TV Review: ‘Big Tips Texas’

Big Tips Texas

Don't mess with MTV's redneck reality show, which feels like 'Coyote Ugly: The Series'

The Lone Star State’s more conservative quadrants have discussed seceding from the U.S., and after “Big Tips Texas,” perhaps Texans should be encouraged to act on the impulse, and take MTV with them. Essentially just a reality-TV knockoff of the movie “Coyote Ugly,” this half-hour series features boozy, brawling waitresses and female bartenders at a little place called Redneck Heaven, where one speaks of making the customers “happy and horny.” The fabricated conflict begins to wear thin almost immediately, but practically speaking, it’s hard to go wrong with Southern miscreants these days — unless that happens to be “Buckwild.”

Morgan, one of the new girls, arrives with a fiery chip on her slim shoulders and quickly begins picking a fight with Amber, a statuesque “lesbian magnet” who “talks like a sailor” and could probably out-drink the fleet. The rivalry between the two provides the spine of the two-part premiere, which also introduces other gals from different backgrounds struggling to eke out a living and hold their assets within the strained confines of their halters.

Actually, most workplaces wouldn’t tolerate all the acrimony (much less the fisticuffs in the “This season on” tease), but MTV feasts on it. And Typhani, the manager, is dating the owner, so she’s given a rather long leash in overseeing her charges.

Conceptually the setting is in MTV’s wheelhouse, but there’s such a dreary sameness to these characters and situations — and such a heavy hand to the structuring of both — that precious little about “Big Tips” seems real, including what you are not-so-subconsciously intended to think of as a substitute for “tips” in the title.

Chalk it up as another self-described “docuseries” that appears to have substituted a reality-like meat substance for the docu part.

As stated, the regional appeal of these shows has been making them viable, turning deep-fried franchises like “Duck Dynasty” and “Honey Boo Boo” into the equivalent of sitcom hits. Although the shows often traffic in redneck stereotypes, plenty of red-staters are tuning in.

Yet if the ultimate goal is to replicate “Jersey Shore,” “BTT” highlights the fact that genuine characters in these settings aren’t quite so easily manufactured.

Now there’s a tip for MTV. Because despite the familiar tricks of the trade, these ‘Horns don’t hook you.

TV Review: 'Big Tips Texas'

(Series; MTV, Weds. Oct. 9, 10 p.m.)


Produced by Breitenbach Creative + Media.


Executive producers, Ross Breitenbach, Andy Meyer, Scot Thor. 30 MIN.

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  1. Michele says:

    I watched Texas Tips last night. The plot was nothing more than most of the girls bulling one. Even showed two girls jumping one girl over a guy. One of the females decided that mini was a home wrecker. Story must have come straight out of the headlines. Shame on MTV

  2. Uaz D'Lagio says:

    Watch Nene’s Wedding or Housewives of… etc. etc. It’s the same darn M.O. someone buys their “boyfriend”, “husband”, or “girlfriend” ,”wife” a car. No new ideas just the same scripped crap!
    This Big Tips Texas is the same crap. Just like the crap on HGTV, Property Brothers are ACTORS just go to ! Most of the “people” on so-called reality tv are FAKES! To the crisis actors that show up before and after shootings in the USA…

  3. Iva Biggin says:

    Texans are Texans!

  4. David says:

    Texans aren’t Southerners.

  5. Sarah says:

    Sooo after watching the first episode I cant believe how FAKE the show is. I know because my husband built that restaurant (they filmed at the Arlington location, there is no Dallas store) & used to manage it. Its true that Typhani is a former Redneck girl, but she hasn’t managed a restaurant in her life. She’s dating the owner & was given a glorified desk job. Watching her run shifts on the show is a JOKE; she barely steps foot in that place. Everything about the show is scripted & they cast girls that don’t even work there, or quit before filming. The worst depiction is Amber…there’s a comment about her being “loyal,” but she’s quit & been fired from RNH too many times to count, mostly for showing up to work too messed up on Xanax to talk. More than half the girls that work there are strung out on meth or pills on any given day; the place is a mess & the owner and his area manager have got to be the most crooked in the biz. Ugh…was so happy to have that place out of our lives & now there’s a glorified version of it on TV?! Just know it’s a lie.

    • Megan says:

      Haha badass comment. Who’s your husband?!

    • K. says:

      Thank you. I am so happy to hear that. As a native Texan, and former resident raised in a neighboring city, I was mortified after watching the sneak peek of the show. Disgusted. Hopefully viewers still have some functioning part of their brain left, and will ultimately reject the show. If you want trash, go to a junkyard, you’ll have better luck finding something worthwhile there.

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