Jury Orders Samsung to Pay $119 Million to Apple in Patent Case


A federal court jury determined that Samsung infringed Apple smartphone patents and awarded $119.6 million in damages.

The panel delivered its verdict Friday in San Jose, Calif., putting an end to the latest clash between the two tech giants.

It also found that Apple infringed Samsung patents and awarded $158,000 in damages.

Apple had sought $2.2 billion in damages, claiming Samsung stole five of its smartphone patents, including slide-to-lock, universal searching, quick linking, automatic word correction and background syncing.

Two years ago, a different jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $930 million after finding it had used Apple technology to create older generation devices. Samsung is appealing that order.



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  1. Mike Vass says:

    oh beautiful! Oh Apple, how will you embarrass yourselves next! You may tap a notch out of Samsung but I can assure you that that will heal much faster than your PR! xD!!!!!

  2. Jason Hilton says:

    haha Charles… you must not of used a smartphone, obvious by all the grammatical errors. Which i wish i could show i used an Android to type this and i mispelled all of it; Android corrected everything, Apple DOES NOT due this. Research In Motion had the first “smartphone” to be out. BlackBerry. Forgot about that I see. It had email, Navigation, Text and was far advanced then any other phone. Then there came Palm and Samsung who both had touch screens, LONG before Apple was a contender in the mobile phone market.

    As Far as computers are concerned, IBM Created the FIRST at home personal computer not Apple.
    It was known as the IBM 5100 and came out in 1974 1976 was the year the firs Apple came out; The Apple 1.

    So your statement of APPLE IS THE ORIGINAL..is by far false in all aspects. In fact there is more of a case of RIM being able to sue all phone manufacturers. That would be a settlement for all the stolen technology.

    But as these cases go, I do not think that Samsung is at fault in any of this. If the happened to use a variation of the technology, that is legal/ If they are using the exact same software etc.; then it is at the hands of the software company and they broke the contract not Samsung; Therefore They should not be faulted in any sense.

  3. JS says:

    Charles. Quick research will tell you that Apple did not make the worlds first smart phone. They had smartphones out for YEARS in japan before Apple released anything. I remember in 09 when everyone in the US was tripping over themselves to get an iPhone and shelling out thousands they were giving them out in japan for FREE when you signed up for a plan. Back then we couldn’t watch tv, pay for things, etc using our phones but people in japan were already doing that.

  4. Charles says:

    Even if Samsung or other Company stole whatever functions that Apple contains…It’s still Apple is the GREATEST Tech Company in the World, cause all of the idea were came from them like The ‘Smartphone’, the first iPhone is the world first Smartphone, and I think this innovation becomes the inspiration of the other company to Create the Android, also the idea of PC, Steven jobs is the first who think and released the first Personal Computer and then it was imitated by Microsoft, (based on the movie ‘JOBS’) so I therefore conclude, Apple is the ORIGINAL, and everything is only an IMITATION…peace

  5. Tom Nefeldt says:

    I’ve tried to leave 3 comments and get logged off… Very typical of Apple to avoid criticism. This probably won’t get through either.

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