Fired ‘Opie and Anthony’ Host Anthony Cumia: ‘I Will Never Apologize’

Fired Opie and Anthony Host Won't

Anthony Cumia, fired host of Sirius XM’s “Opie and Anthony Show,” defended himself today during his first post-scandal TV appearance.

Cumia was given the boot after making racially-charged comments on Twitter last week.

“I will never apologize for this; I didn’t do anything wrong,” Cumia said on Fox’s “Red Eye” on Saturday morning, as reported by Mediaite. “I go off on tears like this. I curse. I say horrific things about people who piss me off and that’s exactly what I did. Why am I going to apologize and say I am different or I changed? I haven’t. It would be a phony bogus apology. If it happened again, I would do the same thing.”

Cumia, who called a black woman a “pig” and “an animal” after she allegedly punched him in the face for trying to take a photo, said his comments weren’t racist as he wasn’t referring to all black people, just those who happen to be violent.

The radio shock jock described SiriusXM’s actions as “hypocritical” because he hasn’t been punished before for making similar comments on air for 10 years.

“To fire me for something on social media is kind of hypocritical, I think,” Cumia said. “There wasn’t even any outrage. No one approached SiriusXM and said ‘Oh my God, you’ve got to fire him.’ It was such a kneejerk reaction in this day and age.”

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  1. Freezyfrost says:

    Cumia finally hit the Wall,I knew it was a just a matter of time 5yrs Ago . Dust to to Dust Ashes to Ashes.RIP

  2. Cancelled Sirius after this incident. Won’t do business with a bunch of cowards. Opie was right, she was an animal and a pig to boot. Matter of fact he was being way too kind.

  3. says:

    Well f opie then & Jim 2 , just kidding Jim but f opie just ad I thought Howard was wrong, about yall turns out u r a jerk off OPIE, DON’T CARE WHATEVER ANT SAID 2 U N PRIVATE, U SHOULDVE WALKED , of all wow

  4. ryno says:

    Im glad I read this article because I have been thinking about getting satellite radio…..not now.

  5. Fre says:

    Yea, I’m glad he stuck to his guns and already he’s working on his own podcast gig.
    I think Sirius jumped the gun I mean, he’s been saying far more offensive stuff for ‘years’ on Sirius and this wasn’t even ‘on air’.
    Stern says even worse and he’s still there.
    I like seeing the numbers going up on the petition to bring him back too:

    Wonder how many have cancelled their Sirius subscriptions. Bet they’re losing on this one. And hopefully so.

  6. loved ur post! Keep it up!

  7. DC says:

    At least he’s sticking to his guns and saying what we all know — that most public apologies after upsetting the hive are completely bogus and insincere

  8. Okay what part of “she punched him in the face” don’t people understand. When someone punches you in the face, anything you call that person is FAIR GAME, even the N-WORD. And I’m black saying it!

  9. John Pace says:

    Who needs XM radio if they censor the air waves in such a random knee jerk way…..I’m canceling!!

  10. So… you sell fruit. And in one of your departments (the APPLES division) one of the two primary DIRECTORS says some bad things that piss off the vegetable sellers in the area and you then fire him for it… thereby throwing the APPLE sales department and their customers into a full tailspin just to make the “hurt & offended” vegetable sellers feel better! You don’t even SELL VEGETABLES but in order to appease them, you stifle the sales of YOUR OWN PRODUCT! HOW STUPID IS THAT? Thanks Sirius XM for ruining one of the best comedy talk radio shows you’ll ever have!

  11. deadearth says:

    Malone is anti-racist and he was enraged. On a secondary- you might think it primary- level he doesn’t want the SiriusXM brand damaged. By not dismissing Opie and Jim he puts a damper on the anti-Serius XM movement. They will continue the show on Monday the 14th as they are contractually obligated to do – Jim’s verbatim excuse. Opie has 3 million to lose and Jim cosiderably less but still a s-load. Anthony says they have his blessing and understands the position they’re in. Neither Jim nor Opie say they have spoken to Cumia about it. “I’m contactually obligated” is the only thing I’ve heard.

  12. Bob Liberty says:

    Sirius is a joke and a scam. The first year I paid $79, the next year they wanted a three year contrct at $145 a year. I told them to take a hike and canceled the service. Then they started sending me renewal notices. I just ignored them. Then they sent me a bill for 2 days. I ignored them. Then they sent me a ‘deal’ for $79 for the first year. I tore it up. Then they sent me a ‘deal’ for $40 for the first 6 months. I tore it up. Then they sent me another ‘deal’ . $20 for the first 6 months. I tore it up. Then they called me. I told them I would be happy to take their service if they paid ME $145 a month with a 2 year contract and I wasn’t offering any ‘deals’. They finally quit bothering me. Can you say racket?

  13. Without fear of retribution is crystal clear to me. If it ain’t illegal it ain’t no one’s concern.

  14. Frederick Leonard says:

    When your job is to appeal to millions of people for the benefit of a corporation you can’t insult wide swaths of them by race. Free speech still exists, Opie’s little buddy can still say whatever he wants in his little basement show but that’s the rule if you want to work for a big corporation. Opie’s buddy can’t pretend he didn’t know that, it’s in his contract.

    • You’re joking right? He’s been saying this kind of stuff on the air for years and worse. He twitters and they fire him? F#ck those cowards. I called to cancel, they offered me half off. Still told them to F off. I don’t do business with corporations who don’t respect free speech.

    • J Dog says:

      He never said anything about a race of people. Calling someone a “pig” and an “animal” has nothing to do with black people. The fact that people think that it does is the problem, not the fact that he said it. People amaze me sometimes. “Insult wide swaths of them by race”, Did you even read the story because that is not nearly close to the truth.

  15. kinfolly says:

    FINALLY! A Real Man….Who Says What He Does and Does What He Says….Thank you for shining that Light ….

  16. I finally had to cancel my credit card to get Sirius to stop charging me, when I tried to cancel my “service”. Easy to sign up, but impossible to cancel. Good luck with that.

    • Yes it is unbelievably impossible to cancel. I had a similar experience. For a couple of months I tried to get them on the phone and got the run around and hung up every time I called! Then my credit card happened to expired and lo and behold they called me every day until I picked up and told them to cancel everything. They had nothing to charge against so they had no choice! FTC really needs to investigate them!

  17. mirted says:

    Given that the most successful “Shock Jock”, Howard Stern, owns a big chunk of Sirius, a firing for such a trivial event is indeed hypocritical. The best way to counter Sirius, if you don’t agree with their actions,
    is to unsubscribe…or are you just a whiner?

  18. H. Johnson says:

    Antisemitic moron.

    • I would say its the way they raise their children. If we raised ours properly they would be in the same situation. We don’t train them to look after their family and culture so they don’t look after it.

  19. Romaine Sharpling says:

    Unfortunate, but he was totally justified. Male or female, black or white, anyone who acts as that woman did deserves to be raged at. All shehad to do was hide her face.

  20. Socraticsilliness says:

    They should do what Adam Carolla has-podcast. Carolla is his own boss, can say what he wants as well as everyone else on the show. He gets 2 million downloads so there is an audience for good podcast.

  21. Renny says:

    If they don’t want shock jocks to shock, Sirius and any other org. that hires and sponsors shock jocks are just cretinous maroons. You get what you pay for.

  22. Miguel says:

    We will NEVER listen to SeriusXM radio again, and we will strive to discourage others from patronizing them.

    • TruthInSpending says:

      Their spelling must be atrocious. I didn’t see anything remotely related to “either” in the post to which you responded.

    • Papa OO Mao Mao says:

      Hey Sunset. Grammar? “You are a stupid idiot that cannot even spell either.” The word either was not in his post. Get it? No, probably not……another victim of public school.

    • Papa OO Mao Mao says:

      Hey Sunset. Grammar? “You are a stupid idiot that cannot even spell either.” The word either was not in his post. Get it? No, probably not……another victim of public school.

  23. CaptDMO says:

    Who? On WHAT station?
    I’d LIKE to puff up my chest and say “I’m boycotting Sirus for this!!!!”, but
    I listen to (formerly known as free) radio. SOMEHOW it still works. EVEN the (radiowave) Amplitude Modulation band. I suffer through ads, but apparently so do “paid subscription” radio/TV folks these days. So what exactly are you paying for? The wit and wisdom of Howard Stern?
    Maybe my 8Track. My Edison wax cylinders get soft if I have the heater in the dashboard on in the winter. I understand you can plug “chips” into your entertainment system these days. Sounds messy.

  24. Psyops says:

    People really care about these idiots? You live a sad life.

  25. PLM says:

    Time to take his show to drivetime over the internet. The portability and utility of smart phones makes the connectivity easy – and people can qlways listen to a tailored delay. This event may have been a Godsend.

  26. Getbendt says:

    They have a right to fire him for whatever reason they want. At the same time, he has a right to say whatever he wants. This is the liberty we all should have. I support both parties in this drama. I don’t think what he said was cause to fire him but I don’t run Sirius. They will enjoy or dread the outcome based on what the listeners do. As far as his non apology, he hit it right on the head. He meant what he said. Good for him. Why change who you are and what you think for political correctness. It’s interesting that Howard Stern is far more controversial, and it’s an awesome show, and they pay him 1/2 a billion. It’s kinda hypocritical?

  27. Marie Hatffield says:

    We use to have four XM-Sirius radios. We are down to one and that is only because my husband listens to it at night when he’s driving his truck. We’ll cancel that last radio when he retires…if not sooner due to this BS.

  28. Chris Ness says:

    XM hasn’t been the same since Sirius merged with it. And it got even worse when Clear Channel divested their interest.

  29. Jerry mcbride says:

    Who needs SiriusXM?


  30. This was a ridiculous reaction on the part of SiriusXM. Perhaps since their contract is up in October, the company had been looking to get rid of O&A, since they became associated with them after the merger, which involved Mel Karmazin and Howard Stern, neither of whom exactly have any love for O&A. I wonder how Opie and Jimmy are going to handle the show until the contract expires and once it does, if Opie will have anything to do with Anthony’s “Live From The Compond” show. I hope this isn’t the end of The Opie & Anthony Show forever, mostly because I’ve been a fan since 1998! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next!

  31. jerry ware says:

    The parent company was looking for a reason to terminate his contract and he gave them one.

  32. Stan says:

    Apparently you care, as you took the time to address it.

  33. Gus Mueller says:

    A tad extreme, don’t you think?

  34. F. LaVenuta says:

    Given all the available venues who needs SiriusXM? Pay for content? Crazy.

    • Arthur Hinty says:

      Content on Sirius/XM is light years ahead of the radio dreck. Syndicated shows broadcasting 36 minutes per hour with canned news breaks and mortgage refi ads? OTA radio is a cesspool. I am so thankful I purchased a lifetime Sirius/XM sub way back when. Not to mention the blanket sports coverage they provide. Fine, they fired Anthony. They still have a dozen to 20 channels that blow away anything on the radio. OTA radio has pissed away its stronghold.

  35. Setco says:

    Says the guy who read the article and then took the time to post a comment.

  36. SiriusXM has stunk ever since the merger. XM had music channels without DJ’s and clever promos between the songs.

    Sirius has DJ’s that should have retired long ago. On their New Wave channel, Richard Blade tells about how he DJ’s weddings. How lousy must his pay be if he’s having to DJ weddings?

  37. BeEtLjOoZ says:

    Reblogged this on LouisianaWorld.Net and commented:
    Apologize for what?

  38. Curle says:

    Everyone should read his comments and determine, given the circumstances, whether they believe they were ‘horrific’ or not or racist or not. It seems that more and more people read reactions to comments; e.g. ‘it was racist’, ‘it was horrific’, without reading the comments themselves and get a mis-impression regarding what was actually said, in other words they allow their imagination to fill in blanks.

    IIRC Cumia identified the person who attacked him by their race and called that person and those assisting her animals and savages. Racism? Horrific? I think those who are urging a ‘horrific’ response are those who fear others reading Cumia’s comments will fill in the blanks to conclude that Cumia meant all persons of his attacker’s race. But, it is notable that Cumia didn’t make this connection himself. In other words, Cumia doesn’t attack a race of people only certain people who attacked him.

    Calling such comments ‘horrific’ seems a pretty big over-reaction.

  39. laura says:

    I’ve been listening to him since I was a teen, and he never offends me..he’s honest and entertaining. People who are offended by what he tweeted need to focus on actual world problems instead of what it is said in anger on social media.

  40. pauleky says:

    Spoken like someone who knows how to hate. Kudos.

    • Chris says:

      They have to make way for Howard’s 3 day show 500 million $ contract freedom of speech gone what this xm was supposed to be they are fired

  41. Billy says:

    I’m certain Sirius is crushed at the 1,500 or so cancellations it will receive as a result of canning this dope.

    • You should probably take a look at the Sirius Nasdaq reports,especially the weekend they fired him,before you post such an uninformed and embarrassing comment

    • The Bruce says:

      Given that SiriusXM is currently losing revenue and is $400M in debt, I’d say yes, every cancellation hurts.

  42. Billy says:

    “Free speech” is such a stupid argument. The First Amendment doesn’t grant you free speech; it disallows the government from prohibiting you to speak. Do some research — “Free Speech” has nothing to do with a broadcaster and his moron of a radio show host going off on a racist, violent rant on Twitter.

    • The people that actually listen to the show,are not trippin on the free speech issue. The problem is Anthony has been saying the same kind of things,and worse,on the goddamn program every day. For 10 YEARS!! And they never said one thing to him. So,it’s hypocritical,stupid and actually kind of embarrassing how stupid they look. They reacted too quickly to something that would have been forgotten about in 2 days. When Brittney or Lyndsey or whatever unimportant shit grabs the media pigs attention

    • You are an astute man. One of the very few. Just as I can prohibit certain speech in my home, Sirius can prohibit whatever speech it likes on its radio shows. You are absolutely correct. The Constitution constrains government power. I’ll add that it constrasins government power so that the individual is empowered. Anthony can say whatever he likes. He can. However, no private entity or person can be forced to provide him with a forum to do so.

      • Bolivar Shagnasty says:

        You hire a “shock jock” and then you’re shocked at what he says? This was not a free speech issue nor was it a racist comment on the part of Cumia. Just an employer making a business decision to get rid of an employee…they are within their rights to do so. My guess, however, is that they probably piss off more people by dumping him than they do by keeping him…that’s ok though…it’s their business.

  43. Bret says:

    I canceled my Internet access and my radio subscription. It’s the only thing on that I listened to. Howard’s not what he used to be and pandora is what i listen to if i want music. O&A and Jim and all the comedians always were entertaining and had relevant real discussions on current events. I cant believe that Sirius’s leadership allowed this to happen.

    • Keith Diggs says:

      You canceled your INTERNET ACCESS, you lying POS? Then how did you POST THIS STUPID AZZED COMMENT YOU LYING TWO BIT POS.

      • Hey moron, He was referring to cancelling Sirius, not his internet. Anthony was right. That pig of a woman and the animals who assisted him in an assault should’ve been shot.

      • Bill Southwesterson says:

        To the racist genius Keith Diggs: Bret meant he cancelled his internet online subscription to Sirius. So Keith, you lied and you got confused, and exposed yourself as a racist in the process.

      • Bret says:

        You can pay to listen to XM through the internet. I didn’t cancel my internet service I canceled the access to listen to XM through the internet. I didn’t think I had to spell it out since I said Access not Service. Besides why would anyone cancel their Internet service. SiriusXM doesn’t even provide internet service.

      • Janet91 says:

        You can subscribe separately to channel streaming. That’s what I have. The over-the-air subscriptions are different.

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