NBCUniversal Shuts Down DailyCandy, Television Without Pity Websites

Television Without Pity

NBCUniversal is pulling the plug on two websites — femme-focused DailyCandy and snark-fueled Television Without Pity — effective next Friday, April 4, after the media company evidently failed to find buyers for the properties.

The shutdowns, first reported by Re/code, affect 64 employees at DailyCandy and three at Television Without Pity.

In a tweet, Television Without Pity said, “TWOP will cease operations on April 4, but our forums will remain open till May 31. To our fans: Thank you for your support over the years.”

Via Twitter, DailyCandy also confirmed that it will go dark next week.

In a statement, NBCU said: “DailyCandy and Television Without Pity were groundbreaking businesses when they launched more than a decade ago, and the teams there have done great work creating unique voices in the digital space. However, as NBCUniversal continues to evolve, the decision was made that DailyCandy and Television Without Pity are no longer viable businesses for our company.”

NBCU’s Bravo acquired Television Without Pity in 2007. The site was launched in 2002 by co-founders Tara Ariano and Sarah D. Bunting, who had started out in 1998 with a blog analyzing “Dawson’s Creek.” (They left the website in 2008.) TWOP provided recaps and reviews with an edge, sporting the tagline “spare the snark, spoil the networks.”

Comcast bought DailyCandy in 2008 for $125 million from investment firm Pilot Group. The idea at the time was that the fashion-and-lifestyle digital publication for women would mesh with Comcast’s cable networks like E!. Since then, Comcast acquired NBCU — with female-focused networks like Bravo and Oxygen — but the hoped-for synergies with DailyCandy never materialized.

In 2012, NBCU hired HBO digital vet Alison Moore as exec VP and general manager of DailyCandy. At HBO, Moore helped launch HBO Go, and prior to that headed product strategy for Cablevision’s Optimum Online broadband service. Moore will remain at NBCU in a yet-to-be-determined role, according to the company.

The closures of DailyCandy and TWOP come after NBCU last November announced it would shut down iVillage, the women-oriented website it acquired for $600 million in 2006, and combine its operations with Today.com.

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  1. iknowitall says:

    TWOP is being closed down because people didn’t like the moderators. They were real assholes who would suspend people from the site for trivial bullshit. The failure was directly their fault. I used to visit everyday then I stopped like many others.

  2. JP says:

    I love the TWOP forums and TWOP and will miss it dearly. But the other psoters are correct. The Mods were totally psycho with policing almost everything, handing out warnings and bans for next to nothing. I understand keeping order, that I appreciated, but it was so much more than that. It was bizarre to say the least and it kept me from posting many a time when they were a bit more off than others. But I loved the in-depth TV discussions that took place there, so I’ll miss it.

  3. skeptic says:

    I lost a lot of interest in TWoP when Miss Alli left, although I will sorely miss M. Giant’s and Kim’s recaps. It’s my opinion they provided the best TAR and Survivor recaps on the internet. What I won’t miss is the forums, which I only tried a couple times. Only the big full-time posters were allowed to have an opinion – everyone else was swarmed unmercifully for everything from using Oxford commas to causing the end of life as we know it.

  4. Pamela says:

    Happy to see that the unreasonable & clearly biased TWOP mods are joining the unemployment ranks (if they were even getting paid). There are also a few truly hateful posters there who are out of a forum for their viciousness. EAT IT, beyotches!

  5. I never really read Television without Pity and I Daily Candy was interesting email reading a few years ago. I won’t miss either. Comcast must have had something to do with this. They are all about money.

  6. Say WHAT? says:

    May TWOP Bayless burn in the fires of unemployment hell.

  7. April Breck says:

    If the moderators hadn’t been such psychos, TWoP might not have lost so many visitors. God forbid you mention a character, prior season event, or theme in an episode thread.

  8. Now where will TWoP’s Jacob go to subject people to his horrible, longwinded, pretentious writing?

  9. Reblogged this on Sweetness and Snark and commented:
    So, so sad to hear about Daily Candy! One of my biggest inspos for this blog.

  10. Derek Sheppard says:

    Hah! Good riddance to TWoP, they were nothing but mean-spirited juvenile a$$hats!!

    • shok says:

      Heh. Whereas you, obviously, are totally mature and past the name calling stage. TWoP forums had the best moderators and kept posters like you out which is why the forums were so popular and will be dearly missed.

      • lisa says:

        He may be immature, but the moderators on TWoP went overboard banning people for trivial “offenses”. There were even posters who were banned after years of posting without problems because the particular moderator didn’t like their views.

  11. Elaine says:

    Reblogged this on Diamonds and Dirt and commented:

  12. Chip says:

    This affects WAY more than 3 TWOP employees — there are tons of people who work for TWOP in varying capacities (writing recaps, editing and, yes, working as the much-loathed moderators). Some of these employees work part time, but others rely on TWOP for full time employment. This is a way bigger deal than the article presents.

  13. Amber says:

    Does this mean that the internet is finally free from the terror reign of TWOPHoward? Are we finally free to actually discuss stuff? Possibly with *gasp* incorrect comma usage once in a while??? :O

    • gejufan says:

      Thank you!!
      so glad to see i’m the only one who found it an annoying thing/person.
      I am not a english native speaker so naturally i have mistakes, especially grammar ones and capitalization. after receiving three messages from that moderator i went back to forum lurking, it simply wasn’t worth it. i’m a college student i don’t have the time or energy to over analyze my posts for grammar mistakes- i save that for my papers.

  14. Sinkwriter says:

    TwoP was better before it was bought out. Back then, it wasn’t controlled by advertising dollars. It was just a bunch of talented and funny writers and people who liked to talk about TV. I can’t believe a site like TwoP is closing down after all these years. It’s a damn shame.

    Also, I have to believe more than 3 people are being affected at TwoP. What, were all the recappers not getting paid at all?

    • Meh, those ridiculous moderators were out of control. I certainly won’t miss that holier than thou crowd.

      • Susan says:

        Aww…. RIP Television Without Pity. Back in the Gilmore Girls heyday, TWOP was my internet home. It wasn’t owned by a big corp back then; it was just a fun place to read recaps and chat with other fans. Then, a corporation bought it, killed what was special about it and are now shutting it down. This is a trend in too many aspects of our culture today.

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