Pixar’s ‘Toy Story 4’ Set to Play in Theaters in 2017

Pixar's 'Toy Story 4' to Play

John Lasseter returning to direct the fourth installment in popular franchise

John Lasseter will return to direct Pixar Animation Studios’ “Toy Story 4” that Disney will release on June 16, 2017.

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will reprise their roles as Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Walt Disney Co. chief Bob Iger made the project announcement to Wall Street analysts as he discussed the company’s fourth quarter and fiscal year results on Thursday.

Iger gave few details of the fourth film in the franchise other than Lasseter’s return to the director’s chair. But Disney followed up the announcement, to add that Rashida Jones and Will McCormack (“Celeste and Jesse Forever”) have joined the project as writers, while Pixar vet Galyn Susman (ABC’s “Toy Story OF Terror! and “Toy Story that Time Forgot”) will produce the toon.

Toy Story 4” will open a new chapter in the lives of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the “Toy Story” gang, Disney said, with Lasseter having come up with the idea for the fourth installment with Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter and Lee Unkrich, behind all three “Toy Story” films.

“We love these characters so much; they are like family to us,” Lasseter said in a statement. “We don’t want to do anything with them unless it lives up to or surpasses what’s gone before. ‘Toy Story 3’ ended Woody and Buzz’s story with Andy so perfectly that for a long time, we never even talked about doing another ‘Toy Story’ movie. But when Andrew, Pete, Lee and I came up with this new idea, I just could not stop thinking about it. It was so exciting to me, I knew we had to make this movie—and I wanted to direct it myself.”Lasseter, who serves as chief creative officer at Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and DisneyToon Studios, previously directed “Toy Story,” “Cars” and “Cars 2.” A third “Cars” is also planned with Lasseter attached.

“Toy Story 3” was released in 2010 and earned nearly $1.1 billion at the worldwide box office. Unkrich, who co-directed “Finding Nemo,” “Monsters Inc.” and “Toy Story 2,” directed the third installment.

While Pixar does not have a release this year, it will have “The Good Dinosaur” and “Inside Out” bowing in 2015.Walt Disney Animation Studios, which produced the highest-grossing animated film, “Frozen,” is currently gaining praise for “Big Hero 6,” out in theaters this weekend.

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  1. Kalos says:

    It’s not the fact that it will or will not suck, but the principle of what a Happy Ending is. A short Film is great, but another movie!? Where instead you have a movie that’s equivalently great with an ending such as Shrek, bu continue to add on.

    Like this can be correlated to a cake. First three layers are great! However once you keep adding and adding layers to the cake, it’s eventually going to fall. And in terms of falling the movie franchise will fail to give the message of the story after a it’s foretold ending in the 3rd movie.

  2. It should be with Andy all grown up and starting his family, he comes across Bonnie’s house having a yard sale, where only a few toys are left. Then those toys meet new ones with the new villain being another child stealing one while on a play date. And the adventure begins.

  3. Kristine says:

    They should get sold on FEEbay and the movie can be all about their horrible experience getting shipped via FedEx or USPS.

  4. Ernie says:

    I know a lot of People will talk Money. We grew up with Andy and his favorite toys. He passed them to Bonnie, in a way we see a passing of the Torch. While no Andy did not pass them to his own children we now can see another Child grow up with these toys (I do know Jessie had a previous owner to Andy). So far we have seen very little of Bonnie with them other then Toy Story of Terror and Toy Story Time Forgot. Plus I do not think Disney expected the Reaction of people Crying for Joy and remembering saying goodbye to what we loved. So I can’t wait For Toy Story 4 – 6.

  5. MickeyMad says:

    They should call it “Toy Business Story”. As Iger said, he wants to keep these characters fresh in peoples minds….to be able to sell products based on them. Works for toys, games, theme parks, cruise ships, theater shows, books, comics, etc. It’s ONLY about money. It costs more to introduce new characters than it does to sell established ones. These characters are his version of Mickey Mouse, and he wants to keep them going. Though admittedly, new characters are what will keep the company shelves filled with fresh, innovative product. Pixar knows this but I suspect they have been told to fall in line to what Iger sees as his version of Disney. Very smart business man; very poor creative.

    I suggest we all plan for less “Up’s” and more downs.

  6. Shiva Nassab says:

    Child me is happy this is happening

  7. WGB says:

    Working title: “The Revenge of Bo Peep” Tagline: “Is Woody Safe?”…

  8. In #4, do Buzz and Woody enter a blackhole and end up in the real world outside an erotic bakery like Homer Simpson in Treehouse of Horror Simpsons episode?

  9. Dk77042 says:

    Pixar jumped the shark. Up was their last great original movie. (Unless I’m missing one)

    Cars2? Please.

  10. Jeremy says:

    This is definitely a cash grab. I love the Pixar movies but they haven’t been the same since the last toy story. I don’t want this franchise to be ruined like shrek is. Unless this movie is with a different cast of characters instead of woody and buzz.

  11. somnomania says:

    This is a terrible idea. I can’t think of a single movie series where anything after the third installment was any good, AND the story ended beautifully in Toy Story 3. It doesn’t need a sequel.

  12. cnewski says:

    Is it me or do they keep re-arranging directing credits? I don’t remember Unkrich co-directing those movies, I’m pretty sure it’s not in the credits in the films. I agree with others as well, Toy Story 3 was a perfect way to end it, they shouldn’t be making another one, especially to milk the franchise. That’s Disney and Dreamworks mentality, not Pixar. And no idea why they are making another Cars. I couldn’t finish the last one, but that’s just me.

  13. IT 2 IT says:

    MORE TV goes panavision? – – – -MORE T.S.????


  14. Amanda Moats says:

    I’m gonna play devil’s advocate i don’t understand why people hate pixar give them a chance the movie hasn’t even come out yet how do you know it’s going to suck? get a life people long live Disney/Pixar

  15. Hank says:

    Same producer as that toy story tv thing? Does that mean toy story 4 will be made to be as cheap and chincy as that one was?

  16. Stevie GB says:

    Andy is in his 50’s….drinks beer, takes Viagra…gets a Buzz and a Woody

  17. Methos says:

    Why do this? The third wrapped everyting up so wonderfully. This is not necessary. Just greed.

  18. I am Dr. Hug says:

    Although I do love Pixar as a studio, and have faith in several members there (Lasseter as director, not being one of them) it is hard to argue that this isn’t just cashing in on the Toy Story cash cow. Is this story worth telling? There are going to have to go somewhere so new, so fascinating, and so interesting with the characters in order for it to work. If they fall any bit short of borderline perfection (like Toy Story 3, Nemo, or UP level perfection) it won’t be worth it.

    Also, there is a great comparison to Indiana Jones to be made here.. Toy Story 4: The Crystal Skull

  19. prompterbob says:

    I love all the Toy Story (and Pixar) films and TS3 was a satisfying close to the series. Toy Story 4 sounds like nothing but a money grab by Disney. Pixar has lost some of its juice over the years and is facing strong competition from other animation studios. Rehashing the beloved Toy Story is a very bad idea and just shows how far Pixar has fallen.

    • Noahcg3 says:

      Hey you! Shut up and just enjoy the fact that another is coming out and don’t worry if they’re just in it for the money

  20. Daniel says:

    Can work well if they use a backstroy that segways from the principal character mix.

    Like an origins tale.

  21. thatmovieyousee says:

    Reblogged this on That Movie You See.

  22. Marius says:

    To say I’m disappointed would be the understatement of the year… at least John Lasseter is directing it, but… the last one ended on the perfect note and I can’t see where the story could go next.

  23. Tracy says:

    In the words of Daniel Bryan. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    • Elijah Pierson says:

      Can this please, just, not happen? Toy Story 3 was the perfect ending to the series, and if you make a fourth one, you’re just gonna have a harder time ending it again. You can do shorts and TV specials, in fact, they’re great. But please, for the love of Bo Peep, not a Toy Story 4.

  24. Andy May says:


  25. Amy A says:

    No please! Toy Story 3 was awesome and is where the series should end

  26. Damnhedge says:

    As much as i love Toy Story, i really did not want 4 to happen. 3 ended on such a great note that im scared they’ll ruin it.

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