IRS Grants Non-Profit Status to Hollywood Conservative Group Friends of Abe

IRS Grants Non-Profit Status to Conservative

Hollywood’s largest fellowship of conservatives and right-of-center independents, Friends of Abe, has been granted 501(c)3 non-profit status by the Internal Revenue Service, about three years after it first sought the designation.

Jeremy Boreing, lead organizer for the group who has been serving as its executive director, said their attorney received word late on Friday that they had been granted the status.

The organization has operated as a fellowship for conservatives in an industry with a leftward tilt. Launched almost 10 years ago, it has included such figures as Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight and Gary Sinise among its members, and a roster of speakers that has included Paul Ryan, Herman Cain, Eric Cantor and, most recently, Ted Cruz.

But even with its ideological bent, its organizers have emphasized that does not raise money for candidates or engage in elective politics.

Rather, it has been set up as a conservative educational fellowship, and it sought the status as its membership grew to the point where they needed to pay for office overhead, Boreing said. The status will allow the group to accept charitable contributions.

Moreover, the IRS’s guidelines for 501(c)3 organizations, set up so charities and educational entities can have tax exempt status, say that it cannot be an “action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.”

“We feel validated that the IRS agreed with our assessment that the nature of our organization is that it is not a political organization,” Boreing said.

Friends of Abe faced an extended period of scrutiny as it sought the status, a delay that raised suspicions that it had gotten caught up in the same type of IRS review of organizations, including Tea Party groups, that had sought 501(c)4 status, which are allowed some limited political and lobbying activity. The revelations that the IRS put greater scrutiny on applicants based on their names or political affiliation drew considerable furor last year.

At one point, the IRS asked for access to a password-protected portion of the Friends of Abe website that included a list of members, according to sources familiar with the review. The group did not provide the access, but it did face a substantial delay in obtaining the status as the IRS sent queries about its events and activities.

“We feel the outcome is the right outcome, but after three years it is hard to be really enthusiastic. It is just a relief,” Boreing said. “There are a lot of other organizations that are probably in a similar situation.”

An Inspector General’s report last year concluded that the agency used “inappropriate” criteria in identifying groups with specific policy positions, like conservative groups or ones with “Tea Party” in their names, as they sought the 501(c)4 status.

In response, the IRS issued proposed new guidelines in November in an effort to better define the application process. But those proposed rules also have raised ire among conservative and liberal groups.

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  2. Karen R. says:

    If your comments are monitored, who are the people judging? I wont comment on this story because it may just be a waste of my time….

  3. This is awesome, we have real Patriots who care about what is happening to America! We thank God Patriots are not SHEEP and don’t believe everything the media tells them!

  4. Sharon Hodges says:

    When I was doing stand-up and auditioning, I always wondered WHY was it so hard to break into show business. Many times I thought, “do I need to say the magic word?” I hate mysteries, and I also hate hypocrites. Now I know, all I had to say was “Fellow Traveler” and I would probably have my own hit show on NBC by now. I quit show business. But if anybody needs a conservative comedy writer, don’t hesitate to call. I’ll hold my breath.

  5. says:

    Right away I am ready to do my breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming yet
    again to read further news.

  6. Irma says:

    The Bean should be cleaning George Soros porch and all the political organizations he has. Oh but then they could not have won the moron that resides in the White House now!

  7. TheBeans says:

    Obviously, this group is intended to proselytize for a political position, and to organize members of a party. There is no way the IRS should be guilted into allowing this any more than they should allow mega-churches that invite political speakers to evangelize their politics to get tax-exempt status.

    And to the conservatives out there who apparently don’t understand that the IRS is charged with ensuring that 503(c) groups are prohibited from campaigning, which is exactly what the Tea Part groups in question are/were doing: You realize that 87% of new applications in the year in question were for Tea Part groups, while only half of the groups that the categorized for political affiliation were Tea Party groups? They’ve been under-scrutinized, not over-scrutinized.

    What a bunch of con artists and flimflam artists you conservatives are.

    • Sharon Hodges says:

      OK, you forced me to reply. Listen you hypocrite lefty lying nut-case, you run everything already. Go watch Ellen and get your $6 cappucino and let somebody else have a turn for once. I hope you wake up to Rush Limbaugh.

      • OldManKeith says:

        Which part was a lie, and what was hypocrisy?

        And your problem making it in stand-up is not that you’re a conservative, it’s that you make no sense. The Rush Limbaugh line – are you wishing that TheBeans wakes up next to Rush, or wakes up and Rush has come into power, or what…?

    • Ed says:

      The belief in God, country, the U.S. Consitution, etc. should not be silenced by the Socialist Left.

      • OldManKeith says:

        Us lefty socialists aren’t trying to silence them, we’re trying to get them to pay the taxes they’re legally obligated to pay, just like the rest of us do…right? Conservative groups have found a loophole, the “throw a public tantrum” loophole, and for whatever reason the IRS capitulated.

        Please don’t tell me that liberal groups do it all the time – a) this is much less prevalent with liberal groups, and b) this isn’t about liberal groups, it’s about the law.

      • so how many 503(c) liberal groups are there that were approved. Double standard again. The point is that they waited 3 years to approve them. If they weren’t going to approve them they should have notified them in a reasonable period of time so they could appeal. Not wait until after the election and until they (the IRS) were caught doing illegal things.

  8. P says:

    Whatever this mob does now to placate the Conservative world will be immediately taken away should they be successful in November. No one should ever think they have any other motive in this move. It is strictly so they can say, “See how transparent and fair we are”………

  9. Sophie Johnson says:

    WOW….I hope this begins a new, fresh trend. Congratulations.

  10. kidrichie says:

    It took the IRS ten years, and only now they grant it non profit status. My guess it’s their attempt to try to defuse the crimes that the IRS has perpetrated against Conservatives all these years. The IRS needs to be disbanded; it has too much coercive power over people. They give the Mafia some lessons in how to make people “pay up”.

  11. what’s the catch I wonder?

  12. stephen says:

    only took them 5 years to do so!

  13. Dan Young says:

    My guess is the IRS is about to approve a whole flurry of liberal groups so they can pump and prime Democrat causes during this run-up to the 2014 elections and Hillary’s 2016 coronation. “See?” “Everybody gets fair and equal treatment from the (all powerful) establishment”s political regulators”. Liberals are just tuning up their machine for effect.

  14. chieftain6 says:

    It happens so rarely for conservatives that it is a news story. No doubt if George Soros &Sons had financed it, they would have recieved their certification YEARS ago.

    “We can evade reality, but we can not evade the consequences of evading reality.” — Ayn Rand

  15. Tel says:

    Do you think it’s because they were exposed over it?

    • robbie says:

      yes….the IRS has also recently ‘announced’ a token left-wing group being asked to justify their inclusion as a non-profit. Notice how the Hollywood conservative’s acceptance by the IRS was publicized.

      • TheBeans says:

        They had asked left wing groups tu justify their application at a higher rate than Tea Party groups in the original dust up. Which is why nobody takes it seriously as a politically motivated scandal anymore. You guys are grasping at straws, but you live in such a hall of mirrors that you have no idea that everyone outside of your group knows that was a non-scandal at this point.

  16. R Caldwell says:

    It is concerning to me that we seem to have a government that does not celebrate freedom of speech in the form of political views not in line with the one in power, whether right or left on the spectrum. It is almost unimaginable to think that America could ever suffer the development of centralized authority that has plagued so many other countries throughout history. I say, ‘almost’ because there is evidence in the recent past of a tolerance by the masses for the development of a government along those lines – as long as that government shares your own political views. I call on everyone to CELEBRATE and PROMOTE the articulation opposing views and to robustly discuss the merits or your position without resorting to ad hominem intimidation.

    • Sharon Hodges says:

      Have you read the 1959 House Un-American Activities Committee Report, “communist infiltration and agitation tactics”? They aren’t interested in free speech, they never were. We were all conned. it’s all a hoax. They don’t want you saying anything. We’ve all been victimized by a communist hoax.

  17. BeEtLjOoZ says:

    Reblogged this on LouisianaWorld.Net and commented:
    “We feel validated that the IRS agreed with our assessment that the nature of our organization is that it is not a political organization,” Boreing said.

    Friends of Abe faced an extended period of scrutiny as it sought the status, a delay that raised suspicions that it had gotten caught up in the same type of IRS review of organizations, including Tea Party groups, that had sought 501(c)4 status, which are allowed some limited political and lobbying activity. The revelations that the IRS put greater scrutiny on applicants based on their names or political affiliation drew considerable furor last year.

  18. Kathy Dowling says:

    The only reason they approved this is because of fear. Fear that the Hollywood elite have access to the media as we know what fame whores the majority of them are. The IRS and their lot don’t want anymore of their Gestapo tactics exposed.

    • JoeTheFilmmaker says:

      Friends of Abe is “friends of Libs”. Who are they fooling? I know plenty of conservatives who are not invited to any of their little celebrity parties. The real “conservative” meet-ups in Hollywood are small, uneventful, and pretty much pathetic.

      Friends of Abe are libs!…. What a joke!

    • snoocks2 says:

      I believe you’re as far off the beam of intelligent thought as you can be. Hollywood is 80+% liberal, and Friends of Abe are right leaning. What does the IRS ‘fear’ from this small group? They’ve been waiting over 3-years for this designation, as have the Tea party groups. NO liberal group has ever endured what these groups have. Example: When Obama’s uncle wanted to start collection through a foundation of little repute, he was approved in less than 3-weeks! Get it now?

      • jsm1963 says:

        Could be because the liberal groups comply with what is probably a standard request that their activities be scrutinized to make sure they’re not doing political activities? Did they ever bring forward any actual evidence that similar liberal groups were sailing through the IRS process after refusing to turn over information to them? Seems to me FOA got special treatment after throwing a tantrum.

  19. Chacha says:

    We are glad for teh news…however we want to see justice to all Tea party groups aswell..

  20. MikeInAZ says:

    WOW!!! Good news, but I didn’t realize they had a conservative group in LA LA land.

    • aggietx2 says:

      …and it only took 3 years for the IRS to approve. That’s government efficiency for you. I wonder what was the turn-around time for liberal groups (far less than 3 years I suspect).

      • Robert Canine says:

        Liberal groups not only get immediate approval, they have gotten RETROACTIVE approvals, meaning that taxes that they incurred in the past, before they even applied for tax-exempt status, could be deducted after the approval.

  21. jaimo62 says:

    Funny how when they were discriminating against conservative groups, the IRS didn’t want anyone to know about it, now that they have approved a couple it’s front page news on the idiot media websites.

  22. GozieBoy says:

    It’s pretty obvious to even the low information population that this was a rushed out CYA decision by the IRS. You gott keep the heat (and investigations) going on them.

  23. Louise Clayton says:

    Three years to approve? I’m so sure that in the interst of ‘equality under the law’, their status will be made retroactive like that of the Barack H. Obama Foundation (the President’s brother Malik’s group)…

  24. Mike Jefferson says:

    The only reason they received the designation was that the IRS was exposed in this high profile case. Otherwise, they would have been treated like everyone else.

  25. Al Horvath says:

    You can be sure that the IRS will illegally disclose the names of the group’s members to left wing organizations and will audit them.

  26. Willie Boy says:

    Now that everyone is hearing about it, they fianally do it. Does anyone else remember Obozo saying something about him promising (that’s an oxymoron, Obama and promise) to be the most transparent administration? Another of his whopper lies.

  27. Liberal groups are funded directly by the govt, hence do not need 501c3 status. Acorn, global cooling / warming / change (or what ever they’re calling themselves this week) scammers. Civil service unions, government agencies and bureaucracies, the leftist media, Hollywood, all funded by the government and carrying out leftist pro big government pro big brother policies seeking to control every instance of our lives and wipe out free and open political debate. Everything the left promotes is based on lies!Without lies they could never win a general election. The public is finally beginning to wise up to these tactics. As for the rest of Democrat voters they’re bought and paid for with free govt. stuff.

  28. Harry J Bounel says:

    Who wants to guess who the Primate in Chief’s FBI just opened a file on?

    • If you pray to Dear Leader- the foreign born communist spawn of islam, he will bless you with your own money. Why won’t you praise the One?

      Allahu Obama. Obama be praised. May His p|ss be upon you. May his muslim k0k penetrate your brown eye, and His Communist fist crush all generations of your useful |diot offspring. Amen.

  29. It’s only due to the outing of the criminal activity that is the official White House political strategy to lie, obfusticate and win elections by any means that they were forced into instructing the IRS to approve the Hollywood conservative application. There was too much negative publicity and light being shone on Obama’s political methodology. Truth and light is the undoing of this radical leftist Democratic party who are willing to achieve their ends precisely following the teachings of two of their most prominent mentors Vladimir Lenin and Saul Alinsky, who said to achieve their ends “by them any means necessary”.The ends justify the means and that’s why Obama instructed all his agencies to shut down the opposition by any means necessary. The White House is now engaged in using these taxpayer funded agencies in their coverup!

  30. James Bailey says:

    The question of why the I.R.S. required three years to approve the right-wing group’s request for tax exempt status might be related to the request being written in crayon.

    • Professor X says:

      That’s a fine attitude to take, as long as your party never loses the White House again. One of the counts of impeachment prepared against Nixon was that he had _attempted_ to use the IRS against political opponents. Both parties, at the time, found that objectionable. People on the Left who are winking and smirking about the current IRS scandal need to pause and reconsider for a moment: If this political gangsterism is how the system works now, then in a few years it will be our turn on the Right to wink and smirk and make jokes about your applications being written in crayon. One or two cycles of that sort of thing, and the country will become ungovernable… at least, until one side has been decisively defeated, and I don’t mean politically. Civil war was ugly for Rome, and it will only be worse here. Rules, laws, and boundaries have to be respected no matter who happens to win an election, or we just won’t have elections anymore–not real ones, anyway.

  31. RLABruce says:

    It still took THREE YEARS for this Conservative group to be approved. How long does it take Liberal groups?

  32. Julie T says:

    What a waste. Charities are supposed to help others. I don’t even understand from this article what they are trying to do? How is educating people about right-side politics worthy of charity status? Political orgs who don’t help people or animals shouldn’t get this status. (No matter which side of politics they are on.) Just another way of losing tax revenue.

    • cliff says:

      A 501c is a non-profit designation. That includes but is not limited to charities. It can be any group formed that does not take a profit.

      • OldManKeith says:

        This is 501c3, and the IRS warns about political activity for this type of organization:
        Section 501(c)(3) organizations are restricted in how much political and legislative (lobbying) activities they may conduct

        Based on this article I have no idea how the IRS can justify granting this organization exempt status based on 501c3.

    • OldManKeith says:

      Well said. The scandal is that tax exempt status is being granted to political groups like this. They ADMIT they are a conservative education fellowship and they have conservative speakers in to talk to Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammer, and Gary Sinise? How is this charity or social welfare? Are these actors feeling persecuted and in need of support? I agree – what a waste.

      • wes miller says:

        All political groups are tax exempt. Political parties are tax exempt. The only issue is how they are classified by the IRS. 501(c)(3) status and (4) status allow the organization to keep their membership lists out of the government’s hands. This goes back to the 50s, when the NAACP, a 501(c)(3) organization did not want to reveal its membership, with good reason.

      • Paul Bopko says:

        i guess you write fir he Jon Stewart show. Snarky to a T is the style with poor style. Keep on trucking.

  33. Where do I send my donation?

  34. H. Klein says:

    Now is the time for all good conservative men and women of Hollywood to come out of the closet and
    show the nation that not everyone in town is a left-wing ignoramus. All the people who sit quietly
    gritting their teeth when the blathering leftist nitwits denigrate conservative values and worship at
    Alfred E. Obama’s shrine. Three years? Its amazing it took this quickly considering the Lois Lerner
    minions trying to suffocate it out of existence for so long.
    Good luck Friends of Abe—don’t start out by apologizing for chrissakes. Sure you’re not political,
    just like the ACLU, the NAACP, and George Soros’ socialist front organizations that dot the
    landscape aren’t. They’ve been feeding off the tax-free hog for decades.
    Get out there and show the country that not everyone in Hollywood is a political lamebrain and
    maybe with some real “diversity” in thinking out there we actually may get a few watchable
    movies not the 90% of drivel we now get that is the product of lockstep liberal patronizing
    of their audiences.

    • WINative says:

      Proving that not everyone is a left-wing ignoramus in LA is a tall order and really an impossibility. Actually it’s the entire SO CA coast with their heads up their you-know-what. You have to get out of town and in the rural areas before common sense kicks in. I’m all for giving the CA coast back to Mexico. We lost you guys a long time ago. The non-ignoramuses are moving out of CA, and you should too. Don’t bother defending your state. It all rings hollow for people not on the Left Coast.

      • Professor X says:

        Well, the majority in SoCal is liberal, yes. They certainly are. The problem is, there are several million of us conservatives out here too. There are probably more of us than the entire population of several (many?) consistently red states. For that matter, the state as a whole did actually vote against gay marriage. Twice. It got introduced here the same way it has in almost every other state, by activist courts. Courts are the same reason all the nice criminals are getting released early. (They promised it would just be the nice ones–the bad criminals are going to stay locked up. Honest!) Both these examples were imposed by federal courts, too, not state ones. I live in a city with a Republican mayor, and work in a Republican-majority city. So yes, there is a lot of liberal idiocy out here, and they are even in the majority, but the whole state isn’t that way. And as for why we don’t all up stakes and move… Well, easier said than done.

  35. TED says:

    You can make comments on this site in response to the IRS and their totalitarian actions against the First Amendment, and then this group of dolts will moderate and edit. What a crock!

  36. Meme says:

    “We feel validated that the IRS agreed with our assessment that the nature of our organization is that it is not a political organization,” Boreing said.

    How kind and thoughtful of the IRS. So if you were a political organization as just about every Democrat 501(c)3 is, then you would NOT have received their gracious permission to be a tax exempt organization. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  37. jpaq68 says:

    The IRS probably overlooked the fact they were a conservative group since they were from Hollywood. Now that you’ve pointed that out, I’m sure they’ll have their non-profilt status.

  38. George A Watson III says:

    ATTENTION MS. RICE: When one pitches the Republican Party to black folk, the first thing 99% of them ask is “what’s in it for me?” They don’t step back and consider what’s right or whether Republican policy is good for everybody as a whole in this country – no, they ask what they will RECEIVE as a result of turning Republican. One can conclude they want MONEY or other freebies, which means Republicans will have to perpetuate the nanny state in order to get their vote. Is THAT what we want or need? I humbly suggest to you, Madam, that those days are over – and that maybe YOU ought to reconsider how the Republican Party should be populated. Am I right, or is there something else we can offer black folk that I’m not seeing? We already have anti-discrimination laws. We already have de-segregation. We already have free education. What else is there?

  39. Chris Parker says:

    “Abe”….WHO? If it’s Lincoln to whom they’re alluding then I’d conclude that they’re ‘neo-cons’, not true “conservatives”. Lincoln was a disaster as a president and as a human being.

  40. Rob Cleary says:

    Ballbag HUSSEIN Obysmal Hates The United States of America

  41. Hey, it only took three years and two IRS hearings where Lois Lerner plead the fifth to get that done. Nooo left wing bias or oppression of conservatives at the IRS at all! Noooo, how could there be?

  42. iambicpentamaster says:

    Obama IRS window dressing, nothing more…

  43. Martin Foster says:

    Well, sometimes the tail is given to save the lizard. Anyone our their care to guess who the lizard is?

  44. Margie@PolitiChicks says:

    “Raised suspicion”…uh, yeah, you think?

  45. Jamesben says:

    Fantastic! Just in time to get fully organized and help conservatives beat Obama in 2012!

    Oh wait … it’s too late – that fraud already wormed his way into term two …and Obama’s I.R.S.S. Storm Troopers can smile and say “mission accomplished.”

    Can you IMAGINE a Republican administration fostering ALL the power & might of the Federal government AGAINST private citizens merely seeking to organize? Can you? The media would GO NUTS, completely psycho.

  46. bob says:

    revolution is coming in response to anarchy, the police and surveillance state and the IRS. They know it and are aligned with the DHS ,FBI and SS, to douse any attempt to resist gun confiscation, and constitutional violations will continue until Americans organize and society explodes in violence as Americans stand off against the rubber gun Obama fanatics that he is commanding, with the full backing of the Justice Dept. and that pig subversive Holder.both of these subversives are dangerous spineless Marxists scum bags and will attempt to destroy our economy our currency and our democracy ……they are students of Saul Alinski the satanist and socialist!

  47. Corpseman57 says:

    Libprogs pretend to be conservatives and write racist comments on line, then they scream racism. We’re onto you guys. Give it a rest. We don’t care about color; we care about obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, his Fascist regulations, NDAA, his squandering of our tax dollars and much, much more.

    Come on you guys… why did you stop complaining when a Democrat got elected? Hypocrites?

  48. Corpseman57 says:

    Hollywood has a “leftist tilt”? TILT? If it tilts any further it’ll be touching the ground.

  49. Benjamin Newells says:

    Look at all this anti-whitism. In the ’60s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY White countries to bring in millions of non-whites.
    Then anti-whites forced White people to “integrate” with those non-whites or face penalties for being “naziswhowanttokill6millionjews.”
    Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days until White children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it geNOcide.
    “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide.

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