Dish Customers Lose Access to Turner’s CNN, Cartoon Network and Other Nets

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Turner Broadcasting’s CNN, Cartoon Network and six other networks went dark on Dish Network early Eastern time Tuesday, after the companies were unable to come to terms on a new distribution deal.

Removed from the Dish lineup were: Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, CNN, CNN en Español, HLN, truTV and Turner Classic Movies. Turner’s two biggest networks, TBS and TNT, are unaffected by the dispute.

Each side blamed the other for failing to reach an agreement. It’s the latest head-butting over carriage terms in the pay-TV biz, as programmers continue to seek regular fee increases for their networks. Dish had 14.05 million subscribers at the end of the second quarter of 2014. The satcaster is no stranger to carriage disputes with high-profile programmers.

Dish claimed Turner refused to extend the overall deal. “In the past year, Dish has successfully renewed agreements with many large content providers,” Dish SVP of programming Warren Schlichting said in a statement. “As a result, we are confident that we have offered a deal to Turner that reflects an appropriate value for our customers.”

[UPDATE, Oct. 29, 10 a.m. PT: Dish said Oct. 28 that “discussions continue” with Turner and that “we remain confident that we can reach an agreement to restore these channels.” In the meantime, the satcaster has swapped out the Turner channels in dispute from its lineup, which has included replacing CNN with MSNBC.]

Turner, for its part, said: “Despite our best efforts, we were unable to reach an agreement with Dish Network, and they have unilaterally decided to pull CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, truTV, TCM, HLN, CNN en Español and Boomerang off the air upon the expiration of our current deal. Turner has worked diligently for months to come to a fair agreement including multiple extensions and compromises, and it’s unfortunate that Dish is once again operating in a disruptive manner that takes away networks and programming from their customers. We are hopeful our counterparts will return to the negotiating table, and we’ll get a deal completed.”

Both companies have set up consumer websites with their talking points about the standoff: Dish’s is at and Turner’s is at

The only other blackout of Turner networks with a pay-TV distributor occurred last fall, when the programmer failed to renew its deal with The Washington Post Co.’s Cable One. TNT, TBS, CNN and other Turner networks returned to Cable One subs after dropping from the lineup for 25 days.

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  1. Dish Network has more blackout disputes that DirecTV by a margin. I’m trying to find data on all the blackouts, but it’s hard…

    Anyone know where there is a list of all cases of a programming blackout due to negotiation disputes?

  2. kim says:

    If I’m paying for all these channels. And the one that I watch the most gets blackout. I want my money back.this is bullshit.I’ve been with you guys for a long time.I’m sick of this shit.i want my channels back or my bill lower. I will go somewhere else and so will all 300 other people.

  3. Shelley baca says:

    Stop the drop please don’t drop my favorite channel

  4. Shows How Greedy Turner Cable is. Boycott Turner Cable.

  5. Mary Ann Ottman says:

    Please remember that you are adults and conduct yourselves as adults. We miss Fox and want it back. We may have to make some changes. MaryAnn Ottman

  6. laura lynn says:

    why the heck do we need you dish!!! jackasses

    • Florence Hughes says:

      I am a new Dish customer and very sorry that I have made such a terrible mistake. Soon Dish took Way CNN. Then the unthinkle!!! Fox News was gone and still is after almost a month. I have been in business and if one of my suppliers called me arrogant, mean, disrespective, and called me an extortionist I would no longer do business with this supplier. I believe Dish needs Fox more than Fox needs Dish. I do not believe this will be settled soon, if ever. Fox can survive without Dish. Can dish survive without Fox. I know Dish can survive without me. If is is not changed in a week, Dish will loose this new customer. They broke our contract, Not I.

  7. laura lynn says:

    Really, no fox news or turner, no cartoon network you are commies!!!

  8. gary says:

    Losing TCM BIG drag. MGM only a fair replacement. Hey Dish….hook us up with METV or Antennatv!

  9. Charline says:

    Hey guys, I love DISH. I especially love it with my internet hookup. No; I did not appreciate the loss of CNN (but only because I can’t stand the shills on Morning Creep and most of the other morning MSNBC shows now. Well, it all came back in middle of the day and it’s back to normal, so those of you who ditched DISH–serves you right. My daughter has Direct and I’m sure glad I went with DISH many years ago (more than any 8, I’m pretty sure).

    As far as CBS; I’ll miss a couple of things if they pull this stuff, but I guess I’ll live; just like I did when the idiots took away my ability to subscribe to the Eastern stations. Now THAT was a REAL loss! Can’t imagine why the advertisers didn’t insist that the ability be kept so I’d have to watch their stupid ads at 5:00 and again at 8:00.

    So, Go DISH., and thank you for my great internet (after some years of ssssllllllooooowwww WiFi.

    PS. Despite loving my DISH internet, I sure would hate to have to pay for “streaming” anything.

  10. Viewer says:

    Soon, streaming networks will eventually level the playing field and we will no longer be held hostage to this stupidness. Then I can get away from these outrageous cable television bills. Looking forward to cafeteria plans where I can pick the 6 stations I watch instead of paying almost $200 a month for the 400 channels I don’t watch. I HAD to select the Dish 200 Plan in order to get TCM. Being held hostage to black outs while not seeing my bill rate to match what I’m paying for is frustrating. I’m ready to join the rest of the people who have cut the cord.

    • Paul B. says:

      I just cancelled my Dish today…after 8 years…YEAH! It feels so good to be done with over 200 channels and nothing worth watching that I haven’t seen 6 times already. They tried to get me up my program schedule…but I had already done that once and it was a major disappointment. They lured me in with programming that only lasted a week and then back to more garbage. I’m so sick of hillbillies…handfishing, building shacks in Alaska, hunting, making 18 babies, losing ass fat, showing silicone, displaying IQ’s of 40 and proud of it. Good by Dish.

  11. Haidi Shafik says:

    No CNN and the others. Ok. There are other alternatives. Ok. Now, customers deserve a lower fee. No? After all, customers are the only affected. Customers should receive more than a cable notification from Dish…

  12. Michelle says:

    I’m tired of the ridiculous price of satellite and cable. Dish is the least expensive option I have. If they have to ‘put their foot down’ to keep prices down I can suffer a little hardship.

  13. anonymous says:

    Your all fucking idiots your the same fucking idiots who call in when you feel you bill is too high nothings really changed but you opened your bill one days decided you didn’t like it and call dish yo bitch until dish gives you money you complain and complain prices to high blah blah programming lame blah blah always the same shows and movies blah blah never taking a moment to consider that dish can’t control the content you should complain to the channel owner but nope you’ll always call dish. So dish gives you a credit and then what happenes? The channel goes down contract ended and the channel own wants a ridiculous price increase because they think they’ve earned it showing that content you complained about before so dish refuses customers complain about their content dish can’t offer that ammouny with out raising rates and why do that? Customers are complaining about price and program so they try to negotiate them down but you won’t have that will you so what do you do? Call the greedy channel owner who is demanding more money and who took their channel away like child with a tantrum? No you idiots call dish that programming that you hated and complained about well now you miss it you want compesation you the one losing. Dish tries to explain while giving you what ? MORE CREDIT satisfied? Ooh hoho no you’ll threateb to cancel even though the same thing happens with direct and Comcast and you’ll experience the same channel take down at some point so you bitch and you complain and then what happens? Dish gives in feeling the pressure while no one bothers the greedy channel owner its all dishes fault they want more money customers would hate to pay but they give in. Customers are upset they agree to the terms sign a new contract and customer are ‘content’ still calling and bitching about their bill though never wanting to lower your package just dish to give you free money but then what happens? January new year price increase from dish dish had to give in to the silly terms because the channel owner was throwing a tantrum and the customers were throwing a tantrum and bow dish ups their rate five dollars for everyone are customers content? They got their channels back they got free money so a 5 dollar price increase should be OK well worth those channels oh no no no you all call and complain again why is it 5 dollars more there’s nothing on its all the same programming and what happens DISH GIVES YOY MORE FREE MONEY SO SHUT UP YOU USELESS CUNTS YOU ENCOURAGE THIS THIS IS WHY THE CHANNEL OWNERS DO THIS BECAUSE YOU POINT THE FINGER AT DISH AND YOU CANCEL AND YOU COMPLAIN UNTIL YOUR POCKETS ARE HAPPY SO WHAT DOES THE THEN CHANNEL OWNER DO? THE SAME FUCKING THING BECAUSE YOU SHOW THEM IT WORKS YOU DO THEIR DIRTY WORK FOR THEM AND THE NEXT GUY SEES IT WORKS AND DOES THE SAME FUCKING THING SO THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ENABLING THE SAME SHIT ITS ON YOU ITS ON THEM AND YOULL STILL CALL AND COMPLAIN TO DISH WORTHLESS BITCHES

  14. Karen says:

    I can’t believe we are now coming up on one month of no CNN and other channels. I see that 593 people myself included has come here to to voice their anger over this dispute between Dish & Turner. It looks like Dish does not care about 593 loyal customers opinions. I will be changing satellite carriers. Over the greed pompous behavior. Bye Dish Network!

  15. jor customer says:

    This is down right bullshit we the customers pay for there stupid shit put the stations back on or you will find that a lot of people we go else were and thats the fact jack!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck all the bullshit

  16. Chris says:

    With the threat of now losing TBS, TNT and CBS channels on top of the already lost Turner channets, I call for the CEO of Dish Network to be FIRED! NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  17. David says:

    This bull crap best channel gone if they lose tnt an tbs. I’m leave dish there want be not watch adult swim is best channel it go I hope get back soon or I bonnet from dish. Want be #1 pay price get channel back you’ll doing lose a lot consumer

  18. Leigh says:

    Tell Dish And Turner to STOP THE GREED GAME! You can get your classic movies fix by ordering DVD rentals from a service called Classicflix. It cheaper than this GREED WAR! Personally I don’t miss CNN. Cutting my Dish bill down as low as possible, and ordering Classicflix.


    Please there HAS to be a way for channels deleted to be returned. I am begging you. MGM “movie channel” is disgraceful & in no way even comes close to TCM. Furthermore my small grandchildren can no longer enjoy the CARTOON NETWORK. Now there is a possibility of losing TNT, etc. DISH: this has to stop or you will lose another long time customer.

  20. Leta says:

    Worse experience of my life with DISH…. Every month have to call and see if my monthly payments went up, also have to pay a lot of money to get out of my contract. Use to pay automatically out of my bank account but because of DISH Had to pay fees through my bank because the payments were not taken when I asked it to be. It’s just a headache can’t wait for my contract to be up so I can get out of this nightmare…..

  21. Pat Kunde says:

    I have internet and tv through dish. Don’t ever get their internet it is horrible. I never thought I’d say it but I can’t wait to go back to Comcast. I never lost any channels with them.. I just had to call every month to haggle the price, but I have had to do that with Dish too. Now I’m paying for stuff I don’t have . They won’t let me out of my contract without paying alot of $.Plus I was paying less with Comcast. Dish has been a nightmare! Thinking lawsuit.

  22. Pat Kunde says:

    I still say class action law suit. I have tried to get out of my contract and they won’t let me.

  23. jose Rodriguez says:

    If ya taking these channels off then my bill better be cheaper or I will go with a different company

  24. ShelbyJean Chitwood says:

    If you keep taking programs off we will have no chose but drop Dish. We are still paying for these programs. Are you going to drop the cost? If you keep taking programs off I’m sure we will not be the only one leaving.

  25. LC says:

    This is ridiculous, you can’t tell me Ted Turner networks and Dish, don’t make enough money. The only news available on dish now, seems to be Fox News. I pay over $100 a month for Dish Network, I subscribe, because I like HLN, CNN, My choice now is to listen to it on Sirius Radio. They need to stop the greed, quit arguing like a couple of spoiled rich kids and think about customer service, after all, it is we the consumer that ultimately gives them revenue.

  26. Al Buhler says:

    I plan to drop Dish unless I get CNN back.

  27. Jon Hornback says:

    I pay $120 per month to Dish Network, mostly to get Turner Classic Moves. If it keeps up like it is I will have to change to Direct TV or local cable, It’s a lot of work for me to change WIFI etc. but if they don’t settle soon I will call my cable Co. Jon Hornback PS I pay for this programming and MGM HD in turners place is no fix. That channel is at channel 385 all ready so why is it on 132 where Turner Classic Moves should be. Get off your butts and fix this fast.

  28. Susan says:

    Why do we have to pay the price when children can’t play nice on the playground.

  29. Pat Kunde says:

    Would anyone be interested in filing aclass action suit against dish? They won’t let me out of the contract without charging a whole lot of money, even though as far as I’m concerned they are breaking thier contract. I’m not getting the cannels I signed up for.

  30. Dish network sucks donkey balls! I’m switching to AT&T U-Verse

  31. Randall Bowman says:

    turner network, GOOD REDIANCE, I can’t stand CNN, could care less about Turners other networks, dam Obama supporters.

  32. Jim Ward says:

    I have avoided CNN for years. I think I turned them off after the First Desert War under Bush #1. I will not watch them if they come back on. I am not familiar with the other programs that have been eliminated..

  33. Ronald M. Ivey says:

    Of course the loss of these Dish channels is frustrating and unnecessary…Dish makes hand- over -fist tons of money, I know that it’s their fault for this mess. I will not renew my Dish account after my contract expires in Sept. 2015. They don’t ever have The Smithsonian Ch. in any lineup. This sucks and Dish sucks. Period.

  34. Savannah says:

    How the hell amni supposed to watch adult swim now? Im totally switching to comcast.

  35. Keith says:

    CNN is the worst cable news station anyway…who cares?

  36. Paul says:

    If dish drops CNN completely I will change to another company. Little by little we are losing programs and their slots being filled with reality shows which I don’t care to see at all. I’ll wait till December if not good bye Dish Network.

  37. stephen r brodeur says:

    Stephen Brodeur. getting sick of this, been with Dish for a long time. get this done.

  38. Billy blair says:

    What a joke. If I were late on payment my service would be cut off. I want my channels back.

  39. Tina says:

    I would like back the channels i am paying for.

  40. Katherine kutchmark says:

    Yes, my bill was the same also. I want compensated for the loss of my channels. I have a feeling we have been losing a lot of,programs and not noticed it. I am sick of all the half hour outdated programs I have been seeing? I left dish on my computer because they were conning me. I can do it on,y TV a

  41. Tina Banks says:

    I love CNN bring them back or I will find another provider who will I do not like faux news

  42. Dennis says:

    If DISH doesn’t negotiate and finalize with CNN by end of Nov. I’m gone. Who watches those wackos on MSNBC socialists.

  43. Jack says:

    It is shame not to have CNN in the package, but now we have aljazeero

  44. bitsy says:

    Just can

    Just canceled Dish. DirecTV installer just arrived. Looking forward to CNN tonight.

  45. Jose says:

    If no cnn on dish I will switch to cable

  46. Eileen Joike says:

    the only reason I have cable at all is for turner classic movies. I am so mad and sad that I will not have them for this coming holiday season. no other channel never offer such classics on a daily basis. please resolve this dispute soon or I will be changing to another provider so that I can enjoy the holiday season with these classics. thank you.

    • Viewer says:

      I totally agree. I HAD to select the Top 200 Plan with the Dish because it was the next higher paying Package that started including TCM. TCM was one of several pre-requisite stations I required when I decided on DISH Packages. Now I’m STILL paying for the Top 200 Package WITHOUT TCM! This is wrong!!!!! I trying to save enough money to buy out my contract. I’m sick of this.

  47. JOHN VON bARGEN says:

    Maybe it’ time to contact Direct TV and cancel Dish, which I will do if an agreement is not reached upon within one week

  48. Kristen says:

    I agree with previous comments, despite the dispute, bring back channels cancelled, or lower our bills. We are paying for chancels we don’t have. DISH is going to lose many of it’s long time customers.

  49. Alan Arrington says:

    I don’t care what the dispute is! I’m paying a lot of money every month for channels I no longer have! Get them on, lower my bill, or I along with about 20 co-employees WILL be dropping Dish Network!

  50. Linda Komarck says:

    Why did u drop cnn, headline news tcm true tv, cartoon network and some others? Get rid of tge hunting channels and some sports channels! U have enough of those. Don’t like seeing dead animals on tv. Very upset.

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