Ellen DeGeneres Launches ‘Ellentube’ Video Site, Expanding Beyond YouTube

Ellen DeGeneres Ellentube
Courtesy of Warner Bros TV

Talk-show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres — who runs one of biggest TV-oriented YouTube channels — has formed a new digital venture and is launching Ellentube, a site and app that will host exclusive video from her daytime program.

Ellentube (ellentube.com) was created by DeGeneres with her show’s executive producers, Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin and Andy Lassner. Fans visiting Ellentube will be able to upload their own videos, with user-generated submissions to be reviewed by before being posted to the site, and the best user videos will be considered for possible showcase on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

On YouTube, TheEllenShow channel averages more than 100 million views per month, has generated nearly 3 billion video views to date. The channel currently has just over 10 million subscribers. DeGeneres has 33.7 million Twitter followers for @TheEllenShow — and famously tweeted a group-selfie that broke records when she hosted this year’s Oscars — making her the most-followed TV personality on the social service.

In announcing the site, DeGeneres said that Ellentube will host content from the show “that you won’t see anywhere else.” (Watch a video of her discussing the launch here.)

“What makes our site different than any other place is that if you accidentally type in a wrong word, you’re not going to stumble upon something that’s bad or mean or something like that,” she said in a statement. “You know how that can happen. So everything on the site is fun, and there is nothing mean-spirited. And if you have a video that you want me to see, I’d love to see it.”

A rep for the show said Ellen’s YouTube channel will continue to have the clips from the show; those also will appear on Ellentube, which will provide additional exclusive content and clips.

Ellentube will be organized around video playlists, based on categories popular with her fanbase. Those include: kids, “funny,” “incredible” (featuring videos of “epic wins” from across the Internet), trending, celebrity scares and, of course cats (“The working title for this website was ‘Ellen’s Cat Video Emporium,’ but we decided to make it a little more broad,” she said.)

Ellentube is the first initiative from newly formed Ellen Digital Ventures, created by Warner Bros. Television and DeGeneres to extend her TV franchise to digital, social and gaming audiences. WBTVG has tapped HSN exec Jill Braff to serve as g.m., reporting to Mike Darnell, president, of Warner Bros. Unscripted and Alternative Television, and Donna Redier Linsk, Telepictures EVP of business operation operations and programming. Braff, a 20-year industry vet, was previously EVP of digital commerce for HSN and prior to that was CEO of Scrapblog, a social photo site.

The “Ellen” show’s other social outlets include Facebook, she has more than 16 million “likes,” and Instagram, where @TheEllenShow has more than 6 million followers. In gaming, Ellen’s Heads Up! paid app debuted in May 2013 and has more than 5.5 million downloads to date. EllenTV.com, the official website of her daily talk show, generates more than 100 million page views monthly.

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” now in its 12th season, is produced by A Very Good Production and WAD Prods. in association with Telepictures, and is distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. It’s shot at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.

Ellentube, which serves preroll video ads, uses an online-video player from New York-based Kaltura.

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  1. madhumitha says:

    Hey ellen!! i am ur big fan and i am all way from south of india. i just want to convey that i am ur biggest fan and i could see u one day. i am currently doing my medical studies in here and my leisure time is watching ur show . i just love u ellen. i wish i could meet u . once again i love you!!!!*

  2. Joy mills says:

    I don’t no how to start I am from the south.fell in love with a man from the north and believe its very hard when both sides of our family’s done want us being toghter and trying to start over its about to break us trying to find some where to live boy rhats is hard things up north is very high thank you I do get to watch your show very good part of my day so once again thank you

  3. I love you ellen your so sweet how you give people money who need it I wish we had money

  4. dear Ellen my name is Lorrie Stanley and I never ask anyone for anything but is there a way you could help me find a job I just got let go for no good reason from my job and started looking right away and actually got hired from another company the next week.I was honest and told them what happened at the first job and they aggred that I was let go unfairly. I applied to unemployment and was turned down so you can imagin my pure happiness to get this new job ! so I went in got hired on the spot ,did all the nessary paperwork ect and was schduled to start the follwing tuesday I called and told everyone and then to my dismae and bad luck they called back and saigd they hired two many people and had to take back the offer. :( I have been applying for jobs all over and nothing! so i was hoping with your kind heart you could help? I have a jeep that i share with my daughter and live at my mother n laws house ,I have car insurance ,Rent ,food ,phone besides I have to save to get my own place. so You see I need to work. And I need to show my daughters that Im ok they are 24,25 Lacie and Lindsie and they need to see me working because I’ve always told them to promise to go to college because I never want them to rely on the”system” or anyonyels so by me not working…….Not a good exzample. Now Im not asking for anything but maybe your help getting work,I live in Scarborough ,Maine but I will go anywhere to work .Please Ellen could you meet meand we could talk so You could see if you want to help. You do so much for sooooo many and I know people need more than I do but Im broke and feel like a big loser :( please call me re this problem if you have time. I know your maybe thinking that I could go to my parents but my dad is desesed and my Mom is sick so really I need help. thanks for reading this Lorrie Stanley

  5. Tracy Allen says:

    Dear Ellen you are so Awesome.You bring laughter and love to all human.I was wondering if you could help me with a situation that I have.My son is 4 years old and never had a haircut.I mention a haircut and he says no I don’t want a haircut.My sons hair is to beautiful to go to waste so I wanted to donate it and I know how you love to give to children that are in need.So Ellen I’m asking will you do a trade off.My sons haircut for a nice Beautiful Long Brown tight Curly Wig for a beautiful girl that is in need. P.S. I don’t want to really cut it but he will be starting school next year and I don’t want him to get tease for having long hair . People always comment how beautiful her hair is.Then I have to tell them she is a boy and yes his hair is beautiful. Then they say sorry and I tell them it’s OK he is cute whether he a boy or a girl.

  6. fyi !!!!Ellen show did not come up with the ellentube.com idea ,
    i did and i sold the domain to warner brothers so technically,she did not
    ,i bought the domain back in 2010 and sold it just before 2014 to a lawyer representing Warner bros and i wrote ellentv.com with the idea back in 2009-2010
    because she showed so many YouTube vids and had people on from YouTube so i mixed the two names and bought the domain
    i never heard from Ellen show just a lawyer not telling me who i was selling to
    ,i even put in the contract not to use Ellen degenerous name in slander i should have also added to get some sort of kick back in hits on the site

  7. Debra Blake says:

    First time to tweet. I’ve watched Ellen for years, even before when she got cancelled i felt she got ripped off and now LOOK AT HER NUMBER ONE HOST. Keep it up Ellen, you inspire more than anyone besides GOD

  8. akouvi says:

    Dear ellen I love you
    I watch your show everyday you make me laugh
    love I will love to be on the show one day

    • Fainting goats u will laugh ur butt off so cute I actually felt bad for them and then u realize it’s ok and they r fine love u Ellen love ur show watch u everyday hope this will make u laugh too

  9. Victor says:

    I love you Allen?

  10. maria says:

    dear ellen, I simply love you!!watched your sitcom, cheered for you when you announced you were gay, and look forward everyday to watching you on channel 4 at 4. I thought you would be the one celebrity to not go along with the media balony and call Christmas cards, Christmas cards, not holiday cards!! they are sent to celebrate Christmas a Christian celebration commemorating the birth of Christ….I thought that if anyone, you would have the courage to stand up and acknowledge that fact….I thank you for all the smiles and laughter you bring to everyone!!your kindness inspires me everyday.

  11. Rhonda Welch says:

    Not only do I laugh my ass off m-f from watchin ur show but now I can do it 7daz. Thank u &I love you

  12. Amber Donaldson says:

    You are the best thing ever you keep my girlfriend me laughing. We Dvr your show , and when we just want to laugh we watch your show, the world needs more laughter and kindness!

  13. Tammie Clark says:

    I don’t know how to send you video’s so I will send you the name of two. There a must both will bring you to tears in a good way. The hilarious story of Shane the Walmart deli guy and dad’s wedding surprise makes bride and groom break down in tears. Hope I did this right Love You have a great day

  14. brendawhiteman says:

    I love or show I thought I laugh alot

  15. brendawhiteman says:

    I watch or show everyday I love it I thought I have sense of humor but or show tops the cake love ya

  16. Jodi Kramer says:

    If I were gay, I would so split up you and Paurtia!

  17. Jodi Kramer says:

    Please, Ellen! Pay my childrens cell phone bill for a year! And, could you also give them a job? Lots o love to you and yours!

  18. Kenithia Starks says:

    Hi ellen I have been praying that one day my family an I get a chance to meet you I have two beautiful children my son was born with cerebral palsy he will be nine in two days an my daughter will be 12 in december we are having a hard time finding a place to live we need help with bills an finding a place to stay the car will only go so far thank god for ellen tube I pray my family is chosen for the 12 day giveaway god bless you ellen

  19. carissa jewell derry says:

    I suffer from manic depression I don’t laugh or smile very often, however Ellen I watch your show every day and I laugh so hard that I cry. I’m so glad that you created Ellentube.com! Now I can watch whenever I want!!!

  20. Jo-Ann Manno says:

    I watch Ellen every day now that I am retired. She is truly a genuine person and her sense of humor is amazing. She is funny without stooping to insult people to get a laugh. Some day if I am very lucky I will get to see her in person. I have not ever tried to get tickets because I lived in New York, but I am going to start trying now that I live in California. In closing Ellen you are the best, keep up the excellent work you are doing, it is truly the highlight of my day watching your show. And thanks for the new web sight so I can get my fix of Ellen when you are not on.

    • carissa derry says:

      I suffer from manic depression. I don’t laugh or smile very often. However Ellen I watch your show everyday and I laugh so hard I cry. You are amazing and I love you. I’m so glad you created ellentube.com so I can watch whenever I want!

  21. I love watching Ellen especially for Halloween! I also love to get scared and see people get scared! It’s wildly hysterical!! Thanks Ellen love you

  22. I love to watch Ellen its so much fun to watch especially watching everyone get scared for Halloween!

  23. Gary Boundy says:

    Hi Ellen: Enjoyed your conversation with Nicole Kidman. Mom passed away April 29, 2014. October 20, 2014, marked the 19th anniversary of daughters passing. She was 21 and had a five year battle with leukemia. I always expected I would pass before daughter Thanks for the laughter from your show. It has definitely helped me get thru the month of October

  24. arnita west says:

    applause applause ellen you just keep doing great things,,love u much!

  25. Marybeth beasley says:

    iLife you show always makes me laugh when I néen a good laugh you are on my bucket list for when I’m able to travel

  26. Marybeth beasley says:

    We’ll I watch you from st Vincent’s hospital chemo unit. I make all app.based on your air time

    • Gary Boundy says:

      Marybeth: Praying for and family. I volunteer at St. Joseph Medical Center Bloomington, Illinois. With your permission, would like for Pastoral Care to place you on prayer list.

  27. Gladys Eral says:

    I will have my daughter show me how to do this lol I’m good but not too good. I have loved you for years. I love your sense of humor. Great Halloween pranks and Andy in the haunted house…priceless. Of course I don’t do them … The monsters know I’m an easy target lol

  28. Sherry Cassel says:

    I just love watching your show I don’t know what you are going to come up with next but when I’m down and need a pick me up just watching your show just makes my days I can’t wait to see your new Ellen’s tube but the one thing I do know is if you got anything to do with it ,its got to be great

  29. Antonella Alfano says:

    Hey Ellen my name is Antonella I have 2 kids under 2 years old Luigi is 22 months and Josie is 6 months today love them to pieces but I need my time and always by 4:00 PM I put them to sleep just so I can have meeeeee time I sit I pig out and watch your show just like a couch potatoe lol I just love this new site your amazing you wear your heart on your sleeve ALWAYS and I LOVE you for it every time you give away gifts U make me cry cause I see the joy in people’s eyes it’s like Xmas Everytime for them I would love just one day to win something In my life still waiting tick tock tic tock …… Have a great day ps: if there is anyway I can win 12 day giveaway from home please let me know like if there are any draws I can register in please email me at antonellaalfano79@gmail.com

  30. I just love your show and am always looking forward to all your next brillant ideas and newfounded ventures!!! Big fan, robin schneider.

  31. keith garland says:

    love. first. timer. love. ellen

  32. Anna brinser says:

    Hi ellen love u can’t wait to meet can I get in on the 12 days of Christmas

  33. Paula Flagg says:

    SO EXCITED ABOUT ellentv.com, Thanks Ellen!!!

  34. Loved Andy in the haunted house! Hilarious fun! =) Thanks for the laughs!

  35. lori rivett says:

    Ellen love your show

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