DirecTV to Hike Rates as Much as 6% in 2015

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DirecTV, in an annual tradition, said it will raise prices across all programming packages ranging between 3.5% and 6%, effective Feb. 5, 2015.

The No. 1 satcaster, in a message to customers, said it will raise the baseline price of the Entertainment package to $59.99 per month (up 3.5%), while the Xtra package will increase to $77.99 a month (up 5.5%). Its Ultimate package will increase 6% to $86.99 monthly, and the Premier plan will climb 5.4% to $136.99 per month.

In addition, DirecTV will raise the “TV fee” 8.3%, from $6 to $6.50 per month, for each additional set-top or connected TV set, and will hike its surcharges for regional sports networks by up to $2.14 per month depending on ZIP code. Rates for premium and Spanish-language programming packages also will increase in 2015.

AT&T is the midst of acquiring DirecTV in a deal pending regulatory approval. The telco has said it expects the DirecTV deal to reduce programming costs for the smaller U-verse TV service by at least 20%.

DirecTV has raised prices every year for the last decade; in 2014, the company hiked fees an average of 3.7%.

As it does every time it raises prices, DirecTV pointed the finger at programmers for the cost increases and claimed its rate increases are below those of other pay-TV providers. “Every year, the owners of the television channels you watch demand higher prices,” the company says in a message to customers.

At the same time, the satellite TV operator — with 20 million U.S. customers — highlighted the fact that it has expanded access to programming, including via its contract renewal earlier this month with Disney/ESPN under which users can watch channels on connected devices both at home and outside the home.

The satcaster noted in the message to customers that the price hikes affect only those with regular, non-promotional packages. DirecTV subs with promo pricing price will be unaffected through the end of the promotional period.

News of DirecTV’s 2015 rate hikes was previously posted on the blog site

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  1. James summers says:

    if the directv customers would start cancelling their packages it might get their attention. re-runs of the 60’s & 70’s

  2. Vic DeMartin says:

    A seven dollar increase to watch re-runs, except when it rains then there is nothing. It’s been a nice trip, but it’s time to change providers.

  3. C David Harris says:

    i am also on a fixed income. Soon as I can set up outside antenna, I’ll be done with directv. I just watch local channeis and about 4 non local channels. let me pay for what I watch. Ya’ll have too many crap channels. oh yea , you play same shows over and over all day and night.

  4. r.a.greenwall says:

    Your fee increase is not justified! So much of your programming is repeated over and over such as westerns and the like!

  5. Malcolm Dillard says:

    I am not happy with these new rate hikes. It is getting to where people on fixed incomes are not going to be able to afford directv. We would like to be able to choose the channels that we would like to watch. Directv keeps adding channels to our package that we have absolutely no interest in.

  6. clem tracy says:

    Getting like the Government. You hide the increase in small print and expect the public not to notice.Take some of the garbage programing out and that will reduce your cost. What happened to programs like Longmire? There is a lot of competition out there and they are not all bad.May have to give them a chance.

  7. Georgia Hyps says:

    Was just about to call when I saw the fine print saying there was rate hike. When I bundled 2 years ago it was to cost about $121.00. Well it is now $196! We have no special sports pkgs. etc. Feel taken over the coals.

  8. Joyce Phipps says:

    If you would quit paying Rob Lowe for all of his stupid commercials, I bet we wouldn’t be paying so much. We are going to look into Dish but I have heard they are just as bad when it comes to the programing they put on tv. I am so tired of re-runs. Lately there will be a notice of a new episode coming on next….guess what…it is a rerun. Like one person mentioned, I am really sick of all the filth they put on tv. If people want sex toys, go to the nasty ugly shops the larger towns have. I don’t want to see this on my tv even if it is for a second when I am channel surfing for something to watch. Anyone that would drop Longmire has to be crazy.

  9. Suzanne Eggers says:

    Sorry, I’m not paying $100 a month to watch tv! You just lost my business because I’m canceling as of today.

  10. mary faught says:

    We didn’t get any notificatio
    n of an increase at all. I don’t understand the regional sports fee they sock us with. They are pricing
    themselves out of the market especially since most of their programing is filth and sit-coms that tear down family life. No wonder our teenagers are so mixed-up and angry. Of all the channels we have we only watch 3 and it’s sad that you have to watch qvc for entertainment.

  11. Casey says:

    I just got my bill with a $5/month increase. This is absolutely ridiculous. I moved in April and got the “free” DVR in the new setup with that great 2 year contract. Supposedly I’m getting a $5 discount since I called to complain in July and when that ends my monthly bill will be $91/month for crappy TV where there’s rarely anything good on to watch. It’s all a racket. They offer you these great things that you can only get if you sign another contract. Then, they charge you what they want and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  12. john evans says:


  13. ELS says:

    For those of you who said you just got Direct TV. another thing they fail to tell you is that every time it freakin rains (which I am in South) it interferes with signal. So No TV. I just completed a year in Oct. 2014 so my promotional time is up. As soon as I finish contract, I am dumping them.

  14. Charlie says:

    Everyone berates Dish Network for challenging rate gouging by A Fee & Fee, xFEEnity, Disney, News Corp, etc. Directv is viewed as the good guy. They just slap you with higher and higher rates. They are such nice guys.

  15. Richard Hammer says:

    In order to receive a DVR at no cost I had to verbally agree to remain with Direct TV for 2 years. This happened just last week. They said nothing about a rate hike when I agreed to do this. As far as I’m concerned this rate hike makes that verbal agreement null and void. I wasn’t planning on cutting the cord. Got scissors?

  16. David D Nadge says:

    Amazing raising their costs every year and now at least 6% when most people in general get a measly 1 or 2% cost of living allowance if they are lucky. Pretty soon no one will be able to afford any kind of tv service and make Netflix that much more popular. Has to stop somewhere just can’t expect the local subscribers to keep footing the bill. Wake Up

  17. i just got direct tv a week ago, and someone forgot to tell me about the rate hikes!

    • CMarks says:

      You shouldn’t be impacted if you signed up on a promotional package. The rate increase is just for the good long-term customers who have regularly paid they bill and rarely complained about the frequent weather outages, unbelievable number of infomercial and shopping channels (all of which generate revenue for DirecTV) and mediocre customer service which, although always friendly, is rarely ever able to explain or correct anything via a single call. However, they are always ready to thank you for the exact number of years you have tolerated their service. If you don’t want the rate increase call and cancel and they’ll offer you a better deal if you’ll commit to another 2 years. Why do I have DirecTV? Only option in my location except Dish Network (and it was worse).

      • Mark says:

        You just gave me a great idea to cancel every 2 years to keep getting the promo rates. Treat my TV service like a leased car. This way I can control the rates, not DTV. THANK YOU!

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