TV Review: HBO Sports’ ‘State of Play: Trophy Kids’

State of Play: Trophy Kids TV

Peter Berg, HBO collaborate on thoughtful docu-series examinating sports culture

Going beyond X’s and O’s and wins and losses, HBO Sports’ “State of Play” brings much needed reflection and a wider lens to the sports universe — each episode tackling a topic in a cinema-verite-style documentary, followed by a panel discussion moderated by producer Peter Berg. Admittedly, it will be hard to top the premiere, “Trophy Kids,” which focuses on obsessive parents pushing children to excel in various sports — a brainier version of “Toddlers & Tiaras,” made all the more unsettling by the participants’ apparent obliviousness to how terrible they come across onscreen. If nothing else, it should become required viewing for youth-sports leagues nationwide.

“Trophy Kids” finds parents living vicariously through their offspring in various endeavors — golf, tennis, high-school football and basketball — in a manner that frequently proves uncomfortable, particularly in those portions of the show that involve the youngest would-be stars, who hang their heads and pout as their dads (mostly) hector them.

“Would you shut up or leave?” one of the older kids finally snaps during his basketball game, as his dad — who has quit working to devote time to landing his son a Division-1 scholarship — loudly berates the officials from the stands. In another sequence, a father named Josh screams at his teary-eyed son, Justus, when the kid asks him to stop discussing football, shouting — questionably, given the available evidence — “You are not the adult here!”

Berg, who has already collaborated with HBO Sports by producing boxing docu “On Freddie Roach,” clearly knows the territory, given his involvement with “Friday Night Lights.” But he also proves a more-than-adequate moderator in the 20-minute discussion, which in the opener features sports psychologist Larry Lauer and Todd Marinovich, the former USC and Oakland Raiders quarterback whose father consciously sought to mold him into a champion, thus earning the younger Marinovich the disparaging nickname “Robo QB.”

As Marinovich notes, while things are fine when the kids are enjoying the thrill of victory, based on the way these parents suffer and fume when their children struggle or lose, “the proof is in how do you react when I play poorly.”

HBO is already home to the Bryant Gumbel-hosted “Real Sports,” which is among the few regular franchises on television to bring aggressive and serious journalism to the world of sports. Based on this first of four installments, “State of Play” augments that profile, at a time when sports has become such big business that it’s incumbent on the media — often grappling with conflicts by being in bed with the various leagues — to step up their games.

TV Review: HBO Sports' 'State of Play: Trophy Kids'

(Documentary series; HBO, Wed. Dec. 4, 9 p.m.)


Produced by Film 44 in collaboration with Herzog & Co. and HBO Sports.


Executive producers, Peter Berg, Sarah Aubrey; co-executive producers, Rebecca Hobbs, Matthew Goldberg, Christopher G. Cowen; producers, Leland Anderson, Anthony Melillo, Graeme Smith, Brandon Carroll; editors, Stephen Strout, Ryan Jones. 60 MIN.


Moderator: Peter Berg

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  1. Barbara says:

    I hope ALL these kids get counseling because their ALL going to need it.

  2. Brody says:

    Josh Moore is a terrible parent and Justus is going to need so much therapy to not have misogynistic delusions, a false sense of masculinity and anger problems. Hopefully he won’t grow up to be like his father and spew anger and disappointment onto his children.

  3. Rhonda Carr says:

    There is a fine line between being a parent who cares & being a tyrant who is obsessive& abusive! These parents were abusive no matter how they want to rationalize it! Screaming at a child & berating them incessantly is going to lead to a young adult that resents them & hates them when they get older! You can’t ask a child to respect you when you show them no respect! Creating fear will not create a confident adult but an adult who is always thinking they aren’t good enough & who will be constantly questioning their self-worth! This is sad & pathetic!! If you want to have a child that excels then foster their excellence by being loving & supportive & encouraging their self worth & discipline! Positive reinforcement works! Mostly love & understanding works! These kids need to want to excel in order to achieve excellence! Let them breathe! Let them learn some things on their own & with a real coach not a parent always coaching them! Make sure this is their passion first!!!

  4. All the fathers are abusive and bullies, and it broke my heart to watch the torture they put their children through. They have lost sight of what parenting is all about. If I could whisk those kids away, I would in a minute. Both my children, a son and daughter, excelled in high school and university sports. They had a lot of natural talent and loved the game, but it was their coaches who helped them achieve excellence. The only time I ever saw my daughter’s game falter and her love of the sport diminish was when she played under a coach who employed similar (but far less traumatic) tactics. People in general, but especially children, respond to caring and encouraging treatment. Assuming these kids wanted to continue playing in their respective sport, these men would have seen greater results if their children were given the latitude to be disappointed in their own performance. I don’t know their family situations but as a mother I would have never allowed any man to inflict that kind of abuse on my children, at any age. These controlling men were thinking of no one but themselves. I pray they all get their dues – likely as lonely old men whose kids want nothing to do with them.

  5. Tara says:

    DeAr hbo. I was sickened and disgusted By your expose, on the ex football players lost after the game. It is sick that tiki barber a person thAt has had the aMazing chances basically won the lottery of life and you have created a pity pool for people to percieve theze players as victims when they are the most successful people in the world. I dont give a shit how unhappy they are. At least they had Some happiness in their lives and continue to have opportunities because of who they are. The segment about tiki barber talking about how he felt lost because he cldnt conform and lost his abc segment just further shows that those same emotions happen to people that are not atheletes. I hide from my friends and society also! But to date u to tell me that just because he can catch a ball he is more imprtant than anyone!!! My two children were driven out of sports because of the sick politics that parents play at the early life of these kids. How dare you think these guys are any different?? What about brett farve admitting he works as a coach in hs football yet he makes damn sure to mention how he is not getting paid!!! Wtf does he need to be??? How dare you post this piece! I had repsect for HBO but now i see you are just a whore to the nfl bullshit and the whiny sad ness that you see because your sports documentary person has interactions with nfl players what a shocker! I see now that we have no hope in out society for any real journalism to be paid to the ills and the atrocities going on today, and someday you will see that the true DeAr hbo. I was sickened and disgisted T ur expose, on the ex football players lost after the game. It is sick that tiki barber a person thR has had the Mazing chances basically won the lottery of life and you have created a pity pool for people to percieve theze players as victims when they are the most successful people in the world. I dont give a shit how unhappy they are. At least they had Some happiness in their lives and continue to have opportunities because of who they are. The segment about tiki barber talking about how he felt lost because he cldnt conform and lost his abc segment just further shows that those same emotions happen to people that are not athletes. I hide from my friends and society also! Bit i date u to tell me that just because he can catch a ball he is more important than anyone!!! How dare you post this piece! I had respect for hbo but now i see you are just a whore to the nfl bullshit and the whiny sad ness that you see because your sports documentary person has interactions with nfl ayers what a shocker! I see now that we have no true hope in out society. someday you will see that the true issues r on the street and you will be overtaken trust me. Ill never watch your station ever again
    Good bye assholes that r too rich to see real problems from pity ssues r on the street and you will be overtaken trust me. Ill never watch your sration ever again
    Goid bye assholes that r too rich to see real problems from pity

  6. josh says:

    The entire documentary is actually worse than what was shown on “State of Play”
    The golf father is a sick POS & I can’t believe he actually called his daughter a bitch, among several other sickening things of course, smh.
    I’m also glad to see that Justus got away from his bully father. He seems like a great kid, and living with that lunatic “father” of his would have probably screwed him up if he isn’t already.
    & all of that money, forced work, pressure, time wasted, verbal abuse and screaming by derick’s father and he only ended up at a D2 school?!?!??

  7. Anna Goodwin says:

    Al , Al, Al! Anybody that’s tacky enough to drop the “N” bomb when referring to a couple of these parents fits right into their category. You’re a white trash honky mother fucker!!! How do you like being called this?. It works both ways asshole. I’ll bet you’re all rotten inside and out!!

  8. Shelley Strong says:

    Al left a comment which was more disgusting than the parents behavior. Al should get some therapy too because he’s got some serious issues. Hope you don’t have children Al because children have enough to deal with in life, they don’t need idiots raising them.

  9. zac sells says:

    Did anyone else feel the desire to smack the dog shit out of Josh? Wow what a mentally scewed individual. Hes ruining a perfectly good kid.

  10. TGHT says:

    Josh,,, the father,, I predict that your son is most likely suicidal, and will kill hisself if the current situation continues… YOU are a sick person, and somebody needs to set YOU straight when it cocme to parenting…. it’s really a shame to watch you in this show,, its hard for me to believe that you are not embarrased about this,,, your parenting skills are so horrifying, and you have no idea……………. you think you are doing him a service,, but he will kill hisself at this rate… I have seen this happen before…


    I hate this Documentary, the belittlement of these kids is a complete TRAGEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel that some of these parents need parenting classes and a reality check from DFACS!
    I will never ever recommend this documentary to my worst enemy!

    I don’t want my kids to buy into my dreams or anyone else it’s their life and not any of the STUPID IDIOT MEN I witness this evening! This shows me right here that its not about the kids but more about the $$$$$$$$$!

    If any of the parents in this documentary is reading this :
    HURRY CHECK YOUR ASS NOW INTO A MENTAL FACULTY CUZ NEWSFLASH STARS ARE BORN NOT MADE JUST CUZ YOU SAID SO! Take your money hungry ass and get a real job playing in sport of choice and LET’s See how successful you will be…? Dumb as Fuck!
    Just my 2 cents
    Mom of 5 who are all successful!

  12. Lorenia says:

    These parents want the kids to live the parents dream. Let the kid make the choice, be ok when they say they are not in it anymore. Dont belittle them, the kids after all are living the parent dream, now they want to live their dream.

  13. Doc-K says:

    This show was completely sad. I’d like to put my hands around those parents necks. The golf dad is completely insane. The football dad is insane. Every parent does want their kid to be a superstar, but that doesn’t mean they need to be a pro athlete. When these kids grow up all messed up and strung out on drugs and are prostituing themselves on the street then the parents have nobody to blame but themselves.

  14. Leigh Segel says:

    I want to adopt these kids. The golf pro dad that called his daughter a little bitch, stomping around and throwing a fit was inexcusable.

  15. Jim Baldassare says:

    I have been coaching youth sports now for 42 years. I have seen and dealt with all kinds of situations. 80% of all the youth sport problems are Parents, coaching parents and making up special rules. I just wish I had the opportunity to speak my piece on this topic.

  16. Neemz99 says:

    These parents straight up suck! They should be hit for child abuse.

  17. jamie says:

    yea this trophy kids show… i feel like if they do become pros (assuming they dont go to jail in the future for attacking their parent).. they will never talk to the parents again..these parents need to learn how to make their own livings and quit tryna force their kids to do what they couldnt.
    some of these parents are real losers!!!!!! one of these kids looks like hes gonna snap for sure!

  18. jamie says:

    yea this trophy kids show… i feel like if they do become pros (assuming they dont go to jail in the future for attacking their parent).. they will never talk to the parents again..these parents need to learn how to make their own livings and quit tryna force their kids to do what they couldnt.
    some of these parents are real losers!!!!!! one of these kids looks like hes gonna snap for sure!

  19. wm bernstein says:

    I have a hard time believing that each and every one of these parents are not committing multiple counts of child abuse. Do they actually have to strike their children before they are stopped? Really???? Its not enough to call their behavior wrong or unstable or crazy or anything else other than CRIMINAL! Isn’t anyone in law enforcement or child protection seeing this??? To Football Mom: You cannot reason with your husband. If you don’t take your son and LEAVE, you are just as responsible to what happens to your son as you bat-s**t crazy husband is…MORE so…because YOU KNOW BETTER!!!! And Tennis Mom is making a covenant with G-d by setting a course for your sons’ life??? “Its G-d’s will.” How convenient for you and how DARE you pretend to speak for G-d and make promises involving sons whom you will have absolutely NO CONTROL over in just a few short years!! What a COP OUT!!! And don’t even get me started with Basketball Dad or Golf Dad – the lowest of the low!


    • Jan says:

      Justus is home and doing great making straight A’s at school. He is shown a lot of love at home. He wanted to try to live with his Dad in California. We did not want him to go but he wanted to get to know his Dad. Now he knows. He is a happy well adjusted kid. He knows he is wanted and loved at home.

  20. Shelley Strong says:

    …and another thing…..Why are you parents mentally tormenting these children??? You take some sick satisfaction that you are in the position of bullying and enslaving someone who can’t defend themselves. You have convinced yourselves that by overshadowing and suffocating these children, you acting out of love and concern for their future. Don’t fool yourselves, this is not love. You do love the position of power and entitlement as a “parent.” No one who treats another human being the way that you have treated these children capable of showing love for their child. You are treating these children like property. The spouses are no better. Because they are allowing their children to be abused by these disgusting individuals. What you don’t realize is that these children will grow up to be adults who can decide who they want to spend time with. And they will remember your negative, demeaning, condescending, corrupt, crazy, disrespectful comments.

  21. Shelley Strong says:

    Justus’ father is a sick human being and the worst bully. He was probably damaged as a child and is jealous of his son because his son’s mother is giving Justus the love and protection that the father didn’t receive. I have known these sick individuals who know no boundaries of the hurt, shame and pain that they cast upon the unfortunate children who were born on the bad side of luck when it came to parents. I hope Justus’ father reads this. He should know that he is the worst role model of a parent that I have seen in a long time. He knows nothing about raising children and even less about coahing. Justus’ mother’s should have challenged the father with more conviction when her son was verbally, mentally and nearing physically attacked by this criminal of a father. GOLF DAD was just disgusting who has a problem with blacks and Asians. This man treats his child like a slave. A cycle of violence and rage portrayed from these sick men.

  22. Chad says:

    I didnt even send the end,til now! FOOTBALL DAD you DID end up scaring your son away uh?! I bet you dont even care either,if hes isnt gonna cash you in later then you dont care,typical Compton!

  23. Chad says:

    These parents have lost it, the cry baby dad that makes his little girl cry on the golf course.?!! Grow up man,u look like a freaking infant out there,had other kids looking at you like a baby..You dont call lil girls “stupid bitch” or make them cry because u want to cash in later.
    Thats all this is about “cashing in”, the MOM with the tennis players? U DO NOT ask God for your kids to become #1 at tennis!!! You dont do IT!! You should ask God to keep yours kids healthy,or let yours kids be great at everything they do,tennis player, English teacher,cop whatever..Not be a #1 tennis player..But that shows how uneducated as a Christian, or someone who thinks they know the Bible cause u dont..its not God Will to make them good at a sport, and God didnt put them here for tennis,get a clue before its too late.
    The BASKESTBALL DAD, first off any dad who dyes his tips, is way to into himself and to immature to raise a great basketball player,ur son has the most talent of any of the kids of this show,he will get there I would love to get alone with you and the FOOTBALL DAD, love it..Especially the FOOTBALL DAD,anytime u think you need a check,call me man,please call me, i would love to show u what its like to have so much fear of someone you cant even look them in the eye, your son might could play good football if he wasnt SO wooried about YOU and what your gonna do or say when he messes up! Its so easy to see that your child and your wife is afraid of you and fear is not a motivator! You need to take that lame ass excuse for being raised in Compton out and replace it with motivation to teach your son how to really get to a goal..But please look me up on Facebook,chad toole in SC,ill fly to meet you anywhere man..If watching this show hasnt changed any of you, you all will ruin your children..And him killing himself could be a actual thought in his head,after one of your MANLY conversation, kids will act before they think,so God forbid that happen,but if it does,if he wants to show your sorry ass a leason and does something terrible like that,all that is on you! Look me up,any of you

  24. Alex says:

    I am the father of a 17-month old, so my experience with this type of parental behavior is very limited (and whatever exposure I did have to it happened long ago.) I am a teacher by trade, but I’ve also coached lacrosse at the youth and junior high level, and although I do think that some parents I’ve come across certainly have odd priorities with regards to sports and their children’s lives, I have never witnessed anything as reprehensible as what each of the 4 “Trophy Kids” parents exhibited.

    Each one was seemingly worse than the next, and what I find most upsetting is that there are many, many parents out there who are simply intellectually incapable of being responsible for molding the lives of children. Each one had some of the most ridiculous logic behind his/her decisions, and any reasonably intelligent, introspective person would be able to identify those behaviors as irrational and totally ineffective.

  25. willie says:

    Agree that this was painful to watch, but an excellent lesson in how foolish we look when we get in too far. Especially the threats of physical violence to their kids. The golf parent threatening to smack his 9 year old in the mouth and swearing. The football parent repeatedly verbally abusing his kid.. Unbelievable. The worst. I have to wonder where the coaches and spouses are, some adult should be intervening in these cases.

    I thought the choice of Todd Marinovich as a commentator was strange. Ironically, many of these types of parents would look at him as a success story. A top D-1 football player and a pro, even though he eventually imploded. A crazy driven parent helped him get there, so apparently this parent craziness can pay off. His story probably encourages these types of parents. But how many kids get this abuse, lose their childhoods, and then don’t succeed at sports? They drop out, or worse. Aren’t those the more relevant stories, as opposed to the one kid with the tools who went to the pros? For every Todd and Tiger and Steffi, there are probably 1000 kids littering the side of the sports highway, as roadkill.

  26. Anna Goodwin says:

    It was so painful watching State of Play. It took me back. 20+ years when my 2 older sons played little league baseball. My exhusband behaved exactly like just the football kids father. After attempting more times that I could count, to have discussions, most times turning into shouting matches, voicing my disapproval of his behavior, it didn’t change anything. My oldest Son refused to play on the baseball team that my ex coached, and I dared him to make him. My other son played on his team but primarily let it go in one each and out the other; what a strong kid. I ended up not attending the games for fear that I would take a baseball bat to my ex’s head! These parents lives didn’t turn out the way they wanted it, so they force it upon their children; somewhat like a “do-over”. Also the mother always referencing God; here’s hoping that God gives her a good smack-down! All of those parents and those who see themselves in these parents should be reported to child protected services. Abuse!!

  27. Jan says:

    Justus is at home with his mother and is doing great. He is playing football at the local high school. He is taking honors classes at school and maintaining almost straight A’s. He wants to go to the University of Washington and he does not want to play college ball. He is a great kid . He is a very compassionate and caring person. He holds a part-time job. He grew up in a home where he was shown love by being encouraged and hugged a lot. He is very loved at home and he is truly happy. He will make something of himself. We are very proud of the young man he is.

    • Randal says:

      That is great news. The further this kids stays from his POS dad the better. Football is a nice way to die from brain damage. School is where it is at – good grades, a great college experience then a nice career. Seems like a great kid !!! With just one problem that needs to go away – forever. Who would employ an idiot like that guy ?

    • glo says:

      I was sick to my stomach while watching. Justus’ story in particular broke my heart! He seemed like a sweet boy hungry for love and support from his father yet only received terrible treatment! His father is an expert at beating his son down rather than bringing him up. Pathetic parent…I hope his other children do not live w that poor example of a father…

  28. Scott Martin says:

    This is to Justus dad…YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT !!!!!!!… are a BULLY….you are a DISGRACE…..What a HORRIBLE FATHER !!!!!!!!!!

    I couldnt believe what i was seeing last night….heres a man, who is SO disgusted in his on life, that he cant even be a good father to his on son….AND….i have a deep feeling that he’s gonna be even more upset about his son…later in life…im not gonna say what that is here on this thread….but you need to prepare yourself !!!

    Justus’s dad…SHAME on YOU…you are a Disgrace to fathers everywhere !!!!! I sat in bed last night watching a bunch of IDIOTS on this show…and Peter Berg…stay behind the camera thats where you belong !!!….Peter….I cant believe you would do such a disgusting show….all these parents are FREAKS !….these parents have NO love…they’re just a Bunch of people, that are so upset with their own misfortunes in life, that they cant let their own kids grow up and be normal !!!


    Also….tha woman with the twin boys….why would you put her on TV….shes mentally ill ???….any therapist would tell you that……that woman needs to be medicated….those 2 boys are gonna be visiting their mom in the psych ward….very soon !


    • john says:

      The show was very interesting and very informative. I would not describe it as disgusting at all. It is reality and a very good documentary. Your discuss should aimed at the parents alone, which i completely agree with.

  29. cheach says:

    WOW!! Just watched the show. Absolutely shameful what these ridiculous parents are putting their kids through. Justus’s dad is bordeline criminal in the way he speaks to his son. That was pure fear in that kids eye when his insecure & ignorant dad lost it in the car- his mom should have stepped in alot sooner. What a LOSER! Thank Godhe moved away from his dad- that was not a healthy situation.

    Now for the fool that kept cursing while his daughter was trying to concentrate on her round of golf- you are lucky someone didnt pop you in your mouth. Cursing, throwing your towel on the floor, moaning- we only needed a door slam for his hissy fit to be complete!! You have two beautiful daughters focus on them not some stupid competition – trust me the moments you spend with your kids go by faster than you think. You never hear anyone in their old age saying ” i wish we had one more tournaments” instead its the moments you shared with the ones you loved that means the most!

  30. John says:

    Are you kidding me these people are disgusting. I played multiple sports my entire life. I excelled at many sports and graduated with more letters than most people at a highly competitive prep school that recruited. These parents are disgusting and I want to beat the bleep out of them with only my minimal exposure to this world and what I just saw

  31. Miles West says:

    This documentary made me feel very very side. As so many of these comments have notes. This is pure child abuse. I’m thinking Engulfment or projection. Projection of parents insecurities onto their children. I don’t even have kids. A look into the parent’s pathology would be revealing. They probably feel as though they haven’t succeeded and suffer from low self esteem.

  32. Richard Rose says:

    The first show of State of Play, “Trophy Kids”, was excellent but pretty upsetting in that the parents were out of control and doing serious damage to these kids. The level of damage, in my mind, is equal to physical abuse and may constitute reasons to report them for child abuse.

  33. Mark says:

    As a parent of an elite teen athlete, parental behavior shown is extreme, disappointing, and sad. To be successful proper encouragement without negative pressure from parents is needed. Parents shown in this show are the extreme. Anger shown will cause failure not encourage success. Sadly these parents are undermining the very talents they wish to build. They are undermining their children’s own self worth. I feel sorry for these children. Few of these kids will succeed given the environment provided. These parents need to change their behavior. Parents and children that do succeed have a humbleness which helps success. Some balance needs to be achieved between sport, social, and other activities. The child must enjoy the sport and with loving support, the child can mature to have a healthy passion for the sport.

  34. Duf says:

    I thought I pushed my kid too far but the fathers on the show especially the football player’s dad and the golfer’s dad are abusive. The football player’s dad is all about control! He feels life revolves around it and unfortunately anyone in his world will be affected in a negative manner. The golfer’s dad is verbally abusive and doesn’t know the game of golf. If he really played he would know that golf is one of the most mentally demanding sport in the world. Yelling at your kid because they miss the fairway wont help one bit.

    I agree you need to guide and push some of the experience on your kid but to the point to make your kid cry and worth it. Bottomline… Sports are games and should be fun.

  35. Mark says:

    I agree that parents need to “get it”. However, when you write that your daughter is “playing in the SEC”, you are really just trying to give yourself a plug and let everyone know about how good your your daughter is. She is not relevant to this story. This type of back handed compliment is typical of trophy parents.

    I have four children, coach many athletic teams, and deal with trophy parents all the time. I have to hear these little self-serving drops all the time. Parents love to brag about their kids and their achievements. This is the very subject of the show! Perhaps your comment was unintentionally self-serving but parents need to stop this as it is part of the problem.

    No one cares about the level of athletics that your child is playing in, unless they ask. People DO care about their happiness and well being.
    Parents: Please try having a conversation about your children without making it an athletic infomercial about them.

    • Rick Pannell says:

      Agree fully
      with Mark ~ you nailed it ..

    • Rick Pannell says:

      Thought the show was excellent ~ hope parents that are creating robo sports kids will wake up before they loose there trophy kid. My heart goes out to Justus and glad he got away from his father. But most of all I hope he goes on to become a pro player no thanks to his father. The bible thumping tennis mom is whacked. These people that think there God gives a rats ass about sports just make me ill ~ she is sick! Peter Berg Todd Marinovich and Larry Lauer all did a great job, loved the show!!

  36. Pat says:

    Peter, We needed that. I have been around Softball for years and my daughter is playing in the SEC and I would love to help see parents get it. you have done what a lot of people wanted to do. hats off to you and I would love to give you some other insight on the road you are going down. GREAT JOP!

  37. Neat says:

    I just watched State of Play and I am appalled at how these parents see these kids as their meal tickets. It is abuse. I hope that Justus’ father doesn’t waste precious life moments with his son. I lost an 8 year old niece to leukemia and believe me every moment counts. All of these parents need psychiatric help and the kids need real parents.

  38. john says:

    I am so glad Justus moved away from his father. I wish all the best, he seems like a nice kid. The father is an abusive moron.

  39. Cari says:

    I have a kid who is plating D2 basketball…we helped her, paid for private coaching, but in the end, it all had to do with what she wanted. You cannot demean these kids. I watched the 1st show and it broke my heart. These parents need major therapy. The kids will end up hating the sport and them! They need to want to excel on their own..find their own joy in their sport. She has rocked her D2 world, rocked her school, Colorado School of Mines. She is graduating as a chemical engineer and all we have done is tell her how proud we are of her, even when she has played poorly. Doesn’t matter, no one is perfect. She has a great career to look forward to and mostly is a force who believes in herself.

  40. Jerry Tully says:

    JUSTUS!!!!! GOD BLESS U!!!! I just watched the show on December 4 at 9pm eastern time. I can’t even begin to describe the garbage that poor child’s father is feeding him. That kid is straight scared of his dad. That is what leads to suicide. A proven fact!!! That kid isn’t a kid. He’s a robot controlled by what appears to b his UNDERACHIEVING FATHER!!!!!! If u r pushing your kid THAT FAR…..Then you screwed up and didn’t accomplish what YOU, the yelling father, wanted to in life!!!!! You r driving your child away from a sport that he may not even like at this point in time. Disgusting!!!!! The very. VERY LAST TIME I WILL WATCH THIS SHOW!!!! That fake ass father is the one who needs a reality check. Also the reason I refuse to watch this show again. Even if it was the only program on television period. I’d rather read a book!!!!! That guy sucks!!!

  41. Adee says:

    Wow… Justus’s dad is a nutjob! He is not equipped mentally and needs to learn how to be a father first.

    • Lisa Susanne Strawmier says:

      Wow..this has taken me back 21 best freind and i married at the same time and our children at the same time but we took a different approach to our freinds child was raised as a trophy child..the trophy parents comments to their children haunt me to this child played all sports and enjoyed them immensely. Trophys child as the years went on you could tell that the child who was once there was child went on and received his masters in engineering,married to a teacher with two lovely children.i do believe sports brings a certain amount of character.trophy’child got a full ride to houston on a baseball scholarship.3 wks before prom that my son and trophy kid planned to attend together and graduation ..michael,the trophy child placed a shotgun in his mouth and ended his life,he left behind a brother of 16 who is gay ( trophy father abandon him) and mother eventually died of alcohism.i believe in karma because trophy father is all son comes home and visits his best freinds grave every visit. Your should be made to make up the parents miserable attempts to be a superstar…..shame on them…..karma!!!!!!

      • Rick Pannell says:

        Wow ~ that is karma … good job on you with your kids. And how sweet of your son to visit his friends grave, now that’s a good person with a good heart ~ job well done bringing them up.

  42. terry says:

    Interesting. So what, if anything, have these parents done and been successful at in sports? Justus…god help you. Amari….your father wants you to be the best but complains about paying a coach and curses get out. Derek’s father? Should be banned from games. The twins in tennis are hard to gauge…do they believe being successful is god’s plan? Or do they just love their mother so much they go along?

  43. Steve Cross says:

    Was hoping the fat goteed guy would go, he is SO annoying! Found out he’s running that crap! Can’t handle his amateur antics, he BLOWS. Guess he WON’T be leaving so I will. Good luck red. He WILL ruin your career, get out while you still have (a little) dignity. That fat **** will kill your career. Do you really believe even half what u say on that show?

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