‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Daughter: ‘It’s as if My Favorite Teacher Died’

Mara Wilson ms Doubtfire

Mara Wilson, the young actress who played Robin Williams’ adorable daughter in “Mrs. Doubtfire,” has broken her silence about the actor’s suicide.

Now 27 years old, Wilson took to her blog to share some thoughts on Williams, saying, “it’s as if my favorite teacher died.”

From her personal blog:

Everybody grieves in their own way. When I heard about Robin’s death, I was shocked, confused angry, regretful, and above all, sad. All I wanted was talk to my family and friends and cry. A few news outlets asked if I would be willing to talk about him on the air, and while I usually like interviews, I knew I wasn’t in a good place to do that. I still (a whole three days later) don’t want to do any. It’s too soon, and I need my own time to process it all. I will, however, be sharing some of my memories about him on this blog sometime soon.

While Robin and I had not talked in a few years, there is no question he had a great impact on my life. He was as warm and talented as everyone says, and a joy to be around. It’s as if my favorite teacher died.

More to come later.

Wilson was one of the first collaborators to respond to the news on Monday, writing on Twitter: “Very sad, very upset … probably going to take some time off for a while.”

Williams, who killed himself at his San Francisco home, was in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease, his wife revealed on Thursday and was also suffering from depression.

Funeral arrangements for the actor, 63, are expected to be announced soon.

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  1. Lisa says:

    May god bless your sweet soul my friend. I sure wish someone anyone could have heard your cry and brought you to a place of healing whatever you slaved to. Depression or a traumatic experience or an illness doesn’t care how amazing you are and it attacks every class of life. Rich,poor,funny,creative genius you are it is an evil gross monster and can destroy the strongest of great minds. My heart is so heavy and I fear for your soul because I believe this is the unforgivable sin and cannot enter Heaven. There are so many other special friends who join you and Our Father cries because he wanted his child with him and I know you make him smile through the tears. My prayer is that when we speak to anyone that we choose our words wisely. That we make an effort to love others and realize just because you can take comments or ridicule and you can roll that off your shoulders many cannot and it builds or destroys their self esteem. I pray we make a conscious effort to take our shallow focus off ourselves and know man is nothing without our Lord and money won’t buy you a ticket in Heaven! I pray we use the blessing of intelligence to help others not to look upon others as if your superior to them and you make fun of others bully others well knowing you hurt them. Reach out to people and at least be kind to someone less fortunate or fights their battle of depression or a past hurt and I pray we stop labeling anyone who struggled at one time with a drug or alcohol. Addiction comes in many forms like overeating,sex,work,negative actions feelings and behaviors,weird obsessions so show compassion because if they cannot be honest and the first they are struggling immediately we bring out that lable cast them destroy their lives and they learn to just hide the pain and the lonliness of not having anyone they can talk to and then they withdrawal and that a very dark place and someone not of a strong mind takes their life. That’s not fair and then they give in or give up! No mans sin is greater than another. God Bless!

    • Pulp Fiction says:

      Robin is in the most beautiful place one could imagine. He is at last without pain. You have no idea what depression does to a person so take your HELL and shove it up your ass

      • janice cooper (ogden) says:

        that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO unness. and hateful, u shud do the rite thing
        and apologize (wether u mean it or NOT)…

      • lily says:

        if god were to allow someone to suffer the way he did, then he felt he had no other option than to take his own life…fuck that god. and selfish people who “devote” themselves to the all powerful god can also fuck themselves. maybe god is real, maybe not. but telling me (from what i’ve heard about him) a wonderful, caring, giving man will now be sent to hell because of the pain he had, i hope that god doesn’t exist. and if there is a heaven and hell, i’m sure he made it

      • Lisa R. Robertson says:

        This will be my last blog entry on this subject being the suicide death of Robin Williams. Your forever going to be a legend a gift of love,and humor,kindness and compassion and a legend in history. I am in no way trying to tarnish your great memory but I’m sad, and a shame and I feel like this should have been avoided. It is in my opinion as I said before if you knowingly plan and execute a suicide and the report said he was sober and I feel that’s selfish. The family, friends,co workers now feel guilt,the vision of him hanging, and I hope he is in a beautiful place..Then the big Why and how and those children feel like they were not important and noone got the chance to say goodbye! These are normal feelings and emotions and yes I fight depression and I know every side of being all alone and helpless defeated useless,rejected,laughed at,used,abused and taunted,pushed aside, bullied and I still feel it is not an option. I know 5 people who I was very close to and I was just a little girl. All of them were unsuccessful and I will never forget looking in their eyes afterwards..One more thing Don’t ever Cuss and take the lords name in vain and as for me and my house I will serve the lord. I am not perfect and I’m a sinner and unworthy but I keep trying to be and do the best I can and I have seen God and I will defend my god forever because he is my best friend and has never given up on me and the reason I can go on and it is not easy and he loves you and I pray that you don’t give into and see your soul to the liar and will never win against God! Amen!

      • Lisa R. Robertson says:

        Wow, god did not do this. God is love and obviously he did not know god. God is simply love.

  2. marian says:

    i was so sad even cried …he was a great actor made me laugh even when i didn’t want to ,,,,he will b so missed on my tv set just wow really sad he is gone :{{{ may god bless u all in time of need ,,,again im so sorry and im so sad he is gone ,..

  3. lindakauling says:

    Dear Mara, Robin Williams would not want us sad and crying, even it is very hard not to do it. He is in Heaven smiling down on us so dear child please think happy memories and send your hugs and kisses to Mrs. Doubtfire she and your Teacher is forever in your heart God Bless you we all Love Robin too? Let the tears fall it is the volume of Love you feel? God Bless Everyone?

  4. Dear little Mara, my heart breaks for Robin’s family and friends, my prayers for the healing to begin, I too feel a great deal of heart break, I have a picture of my mother that has past yrs. ago that everyone commented on and said how much she looked like Mrs,Doubtfire, between my moms picture and my birthday being the day that we lost such a Great Man/Actor etc. it almost make me hurt even more than I could imagine and I was never fortunate enough to have met him, I can only hope now that heaven is even a more beautiful place. Mara take all the time you need dear, and thank you for your great and memorable performance with Robin. God Bless Everyone!

  5. Mara, I enjoyed your performance in Mrs. Doubtfire and Robin’s as well. You have my condolences because while the loss of your co-star is huge, the world has lost him as an icon because he was extraordinarily talented. May God bless you as you go through your time of grief.

  6. Barbara says:

    we lost a great guy but his spirit is OK
    he is with a lot of friends

  7. Debra Tidmore says:

    Dear Mara, I agree with you totally…and I’m 61 years old. The life lessons learned through Robin Williams will be carried in our hearts and souls for the rest of our lives. You were SO good in Mrs. Doubtfire and at the time, I felt like I’d gained a little sister. I treasure the memories of Robin and all of you and your cast in the movie. I hope life has treated you well and will do so in the future also. God Bless You and comfort you on this loss. Carpe Diem Live every day to the fullest in his light.

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