Darren Aronofsky, Woody Harrelson Produce Midterm Climate Change Spot

Director Darren Aronofsky and actor Woody Harrelson have teamed up to make a 30-second spot on climate change that will run in key states during primetime and the World Series.

The spot — which warns of climate change deniers, and features an image of industrialist David Koch — is financed by Tom Steyer and his NextGen Climate, which has been among the top spending outside groups this cycle. According to The Hill, it has spent just over $50 million on congressional and state races this cycle.

The Aronofsky-Harrelson spot does not name any candidate, but it does urge voters to get to the polls on Nov. 4. It puts climate change denial in the context of beliefs that the earth is flat and that cigarettes don’t cause cancer. “Some powerful people want to hold us back,” Harrelson says in narrating the spot, with an image of Koch flashing on the screen.

“Climate change is undeniable, and we can no longer afford to wait to address this very real threat,” Steyer said in a statement.

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  1. Lowell Bain says:

    Given the 4 billion year earth age, plate tectonic movement, meteorite bombardment along with volcanic eruption – how does one group figure the co2 has risen significantly in the last several milliseconds of earth’s existence? Is this the mark of egotistic erudite people? What jokesters we see in Woody and his ilk.

  2. rho1953 says:

    Nobody is paying any attention to this garbage. We have conspicuous consumers of everything, including energy, lecturing us on co2, while most of us are just trying to have enough to survive and have a modicum of comfort. The latest Gallup poll shows “climate change” as the least important issue to voters. I am not even slightly worried about the climate, or having one part co2 for every 2,500 parts atmosphere. I am far more worried about my grandchildren having decent jobs and a standard of living, being able to afford transportation, own a home, things that this phony climate scam are putting out of reach.

  3. John Shire says:

    This is clearly just another indication of how Obama is the most powerful man in world history. I mean, sure–he could get all eighty countries on Earth with a national scientific academy to go along with his climate change lie. He could get Putin to lie for him in Russia, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran, President Netanyahu of Israel. He could get China to go along with the lie. He could get OPEC, the largest international association of oil producing companies, to say manmade climate change is real. He could get Exxon-Mobil to say manmade climate change is real. He could get NASA to do it. His power is beyond anything that Ronald Reagan could have ever dreamed!

    Otherwise, the only rational reason why every nation on Earth, the largest oil company, the largest oil trade association, and NOW EVEN WOODY FROM CHEERS is saying climate change is real is because it’s a fact.

    No, I’m betting it’s because Obama is just that powerful, right?

    • Curtis Messenger says:

      I’ll agree that climate change is real, but I personally won’t be concerned about its affects until the population of the earth tops around 7 trillion people. Yes, I did say 7 trillion people.

      Until then, the affects of humans on our climate will continue to be negligible at best. Kudos for another record year of great CO2 levels and historic low temperatures!

      Inasmuch, I don’t think we need to spend so much time, MONEY, and effort, claiming the sky is falling. Granted, the sky is falling, but I think it will be a while before the population of the earth reaches 7 trillion. I think when we hit the 6 trillion people, perhaps we should then begin to discuss how to combat climate change. Until then, we are blowing hot air at each other, or cold air, depending on the climate, for no reason.

  4. bcrecka says:

    Excellent…..the left is trolling out their top scientists again. Love it.

  5. Dems are trying to trick or treat a narrative change hurting the American people in the process! All Democrats and supporters here and abroad are trying to flood the media with hysterical climate change & global warming alarms and fabricated evidence to take the heat off Dem candidates in the November 2014 and 2016 elections due to the train wreck of Obamacare, ISIS inaction, the EBOLA pandemic and immigration chaos! They shout, scream, cry, make outlandish claims and won’t stop till after the elections! Poor Democrats! The tsunami cometh!

  6. Gary J Chmelka says:

    Hey Woody. Have a suck on another joint. You are an idiot. I am sure that everyone will take your opinion to heart

  7. Horse Pucky. 18 years no temperature increase
    Claim that this year is the hottest ever. Then they found how the numbers were fudged and it wa cooling.
    The Warmists are the flat Earth Lysenko worshipers.

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