CNN Reporter Posts Video of Her Layoff

'A lot of folks are worried' about their jobs, CNN reporter Lisa Dejardins says in farewell clip

Former CNN Capitol Hill reporter Lisa Dejardins posted a video of her final sign off from CNN on Thursday as she prepared to leave the building after being laid off.

Dejardins, a reporter for who was not an on-air personality, compares the mass goodbye emails from laid off CNN employees to the personal ones, finding a wide discrepancy in the general tone and niceness between the two, and expresses her disappointment CNN’s decision to get rid of a congressional reporter given the bipartisan struggle in the Capitol.

However, CNN is in the midst of expanding its digital staff in Washington, D.C. as it prepares for the 2016 presidential race. The news giant recently recruited Politico alum Rachel Smolkin as executive editor for politics to spearhead an elaborate digital initiative out of D.C. Dejardins’ departure was part of a restructuring of CNN’s Washington bureau and not part of the buyout offer.

Time Warner confirmed on Tuesday that approximately 600 employees at its Turner Broadcasting unit, which houses CNN, were being offered buyouts as part of a cost-cutting effort. It’s expected that Time Warner will wait a few weeks to assess the employee response to the voluntary buyouts before implementing layoffs at various Turner units.

According to reports, CNN president Jeff Zucker told employees in a news meeting that the network was, “going to do less and have to do it with less.”

“We now have a sense of what Turner is expecting from CNN,” Zucker reportedly told the staff. “I am working with the senior management team at CNN to figure out what this means for us. This will result in changes and what we do and what we stop doing.”

Zucker was addressing an internal memo from Turner CEO John Martin, who recently said that “organizational changes” were expected.

“Given the current focus on reducing costs and prioritizing investments to maximize company performance, Turner will also undertake additional reductions in staffing,” the memo read.

The move is tied to Martin’s “Turner 2020” initiative, which is aimed at turning the company around by the year 2020, which is also Turner’s 50th anniversary.


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  1. OhioMike says:

    ABCNNBCBS, have been calling major media that since the mid-90’s. Parrots masquerading as journalists spewing democrat talking points to the ignorant, low-information unwashed masses. I knew CNN’s gambit 34 minutes after they went on-air in the early 80’s, repeats every half-hour. Boring… At least Bill Tush was cool.

  2. hankvreeland says:

    Remember when CNN was the platinum of news sites? Even the CIA monitored it for breaking events. But that was before the “Progressives started running it. May it rest in peace in respect to it’s respectable days.

  3. So is she ripping off CNN of office supplies as she leaves?

    Fits with CNN and the rest of their dishonesty.

  4. Thomas Long says:

    The only time I experience CNN is at the airport where it appears at the side as I turn the pages of my book. The commentators are geared to the uninformed, foreigners, and America haters. Real Americans will not see any change because they were not part of this culture.

  5. KeepYourPlan says:

    Evil CNN laying off workers for Corporate Profits…pick up you EBT Cards at the door.

  6. KeepYourPlan says:

    Old Slogan: “CNN…The Most Trusted Name in News”………..New Slogan: “CNN..The sh&! We Make Up To Keep The Story Going”

  7. Candy B Creepy says:

    CNN please, don’t change. Keep catering indoctrinated Progressives, radicals and America haters.
    I don’t want you to get it right, I’d rather see you dissolve into oblivion, where you belong.

  8. Elizabeth Reilly says:

    The next to go should be that moronic racist named Don Lemon. He is a waste of time.

  9. Good riddance to you all. America can do without the left-wing propaganda. Maybe another outlet is looking for someone to drum up phony white racism stories to keep the vote slaves of the democrat party angry enough to actually vote. Hopefully not.

  10. bc3b says:

    If CNN just started presenting the news in an objective factor, it could quickly double or triple its ratings. But, with a far-left ideologue like Jeff Zucker in charge that will never happen.

    Americans are tired of the unending propaganda.

  11. Ed Uktr says:

    There’s no such thing as a different flavor of liberalism. At least not in viewers’ eyes. THAT’S what the CNN management still fails to understand.

  12. Barney Fife says:

    Hey liberals, you guys starting to see a pattern ?
    cnn, msnbc, cbs,abc, washingtonpost, etc . all swirling the drain.
    Keep hauling obamas / Democrats water.
    This nation is FED UP with you id iots.
    CNN deserves to go away. They su ck. period.

  13. Wow, the Chicago Machine and the Administration are not going to save CNN in payment for getting the community organizer elected twice. Oh I see since its still known as Clinton News Network they want them dead! Oh, join the other 100 million people out of work that no longer count! So sad! Move to Mexico!

  14. Mr Smart says:

    This is an outrage. This should NOT be happening. What I would like to see would be something similar as when Obama saved General Motors, give CNN a bail out and have the Government assume a small stake in the company. Boom. Win-win.

    • D C Bridges says:

      We are all so blessed to live in America. Open your mind and talk to people that came from other countries, they say how much they admire the US and the abundance of things we have here to make life easier…Leave if you are not happy….people who bitch are never happy….Are we better off today since the progressives have taken charge? Oh, by the way…..A woman has a right to have an abortion….What,s next… Your husband makes you mad…so you have a right to kill him…your only rights are….die and pay taxes….That is it…..Also for Dean look up what is happening to your country when the goverment starts taking over business. That is Nationlalizing our country. Learn what happens then…

    • Paul says:

      Just curious, would that be illegal? Not sure. Buying out GM may be different from the government owning stock in a news network, thus creating state-sponsored media (I know we kind of have that already, but this would be explicit). Think I’ll do some research for this one. Interesting concept, though I wholeheartedly disagree with it on principal.

    • Chad Rad says:


  15. Htos1 says:

    Lol! redheads DO rock!

  16. Reds says:

    CNN wouldn’t be doing so poorly if they hadn’t spent the last 6 years lying for Obama

  17. Reading the comments, I didn’t see one that voiced any concern for CNN. I haven’t watched them since the 90’s when they treated Clinton like Monica Lewinsky did as compared to Bush and Reagan that they smeared on a daily basis. Good Bye CNN good Riddance, Next up is MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, NY Times, Wash. Post, etc. The mainstream media is nothing more than propaganda tools of the Democratic Party and the Marxist Agenda, Big Middle finger to y’all.

  18. Aboli says:

    Poor CNN employees. Now they get to be part of their hero`s utopia. Welcome to the world you created.

  19. Lenin says:

    All the reporters at CNN could be replaced by the kids at Russia Today, who are better looking, younger, speak more clearly and sometimes know what they are talking about. CNN has no ratings because it has nothing but Trotskyite has beens. Everyone knows that it is drivel. If it wasn’t on in MD offices and airports it would have no ratings at all.

  20. Defiant says:

    If you don’t suck at what you do…you generally have to contend with more hiring than laying-off. Maybe CNN will wake up the the reality that Mr. Josh Earnest is Obama’s spin-doctor they’ll see they don’t need to fill that role themselves. If they can swallow that pill…they can start reporting actual truth again…and rehire their layoffs…

  21. No one believes the “padding of stories” (aka lying) no one believes the ‘Projection of Truth’ (journalistic term for lying). No one enjoys wall to wall coverage of an airplane crash and avoiding actual stories like Louis Lerner and Company covering up ‘something’. The smug and completely vapid reporters, the complete idiots, and window-dressing CNN has resorted to is a joke. Re-runs of Mr. Ed are getting higher ratings. Think on that – a 40 year old show is getting higher ratings than what was once a model of news.

    CNN could run recorded programming – aired on CNN from ten years ago and do just as well as they are today – a 0.01 share which means no one is watching. Give it up – sell the name or just fold up and go away. Next cable news company to go will be MSNBC – as they are just as bad, and in many ways worse, what with that prodigy Ronin Farrow and Chelsea Clinton (crack investigative reporting duo they are).

  22. ObjectiveMyButt says:

    CNN is a political organization pretending to be a news outlet. This is a precursor to a political bloodbath for Democrats this November.

  23. korsondo says:

    She gave a hint in her monologue as to why so many people are turned off by CNN. People want to hear the news. Not your opinion.

  24. Long Shot says:

    What did CNN expect? Washington has a half o’ dozens scandals going on right now. How much digging has CNN done to uncover the DC corruption? None, that how much. They have carried the Leftist water for decades and slandered the right at every step. I ask again, just WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?

  25. Long Shot says:

    Ted Turner is a progressive, right? Don’t they believe in wealth redistribution? Why isn’t he redistri… Yeah, I forgot. They like redistributing someone else’s wealth, not their own.

  26. Tex Taylor says:

    I’ll give CNN shareholders a good piece of advice for free – something prescient.

    You may can all the low level beef you like. But until you deal with the real problems, i.e. Jeff Zucker & Co., you’ll still be the dregs of news ratings and shills for failure…

    Yes We Can!

    • Dj says:

      I think you got this wrong… Zucker is a symptom of a much larger problem.

      If you polled these ‘journalists’ as to why they got in the business, they would overwhelmingly tell you it was because they wanted to ‘change the world’. Newsflash reporters are supposed to REPORT change not EFFECT change.

      With the election of Obama they got all they change they dreamt of. Their roll then changed to one of support and diversion. Support for his inane beliefs and diversion from his failures.

      The viewer was able to see this from a mile away so they left. The notion that CNN’s world-view is not shared by most people is inconceivable, so they will blame Zucker and Fox and anyone else they can rather than take a look in the mirror.

      I for one think Zucker has it right. CNN can not survive as a news outlet since they are not interested in news as much as change, so make it a newsertainment outlet with more documentaries like ‘black fish’.

  27. Lydia says:

    If CNN had devoted itself to journalism, I dare say this wouldn’t be happening. But they were determined to be slaves to their leftist ideology. Good riddance to them.

  28. Josh says:

    I always enjoyed watching CNN since it was a version of US Pravda.. state run media.. The news was never factual just a bunch of rumors and made up fantacies based on the bias of the amatuer news reporters.. Might just call CNN the Romper Room for news.

  29. Gabe Kesseru says:

    This country is evenly divided between left and right, possibly leaning a little more right. If CNN chooses to pander to one side and alienate the other half, then let them lose one half of their potential audience. Does not make business sense to me.

  30. Jason A. says:

    She isn’t stealing, she is practicing wealth distribution. CNN has lots of pencils, so she is taking her share of their pencils.

  31. WillOfThePeople says:

    They should have closed down CNN 10 years ago and left on a high note. Now we have to watch yet another iconic American institution dry up and blow away like dust in the wind, all because the folks running it couldn’t let go of their radical, leftwing partisan bias. Even Turner had the good sense to leave his personal feelings at the door and report (gasp), news.

  32. We won’t be needing as many staff as we will just be republishing what we receive as the truth from the government censors…..

  33. Garys opinion says:

    That was a lot of pencils, is she stealing office supplies?

  34. Always so easy to point out the flaws in others and entities beyond the end of your own nose. How difficult it must be to look beyond the glaringly evident flaws of the fabled (and that word most surely applies) Fourth Estate, as you snipe at a body rendered powerless. Journalism is dead and you my darling, are as guilty as all the rest. Why would CNN cover something like the Congress? All they and your colleagues have done over the last six years is abet the Executive Branch in the divestiture of powers from the Legislative Branch. If you and your ilk are what stands between the people and the truth, we are worse off than I thought. That said, good luck in your next endeavor – might I suggest something on the E! network or perhaps HGTV… it might be more in line with your level of expertise.

  35. jo greggre says:

    CNN will talk and wonder and have meetings and never ever realize it is their leftist bias, that led to their failed ratings.

  36. Johnmann says:

    Good riddance, left-wing propagandists… who have been the strongest force in electing and protecting a Democrat regime bent on destroying this country. May you all become as homeless and penniless as the millions of Americans you helped make permanently jobless.

  37. darth says:

    all they had to do was provide truthful, honest, objective reporting instead of carrying the water for Obama and the Democrats. We expect our press, which was given freedom for a specific reason, to provide us with that transparency and oversight of the government, but instead, they became the campaign arm of the democrat party. And even now they refuse to admit or acknowledge that simple fact.

  38. tarmangani says:

    Does this mean I can go into an airport without having to see CNN on every television? This couldn’t have come too soon.

  39. Nick Walls says:

    Like MSNBC..CNN is just another casualty of bias reporting. People just plain stop watching after getting the same garbage shoved down their throats!

  40. ZombieSpotter says:

    CNN Promotes Man Who Said Romney ‘Happy To Party With Black People Drowning’

    Read more:

  41. Samianne says:

    I’m so glad to know not to waste my viewing time on CNN since it won’t be worth watching anymore. Goodbye CNN!!! Have a good one.

  42. Ya know what would boost ratings? More coverage about how cool and funny President Obama is. Forget all this war and illegal alien invasion stuff. Focus on slow jams and golf.

    And when you need a serious portrayal, footage of him walking on water or dressed up like a cross between Lincoln and Superman.

  43. fly4vino says:

    CNN has gone the way of the Gore Broadcasting Network. Folks are tired of the liberal propaganda and so much of what CNN presented as fact has been shown to be false.

    Let Obama, Soros and friends take up the slack.

  44. Barbara says:

    Sadly all you CNN reporters are now reaping the results of CNN spiralling into a leftist, biased reporting rag, owned lock, stock and barrel by this administration. Perhaps your ratings wouldn’t be in the toilet if you adhered to reporting the TRUTH as professionally as possible and also leaving your own political views and leanings at the door. I used to read CNN religiously because of your great, unbiased reporting. I TRUSTED your reporting. No more. (Can’t help but wonder if this reporter even realizes why CNN is going broke) Lastly, we do need more reporters covering what is going on in congress and this ever increasing secretive administration.

  45. Seeing this leftist propaganda org reap the reward of its partisan BS spewing is wonderful. I will fly to Atlanta next week to give these rejects the finger and hold a sign expressing my joy as they are are escorted out of the building! I’ll be at mccormicks on the corner. A place they will not be able to afford to visit.

  46. John galt says:

    I am so glad to see cnn go broke. A news orginzation built on brain washing the masses deserves a mass layoff.

  47. Harry League says:

    I can remember when I watched CNN during the first Gulf War and I found the reportage there top notch. Unfortunately CNN decided that their purpose was no longer good objective reporting but more to left leaning propaganda. I fully blame CNN as well as most of the mainstream media for the debacle this country finds itself in today. They are responsible for the present incompetence we have in the White House as well as the ignorance of the viewing public with their failure to report on the scandals of the administration and their active cover up by not reporting anything that goes against the leftist agenda. The promotion of racial tensions such as what is going on in Ferguson, MO. and their active support of illegal immigration by not reporting the facts about these so called children from central America i.e. most are not children, many are not central Americans, many are disease ridden with disorders that have been mostly eradicated from this country, many are gang/cartel members and by not reporting where these “children” are being sent often under the cover of darkness and with no notification to states or smaller jurisdictions. CNN has and has been nothing more than a administration propaganda mouthpiece and its eventual decline certainly wont be missed by me. Good Bye Lisa…I wish you well but please find something more productive to do than left wing journalism.

  48. CNN is state-run media. They tell lies for their banker masters.
    With out our taxes they would have died from their terrible ratings long ago.
    Good ridance to all state-run media, including MSNBC and Fox.
    Taxpayers need to read their tax law before sending their hard earned money to liars and cheats.

    Search tax regs for “exempt income means any income”, ecfr gov …and read the legal definition of “Exempt income”. Since law is codified, there’s only ONE definition. Read both (ii) and (iii). When enough Americans know the actual US income tax law, it will be obeyed, even by govt. Then ask your tax expert why he or she has never bothered to search for the legal definition of “Exempt income”, or told you about it.

    More info:
    Computer scientist data mines tax code, publishes results.
    what is taxed DOT com

  49. Preston Venzant says:

    It really is sad to watch someone so chipper and thankful not realize they boarded the Titanic. CNN had a glorious start but then they turned and chose sides. News organizations should never choose sides. They should use the power of their position to report the news. But when reporters believe they are the smartest people in the room then they become dangerous. aka Walter Cronkite. aka Dan Rather aka Barbara Walters aka all of them. You report the news. The news makes the news. I hope the young lady lands on her feet as well as all of the CNN crew that have lost their jobs. You can not be the mouth piece of the government when it is only liberal. That is propaganda and madness.

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