‘Duck Dynasty’ Scramble Leaves A&E With Egg On Its Face

Duck Dynasty

Network brass didn't think through next steps, or risk of strangling its golden goose

A&E put itself between a “Duck” and a hard place. And having backtracked from its temporary lack of quack, let the public-relations scrambling begin.

The network might have acted precipitously in suspending Phil Robertson for his inflammatory remarks regarding gays (and equally insensitive ones about African-Americans in the Jim Crow-era South), but it clearly didn’t have an end game in mind. And once the network demonstrated that it was displeased with Robertson’s statements, unless it was truly willing to strangle its golden goose, there was really nowhere to go from there.

So the network issued a mealy-mouthed statement Friday, promising to run a public-service campaign about tolerance and inclusiveness. One suspects the network will also be less eager to arrange interview opportunities for Robertson, which of course won’t prevent him from going out and speaking his mind, especially now that he’s a hero to many conservatives.

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After all, if this episode proves anything, it’s that faced with the possibility of derailing its top-rated series, the channel has webbed feet of clay.

To reiterate the obvious, those who turned this into a free speech crusade clearly had a political agenda. Robertson had every right to express his opinions, and the network was free to distance itself from those remarks – and from him – if they felt his statements, as someone affiliated with A&E, damaged its brand and image.

That said, there are a few lessons here, beginning with the fact that networks responsible for reality TV shows get into bed with people of questionable beliefs and character all the time. Witness CBS’ embarrassment this summer over racist comments made by contestants on “Big Brother.”

A&E also appeared not to anticipate the blowback from those who share Robertson’s views, and how suspending him would be perceived among religious conservatives who already feel besieged by popular culture. Beyond making up a disproportionate share of the “Duck Dynasty” audience, such people also regularly complain about having relatively few options on TV where the “characters” profess to share their values.

Of course, reinstating Robertson won’t put the issue to rest. Indeed, advocacy groups who object to his participation in the program will no doubt have a word or two to share with A&E’s advertisers. And that, too, is their right.

While the impact of such campaigns is generally limited, time is not on “Duck Dynasty’s” side – or for that matter, on Robertson’s. People grow tired of reality shows sooner or later, and the tide of social conservatism Robertson espoused in regard to gays is also in gradual retreat, particularly if the views of younger people are any guide.

As for A&E, the network clearly misjudged the volatility of the culture wars — as well as the intoxicating media allure of mixing a popular TV show with political controversy — while demonstrating the tension that can exist between picking your friends and picking your reality-TV stars.

Because once A&E decided to do more than simply say “We do not share Phil’s views,” there was almost no way to escape this mess without winding up with egg on its face.

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  1. Steve says:

    I do not mind the comments make by Phil, he speaks for a lot of us. The only problem is, we, who feel this way do not control the media. This country is run by weak willed cowards who are afraid to speak the truth. Afraid to say what the majority are thinking! Hang in there Phil. Your show may be staged but your opinion is real.

  2. Jane says:

    Make that “duck egg” on A&E’s face.

    • Craftlaw@aol.com says:

      Jane…it’s a faberge duck egg(see google) which sent out all those stupid people who like ugly duck shiite clothing made in china and profiting A&E handsomely(see marketing agreement)

  3. Simmons says:

    The show is completely fake anyway. Because if their ignorance is real then Phil is the least of their worries. Because uncle si has got to be one of the dumbest people I have ever seen in my life. And if the crap they do to each other seems real then maybe ur not to far from them .

  4. Reg Hacquer says:

    I’m sorry to say this, but the writer is acting like a tool. His assertions that Phil Robinson made homophobic and racist comments are figments of his imagination. Anyone who goes to the trouble of Googling the original interview on the GQ Web site and reads Phil’s own words can plainly see that there were no such sentiments expressed. What was said was a fairly accurate paraphrase of the Christian Holy Bible that identifies homosexual behavior as a sin in the eyes of God.

    Two points (IMHO):
    1. The popular culture has reached a point where it is a countercultural crime to even identify sin as such. The popular culture has supplanted God with itself as the ultimate moral authority.
    2. Facts and the historical record are pesky inconveniences to the popular culture. When it is confronted or offended, the offender must be excoriated by any means necessary.

    I challenge Variety magazine to publish this, and the readers to refute the facts as I have stated them.

    Have a nice day.

  5. Password9 says:

    Thank you. I look forward to reviewing this.

  6. Craftlaw@aol.com says:

    I’m sorry, what fault is this that you are talking about? I wasn’t a defendant in the federal courts, I was a plaintiff. Look it up.

  7. Robin Boyd says:

    Interesting that someone calling themselves “common sense” cannot seem to read my posts stating that I am pretty much against all organized religions, and therefore am not prone to go to church on a weekly basis. I have attended many churches and have enjoyed the brotherhood of like minded Christians, but overall, I just don’t accept any denominations dogma or doctrine and so do not stay long even with churches I have enjoyed attending.

    Now, what exactly was it that I posted that so offended you?

  8. Rick James says:

    Gays: only come out when there is hate speech or inequitable treatment under the law.
    Christian Conservatives: go knocking door to door asking people if they want to be saved, go on ‘missions’ around the world to spread their version of God, force poor ignorant people here and around the world to accept their God in exchange for food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical care.
    The is the TRUTH. DENY it if you want, but it remains the truth and history will record the true nature of conservative Christians: war mongers, hate mongers, homophobes, racists, and tyrants.
    Thank you Phil for revealing the evil in your heart and in the heart of every Christian conservative that supports you.

  9. Craftlaw@aol.com says:

    well gay Sam, that’s nice. You have still never read or studied the First amerndment..It only protects you from government censhorship..I think you should test your educational inadequacies by telling your boss what you think of her, and then scream first amendment when she fires your ass.

  10. Kelly says:

    This is not “political” it is a matter of treating blacks and gays as human beings.
    These folks also have rights…

    • Craftlaw@aol.com says:

      Fred, did you think the bill of rights and the Constitution in chief only defend the rights of the majority? did you miss high school civics class?

  11. djpooleATX says:

    I’m from Phil’s hometown myself and am in full support of him and his family. Everyone should have the right to speak their mind, whether left or right. And everyone has the right to agree or not.

    • nicolina says:

      I agree with you 100% and Im not from Phils home town. This country is raising a whole bunch of cry babies. If you don’t like the show get up off your fat ass and change the channel. Stop ruining every thing cause your getting your feelings hurt ! Why is it always about race, sexual preference bullying etc. People are getting everything so twisted these days your going to need a lawyer to let you know what you can and cant say in public. GEEEEZZZZZZ, people lightenup for Christ sake, Its a good show, a family that cares about each other and other people. I for one will always support that family in anyway I cancan and see fit too. That’s my freedom of speah you don’t like ….move on.

    • Craftlaw@aol.com says:

      that’s right..everyone does have the right to speak their mind. Do you and phil go hunting for 15 year old virgins together, asking god for guidance?(see youtube and Phil yakking about how gawd wants him to deflower the innocent) With the right to say what you want, comes consequences. Read the first amendment. It says that government can’t censor you. Government is not trying to censor your big kahuna. There is, however, no enumerated right in the Constitution which can make a private company, to whom you are contracted to provide content, air that content if they choose not to. Now go to wallymart , buy some ugly duck crap, made in China, and benefiting the bottom line of A&E,the holder of the merchandizing agreement. Pretend it makes you both holy and patriotic. The Chinese will be laughing at your ignorance.

      • Christina says:

        So true–every last bit of it! With all the bible says about money and not using your religion for personal gain, it astounded me that while walking through Walmart yesterday, there was Duck Dynasty everything. I mean literally every type of product you could think of–cookies, candy, eye glasses, baby gear–things that have absolutely nothing to do with the show. These were non-Christmas items, but they were being clearanced out like the Christmas decorations and candy. There were carts near the registers, most nearly empty, which contained many of the after Christmas sale items. Right in the middle was this cart overflowing with cookies from the Walmart bakery–small containers with plain old sugar cookies inside but with these huge Duck Dynasty labels around them. I mean, come on. They came from Walmart!!! The funny thing, though, was that the only other products not having sold well were peppermint candy canes!!! Everything else was almost gone! My mom and I must have walked by more than a dozen displays still overflowing with unsold Duck Dynasty items. Nearly 75% off and they were still unsold! We were a little confused with all the Christian outrage and resulting boycott of Cracker Barrel when they temporarily removed their Duck Dynasty products from the shelf. I’m not really sure if the products didn’t sell well in this particular Walmart because out of the three in our town, this one is located in the wealthiest section of town or if the person in charge of inventory just got a little order happy!

  12. BethJoe says:

    You would like us to think it is simply a matter of ‘live and let live it’. Yet this is now what we have. But by removing the biological basis of marriage in law, those who cannot play along with this nonsense will see our lives and livelihoods punished under penalty of law. So much for live and let live.

    • Christina says:

      First, Robertson did not have his life or livelihood punished under penalty of law. The law was never involved and from day one, the First Amendment has ONLY applied to the government’s infringement of one’s right to free speech.

      But since I can see you are so concerned about a person’s livelihood, I have included a link to a map showing the 29 states where gays can still be fired for simply being gay:

      • Password9 says:

        Thank you. This is a map of the U.S., some states colored orange others not. It would be interested to know more specifically what is meant by “States Where You Can Be Fired For Being Gay”.
        I run a small business and it is difficult to fire someone for incompetence let alone sexual proclivities.
        I suspect these are states where “sexual orientation” is not given special status. This is not the same.

  13. Alexander says:

    Blah. Blah, Bloo Body Bloo. I am very gay, but, I am also an American. and an American who believes the 1st amendment is the one brilliant statute that separates America from all forms of Fascism.
    The1st amendment allows freedom of personal thoughts, idea, and opinions, to be be expressed in ANY FORUM without legal, financial, or criminal.retribution of any kind. In that regard, Phil Robertson has a totally equal right to express his beliefs, no different than I do when participating in a Gay Pride parade or Forum for example. The reality question and answer is simple.

    1. Does Phil Robertson come to my Gay Pride Parade, or Forum to be educated, have a great time, and be entertained? No, he does not.

    2. Do I watch Duck Dynasty, and support their sponsors? No, I do not!

    3. End of Story, let it be, and get on with your lives. Long live the 1st Amendment.

    • Christina says:

      Amendment I

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      Long live the First Amendment, yes!!! But read it correctly…Congress is the key word here. Robertson most likely signed a morality clause with A & E, so he was forewarned there could be consequences. Even putting aside the Duck Dynasty thing, there is not total freedom in our speech, especially when it comes to our employment. Being gay, you may also want to know that in 29 states, you can be fired from your employment LEGALLY for simply being gay.

    • Rick James says:

      Gay does not mean happy in the context it is used in this discussion. FYI Ranger Bob.

  14. Christine Craft says:

    Yeah, see em dancing…such glum miserable souls they must be! You must be wetting your panties over the news that the Boy Scouts now openly admit gay boys.What are you to do? Pretty soon, these miserable,unspiritual,overly-emotional, and disordered darlings are going to have a blast!

  15. MrsDD says:

    the author of this article might have presented a more acurate view if he had researched the demographics of the “Duck Dynasty” audience – I wonder if this demogaphic would take kindly to being lableled “CONSERVATIVE”

  16. Pat says:

    I would say this writer, too, has egg on his face. This writer lives in a liberal bubble. He states, “To reiterate the obvious, those who turned this into a free speech crusade clearly had a political agenda.”, really? Well, in the eyes of a liberal partisan that must be the only explanation. Apparently this writer has his own definition of “political”. Second the remarks about Conservatives viewers who have nothing else to watch sounds like veiled bigotry to me. Get a clue Brian, not everyone who disagrees with you falls into one of your silly little labels.

  17. Robin Boyd says:

    Yes, Christine does seem to have a bit of a tude. But…ya gotta give the old gal credit for having made it to TV and getting a name for herself in radio. Being a bit of a rebel myself, in the HVAC industry, I have had a few failings due to my mouth as well.

  18. Robin Boyd says:

    Just an FYI, Christine, I don’t at all think you are too ugly for TV and it doesn’t appear that your claims of being fired for being too ugly were found to be justified in the end. However, you just may be too ugly thinking for either TV or radio. A recent survey does show that conservative women are on average more happy than liberal women are, and it doesn’t take much to tell that thinking only liberal minded thoughts really does cause women to wind up looking like nasty old hags. I’m just trying to help you out here before you go too far and lose your still cute, albeit aging looks.

    You chastized another poster for not posting his full name, claiming he must have something to hide. Likewise, you should post your photo, even if it is an earlier glamour shot.

    • Christina says:

      Ignorance is bliss…just saying!!!

      • Craftlaw@aol.com says:

        I wasn’t fired. I wasn’t too ugly. I was told I had to play dumb to make the men look smarter.They were upset that I knew the difference between the american and the national league and wouldn’t pretend I didn’t. I’ve done many years of t.v. news, lawyering and many years of talk radio. I’ve always been myself, and have no intentions of changing. good day

  19. Robin Boyd says:

    Responding to this conversation;

    “Christine Craft commented on ‘Duck Dynasty’ Scramble Leaves A&E With Egg On Its Face.

    in response to bill:
    If Miley Cyrus can shake and stick her ass in our faces then Phil can voice his opinion.

    well the only way Miley Cyrus can “stick her ass in our faces” is if you are watching. Can’t you control yourself? ask gawd for help”

    Christine, your reply to bill kind of makes his point. If the homosexual community doesn’t like what Mr. Robertson said in an interview, they should just not read it. If people don’t like anything about Duck Dynasty, they don’t have to watch it. I for one don’t watch the show simply because there is no appeal for me on the show. I only know what my adult son tells me about the show (he is a fan) and what I read about it and the family members.

    It sounds like the Robertson’s have experienced trials and tribulations in life just as most of us do. It also sounds like Phil Robertson has repented quite a bit for past digressions, again, like many of us do. Mr. Robertson is making no excuses for his digressions.

    In the meantime, people like you are sensationalizing everything about this man just to promote yourself, A&E or the homosexual community. That too is fine. It would be better if you were a bit more honest about what you are claiming is being promoted by Mr. Robertson, but your sin is no worse than my sins, so no judgement from this side of the table.

    For the record, I don’t care much for what Miley Cyrus portrays, but I do like her ass, and I like most of what Phil Robertson portrays, but I don’t think much of his ass at all. I’m just saying….

  20. Robin Boyd says:

    Christine, I just looked up what you do for a living and it is apparent that you make a living from being a far to the left talking head. What that means to me is that we are not going to get much honesty from you, just far to the left drivel to promote your radio programming. Who knows, you may be the next liberal icon of left winged nonsense for the mindless liberal sheeple to follow and quote. If that happens, we will all be able to say; “we knew you when…”.

    • Craftlaw@aol.com says:

      with all due respect Miguel526, I did work at a small station in sacramento(1,000 watt, heard locally) while I was caring for my Navy Captain father for fourteen years until he died at age 92 Pretty Christian of me, don’t you think?. I also am a lawyer who practiced at a prominent firm, after going to law school as a second career. I was a television anchor for many years, and a litigant at the US Supreme Court. I used to be a correspondent for the CBS Sports Spectacular. After a hard day’s work helping California injured workers and the disabled, I have done KGO radio for nearly twenty years. KGO is the longtime 50,000 watt ABC west coast flamethrower and one of the most prominent call letters in broadcasting.

  21. Christine Craft says:

    so Jesus wants you to fight? really? He never said anything ever about gay people. nada zilch.

  22. Robin Boyd says:

    Jeff, your hateful attitude is no better than any other hateful attitude. Since you are so over the top with your hatefulness, I suspect you to be a far to the left fascist rather than the ultra conservative you are trying to portray yourself as. Then again, I do realize there are just as hateful people to both extremes.

    Either way, your comments are offensive, out of line and for the most part, just childishly vulgar. No, we would not do well having a conversation over drinks at a bar, but I will put you in my prayers for those who I believe God needs to look in on a bit more closely.

  23. Jeff says:

    Robin: It’s all fine and well to be “good, God fearing people” but when their votes and policies steal from me, they have crossed the line. Liberalism is a mental disorder and I’d piss on your in-law’s graves…

  24. Robin Boyd says:

    A&E has always been liberal bent. While most American Jews do lean politically to the left, there are plenty of outspoken and influential conservative Jews as well. My point? It is simply bigoted to make an over statement about an entire ethic group of people as if they were Borg. My wife is a Jew, and the only conservative leaning member of her family. Liberals or not, my in-laws are all good, God fearing people who I may not always agree with but do very much respect for their ethics and family values.

    The biggest problem with the U.S. is division, and we have allowed ourselves to be divided not only by ethnic background, but also by claiming us to be either liberal or conservative. I have no respect for anyone who is completely liberal or completely conservative. Extremes are dangerous, no matter which way they are extreme.

  25. Christine Craft says:

    so being a meth head and dumping the wife is the “good run of their marriage? Wow, spare me from these”christian” ideals.. As for your inability to “verify” whether or not the duck patriarch expressed views about the joys of child rape…use your google and then your youtube…pray to Jesus that you didn’t just hear and watch him say it…

    • Greg Lopes says:

      Spare me your typical progressive crap-for-brains slander, Christine. If you are Christine. And if you are a woman. The only thing certain is your an ass.

    • Christine Craft says:

      perhaps you’ve never heard of the greatest warrior in world history? Alexander the Great=gay…deal with it.

  26. Christine Craft says:

    please go buy some ugly made in china duck outfits that, because of the merhandising agreement, benefit A&E financially. Then you should offer up your teenage daughters to the duck patriarch..cuz he wants to convert them to that good ol’ bibilical form of rape.

    • Miguel526 says:

      So, you had to retreat to SF, the playground of the plundering White liberal cabal’s wealthy computer giants (who are continuing the liberal tradition of destroying families, waitresses, teachers, taxi drivers, cooks, store-keepers, custodians, and all people who really make a society work). San Francisco’s workers are beginning to rebel which I think you know. KGO is no bigger that Sacramento’s KFBK where your earlier show failed. If you hadn’t been so untruthfully mean to people here, I would never, never say these truths.

    • Christine Craft says:

      I’m on the biggest flamethrower 50,000 watt station in the US. Did you hear me last night? http://www.kgoradio.com see archives for last night’s show.

  27. Christine Craft says:

    so you too follow his exhortations(the duck patriarch on youtube) to have sex with illegal 15 year old girls? is that your bible talking.?.if so, you know where you can put it.

    • Christine Craft says:

      nary a peep, never a word about gay people..nothing zilch, nada…wore dresses, had ringlets, hung out with other men, dressed similarly in a male-exclusive supper club…get a clue

  28. FL says:

    FL-1064284, you said; “Notice the extreme self-centeredness and selfishness of the homosexual”
    The evidence suggests you’re correct. Their hero is Harvey Milk. Harvey never did one thing that wasn’t self-serving. He laughed about his raping of a youngster. When the victim threated suicide… Milk told him: “don’t leave a mess”
    We can learn a lot about a person or group by learning about their heroes.
    By the way, sodomy laws in California, among the states where Harvey Milk’s crimes against minors were commited, have a separate legal category and language. For someone Harvey Milk’s age at the time, in his mid 30s, to sodomize the 16 year old minor boy, is to this day regarded as a felony. Either he committed a felony or he didn’t. Also, in the book The Mayor of Castro Street that documents his felony child-sodomizing, he is referred to by witnesses close to him at the time as having a penchant for “waifs with substance abuse problems”. Having sex with a minor who is intoxicated falls under the date-rape statutes and also, due to the age difference between Milk and his child-victims, a felony for each count, if memory serves..

    So that his crimes were documented, admitted to by him and even published in a book that had a movie spinoff “Milk”, means that his being a felonious child-sodomizer is a matter of pop-culture dinnertable knowledge. Even given that, gays chose him and no other to head-up their ambassadorship to children no less, in California schools under the SB-48 mandate to teach hero-worship of gays to kids at schools.

    Gays chose a pedophile. They even have succeeded or are pressing to succeed to mandate a legal holiday in which children in school are mandated to pay homage to the pedophile as representative of “all things gays stand and struggle for”.
    It is interesting that people who wrote books about Harvey Milk documented his lust for young boys. His confidants are quoted as saying he had a “particular taste for young boys” which he raped repeatedly. I mean if you have a problem with Catholic priests molesting young boys, you have to have the same problem with Harvey Milk – that is if you have a shred of intellectual honesty in your body.

  29. FL says:

    This article makes a very poor choice of calling Robertson’s comments “inflammatory” following the liberal media lead like a mindless parrot, parroting others.

    Here is the truth about the extremist, liberal, democrat homosexual agenda:

    Here are some ways that the radical gay extremist liberal Democrat agenda would bring destruction to our nation:
    1. It would sanction fatherless and motherless households and condemn children to a single sex family with no female or male role model. This is proven to be destructive in a majority of studies.
    2. It would open the definition of marriage to all variances such a polygamy, incest marriages between same sex brothers or sisters. child / adult marriages, timed marriages and even bestiality. I am sure there would be other variants besides these. “Marriage” would become a free-for-all mess.
    3. It will damage children – most gays are very unstable people. The gay divorce rate in recent studies is over 100 times the divorce rate of heterosexual divorces. This is the very definition of instability
    4. The radical gay extremist liberal Democrat world view of “morality” would be legally FORCED on everyone who does not agree with their morality. You would be forced to teach your children what they tell you to teach them – I repeat you would be FORCED to teach your children what gay dictators told you to teach them.
    5. Christian pastors would be arrested for preaching the Bible – this is happening in Canada. So there would be no freedom of religion and no freedom of conscious for Christians (and Muslims for that matter). The radical gay liberal extremists would be able to dictate what pastors taught in their churches – you know like Hitler did after he put 4 million Christians in concentration camps.
    6. Your children would be taught that “they might be gay” and that they should “explore their sexuality.” In other words the radical gay extremists would FORCE THEIR MORALITY DOWN YOUR CHILDREN’S THROATS and you will not be able to do a damn thing about it.
    7. The laws we have in place for marriage benefits and worker benefits would undergo radical changes costing tax payers billions of dollars and increasing the national debt. Virtually any two people will be able to claim marriage benefits simply by claiming they are gay or bi-sexual which will produce catastrophic fraud with both business and government benefits. For example, two heterosexual male roommates could get “married” in order to claim partner benefits from the company that one of them worked at while maintaining relationships with girlfriends and just claim they are “bisexual.”
    8. Christian businesses and individuals will be sued if they stay true to God and their morals and do not support gay marriage. Eventually, courts may even put Christians in jail for not compromising their morals and their faith in God.
    9. The homosexual extremists will you lawsuits and liberal judges to avoid a democrat vote of American people. Where they lose under a constitutional vote they will try to use judges who have no respect for the Constitution. This has already occurred in several states.
    There is a current case where a Christian photographer refused to be the photographer at a gay wedding because it violates Biblical morals and their religious beliefs. The radical, extremist homosexuals sued the business even though there were numerous other photographers who would have shot the wedding. Recently the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that the Christian business must compromise their deeply held beliefs and faith in God to appease the radical demands of the homosexual extremists. This is just one example the radical, homosexual extremists raping and forcing their immorality off on others who don’t agree with them.
    These are just a few examples of the catastrophic destruction the legalization of gay marriage would bring and is bringing on our country. A lot more will surface.

    • Password9 says:

      FL – This is an excellent list of the consequences of trying to redefine marriage. I find most folks have thought through the effects this has on children and society. Please keep making these points. I would suggest, if you don’t mind, that you also keep each point on point and to the point. This way more will read them and fewer dismiss them by what may seem an accusatory tone. I know making the case for what seems obvious can be frustrating. But I we are most effective when we are calm, clear, and concise. Links can also be helpful. I plan to use your list for talking point. I hope others will do the same. Thank you.

    • Common Sense says:

      Oh my…I would surely rank these people right up there with Al-Qaeda, nuclear weapons of mass destruction and the like. You folks show up in church every Sunday to confess your sins and ask for forgiveness then walk out the door to only commit those same sins over and over again…hmmmm, not sure which groups moral compass is really out of whack. Live and let live, Sir. NowI guess you’ll try to convince us that the world is going to end next Friday because of all the LGBT community. Stay away from my children, please.

  30. Jeff says:

    There was actually nothing racist in what phil said either. I read his quote. He seems like a down to earth honest man who actually knew and worked with blacks instead of viewing them as “pathetic victims” from an elitist’s perch.

    • Craftlaw@aol.com says:

      In your next life , you will come back as a young black girl in the deep south. The duck patriarch will want to have sex with you, but only when you are fifteen. Seen youtube of duck patriarch’s approval of statutory rape..

  31. Jeff says:

    A&E is run by liberal Jewish females – Raven and Duboc. They colluded with the leftist homosexual group GLAAD to punish speech they didn’t like and they were found out. Now they’ve ticked off everyone. These two idiots shuold be bounced from that network for mishandling what would otherwise have been a very small controversy.

    • Steve says:

      I think autocorrect got the best of you, you open-minded and generous soul. You obviously meant “consulted” not “colluded”; “American” not “leftist”; “small-minded bigots” not “everyone.” As for the advice you posed in the passive voice about two women being fired – who do you think is really responsible? I’ll try to get their phone number so you can collude with them. HAVE A GAY NEW YEAR!

      • Jeff says:

        Steve: I think too much anal sex got the best of you.
        Do me a favor twinkletoes, you write your special ed. comments and I’ll write my big boy comments. For a mental defective like you to correct me is a laugh and a half.

  32. JR says:

    Another in a long line of Knee-Jerk Reactions where networks, (or administrations, politicians, actors, et al) open their traps before they think.

  33. Eric says:

    While in regards in this article – http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/12/19/1263945/-Don-t-Forget-Duck-Dynasty-s-Racist-Remarks#. The author of that article states, in quote, that Phil uses or talks about blacks as “happy darkies”. Maybe I need my eyes checked or the author does, because no where in that article is the term “happy darkies” ever used. If the author of that article is going to quote something someone allegedly said, please be smart enough to actually make sure that said quote has the term in it. Makes the author pretty much look like an idiot, but then again, he does just by the article due to trying to place something onto a person – racism – that doesnt exist. I can imagine what would happen, if instead it happened to an african-american celebrity – there wouldnt be any talk of it nor would there be an uproar, but in a society where people always try to shoehorn a person into being a racist, even though they are not one, this has become the norm

  34. Thanks to the BLT community, and the rest of those radical libs for bringing ‘Duck Dynasty’ to my attention – I love the show! I’m currently binge watching season 1, and plan on watching every season.
    Go Phil, Willie, Jase, Si, Jep and all the rest (and them smokin’ hot wives, too!).

    • walter says:

      Ditto here! Didn’t know about the program all that much, but after catching it on the Christmas marathon for a few episodes, I can see that these guys live lives the old fashioned way. The patriarch is a throwback yes, but to a time when reverence and a system of honor had not been discarded as troublesome to the attaining of ones materialistic and hedonistic desires.

    • Christine Craft says:

      So you also approve of his preaching to the faithful to have illegal sex with fifteen year old girls? praise jesus..see youtube. age of consent in Louisiana backwoods is 17. Think Disney/ A&E will approve of a pedophile?

  35. Jay Marino says:

    Good Meguel…and that is your right but the 14 million who watch every week have rights too! I don’t watch Jane Fonda or Rachel Madow but she has one million viewers each night who enjoy her opinion…let them watch because it is their right.

  36. jason says:

    Didn’t you gay lovers learn anything from the Chik-Fil-A fiasco? Stop trying to make us accept gays deviant behavior

  37. Jay Marino says:

    Your misjudging how many share Robertson’s view…He was paraphrasing what the Bible sayes about Gays. Forget your traditional polls take that poll at the church doors and you will get a different response- much different! Christians believe in the BIBLE and the Bible clearly says that men laying with men and women with women is an abomination to God and He would destroy those in such behavior. In the Bible God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah because of Homosexuality. In the Bible it clearly states that homosexuals WILL NOT SEE THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ALONG WITH MANY OTHER SINNERS. Robertson spoke the truth FROM THE BIBLE! My thoughts are that his ignorance about Jim Crow was the real story and ignorance is not a reason to cancel a REALITY SHOW! The show is about real funny ignorance…The show is not popular because of political correctness but just the opposite. I’d rather a honest discussion about two men who can’t create a baby and put their dick in another man’s Asshole pumping another man in his asshole is normal…explain what that misreading of what an asshole is for and why that even comes close to the wonderful feeling of a woman looking into her eyes her breast nipples on your tongue inside her warm vagina creating live and life! How can a man’s asshole and a man’s dick in it make any sense except that a mental illness is involved. Explain that to me!

    • Craftlaw@aol.com says:

      Jesus Christ never said a single word about gay people..ever.

      • Craftlaw@aol.com says:

        Jesus Christ still, never said anything whatsoever about gay people.

      • FL says:

        Christ did not mention homosexuality but no other sin is dealt with in so much detail as homosexual sin in the New Testament. A large section of Romans 1 is devoted to describing homosexual sin as one of the most serious sins that can be committed by a person.

        Christ did not talk about a lot of different sins, that does not mean that people have a free pass to commit these sins.

  38. carl38 says:

    I think the network was/is all hocked up on “pc” political correctness and got caught screwing the pooch. Take care that the pedulum swings both directions. This message is not for the reprobate, it is for those who repent.

    • The head of A&E is a PC lefty feminist broad – typical Hollywood dou che material. She’s got egg all over her face now…lol. With any luck she’ll be fired. Score a big one for the good guys.

      • Craftlaw@aol.com says:

        you mean the good guys who commit stat rape on command of the duck patriarch?? see youtube and his urging of sex with fifteen year old girls…Even in the backwoods of Louisiana..that’s illegal..age of consent is 17..Imagine all the rapists in their ugly duck wear..made in China..praise jesus.

  39. Tom says:

    Everyone has their own opinions. Seems as long as certain members of the media agree with you, you can say or almost do anything. If they don’t, this happens.

  40. Robin Boyd says:

    A&E has actually outed itself as a capitalistic entity doing what is best for it’s bottom line profits. As an American Capitalist, I cannot fault that attitude for what the intent is.

    Those who have faulted Brian Lowry for being a liberal who has written a commentary that is derogatory toward those of us of a theological faith while pointing out the flaws of A&E should certainly not be surprised. I don’t think anyone has ever claimed that Variety is anything but a left leaning media outlet. While I very much disagree with Brian’s left handed ways of describing those of faith in his commentary, I don’t really expect much different from someone who does not hold to my own beliefs. Yes, Brian’s comments are offensive to me, but I must respect that Brian does not hold to the same beliefs that I hold to. Both of us are exercising our God given ability of free choice.

    I don’t completely agree with Mr. Robertson’s views of what scripture teaches us either, but at least Mr. Robertson undertands that whether we agree with or can personally accept someone elses life choices or not, we have no right to condemn them as long as they do not advesely affect our own principals.

    No where in Judeo-Christian scripture is homosexuallity specifically condemned as far as referring to same sex love and/or even physical intimancy other than for the act of sodomy. Many Jews and Christians equate the condemnation of sodomy in scripture to the broader realm of homosexuallity entirely. In order to come to this conclusion, some additional speculation must be added to the actual words from scripture. I, personally am a bit uncomfortable adding to exactly what is stated in scripture.

    In conclusion, when reading articles or watching news types of media, we must first understand the base bias of the media and gauge what is being reported based on the reporting bias. We all understand that Variety leans to the left, so we just need to adjust back to center just as we need to adjust to center from the right when we get information from overly conservative media.

    I avoid media that leans to extremes whether to the right or to the left. I prefer to get information on a subject from several media outlets, with some leaning to the left and some leaning to the right. Once I have all of the information, I try to figure out what the middle ground is and take that as the most likely reality.

  41. Christine Craft says:

    Wait till they see the youtube video of Mr. Duck Patriarch urging the faithful to have sex with fifteen year old girls.. Jesus told him to, apparently?

    • Christine Craft says:

      I most certainly didn’t. In Louisiana, the age of consent is 17. So if you are urging the faithful bible thumpers that Jesus tells them to rape 15 year olds, you are urging people to break the law, in gawd’s name. Would let the duck patriarch deflower your precious 15 year old virgin? for jesus?

    • Moozie says:

      Gosh you are desperate Christine Craft. You are just trying to turn like the left wing media.

      • Christine Craft says:

        So then, there should be no problem, whatsoever, if A&E is bombarded with the youtube video of the duck patriarch urging statutory rape of 15 and 16 year old girls? Let’s see what happens. Bombardment may begin. Once again, for the pea-brained, the age of consent even in backwords louisiana amidst all the meth labs and duck hunters…..is 17.

      • Greg Lopes says:

        “So if you are urging the faithful bible thumpers that Jesus tells them to rape 15 year olds,”

        Where does that come from? Robertson is talking about marriage between young people not rape, and not even sex outside of marriage.

      • Christine Craft says:

        I say all this on the radio, actually..and more. use your wiki. Why are you so fearful that you can’t use your own names, like I do. Did Jesus tell you to hide?

      • Christine Craft says:

        No Sam…Jesus Christ..the big “J” himself…never said a single word about “lying wit(sic) another man..never ..ever..see if you can find it..where Jesus, himself…said any such thing. I guess you don’t know that bible..do you? p.s. (sic) means that you don’t know how to spell “with”.

  42. Robin Boyd says:

    Greg, I have tried, but still cannot make sense of your comments. I recognize the individual words, but the way you have put them together do not seem to be coherent. Let me try to address what I think it is you might be trying to imply;

    Those who study scripture and attempt to our best ability to communicate with the Creator of the Universe who/which we refer to as God, are all moving toward the same goal even if we are taking different paths to get there. That goal is understanding our existance and trying to behave as we were intended to do according to the Intelligent design of the Universe. We are spiritual beings on a temporary physical journey in this physical Universe.

    Those of us who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ because we believe that the man Jesus was spritually God the Father, must do so with complete and utter willingness. A Christian is someone who accepts that God was incarnate in Jesus of Nazareth, meaning that Jesus was fully a human man whose spiritual nature was fully God the Father and Creator of the Universe. Put into a way we can best relate to, if we create a computer world and are able to become part of it, as Tron did, that is similar to what God did when God became incarnate in Jesus Christ.

    So, a Christian is someone who accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Being a Christian has nothing to do with any form of man made religion. Religions are man’s attempts at organizing and putting man made rules to that which needs no man made rules. To be a Christian, all one needs to do is to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. No one can determine if someone else is a Christian or not. That is between each individual and God. There are many church goers who are not really Christians, just people who go to some building and repeat words. Likewise, there are many who are Christians who have never been taught by any organized religion. Jesus tells us that we all must go through Him to get to the Father. I believe that. I believe that whether or not a person ever accepts, understands or even is exposed to learning of Jesus Christ, everyone will have the oportunity to accept our Lord when our mortal bodies expire.

    Does this make it any clearer as to my view of people? I do not believe in judging others, other than to maintain a civil society. I put no real value on mortal lives other than that which we are supposed to be learning from this seemingly bizaar physical journey. My beliefs extend to each and every person on Earth, regardless of our ethnicity, gender or sins. For the record, I also only believe in one race, the human race. I may amend that if we encounter intelligent life forms in other worlds that are not humanoid, but as far as planet Earth is concerned, there is but one race with a variety of physical features.

    I hope this helps.

    • Kevin Scheunemann says:

      Robin said:
      “To be a Christian, all one needs to do is to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. No one can determine if someone else is a Christian or not. That is between each individual and God.”

      God judges the heart. That is correct.

      However, if you read the New Testament (Romans and beyond), Christians should not give up the habit of meeting together and building each other up in their faith in Christ. (Hebrews 10:25) Christians should also expel the immoral brother (1 Corinthians 5:13)….a Christian brother, or sister, that is embracing evil in action…many times that “immorality” could be as simple as neglecting their faith by not building it through Word and Sacrament through a long period of neglect. (Titus, 1 & 2 Timothy)

      If a Christian, by the fruits of their action, (John 15) is purposely embracing evil, it is part of every Christian’s duty to correct, and if needed, gently admonish that Christian, and if they fail to listen, expel them from the congregation or church, in hopes they will stop embracing evil and come back to the faith.

      You don’t stand by, as a faithful believer, and watch the branches of the church (believers) whither and be thrown into the fire.

      To take the position, that Christians should not say something when other Christians are embracing evil, or re-defining evil as good, is not Christian at all or keeping with the true saving Christian faith.

      As a Christian, to fail to warn others about sins that could lead their soul to eternal destruction, is itself, a sin.

      I hope you view this as a “gentle admonishment”.

      A faithful Christian cannot stand by and watch other Christians sinful behavior in fruit of observable action and say to them “its acceptable”. To tell others that a certain sin is acceptable, or its “OK” to embrace that sin can imperil your own soul and faith in Christ.

      To take your position, you would never call out evil in the spiritual war bwtween good and evil on this earth and you simply fail to stand with Christ in that war…all because you worry it might offend.

      Does that indicate a strong faith in Christ in ation?

    • Common Sense says:

      You have just made it clear why I don’t attend your church every week, Sir.

  43. Nick says:

    FYI to all of you, we get our morals from God and his Word! We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. No not one of us . Not gay, not straight ,not white, not black, not Jew or Muslims. We are all sinners and will end up together in the same place ; standing before God giving an account of your life.Good or bad.
    I thank God,! He so loved all of us that he sent His son Jesus to take away all our sins…. Without the shedding of blood their is no forgiveness of sins. So by believing in God and that he sent his son to take away yours and my sins , and accept the spirit of Jesus Christ in us,we have forgiveness of all are sins too all thoughs that believe .God is no respecter of persons.
    This does not make us perfect we still walk as carneley minded humans who are working out our salvation. Loving God with all heart,all are mined and soul. And loving our neighbor as ourselfs. So even though,Phil Robinson was telling the truth about sin and sinner this include me .He gave everybody a message of hope for all of us. Judge not one another for God will be the Judge of us all.
    I love every one of you. I will not Judge you. For there is power in the word of God and it brings hope to all mankind!

  44. Michael Allen says:


  45. bill says:

    If Miley Cyrus can shake and stick her ass in our faces then Phil can voice his opinion.

  46. TOGGIALO says:

    “That said, there are a few lessons here, beginning with the fact that networks responsible for reality TV shows get into bed with people of questionable beliefs and character all the time.” I’d take Phil’s character and attributes over 90% of those that participate in the “Hollywood” economy. The second Roman Empire is near collapse.

  47. My family and I are for Phil.

  48. Julienne says:

    Phil and his family were willing to walk away from 80 million dollars, because they are God Fearing, honest speaking people.

    You can’t say the same for most Liberals…most Liberals speak out of both sides of their mouths to get what they want.

  49. Julienne says:

    If you don’t support FREEDON of SPEECH…don’t watch!

    • Christine Craft says:

      Julienne..I know it will be the first time for you, but read the bill of rights…if you can find them..see first five words of first amendment…How is government in any form, much less congress trying to censor this proponent of statutory rape?

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