DirecTV May Drop Weather Channel

weather channel

Satcaster recently added WeatherNation, with Weather Channel carriage deal set to expire Jan. 14

DirecTV will remove The Weather Channel from its nationwide lineup if the parties can’t reach a deal before their current agreement expires Jan. 14, in the latest feud over programming costs between a distributor and TV network.

The Weather Channel on Saturday launched a PR campaign urging DirecTV’s 20 million U.S. subscribers to swamp the satcaster with requests to not drop the network via phone, email and social media. It claimed the operator’s potential booting of the network is somehow a “public safety issue” that warrants congressional involvement.

DirecTV said in a statement that it is in talks with Weather Channel “on how to provide its service to our customers at the best value, since people now use so many other ways to retrieve weather-related information.” 

The No. 1 satcaster recently launched WeatherNation (at channel 361), which DirecTV said provides “round-the-clock hard weather news, free of any interruptions from reality TV.” That’s an allusion to Weather Channel’s increasing focus on long-form shows, including “Highway Thru Hell,” “Hurricane Hunters” and “Prospectors.” DirecTV also said its emergency channels provide urgent info during severe weather.

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Weather information is ubiquitously available on the Internet — including on The Weather Co.’s and related apps. had 54.2 million unique visitors in November 2013, making it the 17th-biggest site in the U.S., according to comScore. Still, the cabler alleges DirecTV customers will be at risk of missing critical weather alerts if the satcaster doesn’t pay up. The current agreement is set to expire at 12:01 a.m. Eastern on Tuesday, Jan. 14.

“For DirecTV to take us off their lineup would be deeply irresponsible to its customers who not only count on The Weather Channel on a day-to-day basis, but depend on us before, during and after severe weather events,” David Kenny, chairman and CEO of The Weather Co., parent company of The Weather Channel, said in a statement issued Saturday. “We have offered the industry’s best rate for our programming and are committed to reaching an agreement.”

The Weather Co. is owned by Comcast’s NBCUniversal and private-equity firms Blackstone Group and Bain Capital.

In battling DirecTV, Weather Channel has launched a website,, which urges viewers to call their U.S. representatives and senators in Washington and ask them to nag DirecTV to keep the channel. The network also is rallying DirecTV subs to tweet their displeasure to @directv using the hashtag #stormdirectv, and also called on fans to post on DirecTV’s Facebook page.

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  1. Steve Powers says:

    Weathernation is useless. I not only enjoy the weather channel but have family all over the country that I need to see what thier weather is for the day .Please put the weather channel back on.Steve P owers.

    • Thank you DirecTV for dropping the Weather Channel and replacing it with Weather Nation. Once upon a time the Weather Channel was just that; local, regional and national weather every few minutes. But in recent years it has morphed into a global warming/climate change version of MSNBC with propaganda programming disguised as weather when you want it. Weather Nation is just what viewers want. Tune in when ever you want to get the latest local, regional and national weather.

  2. ANNIE RAMOS says:

    Well I prefer the weather channel than any other channel . I like the way it shows how cold or hot is outside and what kind of weather we were going to have for the whole week. So if you didn’t like the weather channel all you had to do is not click to that channel simple as that…..

  3. Mase says:

    Good riddance. The Weather Channel became something different a long time ago. Its not weather its drama. Killer snow flakes, brutal rain drops. What they sell is panic not weather. I’ll refer to you-tube Milk and bread. If the Weather Channel is so wonderful why are they even fighting this decision out of the board room and using tactics like call your senator, cancel Direct TV, Congress should force them to carry our product. Imagine that. How about offer a good product.

  4. jon bartlett says:

    weather channel will not be missed in my household when i did view it the content it wasnt what i needed i want weather not reality shows there is enough reality shows on oher channels weather nation is better atlanta weather all the time before and after what little local weather we get from weather channel i prefer not to care about sunny and 70 degrees in atlanta and raging noreaster where i live with little support for this im glad they are gone

  5. donzi says:

    I signed up for directv knowing I had the weather channel. Now they’ve taken it away, but does my monthly bill go down. NOPE. time to change. Always hated directv anyway. The are a bunch of crooks.

  6. Jim says:

    Glad DirectTV dropped TWC. Too much reality(unreality?) bullcrap and very little weather, also, a lack of music. Too bad TWC had to fix something that wasn’t

  7. W Travis. says:

    Glad the drama queens are gone

  8. J L Hansen says:

    I love the extra shows on the Weather Channel like Coast Guard Alaska and Prospectors and if there is a weather emergency, they stay with weather and not shows. I am informing DirectTV that I will drop them if they drop The Weather Channel.

  9. sandra ross says:

    I do not want the weather channel taken off because it has very important information.

  10. Paula Douglas says:


  11. Rich Scheidel says:

    I too, couldn’t care less if Direct TV drops the Weather Channel. As was said by many others, 50% of the time they are just SO wrong. As for their ” reality programming”, who needs it? If I switch to a weather related channel, it’s because I want to see what the weather is doing, not what Al Roker had for breakfast or where he’s chowing down. Regardless, there are better weather shows out there and you CAN get weather when you want it. If The Weather Channel doesn’t understand that, then it’s too bad for them. They AREN’T TOO BIG TO TO FAIL.

  12. ANNIE RAMOS says:


  13. RB says:

    TWC….pls….after Wake Up With Al, Prospectors & Highway Thru Hell, I’m surprised NBC isn’t airing something to compete with Duck Dynasty!

  14. Trae M says:

    Good Bye Reality (weather) Channel, you dropped the ball many years ago. DTV’s new channel is 100% WEATHER!

    • Capt. Tom Mackay says:

      I like the new weather channel it actually has weather not made up storm stories from years ago that are on the Weather Channel…

  15. roger w says:

    I’m happy to be a DirecTV customer and I’ll be happier of they dump TWC. When they hired Roker the joker I knew they had turned into %&*#. Wonder what they’ll name the next winter storm? I don’t care.

  16. Nancy Schuettpelz says:

    I really enjoy watching two fat cats fighting. The only losers in this game are we the viewers. Neither company cares about us as much as their fat wallets.

  17. Lisa says:

    Well,when the weather is bad, my Directv goes out anyway….they just want more money because of their recent ‘upgrade’ I bet..

  18. c says:

    Good riddance TWC and their whiny theme music. Have been watching Accuweather on network TV for sometime when needing to see a forecast because TWC never has one when you really need to see one anymore and just switched over to WeatherNation on satellite -Yay!

  19. Allen says:

    May affect public safety? since when? Yeah, last year we had a tornado and The Weather Channel is giving temps and what to expect in the non related area. Mean while the creek is touching my house and other down the road, and 1 house under water, yet we don’t get coverage on that? I can deal with The Weather Channel not being around. The day they figure out how to tell ya whats going on in your own area when something serious is happening is the day I might watch them. Mean while lets watch some weather disasters and not about my area flooding.

  20. jerry says:

    If direct tv drops The Weather Channel then we need to drop DIRECTV

  21. barbara graves says:

    We need the weather channel.don’t drop!

  22. Jerry Dean Tate says:

    DO NOT drop The Weather Channel. It is very important to me. PLEASE, PLEASE come to an agreement.

  23. The Harrison Weather Center says:

    To say The Weather Channel is a risk to Public Safety is complete and utter nonsense, Your NOT the National Weather Service, get over it and stop the nonsense of naming winter storms.

  24. Jami Ogden says:

    TWC has provided our home with more accurate weather than our local stations and the alerts for storm preparation are exactly what we need, not only for ourselves but for us to track and warn loved ones. The Internet seems to be the latest for checking weather but there are plenty of people I know that do not have access to it and most of us know an elderly loved one who not only are confused by a computer but most definitely can not figure out a smart phone. Keep the weather on our televisions, and nothing is better in comparison to TWC!!!!!!!!

  25. Paul 3 says:

    why is everyone getting upset over a business transaction. Directv like every other business needs to make a profit. In order to do that they set rates which enable that. If weather channel does not want to pay those rates then they should be dropped from the lineup. Of course the rates charged by directv should be reasonable. How many of the people here complaining to directv would be willing to pay more per month to keep the weather channel? In my opinion the weather channel in nice to have but not something I need. If there is any threat of extreme weather than your local news station will be more than happy to get you all riled up so you run to the store to by milk and bread.

  26. Kimberly A. Davis says:

    I have always relied on TWC for accurate, time sensitive, and for the safety of family and friends. I would consider dropping Direct Tv is they cannot comes to terms in a business deal . Please reconsider , I also like the shows that TWC offers such as Full Force Nature, Prospectors, and Highway Thru Hell. Thank you

  27. Louiee says:

    Louiee say he likes weather nation.It actually shows the weather,thanks for the new channel.Had actually quit watching weather channel long ago.

  28. Bethany Walker says:

    I the new weather station!! With The Weather Chanel I can press the red button my Direct TV remote and get my local weather immediately. If you have already written the cancellation in stone please add that option to the new/ other station. Please, thank you.

  29. Christie says:

    I wonder if all the people complaining about the potential loss of up-to-date weather information if DirecTV drops TWC have checked out the new station, Weather Nation at channel 361. I’ve just begun watching it in the wake of this latest fight, so I don’t know yet if it’s as good as TWC used to be, but TWC certainly isn’t what it used to be either. If the new station gets support, they’ll probably be able to up their game. I’d like to know how they’ll do in a real weather emergency.

  30. betty pinion says:

    My husband watches the weather channel every day all day. He is on oxygen 24/7 and since he does not like reality shows, this is his best entertainment and enjoyment. Please reconsider dropping the weather channel. We may have to go with another satellite if you drop the weather channel. Thank you

  31. Monique Duncan says:

    I am a true Brontophobic!! I have relief knowing I have Dr. Greg Forbes and Jim Cantori and Viv Brown to keep me posted on inclement weather . I have watched them from the start in the 80’s and would be very upset to lose them . They are my lifeline through storms etc….please don’t make my condition worse by taking them away from me!

  32. Brad McGilberry says:

    We watch the weather channel regularly. I don’t particularly care for their reality shows. But most of those are aired at night when our tv viewing is usually centered on some other channel. We (my wife and I) agree that we will continue to watch the weather channel whether it is on direct tv or a different provider. If you feel the need to drop a channel then let it be the A& E channel. I’m pretty sure you know why. If you drop the Weather Channel, we will drop Direct TV. Count on it. Thank you

  33. Mich says:

    If It was the old Weather Channel without the stupid reality TV shows, when they actually had weather all the time, I would be upset. But I am not going to miss the current Weather Channel. I have not liked the direction they have been moving for some time now.

    • Christie says:

      Agree entirely. Loved the OLD Weather Channel and was so disappointed when NBC, et. al., bought it, got rid of so many good people, and put on more and more fluff shows. Bring back the old Weather Channel or no tears shed.

      • steve says:

        When I watch the “Weather Channel, I expect to see WEATHER,, FULL SCREEN WEATHER ! Full screen radar !
        I don’t want to see Prospectors,, I don’t want to see Lifegards, I don’t want to see Coast Gaurds, I don’t want to see Freaks of Nature, I don’t want to see Breaking Ice,,
        After all of the hype about their new programing, it turned out to be even worse than ever!
        Maybe change the name to “Various Miscelanious Programs and occasionally some poor weather bits Channel”
        They must know that they are doing a poor job,, there isn’t any way to contact them.

  34. debwebb says:

    Take weather channel off and im switching to Dish..

    • john fokker says:

      stop messing with our right to view what we want in this free country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mich says:

        This is a free country, that’s why they don’t have to carry the Weather Channel. Although the satellite TV providers, Dish included, rule TV like a dictatorship if you are in a rural area with few choices….

      • Peshko says:

        There is always someone to make this a political issue…did you forget it get your morning bitching pill?

  35. Patricia Ballew says:

    Sometimes the weather station can possibly save lives with their information!!!!!! Do not discontinue!!!!!

  36. Mary says:

    Just give Weather Nation a chance. You will be surprised at how well formatted it is. Weather Nation is like the Weather Channel use to be before the reality shows etc…. Weather Channel has become too far from staying focused on WEATHER, you have a hard time following it. Simplicity is what is missing from the weather channel! I know we don’t like change, but sometimes change is good, like with Weather Nation.

  37. Charlotte says:

    Please don’t drop the Weather Channel. I don’t start the day without turning it on for the local weather. There are many other times through the day that we watch it. When the weather gets bad, there is no place we can go for updates at anytime.

  38. Tommy says:

    Don’t drop the weather channel I have been a customer since 97 and I watch this channel a lot, big mistake to drop…………..

  39. Sick of bs says:

    Go ahead, drop the weather channel. It’s like NBC news. It NEVER CORRECT. I can’t remember the last time I watched it

  40. Darrell Davisovich says:

    If directtv drops the weather channel,I will be dropping directtv.period…

  41. linda baehler says:

    why would you drop the weather channel when a lot of people watch it. i watch it every morning see what the weather is in my kids states

  42. don bird says:

    Weather channel has reality and advertising. Repeat old weather shows. Time for a change.

  43. Terry Fox says:

    Good riddance to TWC. I’m watching the NEW 361 “WeatherNation” channel right now. And it’s all weather no waiting for the reality shows to end to get the weather. The NEW WeatherNation is a lot better than TWC. NBC ruined TWC with those stupid reality shows. Thank you DirecTV for getting rid of bad TV. Now get rid of MSNBC. and Al Jazeera TV

  44. Mike says:

    I too believe the Weather Channel has become more focused on mini-series reality programming instead of providing weather information for our communities. Furthermore, it sickens me that TWC would ask that its viewers seek the intervention of the Federal GOVERNMENT to resolve a PRIVATE INDUSTRY matter. If Direct TV cowers to these progressive tactics, they will lose me as a customer! Stay strong DTV!!

    • Christie says:

      Sorry, but this is in no way “progressive”. Progressives do not support corporations trying to throw their weight around, and this is a fight between two BIG corporations; as a consumer, this progressive has no problem with TWC encouraging viewers to complain to DirecTV, but is entirely in agreement that telling people to contact the government is just plain wrong. I think too many on the right have a deep and fundamental misunderstanding of what progressives believe government should do–a belief carefully nurtured by yet another big corporation, represented by Fox.

  45. Patsy says:

    Please do not drop the Weather Channel it has so much to deliver during disaster times and keeps us informed for our Country weather and around the world. Come to a agreement

  46. I turn to the wether channel every morning to see how to dress for work. Please reconsider removing the Weather Channel from our am line up. We really need it. Also it is better than any other weather channel because, at any time, I can click on a button and see the specific weather for my city. I don’t have to wait. Please listen to this Direct TV customer!

  47. Please please keep TWC, we would be lost without it. We have a son in the army & TWC lets us be able to keep up with what is going on with the weather, where-ever he may be at the time. It is a big part of our life!

  48. Please keep weather Chanel. We are elderly and live in a very rural part of pa. And depend on this excellent Chanel. RECONSIDER THIS ACTION, PLEASE! Thank you

  49. Johnny Butts says:

    You have got to be kidding in considering dropping TWC from the daily airing. My wife and I watch TWC every day for weather updates in all the other states, it’s awesome. Pls work out the issues and continue to carry TWC, you really have to appreciate what the weather people do on a daily basis there!!!!

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