TV Review: ‘The Governor’s Wife’

The Govenors Wife Review

Just your typical romance between an 86-year-old politician/ex-con and his 35-year-old bride

Finally, a sitcom with an 86-year-old leading man. If only it weren’t (sort of) real. Creepy on almost every level, A&E’s “The Governor’s Wife” couldn’t reanimate Anna Nicole Smith, so it goes for the next best thing: Trina, the 35-year-old wife of former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards, and thus the stepmother to his two 60-something daughters. Blond and buxom, Trina would be the ostensible star of the show if Edwin (also an ex-con) wasn’t so much more interesting, although the producers conveniently skip all the obvious questions, starting with how the hell this whole relationship happened.

As has become increasingly common in unscripted comedy circles, “Governor’s Wife” pretty much dives right into the deep end, offering no explanation about how or why Trina (the mother of two teenage boys; do the math) would be attracted to Edwards, other than his obvious jokes about her being a gold-digger who wants what’s left of his money.

“You’re only as young as the woman you feel,” Edwards says right up front, a line that sounds as rehearsed as a stump speech.

The other glaring omission, at least for TV viewers without the impulse to Google the matter, is exactly why Edwards served time in jail, which is referenced, then ignored. So let the record show he went to federal prison for corruption charges that included extortion and racketeering related to riverboat gambling licenses. His relationship the former Trina Grimes Scott began during his incarceration, and the two married in 2011, six months after his release and requisite house detention.

In other words, just your typical storybook reality-TV romance.

Instead of such niggling details, “Governor’s Wife” heads straight for sitcom “A” and “B” plots, with Trina deciding to throw a surprise party for Edwin’s birthday, where she intends to pop out of a cake. And if that’s not enough, she also breaks the news to Edwin’s daughters, Anna and Victoria (smoking extended electronic cigarettes, the latter bears a slight resemblance to Cruella De Vil), that the two are planning to have a baby, despite the actuarial odds against dad being around long enough to see the little tyke finish elementary school.

Since almost nobody is likely to identify with the principals (in the way one can, say, with the struggles of the “Honey Boo Boo” clan), “Governor’s Wife” qualifies as another freakshow – essentially “Extreme Trophy Wife,” to put a TLC spin on it.

History has shown there is an audience for that, but even all that Cajun cooking doesn’t make Edwin’s dish or her rusty old spoon any more appetizing.

TV Review: 'The Governor's Wife'

(Series; A&E, Sun. Oct. 27, 10 p.m.)


Produced by Leftfield Pictures and SSS Entertainment.


Executive producers, Brent Montgomery, David George, Will Nothacker, Dominick Pupa, Shaun Sanghani; co-executive producer, Kylie Woolf; supervising producer, Anthony Mastanduno. 30 MIN.


Featuring: Edwin Edwards, Trina Scott Edwards

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  1. Shellie says:

    As for as ‘Reality’ shows go they are all silly. The Housewives, Jersey Shore, The Kardashians, Honey BooBoo, Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, etc. . Most of the other new drama’s are filled with awful Violence like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, etc., or just plain disgusting like The Walking Dead. Governor Edwards has had way more Lovers than Haters in the State of Louisiana and was voted into office 4 times. This show is a Reality show with a Cute, Lighthearted, Fun premise. The problem is viewers want trash, violence and stupid.

  2. Steve Wilson says:

    You are only as young as the woman you feel, a clever line ripped off from Groucho Marx by EWE. He can’t even make up his own one liners and he is susposed to be so freakin’ clever. Why is this POS who is so filled with larceny foisted upon us. Haven’t we heard enough out of this degenerate old reprobate thru the years. Cancel this dumb show, everyone has had enough of Edwards and his douchbag daughters and money-grubbing low life wife

    • Fran Marie Parker says:

      Thank you Steve Wilson. You’re a voice of sanity in a sea of madness. West Monroe, Louisiana where I live is also the home of Duck Dynasty. As opposed to the Edwards pathetically dysfunctional mess, the Robinson family has morals, unity, modesty and only pretend to be dumb. The Robinsons are well known for philanthropy rather than philandering. Edwin Edwards’ inflated ego would fill the New Orleans Super Dome. Greedy publicity hounds, “Fast Eddie” and Hollywood wanna-be Trina do not even have the grace to be embarrassed or ashamed.

  3. ET says:

    The Convict Edwin Edwards played his Kaplan Cajun heritage for all it was worth and, coupled with the Liberal Democrat and Black New orleans vote, parlayed it into a personal fortune for himself paid for by the sweat of Louisiana’s citizens. He had his grubby fingers into everything. Casino’s. Construction contracts. You name it. Edwards skimmed it. Good riddance to rubbish!

  4. ruby says:

    Well, I LOVE Edwin Edwards!! I wish the show was just about him, though. I don’t care at all about the other characters in the show. He was the best governor Louisiana EVER had, and he genuinely cared about his state, especially the “little people”. If only he could run for governor again—–then the world would see how much he really is loved because he would win by a landslide!!

  5. John Mikell says:

    You want creepy? Wait for the reality show about Bobby Jindal.

    • Leroy LaRue says:

      You want creepy? Wait for the reality show about a Kenyan Marxist who usurped the Oval Office and then proceeded to destroy the most prosperous and freest nation the world has/had ever known. Something the most powerful foreign military adversaries in world history could never accomplish.

  6. Brian Roberts says:

    What is wrong with A & E? Edwards is one of biggest CROOKS in the history of Louisiana if not the United States. Why on earth is A&E doing a show about this man? He should have spent tbe rest of his life in jail.

    • Shanna says:

      True, he’s a crook, but he was OUR crook, lol. Don’t hate on Edwin too much: He did a lot GOOD too and people like to forget that.

      • Mac says:

        Sorry Shanna, We’re both entitled to each of Our opinions… However, EWE done more under the guise of “helping the people” which in fact resulted in just the opposite. I truly experience absolutely no pride, but complete shame that OUR states electorate elected/re-elected this politician four times giving him sooo many bites @ the apple to the detriment of its’ citizenry.
        Consider looking @ the pages of history through less ideological eyes for intellectually honest answers…

  7. SFSolstice says:

    Your review sounds more hateful than the charges The Gov went to jail over. Jealous Much?

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