind the sloppy computer hacks of our banks over the Summer and even the White House recently. The North Korea attack on Sony however, most likely done from China, shows a level of sophisticated attack North Korea has never had before. That it has changed its rhetoric and can now do sophisticated attacks on computer systems is a change that previously they did not seem capable of. China is willing to go along with North Korea as it does not want the North Korean government to fail and China flooded with refugees. The fact that North Korea has been able to re-brand itself is cause for alarm.
    Marxist- Leninist- Stalinists understood the arts, even if it was from a propaganda perspective. The current beliefs are a war on aesthetics. They don’t like the images in fashion. They think art is a distraction from the world unless its ugly ( now rape is being called a performance art if it happens in a gallery). Yet it is the entertainment world which had the biggest impact on the world. Russians went to prison for listening to the Beatles, Cubans went to re-education camps. The Beatles spread freedom across the Iron Curtain and were far more effective than our broadcasts on the importance of religion, etc Chomskyites attack EDM currently sweeping the entire world as “sexist” and “a diversion”.
    Not since Hitler has there been such a war from the West on art and culture. On passion and romance. On the most most basic aspirations of people. Icons are tools of the state. Art no longer stops time as an act of rebellion against the fascist movement of time. It is to be loathed if it inspires, destroyed if it dares to appreciate beauty or even the most common emotions. This is being taught on college campuses across the West. And now dictators are jumping onboard.
    Over the weekend, after Kim Jong- un’s aunt got off the phone after confronting him over killing her husband, she was found dead. Joining the list of names that have begun to die or disappear around him. Without the arts and humanities, murder and death can only follow. Shakespeare taught us our humanity. We can see that reverberated to this day in the TV show SONS OF ANARCHY. For every designer label that sweeps consumers, there are kids who create their own. The Harajuku movement in the otherwise conformist Japan, the steampunk movement in the West. Anyone remember when punk rockers created their own look?
    They are declaring war on humanity. Can capitalism save art? I believe so.
    It has been a long time since we had a painter shake the world. But architecture, the most capitalist art form, continues to thrive with the alliance of architect and capitalist..Since 1992 I have called for that alliance with the arts over grants in press releases and emails on my plays. This has made me hated among critics, but loved by audiences , journalists and capitalists. My last play made for under 2 grand, ran 70 weeks. It didn’t matter what critics thought, I went to the public to promote. The BBC flew a crew out to cover the play!
    Art can’t survive in an echo chamber. It must reach out to people. And artists must become entrepreneurs.
    We face a threat that could plunge the world into darkness. Far more evil than any Marxist critic. It is time for new alliances. Break from the safety of the state grant, build the audience, and let’s fight back. I cannot guarantee that we will win. But we need to take risks. I may die alone and unrecognized, but I will die on my feet. Let danger replace the sanitized world we are being herded into. So that we can see the dangers we face.

  41. awfulorv says:

    The only leak Hollywood is, really, concerned about is the one of someone leaking homosexual activity by one of it’s “Studs”.

  42. aichtuttle says:

    Hollywood, preaching moral advice to the public.The ones who covered for Bill Cosby’s rapes. Oh, and Roman Polanski’s rapes and Woody Allen’s rapes, and countless other underage rapes for the past 60 years.
    Hollywood is the Catholic Church of entertainment.

  43. Thanks for the information, which makes it much easier to join in on the fun

  44. Trivialities lead the news…

  45. JRock says:

    Some movies are so bad, people won’t even steal it? LOL

    • Russ says:

      Like Annie, which is played by a Black girl where the original had whitey. The blacks are doing what they do best and stealing that one like crazy!

      • Anne says:

        Pretty ironic for whites to accuse all black people of being thieves when you guys stole black people from their continent in the first place so. And remember Warm Bodies? Where the original book had a black girl and that was ‘stolen’ by white people?

    • jim says:

      99% of them are not even worth .25 cents and most of the actors are america hating libtards

  46. JRD says:

    I doubt there were that many downloads. What if Sony itself made the whole thing up as publicity for their released and to be released movies?

  47. asshatmcgee says:

    Fuck Sony

  48. Shrugged says:

    Who cares? This has been a headline on Drudge for 24 hours — Move on to some real news that matters!

  49. jim says:

    maybe if they did charge 12 bucks to see a stupid movie where most of the actors producers and directors were flaming america hating liberal someone would actually care about hacking

  50. HAHAHA the Hollywood Left gets a taste of what it is like to be on the receiving end of crime that impacts their pocketbooks. TAKE THAT you leftist pigs! You brought us Obama and NOW I hope you lose your livelihoods as a result!

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