Marvel Introduces First Female Thor in New Comicbook Series

Thor god of thunder Mjolnir

Marvel turned to ABC’s “The View” to introduce the first female to portray Thor in its new comicbook series.

“Thor,” written by Jason Aaron (“Thor: God of Thunder”), with art by Russell Dauterman (“Cyclops”), will be published in October.

“No longer is the classic male hero able to hold the mighty hammer, Mjölnir, a brand new female hero will emerge who will be worthy of the name Thor,” Marvel Comics said in making the announcement. See first image below.

“The inscription on Thor’s hammer reads ‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.’ Well it’s time to update that inscription,” said Marvel editor Wil Moss. “The new Thor continues Marvel’s proud tradition of strong female characters like Captain Marvel, Storm, Black Widow and more. And this new Thor isn’t a temporary female substitute – she’s now the one and only Thor, and she is worthy.”

The female Thor is the eighth title to feature a lead female protagonist and is aimed at women and girls whom comicbook publishers are not actively courting.

Marvel teased the new title and gender reveal of its hammer-wielding hero on Monday with a tweet:

“This is not She-Thor,” Aaron said. “This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is Thor. This is the Thor of the Marvel Universe. But it’s unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before.”

Joss Whedon, who directed Chris Hemsworth as the Norse god in “The Avengers” and now in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” chimed in with his own tweet after the announcement.

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  1. This is an outrage!!! Why can’t they make her his sidekick, or wife etc…? I’m not a feminist by any means and the fact that I am a woman, but come on there is only ONE Thor hero and it’s a man….You shouldn’t get rid of him please think about what you are doing!!!! Thanks

    • ran76 says:

      you do realize Thor has been turned into a woman before in the comics. Hell, in the myths Thor has dressed as a woman and Loki has given birth to a freakin’ 8-legged horse

  2. Drake says:

    This is a poorly written POS and an attempt to piss on classicly awesome characters and push PC onto readers like turning great characters female, black of homosexual rather than trying to write good female, black or homosexual characters. Thor will always be a man, this is a second rate wanna be.

  3. Terra says:

    maybe try actually reading it and all the complaints are addressed and answered in the comic.

  4. Jerry says:

    They could have simply created another Female Thor instead of changing it to female. That’s it. Just stop buying.

    • ran76 says:

      that’s exactly what they did. it’s almost like you don’t read the comics… I don’t believe you actually by the comics, since this happened over a year and a half ago

  5. Jakob Cubitt says:


  6. TJ Cooper says:

    I still haven’t read anything that indicates this Thor behaves any differently than the male Thor. If she does not than you have to believe there is no difference between men and women, or its just a superficial change made for marketing purposes to the PC crowd.

    As far out outselling, of course it is, its a big change and collectors want to own it.

  7. sdasdasdasads says:

    If they’re gonna do this they should AT LEAST kill thor off with honor like saving all of the marvel universe at the extent of his own life but at the cost of his own life and deemed her worth of the hammer or something and if they don’t stop at this what next? Phoenix into a man? Professor X into a Girl? Mystuiqe as a male? Where does it end? I hope this is the last gender leap x-x

  8. Ryan says:

    I find this entire thing insulting, not the fact you’re changing Thor into a woman. But the total disregard of the Asatru beliefs, you wouldn’t have the nerve to put “god” or “jesus christ” into comic books and films having them beat up “bad guys” but yet you find it acceptable to put norse gods into a comic book! Even though the norse beliefs of the gods was around way before Christianity.

  9. Patricia says:

    I agree with the previous statement wholeheartedly.
    The Norse god of war was male not female.
    You keep trying to pull from the alternate universes, but you are not telling people
    Just putting them out there and making the people that know how things work with these character mad.
    It probably doesn’t matter to you, but I do not know of anyone who will be watching — especially not a woman Thor or Spiderman.
    Maybe if you introduced them in a movie with the regular character.,
    But I don’t think you can see how your original characters have been the bread and butter for millions all these years and now you guys are sitting around trying to figure out ways to change things.
    Your are so wrong
    Leave your original characters alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I won’t be paying my hard earned money for these type of movies.

  10. Lincoln Pascual says:

    Marvel, stop this PC stunt. There’s no reason for this. A female Thor, black Captain America, Latino Spider Man… what’s next? Ethiopian Wolverine? Instead of messing with the classic characters for the sake of PC, (and let’s face it, the only decision that makes ANY sense at all is Sam Wilson) make NEW characters. What are your creators smoking in there?

  11. Dagaz Dgz says:

    And another industry shows what little respect they hold for Pagans. With the entire Pantheon of Northern Goddess that could have been adapted this is what you fools at Marvel decided to do? I’ll keep my Daughter reading Batgirl, Black Canary, ect and steer her clear of this Marvel Trash. It’s bad enough when some Christians pick on her for her faith but now Marvel has to make light of her / our faith also?

  12. Ash says:

    You know, I’m very excited about the new female, but that’s only because the only female super hero us girls have is Wonder Woman with her own running comic. I’m sorry it happened to Thor, but at least now maybe we will get a new female with her own comic line.

    • Dagaz Dgz says:

      Ash you need to look at more comics. I’m new to them but with the New 52 DC Universe is doing this right. They have a Batgirl, Bat Woman, The Birds of Prey, and others that I can’t think of. There is no respectable reason for Marvel to have done this as it is an obvious attempt to pander to women in general and feminist in particular. As a Pagan I take offense at this ridiculous adaptation of a Northern God. Would you feel the same if your God was remade simply to push Comic books?

  13. Roelandt says:

    This latest generation of Marvel creators without a Bullpen or Editors who do more than check spelling have been making worse and worse decisions since Marvel’s bankruptcy. Some duffases over their. I wrote them off LONG ago. I haven’t spent money on a Marvel Comic in over a decade and have no plans to start with idiotic ideas like this one. Ruined all my heroes to the person.

  14. so when does Jesus get turned into a woman? Zeus? Moses? I do find that they actually ignore their own large female character base and say that they have ignored women for years, Idiots.

  15. Sherry Wolfe says:

    There are plenty of Norse goddess’s’ in Norse mythology to use in comic books as heroine’s. Please don’t mess with my favorite hero. I’ve had a crush on him all my life. Now I’ll feel like a lesbo.

  16. Matt G says:

    Killed it… why would they do that? Why not just make a new character? Thor is and will always be male… long before comics were a thing. You took an idea and ruined a hero.

  17. James blackshear says:

    I want to know how and when can I purchase the number 1. I am a marvel, dc, image etc. Conosour. I just need to purchase asap

  18. Shan says:

    No Please Don’t

  19. NONONONONONONO! Mjölnir is NOT transferable! I weep for future generations who CANNOT get their mythos correct! Oh and Rogue was still Rogue.

  20. sounds like material for Thor vines VineSnap.NET

  21. Seriously? says:

    Its a trap

  22. myymyynyy says:

    Isn’t that Torrun (his daughter)?

  23. Jerry Beard says:

    Well in a “what if” comic many years ago they kinda already did this… With Rogue absorbing all of Thors power… She at the end Basically became Thor.(in female form)

  24. Duard says:

    Shouldn’t her name be Thora?

  25. judy carroll says:

    Why who is making these terrible decisions.

  26. Fred says:

    Why not get it over with and just make all characters gay or female. Heterosexual males can’t be heroes. They all have to be weak immature buffoons like Homer Simpson and like every guy in every sitcom in the last 10 years.

    • Forevertj says:

      Fred, The White male is no longer acceptable to the liberals. If you vote for Democrats, this is your fault. I can promise you a right wing conservative would have absolutely nothing to do with this. know your enemy.

    • Cath says:

      OMG you are so right, white guys are so marginalised in hero movies, there should be way more!!11!! Idiot…

  27. Gerry says:

    They claim they want to make the character more relatable to girls and women but this sketch is aimed point-blank at fanboys. A chrome brassiere!!? Give me a break.

  28. Bobert says:

    Feels like an excuse to NOT come up with an awesome original female character… IMO.

  29. shakti75 says:

    So, when in Norse mythology was Thor a frog? How about a horse faced alien? Many different characters have taken on the role of Thor at one point or another in the comics. I believe Odin was even tricked by Loki into turning Thor into a female once. This isn’t a case of Thor being given a sex change. Thor Odinson will still exist in the comic, he just won’t have Mjolnir, because he is no longer worthy. When that happens, a female who is already in his life will take on his powers.

  30. Scoopy says:

    it’s really important that fake characters stay the same kind of fake. it feels less real if the pretend is changed to a different kind of pretend. So much less believable now.

    • Callum says:

      They should have made it like a sub-universe or do something like spiderman/spider woman or batman/batgirl instead of actually having her take over…

  31. Arne says:

    Look, I lay my religious claims to the Forn Si’r, and a comic book has nothing to do with religion. We can worship Thor, Odin, Aegir, Hodr, and every other Nordic mythological figure, but Comic books, however, do not affect our beliefs. Marvel comics created *their* version of Thor out of inspiration of the god, therefore, they’re not related in any way since it’s only his likeness. I sincerely hope you can differentiate fiction from religion.

  32. Steve says:

    I grew up reading Marvel comics as a kid in the 60s. Despite all the hand-wringing and whining here, this is not the end of the world. It’s a comic book character and if she now possesses the hammer, get over it.

  33. kyeld says:

    Are you serious? How is this insulting a religious group? Pagans don’t worship a comic book character, unless they’re juvenile idiots.

  34. Mark Andrew Edwards says:

    The stupid is strong with Marvel.

    Well, time to stop buying Thor comics.

  35. Jemal says:

    i dont see the issue and as i recall the only person so far that was able to wield Mjolnir in the comics was captain America himself

  36. Saudia says:

    Why is everyone freaking out about this? The article says a new female superhero will take over the title of Thor and be worthy of lifting Mjolnir. But stuff like his happens all the time in Marvel, like when The Winter Soldier took over for Captain America and got his shield, or when Clint Barton passed on his code name and bow to Kate Bishop. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  37. Peter says:

    I guess they ran out of GOOD story ideas. Damn hollywood screws everything up. Dumbest decision ever.

  38. I just popped it to see what’s the latest in Get-a-Life Ville. It’s the same: really-ripped guys, busty- superhero gals, displayed on slick pages with lots of ads. This stuff was entertaining decades ago, until it was decided to incorporate what is now taken as the sociological and political norms of a post-modern America, indeed, world. Result, Archie’s got a gay friend who gets shot, etc. Kids used to buy this stuff for a fun escape. Now it’s inline with the rest of the entertainment industry, a vehicle for conditioning the thoughts of viewers/readers. And the product reinforces and plays upon itself. Guess it wouldn’t do any good to suggest reading a classic; you know, a bit of mind expansion.

  39. tikiux5 says:

    I hate pandering.

  40. Rob Thompson says:

    Uhm — this is not the first time Thor has been a female in the comics.

  41. Posty Post says:

    Diversity in Comics: Making Thor Female Won’t Change Anything

    This change probably won’t do much for increasing the diversity in the movie franchises and they will probably go back to male thor before long in the comics too. Why not promote some of the amazing female characters they already have instead?

  42. toni says:

    As a female, I thoroughly enjoy a male Thor. Really pissed, who are the focus groups coming up with these stupid ideas???

  43. “First female Thor”????
    Jane Foster/Thordis:

    Tarene/Thor Girl:


    Barbara Norriss/Valkyrie:

    Thor (Earth X):


    Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow:

    More like “Marvel introduces seventh female Thor.”

  44. Sara says:

    Uh, not the first time Thor’s been a chick.

  45. Fred says:

    Another silly publicity stunt by Marvel. They’ve tried these kind of absurd gimmicks for decades (longtime fans of Spider-Man may recall that he once ended up with eight legs, for several issues.)

    But Marvel’s not alone. Archie Comics recently announced that Archie will die saving a gay friend. Yeah, sure he will, guys…

  46. Randy226122 says:

    Someone will get fired over this when it is a big flop.

  47. Elyse says:

    Do you realize that you are complaining about Thor becoming a woman in a comic where Loki became a horse, really?!!! Of all the things in Thor this is what bothers you, Loki himself has become a freaking woman before, really people, priorities.

  48. My_2_Cents says:

    This is lazy, unimaginative, and insulting to women. Both the Marvel Universe and Norse Mythology contain strong female characters that could have been tapped if they didn’t want to create a new character and story. Unfortunately, Marvel has chosen to forgo any true creativity and go back to the pandering well in what’s probably going to be a failed attempt to pull in more female readers.

  49. Neon Samurai says:

    What If Vol. 1 Issue 10 What if Jane Foster had found the hammer of Thor. Not the first. I hate it when non geeks try to be. They always fail. And as to the change, yeah we love Starbuck, but remember how much backlash there was to that announcement as well? Remember when Nick Fury was white for almost 40 years and then all of a sudden was black in Ultimate Marvel? This isn’t the first time something like this has happened and with the long running history of the characters and the need for new twists and turns, it will most certainly not be the last.

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