CNN Reporter Posts Video of Her Layoff

'A lot of folks are worried' about their jobs, CNN reporter Lisa Dejardins says in farewell clip

Former CNN Capitol Hill reporter Lisa Dejardins posted a video of her final sign off from CNN on Thursday as she prepared to leave the building after being laid off.

Dejardins, a reporter for who was not an on-air personality, compares the mass goodbye emails from laid off CNN employees to the personal ones, finding a wide discrepancy in the general tone and niceness between the two, and expresses her disappointment CNN’s decision to get rid of a congressional reporter given the bipartisan struggle in the Capitol.

However, CNN is in the midst of expanding its digital staff in Washington, D.C. as it prepares for the 2016 presidential race. The news giant recently recruited Politico alum Rachel Smolkin as executive editor for politics to spearhead an elaborate digital initiative out of D.C. Dejardins’ departure was part of a restructuring of CNN’s Washington bureau and not part of the buyout offer.

Time Warner confirmed on Tuesday that approximately 600 employees at its Turner Broadcasting unit, which houses CNN, were being offered buyouts as part of a cost-cutting effort. It’s expected that Time Warner will wait a few weeks to assess the employee response to the voluntary buyouts before implementing layoffs at various Turner units.

According to reports, CNN president Jeff Zucker told employees in a news meeting that the network was, “going to do less and have to do it with less.”

“We now have a sense of what Turner is expecting from CNN,” Zucker reportedly told the staff. “I am working with the senior management team at CNN to figure out what this means for us. This will result in changes and what we do and what we stop doing.”

Zucker was addressing an internal memo from Turner CEO John Martin, who recently said that “organizational changes” were expected.

“Given the current focus on reducing costs and prioritizing investments to maximize company performance, Turner will also undertake additional reductions in staffing,” the memo read.

The move is tied to Martin’s “Turner 2020” initiative, which is aimed at turning the company around by the year 2020, which is also Turner’s 50th anniversary.


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  1. Ted Steiner says:

    “……focus on reducing costs…….maximizing company performance….” Why these are phrases right out of the evil handbook of free-market economics. Say that you didn’t say it, CNN!

  2. n says:

    Actually, CNN has outlived its need. Should shut down ALL of it………………….Staring with Wolfee B!

  3. dksherlock says:

    Consider this, chat room colleagues: She finds this a story, that she’s being laid-off. Such an outrage! And yet for years, all around her, people have lost jobs and houses and hope because of government takeover of the economy. Where was she then?

  4. Joe America says:

    I always love seeing a liberal lose their job. Come November, I hope a lot more in congress will lose theirs!

  5. dustoff44 says:

    I wonder how many will suddenly lean right and apply at fox.

  6. Jack Jackson says:

    I agree with most of the previous comments, but what’s with taking all the pencils, reporters notebooks, and finally THE FIRST AID KIT. LMAO. I would assume she didn’t own that stuff.

  7. GaMtnGuy says:

    One down and three more to go.

  8. Leftist buster says:

    Terrific comments ! The counterrevolution has begun ! Take out liberals ! Take out leftists ! Fight back if you can or go down proud !

  9. Hojo says:

    The job of the media is to report what is going on in the world NOT become propaganda pushers of the left. Hearing about CNN (Clinton News Network) hitting rough times brings a great deal of joy to my heart. I will continue to not watch TV and get all my news from the internet.

  10. O THANK GOD,CNN IS GOING TO LESS ,,this means less lieing ,stealing cheating right,

  11. Ted Turner’s innovation, CNN, the first all-news cable channel, created a new form of News coverage. it was great. However, it was given over to those graduated from the universities of the western world, uin the last 20 years, those successfully brainwashed to comply with multiculturalism, political correctness, and world socialism. It became America’s “BBC”. But American’s live in the real world. The Piers Morgan-ization of CNN does not compute. It maybe popular at Harvard Yard’s Starbucks, but it does not sell in Peoria, where real Americans live..Because everything on the network is PC drivel, it is also boring.Perhaps that’s the worst sin.

  12. The O. Admin continues to push for complete media control

  13. wangdangdoodlinalldaylong says:

    CNN, the Circus News Network,
    These Clowns just can’t seem to get an act together.
    SO, I guess it’s time to pull the plug on this Big Top.

  14. One of the worst things about the VA is that the waiting lounge TVs are all tuned to CNN. That is probably because that is what the government clerks want.

  15. Dave Ash says:

    CNN Bloodbath: Everyone who hopes it’s the moderator that closed the comments down that gets canned, say HellYeah!

  16. teve says:

    can anderson cooper,john mann,candy crowly, please go away?

  17. viva mehico says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a better group of people…


  18. James Brenner says:

    CNN should have vaporized long ago – because the public sees the contrived, scripted, manufactured lies of CNN and they DO NOT see the truth.

  19. You have to admire leftist they are willing to go down with the ship so long as the mission is accomplished, turning America into a third world leftist pile of dung.

  20. Rico says:

    CNN should get out of political advocacy and into journalism/

    • Thecactusman17 says:


      For the USA focused reporting I fully agree.

      Thankfully the international segment of CNN is still a real news source, but the USA stuff is absolute garbage. Sad when I have to turn to BBC or Al Jazeera or Reuters for news on my own county to get an honest news article.

  21. johnb says:

    Maybe you should have practiced your craft of REPORTING and not covering up for the executive office in all things illegal. I bet all those at CNN thought their jobs were safe as long as they repeated white house talking points……….looks like you all got punked while carring Obamas water and drinking the coolaide.

  22. meesterbig says:

    Since Zucker is refusing to cover stuff like Benghazi, I refuse to watch them circle the drain… instead, I’ll hear about it on FOX News.

    • Stumpy Peeps says:

      Isn’t CNN just the media wing of the DNC anyway? You mean the DNC is laying people off? Just have Obama just do another fund raiser. That and golf are the the two things he knows how to do. Well, and party with rich cronys. He does that pretty well too.

    • Corriea says:

      8/31/14 12:12a Variety Kevin Noonan Bush 41 & 43 CNN VS Fox
      Stumpy Peeps: The Bush’s Fundraised until it was coming out of their Asses! The Golf Course was their First Home and Bush 43 was so tired in August 2001 he took A Month long Vacation before the USA was attacked on 9/11/01. You Nut Jobs are Brain Dead!

  23. huddleto says:

    This is what eventually happens when people aren’t buying what you sell.

  24. joe says:

    Shut it down; shut ’em all down.

  25. Nunya Business says:

    I blame the internet for CNN’s downfall. Before Wikipedia there was no practical way to find out the ethnic or political history of anchors or talking heads. Once it was exposed who they hired to fill every prominent position (looking at you Wolfe Blitzer) their little propaganda machine lost all credibility.

  26. Corriea says:

    8/30/14 9:50p Variety Kevin Noonan CNN on Death Row
    Barney Fife; All the Liberal Media outlets are going Down the Toilet. So where will you Rant and Scream about the Liberal Bias? Make up more Crap.

  27. Joey Ragoni says:

    They’re all going over to Al Jazeera anyway, let’s at least compliment them for finally showing their true colors.

  28. Bill_a_bob says:

    Dirty Rick Sanchez or Soledad O’Brein former shills for the DNC on CNN. You can find them infecting young minds with the same philosophy that didn’t work for them. Stupid is as stupid does.

  29. Bob Smith says:

    CNN is in the middle? Are you kidding? Just because MSNBC is insanely left does not put CNN in the middle by any stretch. Their news is so predictable, it’s boring. At any one time, the front page of their website has at least 1 to 3 stories paying homage to the gay community. At least 1 to 3 clickbait stories related to something disgusting (beheading, child murder, etc). At least one to three stories that have something to do with women being raped. At least one story that is anti-gun where someone gets killed (and this one is run for an entire week, ad nauseum). Throw in an tea party story… Need I continue?

  30. Robert Cohen says:

    My perceptions of CNN, after reading so many ugly bashes. CNN is considered as liberal slanted. Well, –imho, of course–CNN is moderate/bland, Fox is provocative rightist, and MSNBC is slanted left liberal. I actually think of myself as ultimately pragmatic/moderate, though CNN for whatever reason bores me. The three nets consist of repetitive advertisements so that when holding a clicker, I’ll click to anything that’s not playing tedious commercials. I did watch some of “1960s” and do like Candy Crawley & Fared Zhakaria, though otherwise am not a loyal watcher. Obviously, rightist-slanted news presentations–rather than the rather neutral–are being demanded in this thread. The ratings seem to be reflecting that the majority of American folk watching cable news luv to see trashing of liberals/Obama a la Fox, because the masterful Roger Ailes network ratings are indeed excellent. I prefer MSNBC and indeed I do not vote GOP, though if the news presentation/interviewer is interesting, left or right, I watch. Nobody cares when I cuss at television as I presume do our posters here.

    • Frank Otto says:

      You forgot being a sounding board for Media Matters stories, wherein they report a MM story, then have a MM staffer come on explain it, with no counterpoint or dispute, just the commandment straight from the voice of Soros…. why not just go ahead and change the name to Media Matters News network.. MMNN..

  31. Jake Lakota says:

    Why the long face? I assume you are a BIraq fan and according to him you will be working again when you want, making more money than ever, with fewer hours, thanks to Obamacare, FREE healthcare thanks to Obamacare, you will get at least 5 years of unemployment you are ENTITLED to! And the “Great Recession” ended the second Biraq took office HoneyChild. And I BET, when you try and get a job in the era of BIraq, that you will slowly realize that CONSERVATISM is where you get jobs and money and we will enjoy your CONSERVATIVE vote Nov 2016 – tell all your friends at MSNBC who will be joining you!

  32. Bob Smith says:

    Interesting just a few employees were listed in the credits, and their names were names such as Shabazz and Halimah Abdullah. Nothing else to say, except interesting…

  33. HappyJohn says:

    Not funny and definitely showed her leftist/socialist favoritism. CNN will never be a successful news agency until it stops reporting opinion as news.

  34. Climp Jones says:

    as usual Zucker is beyond clueless

  35. MariaCalif says:

    They should get rid of Don Lemon and all the other Leftists who make CNN unwatchable.

    • Stan Lippmann says:

      Oooh! Racist, Homophobe!

    • houx says:

      Bravo I agree with you he is the worst. That interview with the three mothers of the sons. Was such a disgrace to all the parents who have lost children fighting in wars defending this country. Why not give them the same coverage . But on no Don mister agitator, those boys were not little angels. Don better not hope he needs the help from the police someday, because that 911 call may just get ignored.
      Don needs to learn that the police are good people and he needs to always give them the benefit of the doubt.

  36. Elvis says:

    C N who? Haven’t watched them since windbags Peter Arnett and Bernie Shaw in Iraq how many decades ago? Even MTV once upon a time played music videos and Saturday Night Live was actually funny.

    CNN and news…not so much.

    • houx says:

      OMG I forgot about those two wind bags I think there was a third he drove wrong way on the freeway and died. I will never forget those idiots that night the bombing started and they were hunkered down like a bunch of chipmunks hiding a stash of nuts, and I don’t mean walnuts. Their nuts.

  37. Bill Muhovihc says:

    With the drop in audience, how could they not cut the whole staff? Start over and report the news, instead of the liberal agenda. Try fact checking before reporting and maybe they can regain an audience.

  38. houx says:

    Don lemon should go he is the biggest racist. Go pick lemons loser.

  39. sailordude says:

    If you are caught with meth and a leash tied around your dong in central park at night, CNN promotes you with your own show. The Richard Quest bio. That network is whack, like their founder Ted Turner.

  40. sailordude says:

    Time to get a job at the White House or Congress I guess. Isn’t that where all the reporters from the liberal news outfits go?

  41. Miguel525 says:

    Thrilled to hear that my once-loved CNN is closer to going down for the final time!! Our home refuses any longer to listen to CNN’s daily lies and deceptions which favor it’s colleges professors’ Dear Leader, Liar, Deceiver, Plunderer, Poisoner of Our Body Politic.

    She’s cute, but clearly in bed with Obama/Reid/Pelosi/feinstein, and that eternally dumb as a box of rocks, Barbara Boxer. I’m so glad that fewer advertizers are transferring our patronage dollars into CNN’s liberal liars’ homes, salaries, political donations, fake & lying “news srories”, college funds, retirement funds, long lunches, art parties, fanccy wardrobes, and airline tickers.

  42. suibne says:

    gosh….I still remember the traitor Arnett.

  43. anders9113 says:

    Maybe the US is finally growing up. We are beginning to realize that principles and values are honorable, not disgraceful. CNN is failing because they do not present unbiased views in their news. CNN has an agenda and that agenda is not the agenda America wants. We want to raise our children without all of the sexual violence and agression that now floods everything from advertisements to day time programming and cartoons. We want honorable men and women to represent us politically, we want stability and freedom. CNN stands against all of this. Their agenda is fear, chaos and the destruction of family values. They want us to apologize for America, we will not. Goodbye CNN and good riddens to all of their so called reporters.

    • Dean says:

      But America HAS failed, and ignoring the truth by believing in Faux News Corp is worse still.. CNN and MSNBC are the only two that have the integrity to actually tell it like it is. America, get your head out of the dirt and look around. Bush-Cheney wrecked your country. Reagan was instrumental in the current crisis in the Mideast. The far right is more interested in oil than helping deteriorating inner cities of Detroit or Phillidephia. You’d rather watch the Simspons and ignore science than ACTUALLY trying to improve things. Instead, you lobby against abortion clinics that allow a woman to be in charge of her body, but in the same hipocritical breath, you rant about socialism. Can you not see you’re own hipocracy? You’re own ignorance? You can’t even remember your own history from 30 years ago. Reagan made deals with Iran to send weapons to South America. Oliver North took the fall for it….and you complain about impeaching Obama for using executive orders for trying to get something done while a Republican congress does NOTHING AT ALL! (BTW: Reagan and Bush wore tan suits too!). Educate yourself, quit reading the bible, and stop watching Faux News. You’ll be better off guaranteed.

      • Mssas says:

        Omg! Grow up! CNN has made you a whimsical dumb f!

      • Rickvid says:

        I’ll bet you still think using “Faux” is clever, eh? Really, if I want to hear BOTH sides discuss an issue, then CNN and MSNBC are not where i will go.

      • So spelling errors, false assertions, projection and of course Fox Derangement Syndrome. Fortunately more people are beginning to recognize this is really all the modern left has to offer and are rejecting the ideology. I’m sure “you’re” efforts and the dozen other people who watch the only networks who “have the integrity to tell it like it is” are appreciated.

      • Patrick W says:

        More Marcuse-inspired New Left rhetoric.

  44. suibne says:

    yeeeeeahhhh….neither riveting nor informative it met the usual standards of what I expect from cnnnnnnnnnnn to the nth.

    • David says:

      When I see the absolute ignorant like you, I really have to ask myself why do the likes of you hate America so much, you do realize that America was once a great Country, before you and the likes came out…

  45. Fu Barr says:

    After you are asked to work smarter than harder, you are asked to do more with less

  46. Jack Frost says:

    CNN has been completely compromised as a source of actual “news” by its adherence to support of the “progressive agenda”. I really think that they and many in the MSM even realize how OVERTLY BIASED they are as they personally tend to associate solely with sychopants of the progressive agenda, e.g. via the association of progressive “news people” who orchestrate their agenda and talking points. I do appreciate hearing an alternate point of view, but hey, the pure party-line BS they spew is well, a waste of my time.

  47. david says:

    CNN is under assault. But it isn’t just because fewer people know like and trust them. News is becoming more entertainment and aggregation of social media feeds.
    1) CNN just isn’t very entertaining.
    2) The Airliner story proved to the American people that CNN really has nothing of interest to say. While the gentle giant story proved that CNN will repeat lies and follow a template regardless of facts.
    3) Liberalism isn’t up lifting. It worships death. If there isn’t any spectacular going on that low energy doom and gloom is a turn off.
    4) The younger generation is not engaged in the world. We have created a culture of zombies with short attention spans and the constant need for stimulation.
    5) The broadcasters create content mostly for the elite in Ca and NY. But most of them haven’t had an original thought in decades. Because of this what they have to say can be skimmed from blog posts and tweets. So the content is still being absorbed but advertising profits from the content aren’t there.

  48. Mary H. Kendzicky says:

    CNN = garbage

  49. nyclposter says:

    Well, perhaps if they started reporting news again instead of being the propaganda wing of the White House their ratings would be better.

  50. Keith Panco says:

    CNN gets all its ratings from airport TV’s, waiting room TV’s, and hotel TV’s that are programmed to start up on CNN. Even though the guest quickly changes the channel, the view is still logged. No one chooses to watch the “hate America” network anymore.

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