Hugh Hefner Responds to Bill Cosby Allegations: ‘I Would Never Tolerate This Kind of Behavior’

Hugh Hefner Responds Bill Cosby Allegations:
Earl Gibson III/WireImage

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has spoken out about his longtime friend Bill Cosby after one woman filed a lawsuit against the comedian earlier this week, claiming Cosby raped her in the Playboy mansion when she was 15.

“Bill Cosby has been a good friend for many years and the mere thought of these allegations is truly saddening,” Hefner said in a statement. “I would never tolerate this kind of behavior, regardless of who was involved.”

Cosby and Hefner’s friendship goes back decades. Cosby had a long history of emceeing the Playboy Jazz Festival, up until his last gig emceeing in 2012.

Judy Huth, who is now 55, filed a suit Tuesday, alleging that Cosby plied her with alcohol and sexually assaulted her in the Playboy mansion in 1974, when she was 15, after meeting her on a movie set. The suit claims the comedian told her to say she was 19 when asked.

Huth is suing Cosby for “severe and extreme emotional distress” and is seeking punitive damages. She and attorney Gloria Allred met with the LAPD on Friday.

Cosby has now been accused of sexual assault by more than 15 women, though he has not been convicted of a crime. Attorney Martin Singer denied Huth’s claims, and filed a demurrer to dismiss Huth’s suit on Thursday. He claimed that Huth and her attorney in the civil litigation, Marc Strecker, tried to extort money from the 77-year-old comedian.

“Over and over again, we have refuted these new unsubstantiated stories with documentary evidence, only to have a new uncorroborated story crop up out of the woodwork,” Singer said in a statement. “When will it end? It is long past time for this media vilification of Mr. Cosby to stop.”

Los Angeles Chief of Police Charlie Beck told reporters on Thursday that the department would investigate claims against Cosby, even those outside of the statute of limitations period. But he said as of Thursday, no victims whose cases could be tried had come forward.

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  1. BLOGGER QUEEN HAS FIRST HAND INFO ON THIS STORY THE DAY IT HAPPENED BUT WAS TOLD TO “KILL” THE STORY, NOW IT’S OUT: PLAYBOY MANSION SEXUAL ASSAULT CALLED OFF BY LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT AS OF AUGUST 13, 2007 .The LAPD called Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion and said they are dropping the case, closing it out NO investigation, case closed! A source at Playboy said “It was all B.S.,” said the close source. “I talked with Hef this morning and he told me!” (THIS WAS the day OF THE ASSAULT!

  2. kym says:

    if most of the women sya that bill cosby raped them why did they wait so long to come forward, maybe they slept with him willingly and he promised to help them better there careers and he backed out of it. and why didn’t non of the women sue hugh heffner if it happen at his house. i dnt know if he did it or not but i think some of the women are lying they prpbably woked up one day and say bill on tv and said that bastard he promise me i would be famouse after what we did, and remembered he didnt keep his promise to me im gonna make him pay. you should have turned him in when it happen atleast he wouldnt have gotten so famous and his name would be ruined. i gues there would be no money for you’ll to go after now. And beverely johnson is just trying to get famous because her hair is not so special anymore. final thought if it is true and he did this hes already being punish now money want help the women now yoy cant take it with you and the little time you have left here on earth would probably be fun while it last but you will pay for you sins later if you are lying and so will be if he is also

  3. Harvey Weinstein says:

    Cosby looks like an everything bagel

  4. anne2886 says:

    Hef saddened? What a phony statement. He is hardly innocent, he knew Cosby was a perverted rapist. Too many times Cosby was at the mansion for ole’ Hef not to have known some of the things he was doing, including bringing a 15 year old there. According to Barbi Benton, Cosby was there every weekend. His statement didn’t fool me for a sec. Hef. is just trying to prepare some kind of defensive move in order not to be held accountable. They should have closed the Playboy mansion down a long time ago, too many women were, and are exploited. But I would have to say that most of them wanted to be, for selfish gains. Stupid women for that.

    • Stupid women? The whole feminist movement was/is so women could work in the field of their choice! Who are you to say they are exploited & stupid, that the playboy mansion should have been closed down years ago. You sound insecure in your femininity say statements like that. The women were and are there by their own choice, Hef has never been a “pimp! As far as his statement being phony – that he would condone such acts, you are way off and better check your facts! Though they have backed off considerably over the last decade, the Feds have “always” had Hef under a microscope just waiting for him to do something illegal so they could shut him down. And, so what if Cosby was there every weekend. That doesn’t mean he is guilty. All the women seem to have the same story, almost as if reading from a script – one reason why I believe these allegations are just that – stories! Most of the media, especially the major ones, are biased and have been for some time now. Sensationalism, not accuracy, is what gets reported. What ever will provoke the viewers, true or false. There are a lot of people who need to stop taking everything they hear on the news or read in the newspapers as fact. (Partial truths, half truths, stretched truths, or opinions stated as truths are lies non the less) Try thinking for yourself. What are “all the facts” out there. Facts may also include what hasn’t been said – who hasn’t accused him! Do you think someone who supposedly violated the number of women who claimed were violated would be able to have the control to choose who, when, & where for as many years they claim he did this for? Use your brain! Don’t be so fast to pass a guilty verdict.

  5. In America we are innocent until proven guilty, exzcept in the liberal world, where it is the seriousness of the allegation that is the only important factor. A significant if not majority of the people that persue or hang around the Hollywood lifestyle live what most civil people would say are despicable lives. Injcredible amounts of drugs and alcohol, and anybody would take these allegations seriously, REALLY!!
    Remember, it was fairly recently that Bill criticized the urban, irresponsible lifestyle, of unrestricted sex and taking no responsibility for dthe responsibility of the children to be born, other that the free meal ticket it brings ( enough welfare benefits to give them more than the average american income.
    Bill is now put in the position Herman Cain was in when he took a run at the Presidency, and for the same reasons.
    I believe Charles Barkley will soon be in a similar position, due to his recent comments related to the police / black youth deaths. Imagine, someone within their own community actually saying that people should take responsibility for their actions, and stop blaming others, and becoming self supporting.

  6. dragon6actual says:

    What was a 15 year old girl doing in the Playboy mansion in the first place? It is not Disneyland – the rides are completely different.

  7. John says:

    Took a trip to Paris once on a backpacker’s budget, and was supposed to arrive in the early pm, so I planned to take an airport shuttle to town and find a cheap hotel to bed down in. After major flight delays, we arrived at DeGaulle airport around midnight, which left me wondering where I was gonna sleep for the night. At first, the airline officials told everyone who had hotel reservations, to get their proof out, and after they were confirmed, the airline would put them up in a hotel near the airport for their first night free. After a few minutes, they announced that showing proof was too time consuming, and just started handing out vouchers to anyone who asked for one. I ashamed to say, I jumped in line and had the best hotel experience of my 3 week European trip. Point being: the first few claims may be legitimate here, but I think a bunch of the latest ones smell a lawsuit settlement coming, and are jumping in line just in time for some retirement cash.

  8. john franklin says:

    ‘“I would never tolerate this kind of behavior, regardless of who was involved.”’ Really? This coming from Playboy’s founder? What a joke. Hef was a pioneer of the sex industry. What a crock.

    • anne2886 says:

      John Franklin, I could not have said it better myself “What a bunch of crock”. He’s just trying to plan a defensive maneuver in case this backlashes on him. HE is a joke of mankind, a joke of a man

    • Jack Brewer says:

      Are you a card carrying Puritan? Sex is good in the right place. If it weren’t for Hugh Hefner no one would even hear the word “sex” mentioned on television. Carrying naked pictures in your pack bag would get you five to fifteen behind bars.

      • anne2886 says:


      • papapags says:

        I’m not a card carrying Puritan, however, the free love and spirit of the 60’s has brought us as a society a lot of problems. We now have 47% on social welfare, most with kids, and any are 2nd or 3rd generation. Urban kids are more interested in who they can f**k, rather than having any understanding of what it takes to have a good future related to education and self responsibility!! If you think there is no relationship between living on someone elses hard work ( you know those who actually pay taxes ), and unrestricted sex and drugs at a young age, then you are very naive and part of the problem!!!

  9. Dave Parker says:

    I don’t know if I believe Hef really said that. I actually think Hef died years ago, and the Playboy people are draggin him around like ” Weekend at Bernies “. I could be wrong, but every time I see a pic of him now, he has that same expression on his face, kinda like Bernie did.

  10. anthony says:

    That is a bald faced lie, if you went in the grotto every orifice would be filled in 10 seconds, that’s why lots of women did not go in there, it was open knowledge

  11. Mari Singh says:

    I don’t know if Cosby raped these women or not, but there are a lot of question marks pertaining to the timing of these allegations. Most of these women are in their fifties, and most were at one time considered to be very attractive — and in tenuous careers, i.e. actresses, stewardesses, models, Playboy bunnies – careers that relied on youth and good looks; careers that were short-termed. Many of these women viewed Cosby as a stepping-stone to their career, and were very well aware of what would probably happen when alone with Cosby. (The infamous casting couch is not kept a secret). If he would have opened even one door for them, I doubt if there would have been one complaint. Waiting thirty-to-forty years to come out with these allegations is just ludicrous. As controversial as my comment will be, it is an absolute truth. Women in their fifties are in a very precarious time period. There are very little prospects for them. If they haven’t made it big in their “entertainment careers”, or landed a husband who could/would provide, their futures are questionable. Retirement is right-around-the-corner: I bet a nice check from Cosby would come in handy right about now… Hmm??? I am a very honest woman – a model citizen – but quite frankly, if I had been in the presence of Cosby during that time period – it would be very tempting for me to jump on the bandwagon to fatten my retirement funds. After forty years, who could say whether he drugged and raped me? After forty years, there would be no evidence either way. I’m just saying…

    • Amy Jones says:

      Many of these women have been accusing him for years, if not decades. It’s only news now because of the Hannibal Burress standup show which made people take notice. Which is crazy in it’s own right… that no one paid attention before

  12. bob wire says:

    If Richard Pryor and Eddy Murphy knew of Cosby’s antics—how did Hef not?…you’re lying Hef. Cosby was a perv and the bunnies knew it, and so did you—drugs and all…underage too dude…Karma has arrived for “your friend”….btw, thanks for not taking Camilles calls when she would beg and cry for Bill to be sent home from the Mansion to his wife and kids…frauds the whole lot of you…Bill is done—for Life. Glad he had fun along the way, but his Hell has just begun. He hurt women—on purpose…he must pay now. You too Hef–you knew…you stayed silent like the enabler you are.

  13. Kelly Graham says:


  14. gerdes says:

    Does this mean I can file a suit on my daughters father who forced himself on me when I was 16 and he was 22 years old. It was my first time and I have my wonderful child, which this guy refuses to this day to acknowledge in spite of the fact his DNA paternity test was almost a perfect match to my daughters. Is there a lawyer out there to help me. He was forced by the courts to pay $120.00 a month in child support which I saw none of because I was on assistance at the time. My daughter now 42 years old and and her father her father is 65.

  15. Tim says:

    Are you kidding one lady says she has an issue with Bill and now others have to come out, these ladies are old has beens and now want some tv time get real.

  16. Lisa says:

    Hugh Hefner is saying he ‘wouldn’t tolerate this kind of behaviour’? Of course he would! The Playboy Mansion and Hefner’s entire empire has been based on the objectification of women for men’s pleasure! And what have the women gotten from it? Abuse and degradation. This is getting ridiculous, people, especially women, aren’t stupid nor are they naive. This whole ‘Oh Cosby is such a nice guy ’cause he played one on TV and so would never do all that’ lie won’t wash in the 21 century.

  17. Cynthia says:

    Wow what people do to get money. For years they were being raped!! I’ve always been told you can’t rape the willing. If you were sexually assaulted once why keep going back again and again. Who are these women!! Nobody’s who want to be somebody’s is what it sounds like to me!! So anybody can claim to be raped by Mr. Cosby now right. Come on ladies admit it was rape, you must gave enjoyed it to keep going back for it

    • Jean says:

      Drugged women are NOT “willing women”.

    • Lisa says:

      Why are you posting as a woman when clearly you and your mentality is that of a man?

      • BillTex says:

        That is very sexist of you, Lisa. Or is your real name Fred?

      • S wood says:

        I think you’re very stupid Lisa to be saying that she is speaking like a man. I agree with what Cynthia said.

        Most of these women who allegedly were raped are also actresses of some sort. I’m sorry but you couldn’t give me all the money in the world to be raped and keep silent. These women obviously chose to make lots of money and be actresses than to come forward & tell the world that they were raped when it happened.

  18. “Why don’t you open your eyes? There ain’t no victims, only volunteers.” — Ricardo Tubbs

  19. Bob Smogango says:

    I see it this way, just going to the Playboy mansion, especially living there, it’s an implied contract that you are going to be drinking, doing drugs, and having sex with celebrities if you are an unknown pretty women trying to use the Playboy empire to further your acting/modeling/singing career. It’s where famous Hollywood actors, producers, directors go to seek new talent and to have sex and to party. It’s what that whole thing is all about. It’s part of the gig, so to speak. I don’t agree with what they are doing, but it’s what it is. I think that a lot of it was consensual sex between adults that were partying and that some of them might be broke, need attention, etc. and this might be a great way to make some money from someone that has a lot. I’m not suggesting that Cosby’s a choir boy, but I certainly don’t think that some of these stories actually add up. Since I’m not on the jury, I’m not a judge, I don’t know any of these people personally, and none of them went to the hospital with cuts and bruises, that”s it’s simply bullshit and if Cosby wants to avoid legal shit and pay some of them off, that’s his decision.

    Remember that women that claimed Justin Bieber was the father of her child? And did people believe her at first? Yup. Do they believe her now? I don’t like Justin Bieber on any level outside that situation, but famous rich celebrities get falsely accused all of the time. Some don’t. But why hasn’t this come out sooner? They should have said something earlier. now, in Arnold Schwarzegger’s case, he’s been video taped groping so he’s the type of guy that would do what those women claimed, but he got elected and re-elected and those cases should now be able to commence. Some of these cases have merit and some don’t.

    Bottom line, if you are an attractive women trying to get an acting, singing, modeling career do it the honest way and earn it, and don’t try to sleep your way to the top and complain about it 30 years later when you’re broke or don’t look so good and can’t get work.

  20. People are always attempting to denigrate high profile celebrities…it starts with one or two and then more try to jump onto the “band wagon”…it is ridiculous and will fizzle out but all considered, these women, if found guilty of false complaints, should be charged and fined a reasonable sum and made to do three months community service. Mr Cosby and Mr Hefner, stand by the truth and it shall prevail!

  21. e.abankwah frimpong says:

    well done mr hefner for standing behind mr tells how true you are as a friend..

  22. Thomas Deway says:

    Hey Hef what’s a 15 year old doing at your sex house anyway?

  23. Brett says:

    I thought the Playboy Mansion was built so that the “Prime Movers” of Hollywood (Hefner, Directors, Actors, Actresses, etc.) could have a place to sexually interact with beautiful women (Playmates). Isn’t that why they call them Playmates?
    The Playboy Mansion and Playboy magazine were the beginning of the main-steam Porn Industry. Everyone who went there a “guest” went to get laid. Who will be the next celebrity to be publicly “Interneted” across the news media. The Statute of Limitations is there for a reason. Because after that, it’s too late to do anything about it.

    • Anna says:

      What? Are you implying its ok to rape a minor at the playboy mansion because people ‘go there to get laid’? Not everyone goes there to have sex. And even if that were the case it doesn’t mean they want to have sex with anyone.

      • S wood says:

        Where exactly was this 15-year-old Girls mother when she was planning on going to the Playboy mansion?

        Why in the world what a 15-year-old girl want to even go there in the first place

  24. Hard Cold Truth says:

    Many rapes may go unreported, but over 20? How about when Ted Bundy raped, or the Zodiac or John Wayne Gacey, did the victims go off quietly? No! If you survived, you reported immediately! These women are being given a financial incentive by some unseen force that Cosby has pissed off. Janice Dickinson went to a business meeting, woke up in her pajamas. She took pajamas to a business meeting? Something is up.

    • Anna says:

      ‘Hard cold truth’ 60% of rapes go unreported. Out of every 100 rapes:
      40 get reported to the police
      10 lead to an arrest
      8 get prosecuted
      4 lead to a conviction
      3 rapists will spend a single day in prison
      The other 97 walk free

  25. jhs39 says:

    This really sounds like a statement that was written by Heffner’s lawyers–very likely because the incident that allegedly happened at the Playboy Mansion is the only one being criminally investigated and the only one so far where the alleged victim decided to sue. The letter isn’t exactly supportive of Cosby despite the fact that the men have been friends for many years.

  26. IT 2 IT says:

    TAVISTOCK mind control ‘SEX–VEX–HEX’ 60’s show
    —————dissing a TAVISTOCK mind control ‘SEX—VEX – – -HEX’ 70s show
    ———————— – – -as the 2014 GLOBALIST MAFIA USURPATION – – —RAMPS ON!

    KEEP you heads BURIED! –in OTHER people’s crotches!


  27. Yvette says:

    Bill Cosby frequent the playboy mansion? Take the blinders off people. He’s a serial rapist. These people are coming forward now because they no longer have anything to fear. They have nothing to lose going up against this monster that had us all fooled.

  28. MSGreene says:

    I ain’t buying all these allegations. Yes, I know, women often never report. Yes, I know, sexual abuse is very traumatizing. But I also know it’s easy to jump on a bandwagon and put your hand out for an easy payout. Show me actual evidence. Janice Dickinson’s claim of rape has already been proven a lie BY HER OWN WORDS! Waiting 35-40 years in utter BS. Most of these women were mistresses, not victims.

    • Lisa says:

      What in the world are you talking about they were mistresses? And why is it ‘easy to jump on the bandwagon’? Many of the victims didn’t wait and went to the police, what’s your retort to that? That’s not an action of a mistress. And why is it that every single women who tells of being rape is branded a liar? Rape never happens?

    • jhs39 says:

      You’re a complete idiot. First of all most of these women’s allegations are not new–these women were willing to testify at the trial where Cosby thought it wise to pay a settlement rather than go to court. Their names and accounts weren’t revealed earlier because Cosby paid a settlement rather than go to trial. Even though Bill Cosby’s current lawyer claims the accusations are new and idiots like you believe him that actual easily verifiable fact is that 13 of the 22 current accusers and their stories were known to Cosby and his lawyers before they settled the lawsuit against him brought by a woman who was assaulted in 2004. That women did go to the police but the prosecutor felt there was not sufficient evidence to indict. The woman hired a civil lawyer who found 13 women with similar stories of sexual abuse and Cosby very quickly settled out of court.

      Of the 22 current accusers exactly 1 filed a new lawsuit against Cosby–so how exactly do you come to the conclusion that the women who aren’t suing are really after his money? 13 of these women were cited in the 2006 lawsuit as potential witnesses and none chose to sue themselves.

      Your statements are ignorant and misinformed. It’s unfortunate that this country produces so many stupid people but you can at least not parade your idiocy in front of the whole world like it’s something to be proud of.

      • M. T. Space says:

        well here one for you with all the specfics mentioned what about all the repeated rapes and murders of Blacks during slavery and even till today and about parading the evil conquest and occupation of third world countries police brutality. but of course you will use your apple to oranges
        defense and it is not the same so here comes the idiocracy of course always an excuse and we’re
        sorry thats self evident and no there are no punctuations for what as if that would help you understand just plai sickening your justification for injustice which you call just.

      • MSGreene says:

        Actually it is a stupid person that uses insults to prove their point.

  29. Phil Estten says:

    I would seriously enjoy seeing a ‘show of hands’ from the people who believe that Hugh Hefner NEVER allowed a woman to be ‘forced’ into sex at the Playboy Mansion.

  30. Whizper says:

    Well…why wait 35 years to come forward? Seeking psycho help ain’t gonna help now. The statute of limitations is long past due as well as any evidence. What the heck was a 15 year old doing at the playboy mansion.
    It’s all hearsay… And another made up trash piece of hate talk toward a celebrity.

    • Jacques Strappe says:

      Why did all those young boys molested by priests wait a few decades to come forward as adults? Shame, guilt, confusion, fear of retribution, fear of not being taken seriously? Who would believe so many kindly men of God would be capable of such perverted, heinous, immoral and criminal activity? Unfortunately, many victims of rape are not taken seriously and often accused of being a willing participant by a legal system that is dominated by male lawyers and male judges. Let these women be heard finally in a public forum and not silenced or paid off by Cosby’s legal team over the last three decades. Cosby might have played a likable family man, Cliff Huxtable in the popular sitcom, The Cosby Show but that is make believe. His predator-like obsession with young girls has been legendary in Hollywood for decades but obviously none of his Hollywood pals knew just how far he was going behind closed doors or if they did, they are just as culpable.. Hefner isn’t supporting Cosby here but is protecting his own reputation. Contrary to girlie magazine legend,and folklore, the Playboy Mansion isn’t a sexual orgy 24/7. Hefner’s love of women and the female form is well-known but he has never been accused of anything sexual misconduct by any women that I am aware of throughout his long adult life.

    • jhs39 says:

      Cosby’s victims waited years to come forward precisely because of people like you.

  31. Rita Kent says:

    I can’t believe people want to come out the woods after 40 yrs. Be for real. Did they have mental distress after there other sexual encounters and having children. Can’t believe our court system would even take the time to listen to it. I wouldn’t.

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