Variety Launches Vscore to Measure Actors’ Value

Johnny Depp
Karwai Tang/WireImage

Variety has launched a premium pay subscription product, Vscore, which reveals the true value an actor brings to a TV or film project. Developed by Variety Insight, Variety‘s paid digital products group, Vscore is targeted to entertainment industry professionals including producers, agents, casting directors, casting executives, financiers and PR agents.

Vscore is the only measurement that tracks social listening across all social channels and news sites and correlates it with an actor’s box office and other data across TV and film. Also incorporated are the actor’s nominations and wins in all major award categories, as well as his or her upcoming projects. The score will adjust in real time according to the actor’s recent roles and media coverage.  For example, Johnny Depp rates the highest score of 100 according to the Vscore metric, while Jennifer Lawrence is the most highly-rated actress with a Vscore of 94.

Vscore covers more than 17,000 working actors in television and film, giving it the largest database of performers that incorporates all social channels.

“Vscore answers a critical need in the industry by incorporating social media mentions grounded in real world performance data to produce the most accurate actor measurement available to the entertainment industry,” said Mark Hoebich, president of Variety Insight. “This allows financiers, producers, executives and agents to identify the right actor to help move their project forward.”

Vscore’s searchable database rates each actor from 1 to 100, and allows the user to generate lists based on age, gender and ethnicity. Each actor’s listing includes representative contact details along with past work experience in TV and film, ratings and box office, social mentions, verified Twitter and Facebook pages, upcoming projects and awards nominations and wins. Vscore also suggests actors who have auditioned for the same roles, giving subscribers an instant casting list.

Vscore  was developed in conjunction with leading data providers including Viralheat for social listening, sentiment and analytics and Rentrak TV Essentials and for ratings and box office data. Variety Insight provided its own data for upcoming projects and awards.

For more information, see or email

Here are the top 10 in several categories as ranked by social mentions, box office, ratings and other criteria:


  1. Johnny Depp
  2. Will Smith
  3. Morgan Freeman
  4. Daniel Radcliffe
  5. Brad Pitt
  6. James Franco
  7. Leonardo DiCaprio
  8. Hugh Jackman
  9. Neil Patrick Harris
  10. Jamie Foxx


  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Angelina Jolie
  3. Emma Watson
  4. Scarlett Johansson
  5. Kristen Stewart
  6. Zoe Saldana
  7. Cameron Diaz
  8. Anne Hathaway
  9. Meryl Streep
  10. Emma Stone


  1. Zoe Saldana
  2. Penelope Cruz
  3. Michelle Rodriguez
  4. Javier Bardem
  5. Sofia Vergara
  6. Jessica Alba
  7. Jennifer Lopez
  8. Antonio Banderas
  9. George Lopez
  10. Eva Longoria


  1. Morgan Freeman
  2. Will Smith
  3. Jamie Foxx
  4. Samuel L. Jackson
  5. Queen Latifah
  6. Eddie Murphy
  7. Idris Elba
  8. Kevin Hart
  9. Kerry Washington
  10. Tyrese Gibson


  1. Chloe Grace Moretz
  2. Ross Lynch
  3. Zendaya Coleman
  4. Bella Thorne
  5. Elle Fanning
  6. Joey King
  7. Jaden Smith
  8. Rico Rodriguez
  9. Sasha Pieterse
  10. Maisie Williams



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  1. Asdis Todd says:

    Thank you Variety…I love your list… i love you Johnny Depp 😍😍

  2. Neil says:

    I’m surprised Daniel Radcliffe and Morgan Freeman would be above Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. Maybe I am not viewing this correctly. Is Morgan more reliable as a supporting actor than Brad is as a lead or ensemble actor? Also take away the Harry Potter films and what’s then left that makes Daniel that much more reliable?

  3. Edward says:

    Bella Thorne should be number 1 in the teens, she’s a better actress than the others and she beats ross lynch by a million miles

  4. where’s sandra bullock?oh men,only 1 woman aged 60+ is on the list,meryl streep.

  5. Tom says:

    I don’t get why some people here are surprised by the most successful actor of all the time (J.Depp) topping the list, the Pirates movies alone made almost 4 billions for godness sake. The man is pretty popular all over the world and the latest few “flops” he’s had only made money because of him.

  6. Linda says:

    Personally, I completely agree on the score. Glad someone finally how well he foes his craft!

  7. mary says:

    you know this vscore thing is wrong when you see Depp topping the list. Come. On.

    • LOL says:

      How is it wrong when a legendary actor whose been in the business for 30 years and whose movies made over 8 billions and who is one of the most searched people on the internet and everywhere is topping it? This is not a random list, they made a study and these are the results. Deal. With. It.

  8. BOOM says:

    Yes to Johnny Depp topping the list.

  9. Trainwreck says:

    Wow, KStew has some crazy fans and well known parasites. Let’s start with “no,” she hasn’t proved she can carry a film that makes a profit. Camp X Ray is Rotten on RT and it’s been shown around for free, they can’t attract a paying audience for it. So that would be a “no.”

    She’s not the lead in American Ultra, she’s the girlfriend, same with Equals. And she’s a prostitute in The Big Shoe, a supporting role in a foot fetish flick, one step above porn.

    KStew still has two Razzies for Worst Actress and no Oscars or even nominations, so please leave Sandra Bullock out it, there is NO COMPARISON. And KStew’s BAFTA is fake, it was a phone poll sponsored by Orange, and her fans voted online, it’s not a real award from her peers.

    Why do you think Universal decided to go with a prequel? Anything to avoid working with the tarnished Snow White. Her decision to have an affair with Rupert Sanders derailed her career for almost 2 years. She was out of work, and not by her own choice, as she told the LA Times.

    If social media mentions are a reason for being on this list, then negative press must count for a lot, because unless she pays for PR, it’s all negative. Even her new ELLE interview is getting horrible reactions, since she shows what a truly ungrateful brat she is. Lainey called her out on her sense of snarling entitlement, and Lainey has been in her pocket for years.

    • well... says:

      I’m not a fan of Stewart…but based on what this article claims that Vscore uses as data, it’s not surprising to see her on the list. The twilight franchise made about 3.3 billions of dollars in total, which makes her box office value huge even if misleading. Also her social mentions in the media (positive or negative) is huge and has been huge for a couple of years now. Just these two criterias explain her ranking in the Vscore data usage. It seems like the score is influenced more by the total box office revenues and Media attention (over a long period of time) than any of the other factors. And it clearly cannot differentiate between good and bad social media, or importance of awards, while misconstruing Box office Data by simply using Data nor accompanied by analysis. So her being on the list should be blamed more on the flaws of the Vscore choice of Data to analyze than on the tampering of the data based on writer’s partiality or Influence of PRs

  10. marina says:

    how come jennifer lawrence is more valuable then angelina jolie?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Greg says:

      Jennifer Lawrence has been the most popular female star on the internet for the past 2 years, not to mention that she has had more award nominations and wins than Angelina and she has a total of 10 upcoming projects ( movies) while Angelina has 5. That might be why…

  11. Crissle says:

    Damn Zoe Saldana…i don’t like her but she is continually paid DUST. Sis is headlining 3 different franchises and gets like no recognition but beige bitches like Blake Lively get Vogue covers whenever they fart. That Omorosa quote remains true…certain folks (*cough*white*cough) get to walk around being mediocre and get rewarded for it. Zoe has an amazing career for an Afro-Latina (or for any actress tbh). Can’t stand her but I’m happy for her.

    Why is Idris Elba in the African-American catergory when he’s not African-American? Y’all are so afraid to say Black. It’s so stupid (just like this list tbh). Just say what you mean.

    Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Antonio Banderas aren’t latinos wtf ?

    I’m shocked RDJ isn’t on the list. He’s the highest paid actor in Hollywood, he’s box office gold like……this list makes no sense. And we wonder why Hollywood is going down the shit hole…Y’all can’t even work out who is hot or not.

    Has Eddie even made a movie this century ? No joke, I’m serious…when’s the last time he was in a movie?

    And LOL…Jaden Smith. Did y’all copy and paste this article from US Weekly ? Couldn’t even put Dame Angelina in the right place. SMH. Y’all are a MESS.

    Do better next time Variety.

    P.S. Hold up wait…James Franco???? LOL. I’m leaving…this is too much. I’m dying from laughter.

  12. kw says:

    Your article says Angie is the top actress with 95 but your list says Jennifer Lawrence.

  13. RM says:

    Serious points to Marc for going after trolls. I usually ignore them, but sometimes I get the need to respond….

    While I disagree on the “order” of the actresses and actors, he makes a valid point that all of them have value. Maybe not the top “ten”, but certainly in the top “twenty” or so.

  14. Marc says:

    That’s an interesting tool. Probably less influenced than other systems out there. It doesn’t concern us (the audience) directly. It’s a private paid tool.

    Could you stop poisoning comment sections with your non-sense.

    ‘The witch, however, all roles are forgettable and trashy, not to mention very unnatural.’
    You obviously don’t know what your talking about. She’s still getting lots of attention and support from the Harry Potter franchise and I suggest you go watch ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ and take a look at the reviews she got as well as the awards she won for that role. Check ‘Noah’ too, you might learn a few things about what ‘performing’ is. If not for her, for the other big awards winners in it. Do your homework, parasite.

    ‘Transcendence just bombed and before that the Lone Ranger. How does your math work?’
    His career didn’t start with these two movies. I suggest you use another tool that could bring you some knowledge for free. It’s called google, it won’t replace actual culture but it’s a good place to start. That is if you know how to use it properly. He’s an established actor. Check out his career for 5 minutes. He works with Tim Burton. Just ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is enough of a proof for that, especially when you know that they’re planning sequelS. Do your homework, parasite.

    ‘Shouldn’t you be pleased your queen features. Guess that’s not enough for you huh? Any list that features Dan Rad above DeCaprio ain’t a list worth having. Sorry.’ Could you be more obvious? The only thing you should be sorry for is yourself. You obviously haven’t been following these men careers so I’m just gonna forgive you for your ignorance but I won’t teach you anything. You’re a lost cause. Do your homework, parasite.

    ‘These are women who have carried their own films, made profits, have Oscars, Golden Globes or nominations, something Kristen Stewart has never had.” Again, another one who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I know you’re a she, I know why you’re here. She carried movies as a lead and supportive. I’m not exactly a Kristen Stewart expert but judging on what I heard from Camp X Ray (lead) at Sundance and Clouds Of Sils Maria (lead/supportive) at Cannes, I would say you know she can do it, you know she does it but you won’t admit it. Does it piss you off to admit the truth isn’t what you think or say? Haven’t you heard of American Ultra (lead)? Haven’t you heard of Equals (lead)? Haven’t you heard of The Big Shoe (lead)? If you haven’t I suggest you start checking movie sites because I learnt it all from there. Blockbusters, independent movies, I saw her carried both kinds. You might wanna check what you’re saying is correct before you advertise your ignorance online like that. Even behind a nickname. Razzies is where you get your culture checked? Don’t you know that Razzies are just for fun? A parody. Sandra Bullock won one but I hope you know she won an Oscar too…does that make her unworthy of her award? of her career? Let me ask you some questions that could (hopefully) make you use your brain and wonder… (Brain is also another great tool but just like google, you need to use it properly). How about the Rising star BAFTA? How about best actress at Milan Film Festival? How about having her name mentioned as a potential 2012 AA/GG nominee? Cannes? I think I made my point. You mention Universal dropping her. You are twisting a common move in Hollywood to use it to your advantage. Like it’s going to prove your point but it doesn’t. They changed their plans, they talked about a sequel and now go for a prequel. You would probably understand how Snow White couldn’t appear in a prequel but you seem to be an average moron. As for that scandal, I think that might be where your bitterness is coming from. Move on, she has. Judging by her career moves since last year, that event is nothing but a blur and you seem to care about it too much. Like it’s a new episode of your favourite soap opera show. Do your homework, parasite.

    ‘Mentioning Lupita Nyong’o in your list is actually a joke because no matter how good she was in her only movie, that’s what it was….her only movie.’ That’s not Lupita’s fault that she’s overrated but at the same time how ‘extraordinary’ is it, to win an Oscar on your first movie? (it wasn’t by the way, she worked on other projects but not as known as that). She was bombarded where she is today, time will tell if she will stay there or not. I wish her good luck. It was probably more luck than actual work or talent that brought her that award. Homework will be done when she’ll have more projects to analyse.

    ‘WHERE IS THE KING OF CANNES ROBER PATTINSON? HE IS THE BEST ACTOR OF HIS GENERATION!!!! HE DESERVES TO BE THE FIRST IN THE LIST!!! IT’S AN INSULT!!!!!!!! NO ONE OF THESE ACTOR ARE BEST THAN HIM!!!!!!! MY ROB IS THE BEST!! HE IS THE KING!!!!!!’ What is this? Seriously…who is that. Why bringing him up… Of all the actors that didn’t make the few lists they showed you bring up the most random one. In your sorry excuse of a world or should I say alternate universe, anything that doesn’t involve him can’t be taken seriously? Could you keep that kind of behaviour for ‘people’ sites or even better, keep it for yourself. You sound cheap and stupid posting stuff like that in capital letters. You’re taking for the others too because some people aren’t smart enough to even hide the fact that they’re more posting against someone than posting for someone. You don’t seem capable of defending your opinions so you attack. You gave many reasons why some people shouldn’t be in that list but not one reason why your pick should be in it. Actually some of you didn’t even tell a name to put in that list but you’re so transparent, it was easy to guess. All the bitterness against Kristen Stewart is coming from the fact that he isn’t in the list? He isn’t on the list we shouldn’t talk about him. No need to defend him or attack, especially not her. It would make more sense if you attacked other people from the top 10 ACTORS list. There is no Stewart vs Pattinson and I think his fans should be really happy about that. They should probably be more worried about male competition. There is a reason why we separate men and women in competitions. Funny enough I don’t see Stewart’s fans trying to analyse why she isn’t higher on the list. I don’t see them posting stuff in capital letters or throwing a tantrum because she’s not number one. That’s probably because she won a Razzie right? Wait…what did he win? Don’t answer I already know, because I do my homework so I’m not a parasite posting things like you do everytime I’m upset. So I don’t look like an uneducated moron. So I understand better why things are the way they are.

    … I could go on but no. Take 15 minutes to go through the people you attacked and see for yourself what your prefabricated ideas really are.

    Many people won’t be happy about the lists because their favourite actors/actress isn’t in it. They showed a few lists and we don’t know how it really works. How often it’s updated, how it progresses etc.
    I think the industry will like that tool because it seems to be about statistics. The industry is all about numbers. Talent can’t be measured though.

    • Mia says:

      Bravo Marc! Finally a decent and well substantiated opinion! It was time for someone to call out all those bitter and ignorant people that go on every movie site and spew hate like it’s the truth! I agree with all of your above comments, particularly on Watson and Stewart!

      • mary says:

        obviously Marc, you ARE a KStew expert, aka a kstew fangirl

      • Crissle says:

        LOL…you’re calling commenters ‘parasites’ and ‘cheap’ and ‘stupid’ but they’re the bitter ones right ?
        You stay real mad about other people’s opinions. If they’re so ‘stupid’ then why waste your time on them? You’re soooo much smarter because you can quote info about actors/actresses from Wikipedia.

        That defense of Kristen though…you’re from The L Chat huh ? Only those crazy bitches get that defensive over her. Y’all should become part of the Beyhive. They’re just as stupid and defensive over a person who gives zero f***s about them.

        ‘You don’t seem capable of defending your opinions so you attack.’

        LOL. Coming from you ???? The lack of self-awareness.

        ‘I do my homework’
        Like…do you get how pathetic this sounds? You do your homework…on celebrities? Ok then…

    • Greg says:

      wow!…lol bitter much? why did you waste that much time to answer and insult that many comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. No matter how wrong you think they are at least try to b respectful about it and make a productive constructive criticism. I suppose you feel smarter when you insult people but your bitterness shows just as much as any of the people you just insulted and it doesn’t make you seem any better.

      • Crissle says:

        that was meant for Marc but that can go for you too Mia.

        ‘It was time for someone to call out all those bitter and ignorant people’
        LOL…what a joke.

        ‘spew hate’ ?
        Cry more. Seriously. I’m sure Kristen and Emma are crying into their piles of money and free clothes. I bet they feel so elated that a couple of nobodies on the internet were brave enough to call out the ‘bitter and ignorant people’. Do you and Marc get paid for your services. That’s a pretty good gig y’all have there, huh ?

  15. Strago says:

    So what is really the methodology used here? More importantly, how is social media being tracked? With the recent boom in big data analytics across all industries, Variety is hard pressed to state they’ve found the definitive tool to track social media.

    The reason I’m asking is because the methodology seems to be in immediate need of an update from the start. Need I point out the glaring omission of Sandra Bullock and Robert Downey Jr? How is any movie industry professional going to take this list seriously? How is Jolie ranking second behind Jennifer Lawrence, when we know Jolie has only worked twice in four years?

    The real interest for movie industry folks is bankability. Who can drive people into movie theater seats or turn a profit after investing in a movie. How many movies has Jolie had that have not broken even or have been ravaged by critics? At the end of the day, when someone has not found a job in years, has announced projects that take too long to get made or never come to fruition at all, loses important parts to other actresses, cannot find work in indies, and ends up self-financing their own movies has little value, when put in perspective. So Jolie may very well be in a category with the likes of Kim Kardashian who have are more of a celebrity with high name recognition in the press that does not translate to having “real” value in the industry.

  16. Adam says:

    You say Angelina Jolie is the highest rated actress so why is she below Jennifer Lawrence?

    • Fábio says:

      They put the wrong position Jolie in this list, because the text says that it is the most valuable actress, and she appears in the top 10 in second.

  17. Perplexed says:

    Robert Downey Jr is not on your Top 10 List of actors who bring value to a film project? Why?

  18. Rebecca says:

    Variety, I am sure you are savvy enough to know by now that the posters attacking Kristen Stewart being on this list are Robert Pattinson fans who have been trashing her since the Twilight series began. This is simply one of dozens of articles they make their way to on a daily basis to trash her. Their talking points are redundant and ridiculous. It is a decent list and I am sure the experts that put it together know far more than people who are crying foul.

  19. Jodi says:

    Goodness, Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart? These two are two of the most horrible young actors today. With Kristen Stewart, at least she’s improving and already did some lead. The witch, however, all roles are forgettable and trashy, not to mention very unnatural. How crazy Hollywood is today, except they’re marketable.

  20. Summer says:

    This list doesn’t really make sense to me. I mean Eddie Murphy? Why? Maybe if the list was expanded to the Top 15-20 it would make more sense and we would see other actors and actresses like Denzel Washington and Sandra Bullock on it.
    If you look at the top actresses it skews young. Jennifer, Emma S, Emma W, Kristen, and Scarlett are all under the age of 30 (though Scarlett is turning 30 later this year) and they all have franchises. However, the top actors are all over 30 expect Daniel. I guess it pays to be a young Hollywood actress.

  21. Skeptical says:

    The glaring lack of names like Sandra Bullock, Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Lupita Nyong’o, Margot Robbie and Mia Wasikowska make this Top 10 list laughable. These are women who have carried their own films, made profits, have Oscars, Golden Globes or nominations, something Kristen Stewart has never had. She has 2 Razzies for Worst Actress.

    Vscore is targeted to…PR agents.

    I think that says it all right there. I think it was created by PR reps, especially because it has Kristen Stewart in the top ten, which is the best joke I’ve heard today. Literally none of her indies has ever made a profit, and the only two cases of her being in a film that did make a profit are both fantasy franchises where she was propped up between bigger stars.

    And Universal knows she trashed her brand when she cheated with the married Rupert Sanders, and they ditched her from the sequel, which they’re calling The Huntsman. If you want this list to have any credibility, you better revise it, pronto.

    • Greg says:

      I’m not a fan of Stewart either but the Criterias are not solely based on Ratings and awards. The article did say that the Vscore is “ranked by social mentions, box office, ratings and other criteria”. God knows that Kristen stewart is one of the biggest social mentions (whether positive or negative) and certainly ranks extremely high in terms of box office revenue because of the twilight franchise. Twilight was huge enough to make her box office value huge even if it’s a disproportionate and inaccurate portrayal of her box office success overall. Just by social mention and box office revenue Kristen stewart makes perfect sense on this list.

      Mentioning Lupita Nyong’o in your list is actually a joke because no matter how good she was in her only movie, that’s what it was….her only movie. And while she won an oscar and 12 years won best picture, it hardly warranted enough box office revenue to come close to any of the actresses you mentioned. Not to mention that Lupita has only been in the industry for 1 year. Not nearly enough to catch up to all the social heat that any of those actresses have gathered.

    • Summer says:

      People take the Razzies too seriously, Laurence Olivier has a Razzie, you know the Laurence Olivier that has 13 Oscar nominations and 2 of them he won.

      And geez, let Kristen Stewart go you sound bitter.

    • babeth says:

      Are you in some kind of alternate universe here? Where in the world did the likes of margot robbie and mia wasikowska carried their own films, made profits (alice in wonderland’s success cannot be solely attributed to wasikowska), have Golden Globe and Oscars nomination? They have potentials but they’re not even in the radar of casual movie audience – yet!

    • mary says:

      you are wrong in here ,and your hate is showing. I agree that neither kristen or emma should be here and there are other actresses with more merit.

      But the fact is that twilight was a franchise with no bigger names all of them were practically strangers and unknown in fact the only one slighltly familiar was kristen with indie cred and nikki reed the other ones gain fame too as the movie was succesful.

      The razzie actually don´t hold to steem Sandra bullock should be in this list and she won a razzie too that doesn´t mean anything that can be said about her acting or ther cred

  22. marley says:

    Your list is laughable! Seems like many are Hasbeens who couldn’t carry a movie on their own. What a crock!

  23. hogwash says:

    How can Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson be on the list of actresses ? Both Emma & Kristen are not award winning actresses , and Twilight and Harry Potter have both ended . Also , I can’t take any list seriously that has James Franco . He is not a box-office star ,has no upcoming interesting projects , and he is a mediocre actor . You would think Bradley Cooper , Chris Evans , George Clooney or Chris Hemsworth would be on the list for actors ? After Gravity , you would think Sandra Bullock would be on the list of actresses . This is not an accurate.

    • Greg says:

      The thing is that this is not rating just based on current popularity and projects but overall success in box office, along with social mentions, awards, ratings etc… The Harry Potter franchise basically brought in around 5 billion dollars. The most successful film franchise in box office history so it doesn’t matter that Emma Watson’s other movies have not been successful. Harry Potter and Twillight are huge enough to make Watson’s and Stewart’s Box office revenue successful even if disproportionate in reality.

      Emma Watson is also the Actress whose name generates the most viruses, which tells you that she is very popular with the guys (somewhat disturbing but true). Kristen Stewart certainly is one of the most talked about actresses till this day. Whether positive or negative social mention, kristen is one of the most talked about celebs on the internet. And both actresses have a more than decent amount of projects going on.

      James Franco might not be that popular right now but her did generate a lot of heat for a pretty long period of time and was part of many box office successes, such as the spiderman franchise. So there you have it.

      • Greg says:

        Sorry I made a mistake about the Harry Potter franchise…it didn’t bring in 5 billions but actually 7.7 billions…

  24. Kate says:

    No, you choose actors on a case-by-case basis using judgment. They are not interchangeable commodities you just plug in and out. This is like saying one should write a novel using the most popular words and constructs, instead of having an overarching vision and love of language, story, and characters.

    This is crude, lazy and nonsensical. No wonder most Hollywood movies feel so disposable and fewer and fewer people are watching them.

  25. Fabio says:

    if Angelina Jolie is the most highly-rated from the list, then how Jennifer Lawrence is first, did not understand, could someone explain.

  26. Nick says:

    How does Johnny Depp rate 100?? Transcendence just bombed and before that the Lone Ranger. How does your math work?

    • Paul says:

      It’s not all about their last box office output, it’s about all the huge hits they’ve he’s had and all the money he’s made and all the awards he’s won, etc , etc. It makes sense.

  27. Sandra says:

    If this list was to convince anyone of anything, all it did was to prove Variety is not a reliable source. We would prove ourselves all gullible to believe this list.

  28. nathalie says:

    How can we trust a list where Eddie Murphy is featured, while he has not had a hit movie in years, and Denzel Washington is not on????? And Daniel Radcliffe over DiCaprio????

  29. CK says:


    • mary says:

      Relax you are going to get an aneurism , robert pattinson is not going to be there because he is not a household name actor his movie are not profitable as we have seen recently on the rover Box office

      Now kristen stewart and emma watson are two of other names that shouldn´t be there either they are good actresess but not to valuable

      how is jhonny deep in here ?

      • Paul says:

        How is “jhonny deep” in here? Well it’s because he’s the most valued actor according to the study.

    • Meme says:

      Wow, you embarrass yourself. Shouldn’t you be pleased your queen KStew features. Guess that’s not enough for you huh? Any list that features Dan Rad above DeCaprio ain’t a list worth having. Sorry.

    • Charlie says:

      Are you alright?

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