‘Duck Dynasty’ Scramble Leaves A&E With Egg On Its Face

Duck Dynasty

Network brass didn't think through next steps, or risk of strangling its golden goose

A&E put itself between a “Duck” and a hard place. And having backtracked from its temporary lack of quack, let the public-relations scrambling begin.

The network might have acted precipitously in suspending Phil Robertson for his inflammatory remarks regarding gays (and equally insensitive ones about African-Americans in the Jim Crow-era South), but it clearly didn’t have an end game in mind. And once the network demonstrated that it was displeased with Robertson’s statements, unless it was truly willing to strangle its golden goose, there was really nowhere to go from there.

So the network issued a mealy-mouthed statement Friday, promising to run a public-service campaign about tolerance and inclusiveness. One suspects the network will also be less eager to arrange interview opportunities for Robertson, which of course won’t prevent him from going out and speaking his mind, especially now that he’s a hero to many conservatives.

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After all, if this episode proves anything, it’s that faced with the possibility of derailing its top-rated series, the channel has webbed feet of clay.

To reiterate the obvious, those who turned this into a free speech crusade clearly had a political agenda. Robertson had every right to express his opinions, and the network was free to distance itself from those remarks – and from him – if they felt his statements, as someone affiliated with A&E, damaged its brand and image.

That said, there are a few lessons here, beginning with the fact that networks responsible for reality TV shows get into bed with people of questionable beliefs and character all the time. Witness CBS’ embarrassment this summer over racist comments made by contestants on “Big Brother.”

A&E also appeared not to anticipate the blowback from those who share Robertson’s views, and how suspending him would be perceived among religious conservatives who already feel besieged by popular culture. Beyond making up a disproportionate share of the “Duck Dynasty” audience, such people also regularly complain about having relatively few options on TV where the “characters” profess to share their values.

Of course, reinstating Robertson won’t put the issue to rest. Indeed, advocacy groups who object to his participation in the program will no doubt have a word or two to share with A&E’s advertisers. And that, too, is their right.

While the impact of such campaigns is generally limited, time is not on “Duck Dynasty’s” side – or for that matter, on Robertson’s. People grow tired of reality shows sooner or later, and the tide of social conservatism Robertson espoused in regard to gays is also in gradual retreat, particularly if the views of younger people are any guide.

As for A&E, the network clearly misjudged the volatility of the culture wars — as well as the intoxicating media allure of mixing a popular TV show with political controversy — while demonstrating the tension that can exist between picking your friends and picking your reality-TV stars.

Because once A&E decided to do more than simply say “We do not share Phil’s views,” there was almost no way to escape this mess without winding up with egg on its face.

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  1. BethJoe says:

    “a social perspective where bible believing Christians either shut up or are unemployable.”
    So true, but I would add that you don’t have to be bible believing to say that same-sex coupling is not equal, normal, or healthy. In reality, this is, and has been, an attack against common-sense.

  2. The fascist (_*_) at A & E ate their own puke after the backlash.

  3. A&E and nearly every other network, MSDNC included, better wake up and smell the ratings. America has been, is, and always will be an average center-right nation. This allows for a diversity of views, but when push comes to shove the country was founded on Christian religion and it is still deeply rooted there. The problem with conservatives is just that: We’re conservative. We hold our tongues, try to let people be who they want, and wind up taking a lot of crap for it. But everyone has a line and we’re no different. A&E crossed it, much like the rest of the left in this country continues to do. And so conservative Christians, and likely a lot of closet liberal Christians, had enough. One can only hope the trend continues and Conservatives continue to speak out forcefully about the horrible direction in which this country is headed.

    As several here have commented, one would like to think that A&E saw the light and the error of their leftist radical ways. But, alas, that is indeed asking for way more than reality can deliver. Instead, I suspect that with the severe fall in viewership A&E’s advertisers were called account executives at A&E requesting to renegotiate the contracts they had written for +10 million viewership on DD. With the viewership in question and almost guaranteed to decline further, advertisers were looking to pull millions out of what had been lucrative ad contracts during DD showtimes. That threat, and only that threat, bought sanity back to A&E. And for that, the CEO and anyone else in the C-Suite who back this ill-thought out play should be summarily fired. They risked the corporate fortune on an emotional, knee-jerk reaction to appease a minority group, rumored to be nested mostly in their own ranks. The Board at A&E should be incensed and looking for new management at the top of the net.

  4. You could say that justice prevailed for once in 2013, but I think it was more a matter of A&E not wanting to lose a lot of money than it was of justice.

  5. Hdogg48 says:

    I grew up in the sticks of Western Pa., where they closed the schools on the
    first day of deer hunting season. My late father a WWII and Korean War Vet
    as well as my Viet Nam Vet brother were avid hunters.

    Since then I have lived in many various places. For 4 years I lived in a neighborhood
    that was made up of about a 75% African American population. Further for
    2 years I lived in a 10 story building that was made up of at least 50% Gay tenants.

    So I feel that because I have lived, worked and exposed to those varied
    experiences I can comment fairly objectively about A & E reinstating Phil
    Robertson to the “Duck Dynasty” program that I have watched a few times.
    It is being shown in South America, where I have lived for a year and a half
    as a retiree with my Latina wife that I met and married in the States, and who
    also held American citizenship before I met and married her.

    There is no doubt in my mind if ANY Gay or Black person got lost, broke
    down, or we’re stuck in the backwoods of Louisiana, near the Robertsons
    Compound that they would show up with gas cans, tire jacks, tools, and
    John Deere tractors to pull them out of the muck. This help would
    be unconditional and they wouldn’t expect anything in return.

    On the other hand I am not so sure that they would receive such neighborly
    treatment if they mistakenly wandered into a Gay Bar looking for help
    or got caught wrong in the Hood.

    Also, like Phil, I have been a recovering alcohol and substance abuser for 25 years,
    and I can empathize the roll that turning his life over to the will of his higher power
    plays in his life. I do not subscribe to his religious sect and Bible quoting approach,
    but I think that many of the stories told from the Bible and the metaphors of
    lessons learned to help you with your spiritual journey and help you live a fuller,
    happier life can be effective…if you choose to use them.

    I conclude by saying that I can see how groups like GLAAD and Rainbow/Push
    can be offended and consider Phil Roberson’s comments to be a deal breaker.
    However I believe that actions speak louder than words. And when it comes
    to helping out your neighbors, even though they may be strangers, that the Robertson
    Family is much more highly evolved than those groups bad mouthing them.

  6. Jinx says:

    Variety, another leftist, Hollywood mouthpiece? You can bet the farm on it. Questionable character? No, just questionable journalistic ethics run wild and antithetical to the American values that were in place for over 200 years, the years that made America great, not the America that has become weak under the mealymouthed administrations starting in the late 80’s.

  7. Jimmy Rouse says:

    Phil has struck a blow for freedom. Thank you Phil for making it safe once more to express an opinion.

    • Yes freedom to say that African Americans were happy being subjected to racism and discrimination.

      And that Gay people are evil by paraphraseing 3000 year old scripture. He’s basically making it safe to

      be an idiot…not express an opinion

      • Julienne says:

        Once again, you’re missing the point…because you want too.

      • Molton Lavas says:

        As everyone knows who read the GQ article, Phil did not say black people were happier under Jim Crow laws. He said the black people he knew were Godly, non racist, hardworking and didn’t seem to have any hostility towards anyone.. These qualities to Phil Robertson, would be the best ones that a human could have.

  8. But when he put out …Leviticus 18:22 – You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination….It’s manifestly clear God meant this one, just not the other scriptures that are kind of hard to fit to people personal predjudices.

  9. Pretty Sure we don’t follow these scriptures. God must have been having an off day…..
    Deuteronomy 23:1-2

    23 He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord.

    2 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.

  10. Mark says:

    Stick to your guns A&E! On second thought, let him talk. He’ll hang himself; sooner than later & it will be hilarious! He deserves everything he will get. Someone that has no better excuse than to hide behind the Bible….what a pathetic individual! (Notice that I refuse to use the word ‘person’).

  11. Christians sure are good at picking and choosing the parts of the bible that suit their personal bigotries. You faithfully cling to the scripture that condems homosexuality…What about the parts that condone slavery even going so far as to give instructions on how to punish a disobediant slave, or the parts that states you should stone to death a rebellious child, or any adulturer, or a women that has been married and found not to be a virgin?

    • Jinx says:

      Whew, another rant from The Bottom – sorry, but you truly do have an intolerant streak in you that includes Christians, and any of those who disagree with your political agenda. You obviously don’t know that people come in all different sizes and shapes, as the term ‘Christians’ do. You misstate what is in the old testament, and over two thousand years of Christian values , just to try and make a political statement.

      It is the Intolerant Left that spreads true hate in the world, then tries to obfuscate the issues by pointing at others in an attempt to deflect from your hate-speech against Christians. Shows that you never met a truth you couldn’t try to turn against a Christian.

    • John says:

      I am absolutely NOT a Bible thumper, but you have made a serious error reffering to the old testament as a guide for Christian behavior.

  12. Robin Boyd says:

    Actually, Mr. Robertson stated emphatically in the interview that it is not up to us to judge, that judgement is only for God the Father, which is what we are taught in scripture by Jesus Christ. Even Jesus stated that He, Jesus, was not to pass judgement, that judgement was only for God the Father.

    Whether you believe scripture or not, there are no other guidelines for us. If the term God offends you, as it did me for years because of how many wrongs are done in the alleged name of God by persons behaving ungodly at the time, then use another term. Just think of it as “nature” dictates that only nature has the right to judge us after we die a mortal death. Only natural rules of some unknown intelligent design should be adhered to. Forget the man made religious aspects of theology and dwell only on the fact that only an intelligent design of the Universe is logical, rational and/or makes any sense whatsoever.

  13. jane says:

    Yep, there goes the moderator again, removing comments pointing out how they pick and choose what political views they will allow on here. They also don’t want other people to read that a lot of us have wised up on the media’s stupid ploy to label Phil a racist. Let’s see how long it takes for them to remove this comment. You have no integrity, moderator.

  14. Robin Boyd says:

    According to Judeo-Christian scripture, sodomy performed on males of females is absolutely a sin against the will of that which billions of Jews and Christians worldwide refer to as God. So, at least to billions of the faithful of the Judeo-Christian scriptures, at least one main aspect of homosexuallity is a sin against God. We didn’t write the scriptures. We are only obeying that which we believe to be giving to us by the Creator of the Universe.

    If we think of scripture as an instruction manual, I’m sure that some can justify putting tab P into hole B rather than into slot V as directed just because with a bit of force, it will sort of fit. That does not mean that we are properly following the instructions. If anyone has a better set of instructions for mankind, please post it.

  15. Robin Boyd says:

    As for your accusation that I hate Blacks, that too is absurd. Where did I ever even hint to hating anyone? I stated that I was persecuted by Blacks, not that I hated Blacks. Of course I was not persecuted by all Blacks in Baltimore, most Blacks I have associated with in my lifetime have been good acquantances or friends. I have co-inhabitated with Black persons several times in my life, including for four months while working in Cayman after Hurricane Ivan wiped that island nation out and I wound up bunking with a young Jamaican guy working for the engineer who held my work permit for the work I was doing for the Cayman government. In fact, my roomy and I even vacationed together in Havana. We were locally refered to as “Black man and Robin”.

    You seem to have an issue with being able to accept that people are not all one way or another. In Baltimore, I have lived through the end of Segregation and through the race riots that shut down Baltimore under Marshall Law. As an adult, I moved from the inner city of Baltimore to the predominantly Jewish sections of Baltimore, where I worked most of my life from the Pikesville and Reisterstown area. I was raised by a Merchant Marine who lived and worked with men of all ethnic backgrounds who regularly were guests of my family.

    So you see, your bigoted commentaries about me are as unfounded as your views about Mr. Robertson. Of the two of us, I am not the one with issues over the race, color of creed of others.

  16. jane says:

    Variety regularly removes comments they don’t like and it has nothing to do with how “offensive” it is. They actually will leave up really blatantly offensive comments, probably to make people look bad, but remove articulated posts that blow apart their spin. I have had my comment removed from this article as well as another one on another Variety article (in that one, I simply said Christian pop music was better than shlock like Lady Gaga). Their moderators are partisan hacks who basically abuse their moderator powers to shut down people they disagree with. Pretty sad, if you ask me, that they can’t handle an opposing viewpoint here. I didn’t even comment about homosexuality but the media attempting to paint Phil as a “racist.”

  17. Robin Boyd says:

    Wow, it’s like you can see right into my very soul and decided to say everything exactly the opposite of what I am.

    I was born and raised in the inner city of Baltimore, a city where Whites are a minority. I have been beaten half to death by a gang of Blacks at, of all places, a Decency Rally held at the Memorial stadium in Baltimore and have been targeted many times while in predominantly Black neighborhoods, while working, because I was White. Sorry if that truth bothers you, but it is what it is.

    Though I believe firmly, through intense theological study, that Jesus of Nazareth was indeed God incarnate and that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour, I have little respect for most organized religions and believe that the RCC is an extension of evil pagan religions. I very much detest the RCC as an organization even though I have known several priests who I believe are very much good men and believe that most of the Catholic faith are good people who just don’t understand how the RCC came to be and the flat out lies it is promoted over the centuries.

    And lastly, but certainly not leastly, my wife is a second generation American Jew of Russian descent. So, I guess you pretty much have me mixed up with someone else.

  18. Robin Boyd says:

    I don’t think this is a win or lose situation, but since it has been deemed to be so, let’s look at the facts. Both A&E and the Robertson’s have sold a lot more of their respective merchandise over the past week due to this little tete-a-tete between them. A&E has lost a portion of the Duck Dynasty audience by making such a big deal over Mr. Robertson’s personal comments and then lost a portion of it’s homosexual community audience by reversing it’s decision in order to not take a financial hit on the loss of Duck Dynasty.

    The Robertson’s will most likely enjoy a longer run with a larger audience now that they have been given so much free publicity over this. I for one don’t watch this show just because the subject matter does not interest me, but out of support for God given free will and the U.S. Constitutional freedom of speech, I did invest $2 for a Duck Buck chocolate bar that was not really that good (a bit waxy).

    So, if we are going to make this a win and/or lose thing, it looks to me that the Duck guys won a lot more with the A&E guys recooping most of their loses by being so namby pamby about their convictions.

  19. Nonsenseyousay says:

    What a pure load of snark. Condescending and based on a warped sense of reality. That was a waste of my time to read

    • Greg Lopes says:

      Phil won because its not a money thing with him. Its a god thing. If you are godly, God is more important than money whether you are rich or dirt poor. If you don’t get that then you don’t get Phil, nor get why he speaks for so many people. Money may be god of this world, but money is not God.

  20. dbmalkie says:

    I could not have said it better myself. The article is missing a few facts. Lol. It’s an epidemic today isn’t it.

  21. Lynn Lorello says:

    A&E has known Phil’s positions and convictions since they signed him for the show four+ years ago. They also knew the content of the GQ article weeks ago, but conveniently timed their PC outrage with their scheduled DD marathon in order to create “buzz” and so broaden their viewership. A&E’s execs are the ultimate hypocrites — but what else would we expect from this station? — LOVE DUCK DYNASTY! —

  22. Kummin says:

    A&E management, like the management at most large companies, are cowards. And now they are also proving a maxim of that industry – money talks and bullschiitt walks.

  23. art says:

    when I grew up I had a drunk for a father and mother had to work to support the family.. We lived in two room which one was kept shut off for guess.. We had kitching living room, everything in one room. We had a out house to use the restroom.. But most other people were not much better.. SO I understand what he was saying about the blacks he knew, he was in the same boat they were.

  24. you are exactly right. Like Phil I grew up in the south and I like Phil saw much happier black families than there is now.

  25. BethJoe says:

    Phil reminds us that there is a logic to the body whereby the female and male parts are meant for each other. Homosexual acts violate this logic making them neither normal, healthy nor equal. I suspect pointing this out is what the gay lobby fears most.

  26. I am so glad that GLAD made an issue of this, because I got to discover ‘Duck Dynasty’ – and I love the show! I’m currently binge watching the first season and I plan on watching every episode of every season.
    My thanks to the BLT community, and their leftist stooges in the media.

  27. rick james says:

    Phil Duck is the new Jim Crow.

    • jane says:

      Not surprising – the moderators leave THIS stupid offensive comment up slandering Phil Robertson but remove my comment that talked about how the media is desperate to make Phil into a “racist.” Shame on you, moderators.

    • Jim says:

      Why, because he spoke about HIS personal experience? Read what he said….he said in HIS experiences, there was not a complaint about the laws of the day. Doesn’t mean others didn’t have them, doesn’t mean he was for Jim Crow laws, doesn’t mean anything of the kind. He shared HIS experience, nothing more and nothing less.

  28. Ironic that someone who nearly killed a couple and gave up practically all of his possessions in order to stay out of jail is now the hero of the anti-gay lobby.

  29. Brian Apple says:

    Money. Phil Robertson loves money. So does his whole family. The wives look pretty high-maintenance to me.

  30. Jim says:

    Why doesn’t Phil just claim to be a “comedian” like Bill Maher, that way he can say intolerant things 24/7 and be praised by the left all the time.

    • Dick Sicario says:

      Why he already has more viewers than Bill Maher will ever have, and the platform to say what he believes.

    • Karen Johnson says:

      That is so right. The media loves Miley Cyrus pushing all hertrash on our children but let someone try to tell the truth and they try to tear him down. Phil admits he was a sinner and changed his life most of the left doesn’t want to hear what God says they just try to ruin the messenger

      • Christina says:

        I found both Robertson’s comments on homosexuality and blacks offensive–crude and white trash. So did my mom and my son. The three of us also found Miley Cyrus offensive–crude and white trash. They are both in the same league, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care how most of his supporters try to spin his comments on blacks–he said that all the blacks he encountered during that era were happy and had no complaints about how they were being treated. I’m sure most white folk in the south during that time said the exact same thing. Having found a new idol to worship, Christians praising his sinner to saint transformation fail to point out that when asked by the interviewer if he repented for one particularly heinous sin (beating up a bar owner AND the bar owner’s wife) just as he expects the rest of America to repent, he responded with a no and said he just wanted to put it behind him. When I attended church, repentance seemed a pretty big deal. In fact, I heard the topic of repentance mentioned more often than homosexuality. So sue me and others, if we don’t see Robertson as God’s messenger. Furthermore, saying he was against homosexuality and that he held that opinion on religious grounds is nothing new. We weren’t offended by that. It was the way in which he said it and what he compared it to. Even his own family has come out and said publicly that his statement was made in a crude manner.

  31. Kevin Roberts says:

    Anyone care to start a pool on how long it is before Mssss… Nancy Duduc decides to leave her “position” to spend more time with her family??

  32. Jim says:

    I find it more than a bit ironic to read people here say how terrible Phil Robertson is for using “derogatory” remarks about other people while these same complainers are calling him a Redneck. Irony isn’t lost, I assure you.

  33. rick james says:

    Thank you PhilBob for showing the world that right wing Christians really are homophobic, gay bashing, racists. I will never vote Republican again and I am not gay. This is not a gay issue. It is a civil rights issue. The majority of the backlash is coming from non-gays, FYI, as after you rid the world of gays, you will find some other group, atheists, blacks, Asians, to go after

  34. What a waste of space. Go away. go far, far away. No one cares about a bunch of incest rednecks. NO ONE!

  35. Mike Perkins says:

    I am sorry that you still don’t get it. I sent e-mails in support of Phil Robertson’s right to say what he did.
    I also clearly stated that I do not agree with his beliefs,however if I sit and watch the media’s attempts to both sneak in and forcefully state the left’s agenda ,than I will also listen to the other side’s stupid ideas.
    As someone said before”sir,I disagree with what you say but I will defend to my death your right to say it.”

  36. john says:

    This is all publicity for the show. Ratings will be through the roof for this hillbilly make believe.

  37. kingghidora says:

    Isn’t it ironic that the group that espouses diversity of opinion is so quick to try to silence anyone who disagrees with the PC point of view? Most Americans are Christians despite what the media version of reality would have us believe. And Christianity includes the view that homosexual acts are sinful. The Bible has many references on that issue. The left has tried to change 2000 years of beliefs by claiming the Bible doesn’t say what it does about homosexual acts. I would never be more than instructive on the issue to anyone. But the idea that I must not say what the Bible teaches is just absurd.

    • You Christians sure are good at picking and choosing the parts of the bible that suit your personal bigotries. You faithfully cling to the scripture that condems homosexuality…What about the parts that condone slavery even going so far as to give instructions on how to punish a disobediant slave, or the parts that states you should stone to death a rebellious child, or any adultrer, or a women that has been married and found not to be a virgin?

    • rick james says:

      The bible is a great work of fiction.
      Scientology is easier to believe than child sacrifice, burning bushes, and virgin births.

      • Greg Lopes says:

        The bible is a great work of fiction.

        Perhaps. But having a soul in the made in the image of God, naturally gives great value to yourself and others, while belief you and other people are soul-less meat bots is pretty much a breeding ground for sociopaths and worse.

      • Leftists believe that the “poof – life begins” of the supposed “big bang” is soooo much more believable than creationism. lol.

      • JTK says:

        And the big bang and evolution are SO believable.

  38. Mark Kostbade says:

    Overall, an excellent column on the ‘duck’ controversy. I do have a comment on the statement “TV shows get into bed with people of questionable beliefs and character” Who are we to judge who has questionable beliefs and character? But it is a better column than I could have written


  39. Jack Rickowicz says:

    My mistake was to remain silent for too long for fear of being perceived as intolerant. Thanks to GLAAD and their vindictive, immature tactics, I no longer care. Homosexuality is a perversion. It is wrong. It is unsustainable. It will flame out dramatically in a short time. I do not wish to offend anyone, but I am sick and tired of having this filth shoved at me. I am sick and tired of being told to pick sides. OK, I’ve picked. Sorry gay America. You lose.

    • BethJoe says:

      You are right Jack. How many of us are tired of living under the fear of what will befall us if we don’t go along with pretending this normal? It is clearly a psycho-sexual disorder, and must be called what it is. Of course, it needs to be treated with compassion, but compassion is no excuse for capitulation.

    • rick james says:

      So a racist, homophobic, shot-gun toting, fake redneck has empowered you to finally reveal to the world that you are a homophobe? Gays have been around since the beginning of time. Live with it. Don’t procreate (have children) either as one or more of them might be gay. What then brain? Would you disown them? Kill them? Submit them to electroshock therapy? Lobotomize them?

    • Bob of Portlandia says:

      Jack, this is not about the content of Phil’s comments. It is about his right to make them. If you make it about the content, you are more likely to lose your ability, in the long run, to speak your mind without establishment repercussion.

  40. Bob of Portlandia says:

    That of Robertson. Yet around the faculty dining table we all immediately recognized the parallel of this episode with the Hollywood blacklisting saga of the 1950s. No thinking educated American would have sided with the entertainment industry corporate bullies here, and I certainly see no evidence that “time is not on the side” of Duck Dynasty and its supporters.

  41. Bob of Portlandia says:


    Methinks you are a bit inside the Hollywood bubble yourself. I am an adjunct professor at a private University in northeast Portland Oregon and I and most of my cohorts reside in a socio-political diametrically opposite

    • Bob of Portlandia says:

      that of the Robertsons. Yet around the faculty dining table we all immediately recognized the parallels of this episode with that of the Hollywood Blacklisting in the 1950s of creative types who held political opinions that did not follow the company line. I see no evidence here that time is not on the side of Duck Dynasty and all supporters of free thinking and free-wheeling debate.

      • Greg Lopes says:

        Thanks Bob . . .the Hollywood blacklisting of the 1950s was one of the first things that came to my mind in this episode. The attempt by special interest groups and certain corporations to create a social perspective where bible believing Christians either shut up or are unemployable. Blacklisting was foul then and foul now.

  42. Joanne Kemmerer says:

    What is glamorous about spreading germs and catching STDs from using the cesspool of the body for sex? Sodomy is sin. Humility is truth. And there is an eternity of heaven or hell after death. Loving God requires trying to obey Him. We are all sinners. He loves us and wants us to be with Him for eternity. We must be honest, acknowledge our sins, beg forgiveness, and do penance in order to reduce the time in Purgatory due to the temporal punishment our sins deserve. Then we may be happy with Our Lord in heaven FOREVER!

  43. David says:

    Sorry but Tolerance and Inclusiveness are often not the wisest choice.

  44. Oh and Money Talks…..A&E knew what was going to happen, knew what happened, and did nothing to prevent it. I think that being the elitist snobs they are in wanting a show on their network in which to laugh at “rednecks”, they didn’t realize that because they live inside their East Coast Bubble, many more folks in America ARE the ROBERTSONS…..that family in North Louisiana is no different than my family in South Louisana, who were raised the same way, by the same type of parents, with as many brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews…..thankfully more people in America relate to the Robertsons, and that is why A&E makes so much money off this show…….There is much talk about A&E suspending Robertson as a “business decision”…..Yes. It was a BAD business decision from a company that doesn’t understand it’s customer base. So they issued a silly little letter to placate those that don’t even watch the show!!!! I’d have more respect for A&E if they would have fired Robertson, and sold the show to another network, because that would mean that A&E had some principles or something. Now they just look like idiots and bad Businesspeople who have damaged their brand, and will have trouble getting good shows onto their network in the future….I sure wouldn’t put my show on there……

    • rick james says:

      A&E is managing to pay the bills with Phil. However, 11 million viewers is what percentage of 300 million viewers. Do NOT delude yourself that racist homophobic white males are the majority in this country. Now, or in the next couple of years, whites are/will be the minority race in this country- and Phils comments, and your support of his comments, will come back to hurt all white Americans. So continue with your do si do and celebration of ‘white pride’ in a fake redneck. Get back to me in 10 years and let me know how you, your children, and grand children are doing. Guns are not going to help you continue with your racist behavior.

  45. opticalfuel says:

    Yes… indeed … but that means that Christians have to grow up and be willing to be a little un LIKED. The truth is we would have to be a little bit firm, and risk being ‘mistreated’ and not popular.

    Do you think Christians are actually ready for that kind of ‘severe’ retribution? I think most Christians are not very clear on what they believe, and won’t risk not being part of the popular crowd. Pretty telling.

    I think most Christians want ti both ways…. they want to be ‘loved by millions’ but they aren’t exactly ready to REALLY stand on the TRUTH either. Jesus would spew these people out of His mouth. HE actually said as much: “I wish that you were HOT or COLD, but because you were neither… I will spew you of of my mouth”.

    That is what is SAD here. But Robertson was clearly willing to risk all of it for what HE believes.

    • Greg says:

      Uh… It’s not the Christians that need to grow up. What’s more, you don’t get to presume what Christians believe, or whether or not they’re ready for retribution. By quoting the Scripture as you have,
      you’ve already presumed to know what’s in a person’s heart. Please don’t do that, ….OK?

  46. Ozzie Stuart says:

    Rookie Nancy Dubuc made a sophomoric error here. Businesses should stick to BUSINESS and leave the social BS at the door. There is as much diversity of opinion as there are viewers of A&E—taking a side (any side) on any social issue will decrease your audience.

  47. Everyone has different views. I am sure most people can find something important to disagree about with every celebrity and movie start that exists. I would never watch tv if I only would watch those I completely agree with.

  48. snowman says:

    I like how gays talk about tolerance but I have a problem with it. They only seem to be tolerant of what they think we should be tolerant of.

    • Jim says:

      Exactly correct. Do as I say, not as I do. Personally, I don’t agree with Phil’s comments, but I do believe he has every right to say them. Just as A&E has a right to censure him if they wish. My issue is with the left and their hypocrisy on this stuff. Apparently their definition of “tolerance” it’s very liberal…oh the irony.

      • KMD says:

        Phil Robertson has a right to say and believe what he wants, just as all racists, misogynists, homophobes, anti-semites can say and believe what they want.

        This right has nothing to do with what is acceptable or favorable to a society that is built on the foundation of treating every man and woman equally (that’s in the constitution too FYI!). This is the aspiration has defined America from it’s inception, through the civil war and civil rights movement, and effects our foreign as well as domestic policies to this day.

        Espousing tolerance and having no tolerance for views that oppose basic civil rights and equality is therefore not only possible, but logical in a country and a society that values treating all men and women equally. You are unfortunately standing on the wrong side of history, just as those who opposed civil rights in the 50s and 60s were before you.

  49. Chris Alfonso says:

    I just don’t think it is fair to stifle ANYONE’s views and opinions or their lifestyles. If you’re straight then you’re straight, your gay, then you’re gay. So be it, its your choice and your life. However I don’t have to agree with your life, that doesn’t make me fear you. I hate pecan ice cream, its disgusting and turns my stomach. I’m not pecanphobic, I just hate it and don’t want it around me or have it pushed in my face on TV, social situations, etc… same thing with being Gay, you want to do it, fine, I hate it, I think its disgusting and turns my stomach, but don’t tell me I fear it, because I don’t and that BS moniker put onto people who speak their own mind and opinion is BS. Guess what, people don’t have to agree with you or support you, so this may be signalling of the breaking point, people are sick and tired of being put down, and attacked if they don’t agree with gays. The guy said he doesn’t agree, he isn’t calling for gays to be beaten on the streets, police to burst into gay bars and billy club everyone bloody. Sorry but not everyone has to support gays and these over the top GLAAD tactics have to stop. People need to be have tolerance, but they also have a right to their own views and opinions and not everyone is going to agree with gays.

    • Jim says:

      KMD, that works both ways. Don’t you need to be “tolerant” of Phil’s views? Who gets to define tolerance? Why is it that those espousing tolerance are often the least tolerant of those views they don’t agree with? I find the hypocrisy on the left on many of these issues to be staggering, quite frankly.

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