Bill Cosby Briefly Breaks Silence, Expects ‘Black Media’ to Stay ‘Neutral’

Bill Cosby
Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Bill Cosby has briefly broken his silence since a wave of sexual allegations resurfaced against him, asking the media to stay “neutral” and saying that his wife is holding up amid the scandal.

Cosby has largely stayed silent since allegations became public once more, but spoke to the New York Post’s Page Six when the publication reached him at his Manhattan home, reportedly sounding upbeat on the phone.

“Let me say this,” he said. “I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind.”

When asked how his wife is holding up, he said, “Love and the strength of womanhood.”

“Let me say it again, love and the strength of womanhood,” he added. “And, you could reverse it, the strength of womanhood and love.”

He then reportedly cut off the conversation, saying, “They don’t want me talking to the media.”

More than 20 woman have gone public with varying accusations of drugging and sexual assault against the 77-year-old comedian. The latest is model and actress Beverly Johnson, who told Vanity Fair that she was not raped by Cosby, but that he did drug a cappuccino he gave her in 1986.

In another recent development, 55-year-old Judy Huth came forward to accuse Cosby of raping her at the Playboy mansion when she was 15 in 1974.

Cosby is being represented by attorneys Martin Singer and John B. Schmitt. While Cosby has largely stayed quiet, Singer has been vocal in his denial of claims, calling Huth’s accusations “unreliable” and “untimely.”

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  1. Lisa says:

    Ummm. the ‘Black Media’ can write whatever the eff they want. it takes some nerve to instruct the media on how to report on one’s alleged crimes.

  2. heidi says:

    toe jam eating disgusting piece of garbage betrayed every american that loved him black or white

  3. Cheryl says:

    How dare you try to compromise the integrity of black journalists. I’ve noticed you throwing the word “integrity” around quite a bit. . . As if you had any.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Fan the racial tension Bill. Way to go. What a Coward.

  5. josh says:

    Bill Cosby has no respect for current events in this country, a city just burnt down over events that started thanks to racial hatred, and out of the blue he pulls the race card? No, I don’t think he raped anybody, I believe he’s innocent, but he’s a disrespectful racist. I am a white 21yr old man living in the South East TN, loved watching him on tv when I was young, where did the race card even play into anything? Black Media? What even is “black media?”

    Way to change the subject Bill, maybe you ARE guilty after all

  6. Chris says:

    “Let me say this,” he said. “I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind.”

    Maybe there’s more to this statement, but I’m not even sure he was trying to say. Mentioning the black media to remind people that yes, Mr. Cosby is in fact black? Asking the (probably liberal) black media not to automatically crucify him because he has conservative views on black America (e.g. the “pull up your pants” speech)? Asking the media to remain neutral and not immediately jump to “these accusations are false because black men were often falsely accused of rape by white women in the past.” The second seems the most likely.

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I’m trying to figure out what Mr. Cosby meant by his statement.

  7. Xmasevebaby says:

    If Cosby is truly innocent of these allegations, his ordeal will be the very definition of a “High Tech Lynching” for years to come.

  8. Drake L.A. says:

    what the hell is “black media”? Is he talking about BET and Ebony?

  9. C’mon Bill. You break your silence and the first words out of your mouth aren’t “I’m innocent”. No way could that have messed up your defense, if they were true. Instead you play the race card.

    I’m an Asian female and as each woman came forward my hope you were innocent has faded. For the first two or three I still held out hope they were scamming for money. Even as this last one came out I held out hope you might not be one of the bad guys. I think you might as well have admitted your guilt now, instead of hold out hope that the “black” media won’t railroad you.

    This is not and should not be about race at all. this is about the rape and drugging of young women by a VERY powerful man.

    Unfortunately, in “Obama’s America”, throwing out the race card whenever it suits you is acceptable. It seems like his years as president have only torn our nation apart. We are in the middle of a race war.

    We now have race riots in our streets. I’ve never seen a country more divided. We all hate each other now. Is it Obama’s fault? I don’t know, but I’ll say this – Obama has destroyed our economy. Everyone is under-employed and can’t afford to live.

    We must now purchase health insurance we cannot afford and do not want or need (mine is $450/month… contrast this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda… or my $12/month life insurance from Life Ant… both private-enterprise!)

    The economy sucks, health care sucks, and even race relations suck.

    When we elected President Obama, weren’t we promised “hope and change”?

    Shame on you Bill, I thought you were better than that.

  10. Steven Nsubuga says:

    I believe there is a campaign to bring Bill Cosby down. I don’t believe the claims these women allege. BC with the money he has, can actually get most women without drugging or tricking any. Trust me that the women I’m talking about will be even more prettier than the lot I’ve seen.

    • Look I don’t want to acquit or convict BC here. But to say he’s got money and can have any woman he wants isn’t a strong defense. It could be possible this is some sick fetish of his and this is how he gets his kicks. Right now no one knows for sure but BC, these women, and God at this point. I don’t think the truth will ever come out.

      • Lisa says:

        How about the fact he was married and couldn’t have any woman he wanted unless he drugged her enough to forget it happened. Divorce can be a costly punishment.

    • Fre says:

      Campaign? These women don’t know each other, they span over decades and since the statutes have passed, what do they have to gain, huh? So, who is organizing this, ‘campaign’ then?

      What he ‘supposedly’ does is Not about money. It’s about control. Look up having sex with sleeping partners. Money doesn’t buy you that. And also, it’s not about ‘pretty’, everyone has different tastes.

    • oldsarg says:

      You do understand the statute of limitations is already in effect and the people bringing the charges know Bill can’t be charged for the crimes they are claiming he committed right? How many will it take to tell you he sexually assaulted them before you get an inkling it might be true?

  11. Sam Drake says:

    Keep in mind, before Cosby was on any tv show, he was a stand-up comedian..
    I still stand on my comment that he’s begun to use the race card to cover whatever his sexual past amounted to.
    Hiding behind his skin color ..

  12. Fre says:

    “I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in
    journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind.”

    Well… so much for a “neutral mind” huh Bill?
    And what a racist comment toward blacks as well as whites.

    Ok racist…. how bout this ‘so called white media’ just Turn You Off! And are they the same Media that helped promote you, make you so rich, make you the first black American to costar in a television show??? You mean THAT racist media???

    And who exactly is White media and who is Black media, huh Bill?
    Is it determined by their Skin Color only and not their minds or reasoning?

    What a Racist Punk you’ve just become.

    And if Soooo innocent…. then do as ‘I’ would if I were accused of raping legions of helpless drugged women…… Stand Tall on every news program and show and Call Out these accusers and go Toe to Toe.

    Yea…. thought NOT.

  13. Cynic says:

    Dude is gross. One should not confuse a character on a TV show with the actor playing the role.

  14. Sam Drake says:

    I’ve never considered Cosby anything other than a comedian.
    Now I consider him a comedian hiding behind his race.

  15. M. F. Sibley says:

    So Mr. Cosby thinks only the black media can understand the quandry he finds himself in and present a “true” picture and perhaps defend himself against all those nasty white women who have the unmitigated audacity to accuse him of rape and sexual assault? What what dream world is he living? Does he think all these women met over drinks and decided to single him out for these accusations? He needs to get a grip on reality in the most serious way.

    If I were his wife, I’d take him for all he had in the divorce settlement as most assuredly his affections strayed from her a long, long time ago. If his marriage were strong there would have been no need for all these episodes to have happened and he wouldn’t be fighting all these accusations now. Hey, what goes around comes around.

  16. Terence says:

    Though neutrality in “journalism” is increasingly scarce, it is certainly warranted and necessary in getting to a truthful story. Facts not fabrication should be the hallmark of journalism.

    • Lisa says:

      So far, all we’ve heard from Cosby have not been ‘facts’ but just a whole lot of whining about how he’s being victimized. Let’s have alibis and witnesses who remember what happened back then. Not some crotchety old man like Hugh Heffner who made his living off of pimping out young starry eyed women.

  17. Mr.Hopkins says:

    I just have this to say , under the statue of limitations they only have so long to report the crime at hand , and not after 35 year’s can they step up and file accusations, against Mr. Cosby . It’s all about the money now and the spot light ,, best of luck Mr. Cosby .

    • oldsarg says:

      There are now 23 who are accusing Cosby of drugging them and raping them and yo think it’s a good thing the statute of limitation has expired? What if it would have been one of your daughters or a siblings child? What the hell is wrong with you anyway?

  18. vonrock says:

    Deceitful trouser snake. why would a bunch of white women accuse you ?

  19. Selena says:

    Just guessing that sexual assaults on women are equally despised by both the white and black media, and people in general. It comes under the category of knowing right from wrong, and has absolutely nothing to do with color. And referencing his wife’s “strength” in the midst of all these alleged sexual assaults, only insults her further, and makes him appear even more pathetic. Time will tell, but with so many of these claims, things are really beginning to stink in Cosby’s world.

    • kylie says:

      The accusations do stink, and Bill Cosby has been accused of doing something terribly heinous to a lot of women. If he did it then something should be done to him, he should be punished in some way. I think it merits investigation.

      But what I do NOT understand is why none of the women have attempted to prove their allegations. At all. Ever. And why did every single woman. Every. Single. Woman. wait until the statute of limitations expired? Why? The only thing they can get out of him now is money because they ALL waited too late to get help from the authorities. That’s just weird. Why would ALL of them wait until the only thing they could get from him in restitution is cash?

      Gloria Allred asked for money for her clients from Bill Cosby. Why? And why hasn’t anyone anywhere presented any sort of corroborating proof that these things took place in exactly the time, place and manner the women said they did?

      Questions such as those are why the media ought to report only the facts and maintain neutrality.

      • Bill says:

        Kylie, you should read up on Andrea Constand. I recommend the 2006 Philadelphia Magazine article about Mr. Cosby and what she says he did. The one from 8 years ago.

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