With Megyn Kelly Move, Fox News Makes a Cosmetic Change

Megyn Kelly's The Kelly File TV

Fox might have shuffled its lineup, but marching orders remain the same

Seen the new Fox News. Sure as hell looks like the old Fox News.

As has been expected, Fox CEO Roger Ailes will sandwich the network’s golden child, Megyn Kelly, between its two gnarled stars, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, injecting a touch of youth — and let’s face it, a more telegenic TV presence — into the network’s primetime lineup. Greta Van Susteren gets what amounts to a demotion, moving to 7 p.m.

This is news, only because Fox News Channel has been characterized by such stability during the Ailes years, while MSNBC and CNN often appeared to be wildly flailing around it.

Look closer, though, and those predicting any change of course in the network were sorely misguided. Yes, Kelly has been promoted and Elisabeth Hasselback has replaced Gretchen Carlson on “Fox & Friends,” but other than the additional human blondage, Fox remains the same: A conservative-leaning channel dominated by older white men, with a few younger women thrown in for an audience that remains skewed toward senior citizens who still enjoy seeing a pretty face or two while hearing about how Obama is destroying America.

Almost every prediction about Fox tinkering with its basic mission, however, has been off base, including reports that the network might dial back its partisan fervor after the election, when Ailes benched Karl Rove and Dick Morris.

“The post-election soul searching going on inside the Republican Party is taking place inside Fox News as well,” New York magazine wrote at the time.

That sounded questionable even then, and looks like balderdash now. Ailes might be a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them. And he knows that as long as Obama’s in the White House, Fox would be silly to do anything that would diminish its standing as the voice of the not-so-loyal opposition, railing against a demographic tide that appears to be pulling the country in another direction.

Because while the GOP might need to worry about winning over half the country, practically speaking Fox News can do just fine with a decidedly smaller segment of the population clinging to the channel as its home base for news. And we’ve seen that polarization and positioning squarely toward Fox’s older demo in its strident coverage of the Trayvon Martin case, which highlighted the intense divide between the network and MSNBC.

So while Fox might appear to be shuffling its deck, all Ailes is really doing is doubling down.


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  1. Bobo Brazil says:

    A great job of unbiased journalism from Blowy per usual. Brian Lowry is an absolute tool.

  2. Who needs Faux News.. > Alternative Media is the Future says:

    and the Good Cop, Bad Cop Dems and GOP? Listen to Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, Conspiracy Theory with Richard Syrett, Alex Jones -> Infowars.com . Fox has news babes. But who needs eye candy. Michael Savage is headed in the Right direction too. Turn off the BOOB Tube! We don’t need the media to create a False Narrative for people to follow. Fox sides with the Illegal Alien agenda, they are mildly “right leaning” but since the last two elections it’s more like CNN. As much as I hate the Left, there are Left leaning people like Amber Lyon, and Abby Dyer of RT.com. Who get it’s about Civil Liberties. Try http://intellihub.com/ with Shepard Ambellas, RBN net radio with Bob Tuskin, Orion Radio’s Newstalker etc.

    Take the red pill, wake up to the NWO!

  3. Mary Claire says:

    Biased and inaccurate report. Fox has more viewers than any cable news station. I am 27 and appreciate Foxes adept programing. How old are you Brian Lowery. You look and write like a senior citizen.

  4. SSmith says:

    Fox is #1 and liberals just can’t stand it.

  5. Linda de Vasquez says:

    Great moves. Who will replace Megyn in the 1:00 pm slot?

  6. Robert Deerinwater says:

    Brian Lowry goes on about Fox News’ partisanship in a very partisan manner.

  7. Jsac says:

    Very immature and one sided person. Shame on him. His comments are an insult to those who watch

  8. semby says:

    There are the #1 channel; why should they change anyway.
    Stupid article.

  9. Mjkbk says:

    “Gnarled stars”? Can you possibly GET any more ageist, Mr. Lowry? Are you in the general habit of describing every TV personality over the age of 50 as being deformed and hard-bitten?

  10. Doug in SF says:

    I knew it was going to continue into season two but I thought there would be some resolution to the story. It just got worse. And the finale was over the top. They built those gallows in about 25 minutes. Someone couldn’t even set the hour hand correctly on the clock. I won’t seek this show out next year.

  11. The bias that Mr. Lowry displays in this article is precisely why Fox News continues to be the most viewed news channel. Mr. Lowry should be ashamed to claim himself as a journalist but he can take comfort in the fact that so very few people actually read him.

  12. kern says:

    I thought that Variety was a show business publication and not a political one. Then I read this hatchet job on it. Does the writer ever watch Fox News Channel. Even most liberals in my circle find MSNBC to be by far the most strident of the “news” channels. Can you tell us what was strident about FN’s coverage of the Trayvon Martin case? I do know that MSNBC was in the forefront (but not alone) in demanding the head of George Zimmerman whether or not the evidence justified it. Additionally, MSNBC and other race baiters tried to work up African-Americans into a frenzy of hatred. If you followed the case closely, you would know that to a great extent, they weren’t buying. This yellow “journalism” is a danger to Americans of all races.

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