Police Release New Photos From Kurt Cobain’s Suicide

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle police have released previously unseen images (see below) showing drug paraphernalia from the scene of Kurt Cobain’s suicide 20 years ago.

Police spokeswoman Renee Witt said Thursday that several rolls of undeveloped film were found when a detective re-examined the Cobain case recently.

Seattle police released two images to the media late Thursday. One was an image showing a box containing a spoon and what appear to be needles on the floor next to a cigarette and sunglasses. The other showed the paraphernalia box closed, next to cash and a wallet that appears to show Cobain’s identification.

Cobain’s, whose body was discovered in Seattle on April 8, 1994, is not seen in the images. An investigation determined he had shot himself.

New Photos:

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    1. Kelsey says:

      Im 12 years old and I KNEW he had to OD

    2. nunyabnz says:

      I lived in Seattle at the time, working at a TV advertising company in Queen Anne that always had police scanners on. We heard it all. They were calling it a murder the second they were on site. Hours later, it became ‘suicide.’ You make the call.

    3. Alex Yamach says:

      No fingerprints were found on the gun! He bought the gun a day or two before and handled it numerous times and had to hold it to shoot it, yet no fingerprints were found on the gun. Somebody please explain that. The police are probably lying and never did a finger print test because they immediately conluded it was a suicide.

      Why would a world famous well known rock star feel the need to leave his wallet open with his ID showing in plain sight to make sure others knew who the dead body in his own home was?

      Why would a person who had already injected themselves with a LETHAL amount of heroin feel the need to shoot themself when they were already gonna die from the the overdose of drugs they just took?

      The doors to the space over the garage were always kept locked. So how did Kurt with no key get in? No key was found on him. There were no broken windows and no signs of forced entry.

      The Police jumped to conclusions and like in the Jon Benet Ramsey case botched the investigation

      Note: Instead of releasing all the photos, except those of the body, the police chose to release only the ones that only provide info already known to the public, no photos that provide new info, which limits the amount of questions and scrutiny of the police investigation and conclusions they reached.

      The fact that the police did not develop the film at the time the photos were taken shows they did not consider any other possibility except suicide. They did a cursory review of the scene, filled out and filed the required paperwork, and never considered the site a crime scene. Incompetence on their part.

    4. punker81 says:

      I’m glad he committed suicide. No one else deserves the fame.

    5. F S N says:

      Reblogged this on The Now.

    6. Beat Me Up says:

      Like any junkie you see he smoked his cig right down to the butt and he had a whole pack there (as he would have purchased those when he scored: maybe.) And if he has cash out that tells me he recently scored. Of course people will say it’s a staged photo, etc., but part of Cobain’s pain was junkie pain. Some will say that Love killed him, but not with a gun; but she is the one who got him hooked on the ‘sh*t”. I just wish she’d release some of his music. What’s the hol(e)d up?

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