U2 Releases New Album for Free on iTunes

U2 Apple Album Release

Apple is giving away U2’s new album, “Songs of Innocence,” for free exclusively on its iTunes store through Oct. 13.

The company made the announcement after the band performed at the end of the company’s two-hour press event, where it unveiled larger iPhones and the first Apple Watch, its foray into the wearable tech market.

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“From the very beginning U2 have always wanted our music to reach as many people as possible, the clue is in our name I suppose—so today is kind of mind-blowing to us. The most personal album we’ve written could be shared with half a billion people… by hitting send. If only songwriting was that easy,” said U2 lead singer Bono. “It’s exciting and humbling to think that people who don’t know U2 or listen to rock music for that matter might check us out. Working with Apple is always a blast. They only want to do things that haven’t been done before—that’s a thrill to be part of.”
Apple is offering the U2 album to every iTunes customer (500 million worldwide) in 119 countries.

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“Songs of Innocence” features 11 new songs from the band. It’s the Irish rockers’ first studio album in five years.

Apple and U2’s surprise offer crashed the company’s servers shortly after the announcement.

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    1. Paul says:

      All the U2 haters all I can say is if you hate them so much, why did you waste your time to come here and run off at the mouth? Go f*** yourself. That being said I doubt U2 can sell big anymore, it’s all been done before pretty much. It’s a nice try but giving this album away makes the most sense when you already have hundreds of millions of dollars and unlimited touring potential. The most surprising thing that could happen is they release this later and it sells a million or two copies. Like a deluxe version or something with a lot of art work and stuff that collectors might want! But honestly I think their album selling days are over! Maybe another option would have been a Wal Mart exclusive double album for $9.99 with bonus DVD, lol. .

    2. Tomu2fanatic says:

      Album is OK and I get the strategy to save money (and they got paid). They are hurting young artists though. I love the irrelevant talk of a group that almost grossed $800 million dollars. They might gross $1 billion this time around. Sooo irrelevant……

      However, to you Drudge fans who came here because of the link, stay off of sites that are not political in nature or you will get owned because you guys are so square when it comes to popular culture that it isn’t even funny. Remember when you folks ran to Rolling Stone to argue with some of us about Paul Ryan getting hammered by Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine about liking their music and not their lyrics in 2012? Your fanboy was called out and you tried defending him. You came here because you don’t like Bono and don’t listen to U2 and can’t understand why they did it (SOCIALISM!). We get it. Go back to listening to Amy Grant and Lynyrd Skynyrd…

    3. Grapost says:

      More proof that in the future, popular music will have little value other than as promotional, marketing, and advertising tool, or a soundtrack. People will become so used to getting it for free, nobody will pay for it anymore.

    4. Robert Morrissey says:

      If U2 forwarded $10 to my PayPal I would check out their album.

    5. FusterCluck says:

      U2 Releases New “Crappy” Album for Free on iTunes. There, fixed that for you.

    6. Chet Kinetic says:

      At least U2 understands the way music is bought and paid for in 2014. Why don’t other acts adopt the same strategy? U2 know they will make their music off the album in other ways.

    7. Joe A says:

      Free is still too much to pay for these over-the-hill, no talent, washed up pieces of crap. However we do go to a couple of their concerts in the US to get stoned and beat the crap out of their drunk fans. We will probably stop this though since most of their fans are now around 80 years old.

      I do like the way they avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

      • Grapost says:

        Apple paid for the new album. They gave them a ton of cash for the right to release it for free. U2 still made alot of money for their work.

    8. Not U2 says:

      AH yes.. U2. The most Generic, least inspired music of our time!

    9. Georgia Boy says:

      Sunday bloody Sunday……………… definetely a song that speaks volumes!! Love the music, but not so hot on their political agenda. Still, the whole celebrity, “on their own podium”, hollywood thing! You know what can you expect. It’s the ones that swim up river that have my attention, and applause.

    10. This is a brilliant marketing campaign. U2 and Apple are in a win win situation. What do they care if consumers download the album for free. Apple is worth a Gazillion dollars and U2 is worth over a billion as well. This implementation is to be the “first in history” attitude Apple has always strived to be. U2 will be rewarded with being the #1 album on the charts, and the album will eventually be sold anyway after a certain date. Only a band of U2’s stature and Apple’s Tour De Force pioneering adventurism could do this and do it right.

    11. Steve says:

      So if U2 wants their music to reach as many people as possible, then why only iTunes? Why not just a free download on their website that everyone can access? Maybe it`s really all about the money.

    12. Jim says:

      To all the people saying they won’t listen to U2 because they support to many left wing nut-bars … I agree, but if I only listened to artists with my political bent I would have a very small music collection. I can only listen to Stranglehold so many times.

    13. Nonsense says:

      Sure it is free…Sure U2 got nothing out of it at all…..sure.

      • Detex says:

        You are special. It was part of the iPhone promotion event. Apple is picking up the cost. So yes, they got paid.

        • Grapost says:

          The music is only free to consumers, not to Apple, which paid them millions for the right to release it for free. U2 got their millions or would not have agreed to the deal with Apple.

    14. Celebrities need to get out of the political arena.
      And I’m staying out of the entertainment consumer products because of that.

    15. Music Lover says:

      No thanks … U2 is pro Obama and pro amnesty.

    16. Billionaire dad says:

      Ps) Boner needs a tax audit b

    17. It’s New! It’s Free! It’s U2! It’s Boooooring!
      I listened to the whole thing while surfing the internet and not once did I stop and say “Wow! What was THAT song!!!” I guess if you are a real U2 fan you will enjoy it, it sounds just like all other U2 music.

    18. Greg Zoll says:

      The new album reminds me of their older stuff. Well worth the download.

    19. One of two things springs to mind here:

      1. U2, according to Gene Simmons, is responsible for killing rock and roll.

      2. They have no leg to stand on when it ends up on the file sharing networks no matter how much they piss and moan as they gave it away first.

    20. Joe sardotz says:

      Dude like dude all your music sucks like dude like dude……….like………..dude

    21. Ken says:

      When is BONER gonna go away for good?

    22. FreeMusicForEveryone! says:

      I still remember the 90s when record companies forced us to buy an entire album to get one song. Oh how the tables have turned, and oh how I love it. I can’t wait for all record companies to go bankrupt.

      • whocares says:

        Amen brother. The tables surely have turned. No more $14 single songs. And WHO the hell thinks that U2 is still relevant LOL!!! So for iphone7, who’s gonna be the big name? Led Zeppelin? ahhahahhah

        • Timlho says:

          Still relevent?

          Is Jimi hendrix still relevant?

          How about Marvin Gaye or Buddy Holly or John Lennon?

          Youre a twit.

    23. MadCharles says:

      Now that U2 has made their million’s just give away music. Finish taking away another area for the struggling musicians & garage band dreams playing pay to play @ crap clubs & trying to sell their cd’s.
      typical lib’s.

    24. I guess Napster is no longer available for U2 to distribute their music for free.

    25. yiddishlion says:

      I wouldn’t download their trash even for free.

    26. yiddishlion says:

      U2 sucks. They have always sucked. And they will always suck. Period.

    27. Hey U2 let me know when your paying people to take it. Then we can talk.

    28. Craig Eliot says:

      I won’t even download it for free. They’re too old and out of it. I need something new and modern and yes even shocking: like something to read that’s exciting—like New York Stories or The Polity of Beasts. IS this man the best American writer in the last fifty years? Yes!

    29. nurredin says:

      I would love for all the people who call the works of others cr*p to post up thier own music.

      • Henry says:

        Restaurant critics aren’t cooks. The people at consumer digest do not engineer dishwashers. Fashion magazines do not create and manufacture dresses… so your point?

    30. Henry says:

      ummm, it might be free…. but U2 died in my eyes about 10 years ago, so no thanks. After Zooropa all they became was a political mouthpiece for liberals.

    31. musicman says:

      U2 is one of my favorite band, and when you like music.. It’s so great not to pay for it… I am listening to their new songs by the time that i am writing to you and that sounds U2…I like that and I probably buy the album….

      That’s probably true that they don’t need money but .. how much you pay for their concerts ?. This is where they get their money….

    32. T Duffy says:

      It’s only free until October 13 and then you have to pay.

    33. Markus says:

      Interesting. No one has even listened to a song, yet you’ve determined it’s “crap”. smh

    34. robRmh says:

      Many people are SHARING it’s a new way to have people look at your work, whether it’s photography,
      Art etc., It won’t hurt U2, they have no need to make money, however their message is cool.

    35. destrephobilon says:

      That’s about the right price for their self-indulgent c–p.

    36. Amy says:

      I love U2 and will be glad to download it. I don’t understand why everyone else on this comment feed is so nasty and mean.

      • Mattrix says:

        Conservative web site DrudgeReport.com picked up the story. So all the people who don’t listen to music, or no anything about marketing or pop culture are getting their say.

        This is a huge game changer for the music industry

      • John Snow says:

        Amy, this article is linked by the drudgereport….if you are not familiar with the drudgereport, it is where angry middle aged men who are pissed off that their own lives turned out so crappy now blame everyone else…liberals, immigrants, minorities, artists, women, non-Christians, mother nature, ….etc. Bitter people who preach personal responsibility yet blame everyone else for their own failures.

      • Steve says:

        Amy… because people are small, envious, and petty; because it’s easier to pull down someone else’s work than it is to build your own; and because fools become bold behind the anonymity of a computer screen.

      • Henry says:

        You like the U2 from the 80’s… we all did. This U2 is self indulgent and politically incorrect. They’ve pissed people off all around the globe.

      • Terpsichore says:

        Who cares if they’re nasty and mean. Get your free album and be happy. U2 is a great band, but I think they are corporate whores for falling in with Apple who doubtless paid them a couple-five million quid for showing up as the closing act of their little show. They say U2 is a has-been. I say its Apple.

    37. Undoubtedly this album is priced according to its worth.

    38. Well, I guess that’s better than having to pay for what are sure to be the 11 worst songs of 2014.

    39. D'Glester Hardunkichud says:

      It’s the only way they’re going to get heard. They haven’t composed a good song in a couple decades or so.

    40. sol says:

      Gotta get it out there somehow,no one’s gonna buy it.

    41. Phil Barber says:

      Free is even overpriced for these has beens. Is tax dodger Bono going to finesse it into a shelter ?

    42. FREE ??????????????????????

    43. Lady Gaga says:

      I can’t even give my music away! I tried to give my new album to a homeless man and he spat on me. Please, won’t somebody look at me!

    44. EricFost says:

      “Duh, from the very beginning U2 have always wanted our music to reach as many people as possible.”

      Is that why they decided to release their new album only on iTunes, effectively blocking 60% of the market?

      What a bunch of stupid, self-important dolts…

      • C says:

        Blocking 60% of the market? Between PCs and Macs, iTunes is installed on about 88-90% of all computers in the first world. So stop whining.

        • Michael Anthony says:

          Installed on 80-90% if computers worldwide? Ha! It may be on slit of computers, but that number is impossible. The vast majority of computer users in the world, use then at work or school, or, they share with others. The world is not an itune bopping place. They can barely afford to eat and have clothing and shelter. Get real.

          As an aside, retailers and consumers hate these exclusives as it eats into sales. They out ta say “you want to be an exclusive, then stay an exclusive”.

          U2 us no where near the stars they once were. According to Q magazine, from the UK, the group has albums of “great” music ready to go. If course they’ve been saying that for years. The same amount if years since they last had a memorable and catchy tune!

        • There are only 160-180 million active iTunes accounts.

        • D'Glester Hardunkichud says:

          I’m not buying that. iTunes is one of the worst software applications ever devised and I know about 2 people who use it. Maybe the middle school kids use it.

    45. Arminius says:

      –Mick Jagger
      –Cold Play
      –Every top drawer music seller (not to be confused with ‘top artist’.)
      Of course, ‘free’ just means that Apple paid them, rather than you and me.

      If you sleep with a stranger for ‘free’, but his uncle pays you to do it: We’ve already established what you are. It’s just a matter of establishing mode of payment.

    46. Henry says:

      so your point is that we shouldnt be critics unless we try it ourselves? and making 10k makes everything better? were you an occupy wallstreeter?

    47. Henry says:

      No, I would download The Who for free. but not U2.

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