Cosby Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Vandalized with Word ‘Rapist’

Bill Cosby Star Hollywood Walk of
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Bill Cosby’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalized following the numerous allegations of sexual assault leveled against the comedian.

A photo of the vandalized star — which had the word “rapist” scrawled across it several times — surfaced via a Fox 26 viewer on Thursday.

In response to the vandalism, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce released the following statement: “The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an institution celebrating the positive contributions of the inductees. When people are unhappy with one of our honorees, we would hope that they would project their anger in more positive ways then to vandalize a California State landmark. The star is being cleaned up at this time.”

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  1. Smooth says:

    Since there’s no evidence of anything, I would say that this vandalism is a combination of jealousy and spare time. These women all have the same generic story, but nothing specific to Bill Cosby. Does he have a tattoo on his navel or a scar near his chest nipple, you get my point. I need something specific to Bill Cosby. Something more than HE gave me a pill. Sorry. These vandals need a life.

  2. Wayne says:

    I’m not denying nor confirming anything. All I am saying is that we should not assume to be so much more damn smart and intelligent than the due process of the law. He will get his day in court, I have no doubt of that. But we should never try sentence and execute someone by virtue of public opinion.Let the due process of law take it’s course before you try and convict the man when you have absolutely no firsthand knowledge of any of the evidence.
    Whether or not he is actually guilty has no relevance to his right to due process. When we start arrogantly judging by public opinion because he said, she said, we move towards a very dangerous state of anarchy. I’m sure no one will disagree that every citizen has certain inalienable rights. Crimes should be punished, but only after the evidence is presented to a jury of one’s peers. End of story.

  3. Contessa46 says:

    Attention all you deniers out there. The laws and atmosphere to report these crimes were not as they are now. If a woman reported a rape, the police would intimidate the woman by asking what she did to provoke such an act. What was she wearing? The climate in the 60’s -80’s were NOT kind to woman. As a matter of fact, the military and college rapes are still not addressed properly. So get you head out of you tuchus and smell the roses. These woman have more to lose than to gain. If now they are brave enough to follow the first woman–when then kudos to them. It’s more important to “out” him than any money or charges. They can tell their story and that means the most. They no longer feel alone, ashamed or guilty in any way. In addition, yes, he is innocent until proven guilty but he is hiding and it will cost him his reputation. He will now always be known as the serial rapist and to some, that is enough. In addition, he was a very powerful man and many were afraid what he’d do to the and other family who work in the Hollywood industry. The whole thing stinks but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… Just sayin

    • Smooth says:

      Wrong, you must be from another country because you can’t be from the United States. There have been thousands of black men killed and put in prison because a white woman said she was raped. You’re talking the 60s – 80s in America and you’re saying a white woman couldn’t find a racist cop to tell her story to, are you on crack? Dr. Martin Luther King was killed in 1968. Don’t give me that nonsense about Bill was too big a star in 60s-80s to go after, please spare me B S.

      Bill Cosby has never been, nor will ever be anyone but a black man in America, so how much power do you think he really had in the 60s-80s? Were there no jealous racists in a position of authority during that time? Were there no good cops who would believe or at least investigate a white woman’s story about being raped by Bill in those years? I say that you’re wrong. Get rid of your Crystal Ball, you don’t know where Bill’s reputation is going. You sound more jealous of his success than anything else.

      I think that the big question is, where do you buy your drugs?

  4. Obviously, he did rape these women, there are just too many that have come forward (34+ now), including one wife of a prominent actor (which took guts), as well, a manager that was hired to ‘pay women off.’ So, come on ‘Mr. Bill Cosby’s Lawyer’….face-up! The fact that he used drugs to sedate these women is a chargable felony and as well rape. Regardless when this happened, he should be charged. This should go to trial but he may get off due to statue of limitation being beyond the timeframe of being reported. Some of these women DID try to report it way back when but it was ignored because of ‘who’ he is and people either not believing them OR just wanting not to deal with it. I’m wondering what his wife is saying right about now. Regardless of ‘who’ he is….. this should be investigated and he should be punished of any wrong-doing regardless of how long ago these rapes took place. Who does he think he is to violate women this way? Its disgusting……. he should be imprisoned.

    • Smooth says:

      Why is it obvious? Just because they tell the same generic story? Give me something specific to Bill, does he have a tattoo around his navel? I need something more from these women pal. I guess people jealous of celebrities not only don’t need, but don’t won’t evidence. Move along hater.

  5. Darlene Silver says:

    I really don’t believe all these allegations. Why would they all wait this far in time to come out and speak? Instead of stealing a beloved actor’s money get off your feminist horse and get a job.

  6. Rosalinda Pizarro says:

    I believe these women are good that the man is old and down. They just one to get money. People are fallng for it. People are listening to these these women with out knowing the real true.

  7. Joel says:

    So much for innocent until PROVEN guilty I guess. This court of public opinion thing is a mess. Increasing number of accusations doesn’t increase guilt one bit. It’s not a defense of Cosby himself necessarily, it’s defending the system, because that’s what we have and need. Unfortunately evidence and the law seem to mean nothing to some people.

  8. Grahn Smahr says:

    Spike is right – rapists like Cosby deserve this, and so much worse. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is continuing the sort of behavior that allowed this man to prey upon women for so many years. Positively shameful.

    Can’t wait to watch them all scatter away from this slimeball once the complete truth finally comes to light…

  9. Resigned Sidekick says:

    Spike you can’t be this ridiculous to think they’re going to remove star over allegations which none of us know is true. Stop acting as if you know beyond reasonable doubt that Cosby raped these women when there hasn’t even be a trial.

    • Joel says:

      It seems to me that people who don’t respect or understand the law and due process are likely to break it some day. Sad. Too many of us take living in America for granted. Should we stone people in the street for being accused? That makes a lot of sense…

  10. Wayne says:

    How about some due process? Desecrating a tribute such as this is an act of arrogant, judgemental, self righteous short mindedness by people that no doubt have absolutely no first hand knowledge whatsoever.
    If it plays out that these allegations are true, then there is a decision to be made as to whether to leave the star or not.
    Let’s not pretend to be judge jury and executioner when it’s not our place.

  11. Spike says:


    • Grahn Smahr says:


    • Christian Seaborn says:

      How sad that in the year 2014 that this is as bad as the Salem Witch Trials. Also, as dangerous. All that has happened, thus far, are some allegations that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted someone. I am not saying this is either true or not true, since I do not know. Fact is, however, neither do other people commenting here and in other places know if it is true or not. As for the Star in Hollywood, vandalism is nothing more than an immature act by immature people. (Of course, those same immature people will attack me for this observation because the are just that: immature.)

      • Joel says:

        As well as uneducated, undereducated, emotionally-thinking, judgmental folks. Some civics classes might help some, which has been cut too much from our schools over a number of years. Allegations themselves are not evidence… I wish people would step back sometimes instead of lashing out, immaturely as you pointed out.

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