Sex Abuse Lawsuit Dropped Against Former Disney Executive

Michael Egan speaks at a news
Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Bryan Singer's accuser, above, Michael Egan filed notice of dismissal Wednesday

Michael Egan, who has accused Bryan Singer and three other Hollywood figures of sexual abuse when he was a teenager, has voluntarily dismissed one of the lawsuits, against ex-Disney TV executive David Neuman.

The notice of dismissal was filed in a Hawaii federal court on Wednesday.

No reason was given, but Neuman’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss last month in which they not only denied the allegations as false, but included 2003 testimony from Egan in which he said back then that Neuman “never acted improperly around me or toward me.” Egan also said that Neuman was not present when he was involved in any sexual conduct.

Egan was among the plaintiffs in a 2000 lawsuit against Marc-Collins Rector, Chad Shockley and Brock Pierce, the founders of Digital Entertainment Network, for which they won a multi-million dollar judgment. Neuman was an executive at DEN, an Internet startup that went bust in the dotcom crash of 2000.

Other defendants named by Egan, including Gary Goddard, Singer and Garth Ancier, have each filed their own motions to dismiss and have denied the claims. They also contend that they were not in Hawaii when the sexual misconduct allegedly took place in the late 1990s. A hearing on the motions is scheduled for July 28.

Egan’s attorney, Jeff Herman, filed a dismissal of the case without prejudice, meaning that they reserved the right to file a new claim.

UPDATE: Neuman’s counsel Patricia Glaser issued the following statement Wednesday night: “This evening the completely unfounded and 100% false charges against our client David A. Neuman, were dismissed.    Today’s news affirms to everyone that David Neuman’s fine reputation deserves to stand strong and was attacked with no merit.

In as much as we celebrate the truth this evening, we will hold accountable those who wrongly created the hurt and damage by making outrageous, untruthful assertions that cannot be undone.

We question seriously the underlying prejudices and motives in targeting David Neuman with this groundless and defamatory action.

Today’s dismissal exposes this despicable lawsuit for what it really was:  an unethical smearing and failed shakedown of a completely innocent man.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story featured the word ‘Charges’ in the headline. No charges were brought against Mr. Neuman, only the civil lawsuit. 


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  1. MattC says:

    It seems Mr. Neuman has been quietly dropped from the suit, because Egan said under oath in a related lawsuit more than ten years ago that Neuman and the others never abused him. This undermines the credibility of the accuser. Herman never investigated Egan’s claims before filing these lawsuits. How the hell did he ever pass the Florida bar exam? He should have learned this in his first year of law school. Abuse is obviously a serious allegation and must be vigorously pursued but potentially frivolous allegations aren’t fair. I believe Egan and his attorney will now find themselves, as defendants, in a “malicious prosecution suit” in the near future.

  2. BLAIR says:

    This Egan guy is a complete sociopath. He has a history of making these accusations. He is a gold digger and will try to get money any way he can. Shame on him for defaming names with false accusations…for money…and publicity.

  3. big daddy D says:

    So the dismissals are starting to come out now? Really?? I hope Bryan Singer sues his ass till there’s nothing left!

    • hawkeyedem says:

      Actually in 2003 in Egan’s lawsuit against Neuman’s prior boss, where Egan alleged Neuman’s prior boss sexually molested him, Egan testified under oath that: “David Neuman has never been present when I was involved in any type of sexual conduct, never harassed me, never made sexually suggestive remarks to me, and never acted improperly around me or toward me.” Either Egan lied under oath in 2003, or he told the truth under oath in 2003, and now because he needs money he filed a lawsuit which included false allegations against Neuman in an attempt to shake Neuman down by exploiting Neuman’s past employment with the guy who Egan successfully sued over a decade ago. If the allegations in the 2014 lawsuit was true why did Egan swear under oath in 2003 that David Neuman had zero involvement in any misconduct, not merely that he wasn’t present but he never even made a sexually suggestive statement to him? While I believe being liberal a positive attribute, you shouldn’t assume because someone works in Hollywood they are liberal, let alone a molester after the allegation is dismissed by the person who made it (not a Judge based upon a loophole). I have known David since the late 1960’s. His dad was a very well respected rabbi in my hometown. David grew up in Iowa, went to HS in Illinois, and graduated from UCLA in 1982. After graduating from UCLA he worked as a speech writer for President Reagan.

  4. Erm27 says:

    The cases will all be dismissed long before July 28.

  5. Uh Huh! Just as I predicted. Just call me “Woody the Sage!” This guy & his mother are such obvious cons. I loathe & detest the whole idea of youth sexual abuse, but I think Egan is a frustrated opportunist who never realized his dreams of fame & fortune so he pursued those “dreams” in this way instead. Last chance, bad chance, no chance! They should save the rest of the innocent victims a lot of time & money & embarrassment & dismiss the cases against them too.

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