SiriusXM Fires ‘Opie and Anthony’ Host Over Racist Comments

SiriusXM Fires 'Opie and Anthony' Host

SiriusXM has fired Anthony Cumia, one-half of the longtime radio program “Opie and Anthony,” over racially-charged comments he made earlier in the week.

Cumia, who was also fired from a Boston station in 1998 for falsely reporting the death of the city’s mayor, called a black woman a “pig” and “an animal” on Twitter after she allegedly punched him in the face for trying to take a photo.

He then said several black men came to her defense.

“There’s a deep seeded problem with violence in the black community,” Cumia ranted, “It’s really open season on white people in this day and age. No recourse. Fight back and you’re a racist. The predators know this. Good luck.”

Sirius confirmed his departure in a statement.

“SiriusXM has terminated its relationship with Anthony Cumia of the Opie & Anthony channel. The decision was made, and Cumia informed, late Thursday, July 3, after careful consideration of his racially charged and hate-filled remarks on social media. Those remarks and postings are abhorrent to SiriusXM, and his behavior is wholly inconsistent with what SiriusXM represents.”

Cumia, who also tweeted “I hope she gets shot,” has since posted a message saying he plans to think things over during the holiday weekend before signing off with “F— Sirius.”

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  1. @SammyGlick “but they are not and never will be ‘free’ from taking responsibility for what they say and/or somehow be protected from the repercussions of what they say.”

    Shading the First Amendment with “taking responsibility for what they say…” is just another form of control and censorship with the double-standard PC dirtbags.

    It’s this weak, spineless and feminized society that say NOTHING about murders in the dozens in Chicago and Detroit, but will continue the knee-jerk reactions when someone even alludes to a racist comment.

    The typical “progressive” mindset that says, “Well, it’s what they do…so who are we to judge”. That my fellows, is racism. Yet no one will ever say “take responsibility” in those inner cities. Anthony and the like have been calling this type of behavior and verbal climate out for years…and now he’s fired?

  2. Mark says:

    I guess if anyone cared, they’d have heard of this idiot before.

  3. Jim Feely says:

    Oh yeah! :)

  4. awwalk56 says:

    cumia will be on hannity’s show and both will be crying about how cumia’s First Amendment rights we violated and how Obama was behind his firing.

  5. hijackthemic says:

    I didn’t catch anything racist in the quoted comments I saw here and in other articles, but I think Sirius is no longer very committed to keeping their show around so that made it easy for them to do this. Those guys could easily just switch over to doing a podcast and have it be quite successful.

  6. Snake Plissken says:

    Let’s see a guy who made his living off publicizing people who crash and burn on facebook and twitter is too stupid to keep from crashing and burning himself on twitter. It’s kind of like a drug dealer who is too stupid to keep from sampling his product.

  7. GoombasRdangerous says:

    Anthony Cumia was always a racist Goomba Italian

  8. Wazmo says:

    Cumia has only himself to blame for his termination.

  9. joe says:

    I don’t believe this…you are all so concerned that he called someone a pig and insulted blacks….that you lost the fact THAT HE WAS ASSAULTED…but ohhh lordy he insulted blacks…Once again the victim is guilty. ..

    • Lisa says:

      What’s with “ohhh lordy” ? Was that a reference? How exactly do you know he’s telling the truth and being accurate? When was the last time some black woman hit you in the street unprovoked? I’m glad he’s gone. His show has been racist for years. His stupidity and arrogance allowed him to think he was beyond repercussions for the crap he says. Finally, (long awaited) justice.

  10. Brandon Bell says:

    Actually Bill, the problem was that he painted the entire Black race with a broad ugly brush.

  11. Jim Feely says:

    Pigs were what police were referred to during the 60’s

  12. Mary Harris says:

    Love the articles! But as a writer and editor, I have to say, it’s “deep-seated”! :)

  13. Bob says:

    Political correctness is the enemy of freedom…whether it’s freedom of speech or thought.And what exactly does “SiriusXM represent”?

    • sammyglick says:

      Spare me the nonsense about ‘political correctness’ being out of control in America. Everyone is free to say whatever they want, but they are not and never will be ‘free’ from taking responsibility for what they say and/or somehow be protected from the repercussions of what they say.

      It’s only idiots on AM Talk Radio and Fox News who try and conflate the two to score cheap political points to the rubes who support them. What, Conservatives now want the ‘government’ to step in and push around private companies so they don’t fire loud-mouthed idiots like Anthony Cumia!?!

      • Silence Dogood says:

        Ah, yes…what would the ‘Variety’ comments be without the obligatory shot at ‘Fox News’ by some blithering idiot.

        I checked *twice* – ‘Fox News’ has nothing to do with this story.

    • Brandon Bell says:

      No, the enemy of freedom is stupidity. And we have way too much of it in today’s society. And sadly, it’s willful.

    • JD says:

      Why don’t people understand what freedom of speech means? He was free to say what he wanted, and Sirius was free to respond in kind. Why would they want to employ a slime like him anyway?

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