Nintendo Faces Tough Year After Wii U Flops

Wii U Flop

While Sony and Microsoft see strong sales for its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Nintendo's still trying to find traction for its Wii U, released in 2012

Sony and Microsoft may have winners with their next-generation video game consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but rival Nintendo can’t say the same with its Wii U. In fact, the device is pretty much a flop.

In a stunning reversal, Nintendo has slashed global sales forecasts for the console from 9 million to 2.8 million — a whopping 70% — for its fiscal year that wraps up March 31. Company also expects to report a third consecutive annual loss after failing to reach sales targets during the same frame.

Nintendo said it expects a loss of 35 billion yen ($335.76 million) this year. It originally anticipated a 100 billion yen profit. It reported an operating loss of 36.41 billion yen last year.

“We failed to reach our target for hardware sales during the year-end, when revenues are the highest,” said Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, at a shareholder briefing. Gamemakers typically generate a majority of their sales during the holidays.

Iwata said the company will hold a company briefing on Jan. 30 to discuss “a new business structure” to turn around sales and “propose something that surprises our customers” after admitting Nintendo misread the games market.

“The way people use their time, their lifestyles, who they are have changed,” Iwata said. “If we stay in one place, we will become outdated.”

The disappointing sales occurred despite Nintendo slashing the price of the Wii U by $50 to $299, in September.

But Nintendo said it also expects demand for its 3DS handheld to also decline to 13.5 million from 18 million.

Nintendo has been hit hard by the attention that’s surrounded the new PS4 and Xbox One consoles, but also the growing appeal of casual games on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Despite critical praise of new installments of its “Super Mario Bros.” and “Legend of Zelda” franchises, sales couldn’t help reverse a decline in sales for Nintendo during the fall.

The Wii U was introduced in 2012 and includes a tablet-like controller to play games. Since its release, Nintendo has been criticized for being slow to release enough games to warrant the purchase of the console.

Comparably, Sony said it sold 4.3 million PS4 consoles by the end of December, while Microsoft moved more than 3 million units of its Xbox One off store shelves.

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  1. Jeff Jones says:

    The Wii U has not flopped . It is doing exactly what nintendo was planning from the start . IGNORANCE such as this article should just be ignored .

  2. brian cox says:

    Wii U Owners grab another put it in ur car pad on dash phone hot spot on and make voice video calls from car to home wii chats camera can also hlp work as a rear view mirror its pretty cool im always showing it off in my ride lol

  3. stallion says:

    Nintendo didn’t call it FLOP or FAILED, They couldn’t reach the projected WII U and 3DS number and lowered it. Is this MS, SONY’s fact any better?

  4. says:

    The reason the WIi U is a flop is because Nintendo, like all Wii U owners, are DELUSIONAL. Nintendo insists on shoving Mario down our throats thinking that all the kids from the 80’s who used to play Super Mario Bros have the “Peter Pan Syndrome.” Sorry to break the news, but the majority of those kids actually grew up and grew out of Mario. As much fun as I had with those Mario games when I was a kid, even then I dreamed of the day when I could blow up stuff and destroy bad guys in gruesomely realistic ways. Those days are now. We have the Gears of Wars, Uncharted, The Last of Us and even Call of Duty (which I hate). We don’t want to play Mario Kart, we want Forza. We don’t want to jump on mushrooms’ heads, we want to curb stomp the Locust.

    • brian cox says:

      we have cod also dummy

      • brian cox says:

        ghosts got bad review for all systems man.and again mmofps not console fps if ur gonna batte me boy talk about a real game a great story ive been to the edges of the gaming universe pc blows xbox and sony out of the water.i love my U cant get thosetitles on my pc

      • says:

        You mean the COD that got the worst score out of all the versions, the one with no online community? Yeah the Pii U’s got that, too.

    • brian cox says:

      didnt they sell because of mario retard?watch Zelda flip this or many coming soon!
      its the haters that r delusional puppet…look at the games those other systems r junk wanna be pc’s mostly fps and consloe fps is garbage compared to mmofps.look at first party on the others they r trash.
      nintendo operates with gains why?because of its incredible first party titles.its handhelds toys cloths,snacks,etc etc..
      what makes me wanna get sony or ms?really why should i i have a high end pc wha do they have.
      oh and killzone30fps?look at the reviews of the others systems makes me laugh really read about knack and killzone and the others

  5. brian cox says:

    ppl need to just buy one and try it out you will fall in love with it,as for games list no systms launch titles are that great usually its the 2nd 3rd year when shit gets heated up.
    ps and xbox might have sold more but the hype is over and the games suck for those systems!sony opperates at a loss year after long will they stay in console business?go to ps and xbox comments its dead thats why they flock to nintendo to tlk trash cause the other two systems are junk.oh and look up wii mind controller!!

    • says:

      So what you’re saying is that NIntendo slashing the Wii U’s sales forecast by nearly 70% is actually a great sign, right? And that Microsoft and Sony could only dream of one day achieving this wonderful feat of having to slash their sales forecast by 70%, correct? That selling 4.2 million in two months flat is not nearly as good selling 3 million in 15 months, right? LOL..

      • brian cox says:

        and u still havent given me a reason to buy a ms or ps or a game that can beat out a nintendo game an what gta remake new cars weapons and online mode wow just wow

      • brian cox says:

        they overprojected is all lol tard again hype over for the other systems the games are junk and buggy for ms sony.they are only fps and shitty rpg machines bro.U is in its infancy year 2 the year of the U dont cry cause ur machine doesnthave nintendo firstparty and thats why u all come to complain about a system u dnt own and with that being said your comments are irrelevant to the nintendo comunity so go play killzone at 30fps lol
        this message posted from the Wii U game pad

  6. Aaron Pirotta says:

    Wii U by far has the best launch games than PS4/Xbone. And they will have the best exclusive games than any other systems. High sales for other systems was because promotion was better on other systems. I played a couple of games on PS4, all of them by far sucked. KillZone Shadow Fall was so average gameplay, in the end, me and pals started playing the Pinball game which has scored the highest so far in rating.
    I’m waiting for Wii U next new business structure.

  7. lee says:

    bought mine on boxing day and it is wicked and now got 13 games…..wii u kicks ass ,don’t care for x shitbox 1 and don’t care for ps4 at all ,I got a blue ray player on my PS 3 so don’t need either of them……

    Wii U Total Sales: 5,340,720
    PS4 Total Sales: 4,382,474
    Xbox One Total Sales: 3,104,980

    • Mark Johnson says:

      Those sales figures might show the Wii U in the lead but the PS4 sold almost as many consoles in a month as the Wii U sold in a year. It doesn’t look good at the moment.

      I dont buy Nintendo consoles for myself but my 9 year old loves them and wants a Wii U for her birthday. £250 seems a lot of money for me to spend on a system that isn’t selling very well and from what I can see has graphics that are more or less the same as my Xbox 360.

      • brian cox says:

        alright man get these titles to play with ur kid
        Trine2,The Cave,Wonderful101,Pikmen,Ducktales,Zombie U for ur self.grab tekken tag also i have 32 games sofar and cant putit down but if ninty anint for ya dnt play it dnt comment on it we like what we get thats why we buy it for tose games again most ppl have a pc xbox and ps are weak compared to those and those systems first party suck so why would a mario,zelda lover want what they cant play?

    • Jungo says:

      The Wii U needs a REAL Zelda game, not a crappy cell-shaded regular Wii port.
      The also need to advertise more.

  8. tanto says:

    3ds might see lower projections but it was still the top system in 2013. PS4 and XOne didnt stand a chance against it. This is why your trash

    • Hi how are you32 says:

      Yo, I like Nintendo as much as the next guy, Zelda is my favorite gaming franchise. But, to sit there and deny that Nintendo hasn’t made a lot of mistakes ever since 2006 (…The Wii *shudders at the mere thought of it* but Skyward Sword is my favorite game, it came just a little to late though). There is a difference between being a fan, and being a blind fanboy. I want Nintendo to succeed because of what they add to gaming, but I could run that company better then what Iwata does. Look at it at a business stand point, not at the games they make. Nintendo doesn’t know how to market the Wii U, the don’t know how to advertise the asymmetric play, they don’t know how to advertise what the gamepad does or offers for games, they don’t let people know that Batman, Assassins Creed and CoD are on their console (those games push consoles if advertised properly). They rarely let people know there is a Zelda bundle out but advertised the shit out of A Link Between Worlds. My point is that Nintendo doesn’t know what they are doing, and they need to figure something out quick. Quit being a fanboy and open your eyes, I love Nintendo as well but they are slipping fast.

  9. tanto says:

    Wii u is not a flop. This article is hyperbolic trash

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